Tgif-Fiction: Summer of David Gandy Chapter 18

Hello my lovelies, I can’t believe I finished this chapter, let me just say it was exhausting and very long. I hope you guys LOVE IT! Seriously love it and tell me and comment LOL.

A large portion of this chapter was inspired by the song: The Other Side by Jason Derulo.

fun note: I recently read a book I loved about a formula one driver and I decided that since I was writing about racing in this chapter, I would use the same characters, sort of a Fanfic within a Fanfic ;-). The characters mentioned as drivers in this chapter do not belong to me, they were created by a very talented author. Revved by Samantha Towle.


Chapter 18

In Need

We met a few more people as we sat down, some of Dom’s friends that David seemed to be on familiar grounds with, and others he’d clearly never met.

Today was preliminaries and runner ups. Official race day is tomorrow, but it was still enjoyable to watch the background stories of up and coming drivers.

David seemed just as interested, his eyes were currently fixed on the tv screen. He was sitting a couple of seats to my right. I had been sitting beside him but nature had called and on my way back to him I got sidetracked by Dom.

“Are you an aficionado Summer?” Dom’s rich accent interrupted my thoughts of David.

His question catching me by I had been staring at David for a while.

My eyes flitted to his direction again, he had a beer in hand-still full and nodding along to something the guys beside him was saying.

“I guess I am now.” I shrugged. “I didn’t really know about David’s career before I met himso I can’t really say I followed his work closely.” That was the best response I could manage for such a strange question.

Dom looked at me as if I’d sprouted horns and a tail. His brows drawing together in confusion then realization seemed to dawn on him and he laughed that contagious laugh of his.

“I didn’t mean of David. I meant Formula 1, are you a fan?” I pressed my lips into a thin line, embarrassment bursting through me. My reaction was to laugh as I shook my head. Lesson number one when presented with an embarrassing situation, laugh at one’s self.

“Don’t despair, I’m sure David would love to hear he’s acquired a new fan, especially one as beautiful as you.” Oddly enough his attempt to reassure me worked. I liked Domenico, he kept things real and said things as they came to his mind. I appreciated that in a person.

“I’m sure he would. Then again I think it’s best not to fluff his ego anymore than necessary.” That caused another raucous fit of laughter from Dom.

“I can certainly see why he’s so taken with you.” Was he? I didn’t know what to say to that so I said nothing.

Something he’d said earlier popped into my mind, he’d said that David had pulled a disappearing act, something I guess was not common, or expected of David. I would like to ask him about it but I would have to wait until the right moment.

“Is he trying to steal you from me again?” David’s familiar voice startled me out of my thoughts, I really hoped he hadn’t heard our conversation.

“I was just about to tell Dom, what a big fan I am of racing.” I looked over at Dom and he winked at me.

We continued talking, mainly about the race, and drivers. Sometimes swapping old stories or embarrassing ones. I made friends with the wife of a soccer player-her name was Alexis but she informed me she like to be called Lexi- she was American like me, which made us instantly click, solidarity and all.

I didn’t know too much about soccer so I couldn’t say I knew of her husband but they seemed like nice enough people and very much in love by the way they constantly searched each other out. He especially couldn’t keep his hands off of her or his eyes, it was actually adorable. He played for Real Madrid, which was also their place of residence.

“Tomorrow we’re all going to the Casino after the races. Will you and David be going?”

“You must, can’t come to Monte Carlo without doing some gambling.” Dom interjected-appearing beside us-before I had a chance to answer. Being a total social butterfly, he was constantly moving from people to people.

David was currently over by the balcony leaning on his elbows, a few other guys flanking him, including Andres, Lexi’s husband- engaged in conversation.

“I don’t know but I’ll tell David. I’m sure he wouldn’t mind.” As if by magic his eyes flickered towards me at the mention of his name. My breath hitched as he smirked knowingly before going back to his conversation.

“I’ll tell him, I’m going to talk to him. Don’t miss me too much ladies.” We both laughed, observing Dom’s retreating figure.

“So what’s it like living in Madrid? It must’ve been difficult to leave the states?” I really wanted to ask a different question but I’d build up to it and drop it in casually. Her gaze automatically went to her husband which brought a small smile to my lips.

“It was actually very easy to leave.” She sighed.

“I don’t have much family and Andres, well… let’s just say he swept me off my feet from the moment we met. I never stood a chance.” She added, chuckling at the happy memory.

I knew what she meant, the difference was that I, sooner or later would have to get over my infatuation. Still I nodded, reaching for my wine glass.

“Wouldn’t you move to England for David?” I almost choked on my wine.

She snickered and apologized.

“No it’s fine, you just caught me by surprise.” I felt eyes on me and sure enough when I glanced sideways David was watching me. I couldn’t hold onto his gaze though, flushing, I looked away.

“It’s…it’s too soon to talk about all that. We just started seeing each other over the summer.”

She nudged me playfully with her elbow.

“I have a sixth sense for these things and trust me, he is very much into you.”

Again my eyes flickered towards him and as if we were linked by some invisible thread, our gaze collided again for a brief second.

“You think?” I turned my attention back to Lexi.

“I know! The man hasn’t stopped looking at you. It’s like he has a personal Summer radar.” We both laughed.

Yeah I’d heard that before, it wasn’t like I was blind, but it didn’t mean anything other than the fact that we both had the hots for each other. It was nothing but lust. The novelty of it all would dissipate once the desire to have me was met, it was the cliche of all summer romances. The heat eventually fizzles out and I had to keep that very clear in my mind. I had a year of school to finish, and David had a runway to go back to. That would be that. I was okay with it, I had to be, yet an insidious little voice in my head kept taunting me with the possibilities of more. I told her to shut the hell up.

“How long have you been married?” I decided to focus the conversation on her.

“For two years, the best years of my life.” A blind man could see that she was head over heels in love, just by the way she looked at her husband, and he was no different. His hazel eyes churned with intensity everytime he gazed at her.

“You seem very happy together.” I acknowledged.

“That wasn’t always the case you know, we had a rocky start. I had a lot of issues and he was -Shot soccer player-I can have any women I want.” Her voice lowered into a poor imitation of his Spanish cadence. I chuckled.

“It’s true…but I got some sense knocked into me and he got his head out of his ass and well, the rest is history.”

She sighed happily as she looked in the direction of her husband.

“I can’t tell you it’s easy to be with someone famous or coveted by every female, but I know he loves me. He shows me everyday, so we make it work.” She finished with a shrug.

I could see why it would be difficult, Andres was very attractive with all that tousled brown hair, golden skin and sexy dimples. But Lexi was his perfect match, she was gorgeous too with long gold hair, green eyes and pouty lips. The girl could’ve easily been a model, she certainly had the figure for it, with those legs that went on for miles

The boys placed bets on their favorite drivers and even I participated. Although I hadn’t followed the season I knew about it enough to place a bet. My dad was a diehard aficionado of the sport and for years of my childhood we followed the races on tv. I could probably name every driver for the past fifteen years and their track record.

Tray after tray of appetizer-style food was brought in, too much in fact, and there was no shortage of drinks. I was on my third wine glass-thanks to Dom, who kept replacing my drink-and feeling a nice buzz. It was a happy feeling but I didn’t want to pass my limit and embarrass myself, so I was currently nursing my refill very slowly.

I was leaning against the balcony, trying to get a better view of the cars flying by at great speeds. Lexi had gone over to her husband’s side, where she was now wrapped in his embrace, arms securely around her waist, while he spoke near her ear; something funny I gathered since she had a big, flirty smile on her face. I looked away though, feeling as if I was intruding on their intimate moment.

“Are you having a good time luv?” Oh holy shivers down my spine! That decadent voice alone had the power to restart my heart and send it into hyperdrive. David’s arms went on either side of my body, keeping me locked between two steel bands of bronze muscle.

“The best time.” I answered, feeling a smile spread across my face.

David had been nothing short of attentive with me, making sure I was comfortable and coming to my side whenever I was left alone. I was okay though, I enjoyed everyone’s company. They were all nice and friendly, and I reveled in the rarity of finding what I knew would be a close friend in Lexi. She was a genuine likeable person.

I didn’t want him to think I needed him by my side constantly. I was capable of holding my own, but he’d still come to my side more often that was really necessary, and I would be lying if I said I didn’t love it.

I felt his lips on my neck, hot and tempting, causing my breath to stall. I was having a hard time thinking past the sudden gust of desire blossoming in my core.

“Wh…What are you…doing?” The words were a breathy whisper.

His answering chuckle tickled my skin, blowing hot puffs of his sweet breath against my hair, and scattering all remaining thoughts.

“I’m keeping good on my promise to touch you and kiss you, a lot.” Oh right. Okay.

His mouth moved to my jaw, placing soft, wet kisses along the ridge. I closed my eyes, tilting my head to the side to give him better purchase. I never knew kisses could be so erotic, I had to press my thighs together tightly to calm the fire pulsing between my legs. It was so intense and he was only kissing me.

I couldn’t help the whimper that pushed past my mouth though, as my head began to swim in the sensation of his mouth scorching my skin. I held onto the rail of the balcony, feeling the cold steel pressing on the palms of my hand.

“You have no idea what you do to me, especially when you make those sexy noises.” The strong whisper of his voice sent more shivers running down my spine. I had to stop my body from physically shaking. The ache of desire that built within me became almost intolerable. I never knew wanting someone could feel so, so out of control. That’s how he made me feel, like I had no control over my body’s response.

“Hey get a room over there and make it snappy! The last race is about to start.” I jumped, startled by Andres’ amused voice. David chuckled in my ear, pushing me back against him as he wrapped his arms around my waist. I felt the rumble of his laugh in his hard chest pressed against my back. My eyes glanced towards Lexi and Andres who were both sporting wicked smiles. I flushed deeply at having been caught practically at the verge of an orgasm. Oh boy.

David, on the other hand seemed just as entertained as they did, and clearly relaxed.

“We have one mate, a very nice one.” David shouted back. Couldn’t he’d just let it go? My face felt as red as a stop sign.

Everyone laughed but I felt tense and awkward, not really knowing what was the protocol for circumstances like this.

“Relex luv, it’s just a bit of fun.” His low rasp made me shiver.

I sighed, letting my body relax in his arms.

“I’m sorry, I know I’m being silly. It’s just that I’m not used to this… I keep forgetting that we’re no longer just ‘friends’.” And the fact that you called me your girlfriend is screwing with my head, because I’m really not but in public I guess I am. I didn’t say any of that out loud of course but I had to keep the status quo clear in my head. It was a hard line to walk and we hadn’t even done the deed yet.

He chuckled.

“I suppose I’ll just have to keep reminding you.” He pulls me further into him, my back against his front where I could feel the hard expanse of his broad chest and something else further south, something harder and thick pressing against my lower back. I gasped, desire pooling between my legs.

“Does that feel friendly to you?” He murmured, his voice a deep, tantalizing whisper in my ear.

No, it certainly didn’t. I shook my head unable to produce words. It was a good thing this was a large balcony, fitting well over twenty people and we were about half of that, otherwise this precarious position we were in wouldn’t have gone unnoticed.

I knew I should feel embarrassed but I couldn’t think straight, I was too turned on. At this rate by the end of the night I would either spontaneously combust from lust overload or rip his clothes off in front of everybody. I was leaning towards the latter.

David had been slowly showing me glimpses of his virility. He was all man, sexual and hard and he wanted me. The thrill of it was like a shot of adrenaline into my bloodstream.

“There is nothing friendly about the way I feel about you.” His words made my head swim, and my heart beat out of my chest. I had to fight the ache coiling low in the pit of my stomach, and the clenching between my thighs creating a deep, aching tension. Oh boy, what the hell is this? I’m in way over my head here.

We were walking back to our suite. The preliminaries had ended about an hour ago, but we had stayed behind talking to some of the group that had lingered back. Dom, Lexi, Andres and Lachlan, a friend of Andres that had arrived about an hour into the event.

We arranged plans to go to dinner and the Casino tomorrow after the races, and Lexi and I exchanged phone numbers before parting ways.

“Don’t try and dissuade me with your abilities of distraction. When Carrick wins the race tomorrow I am paying for dinner, that was our deal.” I say pointedly.

My driver of choice-Carrick Ryan-had a great track record, and I was positive he would come in first on race day. David and I had made a deal that whoever won would have their pick of price. I didn’t want money I just wanted to do something even as insignificant as paying for dinner, at least once.

“You seem awfully certain with your choice lovely.”

“I am. Carrick is the best driver out there. You’re betting against the wrong team.”

David’s money or bet was on Nico Tresler, a veteran driver of reputable caliber no doubt, but he was overconfident and arrogant. Carrick on the other hand was young and eager with a fresh eye and sharp senses. I had no doubt he would take the race.

He smirked.

“I’m not denying he’s good, he is just not my top choice.”

My hands landed on my hips. “He is not good, he is great.” David stared at me, narrowing his eyes.

“I think you like this Ryan character a bit too much.” The hint of jealousy in his tone spurred me on, suddenly wanting to tease him.

“Actually now that you mention it.” I tapped my chin thoughtfully. “I think once upon a time I sort of had a crush on him, or maybe it was his driving that was appealing. I can’t be sure.” It was most definitely his driving, the guy was known for being a total manwhore off the track and that was not a quality that revved my engine like it did for lots of girls. Still, that didn’t take away the fact that he was indeed very attractive and a helluva driver.

I could see David fighting a smile as he pinned me with a smoldering glare.

“You have a thing for race car drivers luv?” He asked, lifting an amused brow. My lips twitched but I managed not to laugh.

Just then the elevator doors opened and I walked in first, letting the question hang in the air. David followed suit. When the doors closed I let my body brush purposefully against him before I whispered into his ear. I feel the abrupt rigidness of his body and heard him inhale a breath. I loved it his reactions to my closeness.

“I have a thing for British supermodels, one in particular to be exact.” I raised a brow.

The steel band of his arm was suddenly around my waist, pulling me against him. I let out a squeaky gasp.

“Not as big as my thing for the mouthy, gorgeous law student that has been teasing me all day.” His voice was a throaty growl, that sent an electric current down my spine.

He kissed me deeply, stealing every breath out of me. I threw myself into the kiss with equal enthusiasm, wrapping my arms around his neck. David lifted me off the floor with one arm, as his mouth practically ate mine with ferocity, not that I was complaining. I was pretty much drowning in the intensity of the kiss, trying desperately to climb inside his body.

The ping of the elevator opening brought me down to earth. David stopped his assault on my mouth setting me down slowly, but the friction of my body rubbing tightly against his had my head spinning, and my senses going wild.

He smirked wickedly, straightened my dress and grabbed my hand. We made it to the suite in silence, I was still trying to catch my breath, I blamed the damn elevator.

David opened the door and I walked on wobbly legs to the center of the living area. The click of the lock behind me sent my heart crashing against my chest.

My body hummed with the ever present electricity between us. This day had felt like an exercise in control; David and I had been playing the teasing game for far too long and it was beginning to crash around us. The air was saturated with the sexual tension that hung between us, pushing and pulling from every direction.

“David.” I said in a shaky voice, my hands fisting the material of my dress at the hem.

“Yes” His sensually laced tone was right at my neck, sending shivers down my spine and wrapping around me like a furnace. I closed my eyes invigorating in the sweet sensation of his touch as strong arms wrapped around my middle.

“Your scent is addictive.” He rasped, inhaling deeply while nuzzling my neck. Oh god, I didn’t think I could take another night of this uncomfortable tension. If he kept teasing me like this, I was going to implode.

“Would you like to get supper?”

What? food. No, food was not at the top of my priority list right now. Not dropping to my knees was high up though.

“No, I don’t want food.” I replied, feeling my lungs depleading of oxygen.

“What is it you want then lovely?” His lips were on my skin, planting soft, heated kisses on my alarmingly strong pulse. What is it really not obvious, what I wanted? Maybe he was simply leaving it up to me, giving me the control. But I thought I had detected something like a challenge in his voice.

“I…I don’t want to sleep alone tonight.” I settled for saying, and I hoped he’d got what I was really telling him. I felt the pounding of my heart in my ears and after what seemed like a neverending pause he finally spoke.

“You wont.” His confident tone rang throughout my body, raising goosebumps on my flesh.

I let my head rest back against his taut chest. It was all I could do not to fall to my knees. His lips continued tracing the skin along my neck with little flicks of his tongue. The combination of the suction and his wet tongue simultaneously tasting me was making me delirious with desire.

“You drive me mad, lovely. Your scent, your skin.” He placed a long kiss at the base of my neck, making me moan.

I pressed my back against his front, feeling just how mad I was driving him, and it sent a strong throbbing between my legs, as the ball of fire in my stomach simmered into a burning flame.

“You’re so sweet… I want to taste every part of you.” If he kept talking to me this way, I was going to shatter into a million pieces, before he actually did anything.

David slid down the tiny straps of my dress placing soft, kisses as he went. I was gasping, needy, my body enraptured by his touch.

“David…” his name was no more than a tiny whisper.

In a sudden movement he turned me around to face him, bright blue eyes burned with intensity as he wrapped a hand at the nape of my neck bringing his mouth down to mine and searing our lips together. I closed my eyes and let my hands fly to his chest, where I could feel his heart beating as strongly as my own.

His kiss was deep but languid, exploring every corner of my mouth. Desire unfurled within me, as my loins clenched with a reckless hunger. A deep, throaty moan erupted from my throat, which seemed to have an effect on him because abruptly his kiss became savage. He devoured my mouth, sucking my tongue hard as a rumbling sound made its way up his chest. He cupped my neck, pressing me tightly against him, not leaving an inch between us, my need to have him closer multiplied by a million.

His free hand traveled up my back, finding the zipper of the dress, and slowly lowering it all the way to the tip of my tailbone. The acute sound of the metal teeth was piercing to my ears.

My eyes flew open, finding two black orbs staring at me.

“Is this alright?”

I knew the question meant so much more than the simple action of lowering the zipper of my dress. God, and I wanted to yell at the top of my lungs, YES! Please YES! This was the final line, the no turning back point that would make us lovers and I was ready.

I settled for a nod instead.

The dress widened around my body, then pooled at my feet. I was now standing in my bra and panties, which thankfully were adequately matching. They were a baby blue satin, nothing crazy or too revealing, but at least I had avoided the dreaded granma cotton panties. There was obvious lust in his eyes as they raked over me, which in turn made me feel sexy and desirable.

“This color looks perfect on your skin.” His voice was sensually husky as he bent down and captured my mouth in a passionate kiss, arms wrapping around my frame and lifting me as if I were as light as a feather. My legs went around his waist reflexively as his expert fingers unclasped my bra, throwing it somewhere on the floor.

Not to be outdone I fumbled with the buttons on his shirt one by one until it was fully open.

The next thing I was aware of was my back softly hitting a mattress. I gasped missing his lips as he pushed back, supporting himself on his elbows. His head lowered to my chest and I could see blue fire dancing in his eyes before he began planting soft kisses all over my skin, in between my breast and then lower to my stomach. My hands tangled in his silky hair, grasping it as I tried to control my accelerated pulse.

I was panting, my chest rising and falling heavily with every touch of his lips on my skin, I was beginning to see dots. Dear God, I wasn’t gonna make it to actual sex at this rate.

I felt his fingers skimming the edges of my panties and I literally stopped breathing as my eyes locked with his.

He kissed the skin just above the line of my underwear, keeping eye contact with me. The image so sensual, and yet animalistic almost as if he was about to devour me. I squirmed under the hot touch of his lips, arching my back instinctively, which gave him enough leverage to slowly lower the tiny material past my hips. Leaning back on his knees he removed my underwear, leaving me completely bare for him.

I thought I’d feel embarrassed but all I felt was a hot, consuming need. My skin was burning like I had a fever, and the ache between my legs grew to an almost unbearable state. I was ready to start begging for him to take me.

The vibrant blue of his eyes was gone as his pupils dilated while he fixed a hungry gaze over every inch of my body.

“You’re breathtaking.” Eyes blazing, he took off his already open shirt, flexing his arms and shoulders and I couldn’t look away. He was so beautiful I wanted to scream. Bronze skin, smoothed over defined muscles and wide masculine shoulders that I found so incredibly sexy. The hard smooth planes of his stomach flexed with his movements hypnotizing me. My eyes trailed lower to those sexy indentations at his hips that I fantasized about licking, my mouth watered at the thought. He was perfection, no man should look this heavenly delicious.

I followed his hands which quickly found the belt buckle, undoing it along with the button and zipper of his jeans. Oh boy, I was about to see David naked, my heart went into cardiac arrest with each passing second.

He never broke eye contact as he pushed the jeans and boxer briefs down all at once and Oh my god please call a doctor! He was big, I mean monumentally BIG! My breath caught and my eyes probably looked like saucers as I took him in.

“The way you’re looking at me is enough to bring a man to his knees lovely.” I blushed profusely but how could I not look. It was as if I was seeing a mythological creature come to life.

“You’re beautiful.” Oh boy, did I really just say that outloud? I pressed my lips together mentally slapping myself.

He smirked.

“Well, can’t say I’ve ever been called beautiful.”

“I’m sorry, would you prefer sexy beast?”

His throaty chuckle raised goosebumps on my flesh.

“You’re cute.” He mused.

“Cute.” I said, my eyebrows lifting.

His piercing blue eyes smoldered as he climbed over me, a devilish grin lifting the corner of his lips.

“Would you prefer devastatingly sexy?” He settled over my body, spreading his weight to his extremities. The air literally whooshed out of me as I felt his hardness on my thigh.

I saw the tiny foil package that he placed beside me on the bed and swallowed hard, my breath coming in short intakes as realization washed over me. We were both naked and about to have sex, I was about to have sex with David and I called him beautiful. Oh god.

David always seemed so sure of himself, so confident in his actions that I suddenly felt very shy and inexperienced in comparison. My body went rigid with anxiety.

What if I sucked, what if I couldn’t please him, what if I passed out? I mean, that last one was unlikely but still, it could happen. David was a sexual man, experienced and practiced in the art of sex and he’d more than likely been with enough women with the same kind of experience to run circles around me.

“Everything alright luv?” I heard the concern in his voice and before I had enough foresight to stop, I started spilling my guts to him.

“I’m sorry…it’s just that I’m not…” How to say this? “Well, I’m not very experienced. I’ve only ever been with Dereck, and that was a long time ago.” Oh god please make me stop talking! NOW!

“and well… I guess, I’m a little nervous.” Nope, evidently my mouth and brain were in disconnect. He stared at me, surprise clear in his eyes.

“You’ve only been with one man.” It was more a statement than a question. Oh god this was mortifying, but it was also the truth and I couldn’t change it so I only nodded, blushing all the way to the roots of my hair.

He didn’t say anything for a long minute causing my anxiety to build even more.

“I don’t want you nervous luv, I want you to enjoy every minute of this.” He finally said, letting his fingers tenderly caress my face from forehead to chin, lingering on my blood stained cheeks.

“The nerves will pass.” I answered shyly.

He chuckled, placing soft kisses on my face, and nuzzling my neck. My heart beat ratcheted up a notch.

“Don’t ever apologize for being who you are lovely.” He whispered between kisses, then turned his eyes on me.

“Your inexperience isn’t something to be ashamed off, it’s admirable. Every part of you is beautiful, you respect yourself and your body and I want nothing more than to cherish every inch, if you let me.” Oh boy, could I really deny this man anything when he spoke like that? I found my heart in serious danger of over inflation.

“I want you to, I’ve never wanted anyone more.” I admitted, in a rush of words that sounded a lot like pleading. He smiled crookedly but I didn’t see smugness in his expression, more like appreciation.

“That’s nice to hear.”

I tried to suppress the smile fighting against my lips but it was useless. David kissed me sweetly, just a feathery sweep of his lips. I was butter, melted butter.

“I want you to relax, alright, I’ll go slow.” He stared profoundly into my eyes as he spoke.

“Okay.” I swallowed, letting my body go soft against the mattress. I trusted David. I knew without a doubt that I wouldn’t be able to do any of this if I didn’t trust him so fully.

He smiled warmly, brushing hair away from my face. His strong arms cradled my head, keeping me in the center of his embrace. He stared at me and I saw the tenderness turn swiftly into a lust that ignited my body.

“I’ve wanted you for so long lovely, you’re all I think about.” His thumb released my lower lip from my teeth, I hadn’t realized I was biting on it.

“You haven’t the slightest idea just how much I desire you.” He dipped his head and nibbled on my bottom lip, softly tasting and teasing with his tongue.

“Hum…I could kiss you nonstop.” I gasped when he released me.

His head moved lower to my collarbone, where he tasted me with flicks of his tongue, then sucked on the skin right above my bone which had a direct link to my sex. I moaned loudly.

He didn’t stop there, his mouth traveled lower to my breasts, the ache in my core building as I waited for his touch. But he didn’t apply any pressure, he only let his lips hover, blowing hot, teasing breaths just above my hardened nipples back and forth and on the valley in between. Meanwhile his hands pressed on my hips while his thumbs made slow torturous circles near the apex between my thighs so very close to where I wanted him.

I couldn’t keep still, he was driving me out of my mind with his merciless teasing on my senses. The need for release making my body move instinctively, searching out for what I needed. I didn’t think I could take much more of the slow, I was about to come out of my skin.

“David…You don’t have to go so slow.” I said between gasping breaths.

“Please, I need to feel you.” I was past the point of mortification and had entered the land of the desperate.

Immediately his mouth closed around my nipple sucking hard. I cried out as arousal shot to various parts of my body with an intensity that had me bucking off the bed.

He did the same to my other breast, alternating between the two until my nipples felt swollen and hypersensitive.

“Better?” he breathed. I couldn’t focus. I was overcome with sensation, my body in dire need, thrashing and begging.

“More, please.” I felt the rumbling of a chuckle but I was beyond caring.

At my plea his wonderful mouth traveled lower to my heaving stomach. He kissed my heated skin as he went, sending little shards of electric impulses throughout my body.

My hands grabbed restlessly at the soft material of the bedsheets as he came near my most intimate part, and for a second I felt hesitation. I didn’t think I was ready to have him there with his mouth. As much as I wanted all of him desperately, this part still made me extremely self conscious. But my worries were forgotten as he kissed my hip bone, nibbling on the skin with quick suctions that had me thrashing against him. My head swinging back as a whimper escaped my lips and I was pretty sure my vision was beginning to blur at the edges. What was he doing to me?

I didn’t have any more time to think because his mouth suddenly swallowed the moan rising from my throat in a passionate, all consuming kiss that scrambled all my senses into mush. His hard body pressed deliciously against mine, as he devoured my mouth with hungry kisses.

Oh my god, I felt all of him. His thick length against my moist center, and when his hips rocked against mine I had to stop kissing him as a shudder overtook my body and I gasped loudly, feeling consumed with a passion greater than anything I had ever felt.

“God I love those sounds, so sexy.” His lips moved down to my neck nipping little kisses and branding my skin as he worked a hand between my thighs. At the first touch from his fingers my hips came off the bed and I nearly came apart from the shock of pleasure.

He slid a finger in and I stopped breathing, my heart pounding loudly, flooding my ears. My hands grasped his wide shoulders, needing some kind of lifeline to keep me from floating away.

“Do you like this?” The gruff sound of his voice added to my aroused state.

“Yes.” I breathed out, thrashing shamelessly against his hand. My earlier nerves all but forgotten as blood began to boil under my skin.


“Yes.” Adding another finger he twisted them upwards turning the blood into a fluttering inferno. At the same time his free hand cupped my breast and kneaded my sensitive nipple in tandem with the fingers he worked into me. Oh god, I threw my head back gasping, breathless and feverish.

Somewhere in the part of my brain that could still manage coherent thoughts I heard a ripping noise. Suddenly the magic fingers were gone. Why are the fingers gone? I was so wound up I was about to blow up. Then I felt something much harder take their place.

My eyes snapped open to find David staring at me with hooded eyes filled with so much passion that it nearly knocked the air out of me.

He was throbbing against my entrance, hot and ready, and god how I wanted him. My hands traveled down his muscled back, urging him forward as I opened my legs wider and lifted my hips. That caused a deep groan to rumble out of his chest, as he braced his arms on either side of my face.

I couldn’t take the desperate need wreaking havoc in my body. I tilted my hips again and he growled as every muscle in his body tense.

“Lovely, if you keep doing that, this will be over very soon and I want to take my time with you.”

“I need you inside me, please.” The ache was too much, I was dizzy with pent up desire and the unrelenting throbbing between my legs kept getting stronger and more unbearable.

His eyes fluttered as a gut wrenching groan filled the air.

“You have no idea what you do to me, you can’t possibly know.” Moving a hand to my hip, he lifted my thigh higher and positioned himself at my entrance, my breathing became shallow.

He kissed me softly, tenderly, his tongue making slow sweeps of my mouth. Then he was pushing into me, inch by delicious inch, and I had to tear my lips away needing the oxygen as a complete feeling of fullness enveloped me.

It felt so unbelievably good, my body stretched and molded around his perfectly.

He didn’t move, giving me time to adjust. I was by no means a virgin but three years was a long time.

“You feel bloody amazing.” He breathed into my mouth, his voice almost pained. His heavily lidded eyes were glazed over with pleasure as he gazed at me, jaw set so hard I was sure not even Thor’s hammer could crack it.

For an infinite second we only stared at each other, breathing heavily and acclimating to the sweet sensation of being intimately connected.

“More.” I begged, needing him to move. A lazy smirk lifted the corner of his mouth as he rocked his hips slowly, sending tiny jolts of pleasure through my body.

“Yes!” My eyes fluttered.

“I’ve waited for what feels like forever to be inside you lovely, to feel you.” Oh god, his lustful words were like a shot of adrenaline into my veins. Crashing his lips to mine in a needy kiss that sucked the air right out of me, he began to pump into me, slowly at first and picking up speed, until he set a divine rhythm that electrified every cell in my body.

I whimpered and moaned into his mouth with each thrust. It felt so good, too much, and at the same time, not nearly enough. There wasn’t an inch of space between us, and yet I wanted him closer. My fingers dug into his back as the tension coiled, building like a storm. I felt like I might float away any second then crash back down like a meteor. What in the nine circles of hell was he doing to me? Though this felt more like ten circles of heaven.

Supporting himself on an extended arm David grabbed the back of my knee and hitched my leg higher which somehow brought him deeper. He pulled out almost all the way and then slammed into me again, eliciting a loud cry out of my throat that seared my ears and caused my entire body to clench around him as my head spinned with bliss.

Sleek sweat collected between our bodies, as he grinded his hips against me in a sensual dance that had my heart beating frantically. Something powerful began to unravel and move towards a precipice inside of me.

I had an urge to see it, to see our bodies where they connected. My head moved up following the line of rippling muscles down his abdomen to where he was pumping his powerful body and thick length deeper into me, again and again. It was unbelievably beautiful, seeing it set the storm free and I felt my body begin to shake uncontrollably. Everything swirled as the entire world tilted and bent out of shape.

“David…” I gasped, feeling like I was breaking, shattering into a million tiny pieces. Oh god, what was happening? I shut my eyes tightly, unable to keep them open.

“Let go luv.” He breathed, bringing his hand to cup my face as he did the rolling of the hips thing, he did oh-so well.

“Let go.” He urged again.

Biting my lip, I fell off the precipice screaming his name incoherently as starbursts flashed behind my eyelids and my head hit the mattress with abandon. I felt shock after shock of overwhelming ecstasy rack my body into oblivion, leaving me breathless and feeling like jelly.

David thrusts harder once, twice then I felt his large frame shake as a guttural sound erupted from his chest. He collapsed on top of me, keeping most of his weight on his arms as he buried his head on my neck, breathing just as heavily as I was. After a long second he kissed my damp skin, letting his lips linger on my pulse.

I had just had an orgasm. My first orgasm ever, and I knew without a doubt that I had never experienced anything like that before. Spring was right, there is no way you ever forget that level of intensity and pleasure. It was no wonder people became sex addicts, that had been… it had been, there were no words. One minute I had been falling off a cliff, and the next I was landing on a soft cloud.

“You doing alright luv?” David asked softly.

My heart was a jack hammer, beating savagely but my body felt languid and sated. Was I alright? Oh boy I was floating on a chocolate fountain, riding the post-orgasmic train to Never- Never Land. Sex with David was like an out of body experience, where the heavens opened and angels began to sing all around me.

“I…” My voice was still shaky.

“I…I don’t think I can move, I feel like gelatin.”

He chuckled, slowly pulling out of me. I gasped, feeling an uncomfortable emptiness, my body missing the connection already.

David disposed of the condom then lied on his back, bringing me along with him to rest on his chest. I felt his lips on my hair and I couldn’t help the silly, all consuming smile splitting my face.

I could feel his heart beating wildly under my cheek and I sigh happily, relaxing against his warmth as he rubbed tiny, soothing circles against my naked back. It was making me tingly all over.

A tiny giggle pushed past my mouth and I quickly smothered it with my hand.

“Want to share what’s on that fascinating mind of yours?” Not really, but of course my brain and my mouth have never seen eye to eye. He twisted us so that I was lying once again on my back while he found support on his side, leaning over me.

“I’ve never… I mean that was… it was orgasmic!” What the, what?

His throaty laugh caused blood to rise to my face and suddenly I had an urge to hide like a child under the covers. I really needed to learn how to shut up.

“I really shouldn’t have said that, it’s just that… forget it.” I opted to cover my reddening face in my hands.

“Hey now.” David took hold of my hands exposing my face. His gaze was right on me, cerulean eyes shining like jewels.

“You know you can tell me anything.” His fingers brushed the hair from my face.

“I know that but, some things are just too embarrassing and personal to share.” I shrugged. He smiled warmly with his messy sex hair going in every direction, and lazy eyes gazing dreamily at me.

“There is nothing more personal than what we just did, furthermore you’re laying naked in my bed. How can you be embarrassed to tell me anything?”

Good point, but now I could only think about what we had just done which was, have mind blowing, orgasmic sex, like I’ve never had before. I couldn’t tell him that, my face would explode, it was already dangerously close to doing just that.

“Well, call me crazy then.” Better than him calling me a twenty four year old inexperienced girl who hadn’t had an orgasm in two years of being in a relationship.

“Not a chance luv.” He smirked, narrowing his eyes into a predatory, focus beam. My heart stuttered.

He leaned down and kissed my burning cheeks.

“I’d rather call you sweet.”

Then my nose.

“Or sexy as hell.”

And my forehead. His word choice made me giggle, it was so American.

“You don’t have to sweet talk me, I already had sex with you.” I joked. I knew he was trying to put me at ease which he had an uncanny ability to do but that didn’t constitute a confession.

“Hum..” The rumbly sound he made caused my pulse to pick up and my breath to catch.

He moved down to my mouth and I closed my eyes waiting but he didn’t kiss me, he just inhaled and exhaled, hovering millimeters over my mouth. I wanted his lips but when I tilted my face up he pulled back just enough to tease me. There was a wicked grin playing at the corner of his mouth. I glared at him.

“Tell me and I’ll give you what you want.” He whispered playfully, as his sweet intoxicating breath delved into my mouth, making my head swim.

“There is nothing to tell.” I sounded all breathy and not convincing at all.

His hand was on the move, over my quivering stomach, slowly making its way higher. Oh boy. I swallowed hard, my throat suddenly dry. I could feel the fire in my body kindling back to life. How was that possible? We’d just had sex no more than five minutes ago. Guess he’d moved on to a more reliable tactic- seduction.

Reaching my swollen breasts he massaged the swell achingly slow, circling the areola. I moaned, arching my back, the throbbing between my legs had me squirming and rubbing my thighs together deliriously.

“David…” I needed more. And I needed it NOW!

“Tell me.” He breathed into my mouth and I felt the slightest brush of his lips.

“I…” No I wouldn’t tell him, there was no way. Nothing he did or said would make me.

He squeezed my hardened nipple while pressing his erection against my thigh. Oh my god! Intense arousal burned through my veins.

“I had never come before. This was the first time, with you!” The words tumbled out as if he’d magically pulled them out of my mouth. Way to hold strong, Summer.

David stilled and I licked my dry lips waiting for his reaction, my heart was hammering away. I was now embarrassed, anxious, and horny. What a great combination.

“You had never orgasmed before?” He sounded almost shocked.

“That’s… what I said.” I replied in a small voice, averting my gaze.

“Oh lovely.” He turned my face to look at him, letting his thumb trace tenderly over my cheek.

“You have nothing to be embarrassed about. It is not your fault that boy couldn’t be concerned with learning how to please you properly.” His intense eyes shined with such sincerity and conviction that I couldn’t doubt a single word.

I smiled, immediately feeling myself relaxing. His returned smile was heart melting.

“Now.” His expression changed suddenly, becoming as intense as his eyes as long fingers trailed down my neck, then my collarbone, and over my breasts. My eyes fluttered and my skin felt stretched too tight.

“I plan on getting to know your body quite thoroughly.” My stomach moved in waves with each pin prick feel his fingers unleashed. Desire pooled, hot and wet in my center.

In a second David was over me, pinning me down with his hard body, then sinking his hips against mine.

“Oh.” I gasped, feeling my sex throbbing painfully against his erection.

“Round two already?” I teased, doing my best to breathe in and out. David’s eyes darkened like a predator’s.

“Lovely, I intend to give you many, many orgasms tonight.” He promised in that sexy british way of his. I swallowed, feeling excitement bubbling down my stomach.

God help me.

OMG! It finally happened, I’m screaming as much as you guys are. This was my first sexual scene and considering how much romance I read, it was EXTREMELY difficult to write. I kept getting caught up in the words and the descriptions, what a freaking ride, lets just side my fiancée sure enjoyed it ;-). He reaped the benefits. I never thought it would be so hard to write about sex. I thought when the time came it would be the easiest thing, I seriously have no idea how authors do this day and night, HOLY CRAPOLA!


TGIF-FICTION: Summer of David Gandy Chapter 17

Hey guys, oh its been busy for me, sorry I haven’t updated in some time but I’ve had my hands full. Family out of town, exams, wedding plans etc. Hope you enjoy David.

Happy Readings




Chapter 17

In Laughter

David was right, the city did glimmer in the light. We had breakfast at a restaurant on the hotel called Cote Jardin and were seated in the garden area, which had a great view of the sparkling ocean.

The garden itself was magnificent, decorated in beautiful exotic flowers and perfectly pedicure emerald green henches blending vibrantly against the blue backdrop of sky and sea. It was by all accounts a gorgeous morning. Not to mention the best view yet-David, he sat right across from me and in this natural lighting his azure eyes mesmerized me,-like two sparkling sapphire jewels,-so much so that I missed the waiter asking for my order.

“Lovely, would you like something to drink?” I blushed, feeling thoroughly dazed and the worse part was that he totally knew it with that teasing smirk on the side of his lips-lips that I was very well acquainted with. Flashes of our little morning make out session crashed into my frontal lobe and if I wasn’t flustered enough already, well…that sure did it.

“Mimosa please.” I answered, eyes shifting nervously between my lap and the waiter, voice breathy. I pushed my hair from my heated neck, needing some cooling and wiped my clammy hands on the linen napkin resting on my thighs.

Soon after our drinks arrived and I quickly took a big swig of my sweet mimosa, needing some liquid courage, I didn’t know what had me so nervous but I didn’t like it. My best guess was the dazzling man sitting across from me who by the way, hadn’t stopped looking at me with those inquisitive eyes that see way too much. Most likely it was the reckless anticipation that constantly assaulted my stomach, like a trapped hummingbird searching for freedom. I had a feeling that once it was released, it would obliterate everything in its wake.

“So what are we doing this morning?” I decided to just talk, because I was already getting worked up just thinking about earlier, my voice came out higher and squeakier than normal, I sounded like chipmunk-mental eyeroll.

Thankfully he didn’t make a sly comment about my sudden awkwardness, David’s playful eyes remained trained on me as if he was having too much fun just observing my nervous demeanor, I sigh internally and reach for my mimosa.

“Well, I thought perhaps we’d explore around town a bit and then go into France for lunch.”

I stopped my glass halfway to my lips and lift my eyebrows.

“France?” I questioned.

He smirks, calmly taking a drink from his coffee.

“It’s not as farfetched as you think, France is but a few miles away, quite close actually.”

“Oh.” I really hadn’t thought about it, but I quickly analyzed its location in my head. Monaco was a small country located right in the French Riviera between France and Italy, easy access to both.

“I knew that.” I tried for nonchalant and confidence but judging David’s amused chuckle, he wasn’t fooled.

The streets of the small town, were so crowded that we spent about forty five minutes just to reach the local Market-Bazaar which wasn’t far at all.

“I say next time we walk.” We would’ve gotten anywhere in this city much faster just by walking there.

“Brilliant idea.” He agreed, lightly squeezing the hand he held on my lap. I enjoyed the constant contact of our skin.

“I’m full of with brilliant ideas.” I mock, playfully, glancing at him out of the corner of my eye, my earlier nerves all but forgotten. David had a way of setting me at ease as much as he could scramble my senses into mush. That was a neat trick he possessed.

“You’re full of sass lovely and you know what? I like it. A lot.” His voice turned low and husky, insinuating so much more than what he was actually saying, my stomach fluttered in response.

We spent the early part of the day at the local Bazaar, sampling exotic fruits, chocolates and all kinds of foods I’ve never even heard of. I swear David was trying to fatten me up the way he insisted on me trying every little thing that crossed our path.

I had to admit everything was exceptionally rich in flavors and so unique that I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to try it, even if it meant gaining a few pounds it be worth it, besides I had a treadmill at home.

“Ok Zoolander, that’s enough. I can’t eat one more thing and I don’t see you trying any of it, I’m gonna grow another butt the way you’re feeding me.” I teased. Finishing a piece of sea salt, dark chocolate brownie, that he’d all but shoved into my mouth. I swear the man was worse than an old spanish woman when it came to food, there was no room for No.

Arched eyebrows in place and humorous eyes address me. “That’s what you’re supposed to do in a foreign country, sample the culture.” he grinned, as he continued his lecture, like the sexy professor I fantasized him as sometimes.

“I thought you were in a prestigious law school Legally Blonde, didn’t those Americans teach you anything about foreign cultures?” His teasing remark prompts me to laugh so hard that I have to hold onto his arm.

“Who’s full of sass now?” I manage. He has a big-eye crinkling-smile on his face, the smile I find so normal and endearing, that I’m tempted to wrap my hands around his neck and bring him down to my level for a soul searing-heart stopping-stomach dropping kiss.

“Men don’t have sass luv, we macho charm and wittiness.” He puffs out his chest and lifts his chin as he speaks, I double over.

“Please stop, I’m gonna pee on my pants.” I beg, wiping moisture from my eyes.

Laughter rumbles through his chest and we’re now both leaning into each other with uncontrollable laughter, shaking our bodies.

“You’re wearing a dress.” He points out the obvious, once he can make out words.

“It’s an expression Sherlock, don’t you have sarcasm in England?”

“Sorry, it got lost along with your bad English.” I gape at him, pointing a finger in pretend anger.

“Well now you crossed a line, British boy.” He stares me down, unflinching, eye blazing, lips curling into a sexy smirk.

“What do you intend to do about it, USA?” I meet his challenging blue eyes straight on. Suddenly a heady rush of arousal washes over me, and I see the same emotion light up his face. My throat goes dry as bone and I my heart beat steadily increases until is all I can hear.

David’s eyes are on me, intense, smoldering and unrelenting. Oh boy, his gaze drops to my mouth causing my lips to part in an exhale. All our teasing has built up a massive amount of fiery energy of desire between us, a desire that demands to be felt. Like an invisible coil, it pulls us closer, the intensity of it is enough to render me breathless.

“God I need to kiss you.” One minute he’s rasping the words out and the next he’s kissing me, no warnings, only the feel of his needful mouth crashing onto mine and swallowing my gasp. I respond automatically opening for him, letting his tongue tangle with mine tasting and probing. A crazed need to satisfy my own craving for him is all that drives me. He holds my face in his hands and I wrap mines around his waist. We’re in the middle of a market, crowded with tourists and locals, the mingle of voices, cell phones and laughter engulf us but it all disappears, there is only him and this insane connection between that is slowly driving me mad.

We hit practically every kiosk, I’m currently trying on outrageously silly hats and mock modeling them. Making pouty lips and batty lashes as I turned from side to side the way i’ve seen models do on tv. David seemed to find me very entertaining judging by the big-ear to ear-smile on his face. “What? You don’t think I have what it takes?” I feigned hurt, as I clutch my chest for dramatic effect.

“I think you’re too adorable.” He says taking the big beach hat from my hands. Turquoise eyes filled with mirth wink at me.

“Excuse us a moment.” He addresses the lady behind the counter, who seems to be no more than a few years older than me and currently blushing profusely, clearly mesmerized by David, not that I blame her. He has that effect on women and even some men.

“We just need a little privacy to test this hat properly.” He shoots her a devastating smile that has the power to part the red sea then places the hat as a wall, separating us from her. He pulls me to him, hand at the nape of my neck and kisses me, open mouth and teeth smacking, since we’re both still smiling like two teenagers. I can’t help the rush of blood on my cheeks. I love playful David, and brooding David and serious David. Shit who am I kidding I’m partial to the whole package.

“We’ll take it.” He announces with glee.

We ended up buying the big hat of course, it was the least we could after playing around with it and making the poor girl flush like a tomato with our little PDA. And by we I mean he bought it, to my constant dismay. He also insisted on buying me a bag he’d caught me eyeing with interest, it was thick brown leather, authentically crouched into beautiful patterns of vibrant wild flowers with precise detail. In return I bought him a black baseball hat with the black and white checker flags and Formula 1 logo, not an equal exchange by any means since the bag had been quite pricey but he wouldn’t budge on me spending money.

“No Arguments Mr. I can afford a twenty dollar hat.” Exasperation rolling off my shoulders in waves. The man is incorrigible, I really needed to find a way to contribute something on this ‘all inclusive trip’.

“It’s Euros actually.” He teased. I narrow my eyes, pinning him with a glare.

“You know what I mean, tit for tat, it’s only fair since you bought me a purse and paid for everything else we’ve done since the day we met.” He stares at me for a beat then bursts into laughter, so hard that it makes me giggle.

“I can’t believe you just made that reference, tit for tat, you’re too much lovely.”

“That’s what you got out of everything I said?” I chastise, giving him a reprimanding look.

The rest of the morning flew by as we moved from section to section, looking at all the trinkets and unique items of the local market.

He even found me a refrigerator magnet for my collection. This image reflected a night sky background and Hotel De Paris’ beauty in its forefront, streaks of red lights flashing through the street, indicating a car going really fast. I loved that he’d remember my magnet collection, the simple action tugged at my heart.

“It’s a real shame you don’t have that convertible of yours here, the scenery is truly breathtaking.” We were driving out of the city and into France, all along the right side the sparkling ocean, far off mountains and perfectly, cloudless sky made the drive a breathtaking adventure.

He chuckled. “That’s easily rectifiable.” My eyebrows knitted as I turned to look at him, that confident grin graced the corner of his lips.

“What are you up to?” I asked suspiciously.

Deep, blue eyes glance at me with too much-up to no good-gleam. But he doesn’t add anymore to his vague comment.

“When I told you about the car I didn’t actually think you’d take it literal.”

“You were right, this is the best way to enjoy the scenery.”

We had driven into france, stopped for lunch at a local cafe and then he drove straight to a Jaguar dealership and of course because he was David Gandy-world famous super model-hottie. He had top pick of any car he wanted in the lot, no problem.

Now we were cruising down the large winding road which flanked the expanding French Riviera, leading into Monte Carlo in a 2015 sleek, black Jaguar convertible xkr-s, top of the freaking line. Nothing but the best for Mr. Gandy-is how the manager had put it.

I guess there was something to be said about having one of your newest vehicles being driven by a famous person, free advertising and all.

“You’re way too spoil.” I reprimand him, shaking my head.

“I appreciate everything I have and I give plenty back. I don’t see anything wrong with indulging in a few perks once in a while.” I turn to look at him, afraid I might have offend him, but his signature, sexy grin was in place.

“Alright all great and powerful Gandy, so show me what this baby can do.” I challenged.

The sudden spark in his eyes said that he was all too willing, the man loved to be behind the wheel of a car, that much was obvious.

His knuckles whitened as he grasped the wheel harder.

“I suggest you hold on tight luv.” There was no mistaking the mischievous tone of his voice. With a wink he slid on his aviators and before I even had a chance to breathe, he took off like a rocket. My body jerked back against the leather seat and my hair blew around me like a storm of brown curls. It was completely accelerating, I couldn’t contain the laughter that erupted from my chest. Everything blurred around us as David took on the open road with the precision of a real driver, it was such a turn on the way he handle the power of the vehicle that if one day he decided to throw the speedo on the whole modeling thing and became a racer instead he would undeniably raise the skirts of every female within miles. God knows I was tempted to push mine up and straddle him. Okay…wrong train of thought.

“You’re wild!” I shout, tilting my head back and totally stealing the line from one of my favorite movies. David’s broad, animated smile pierced my heart, he was like a kid with his favorite toy. His shoulders shook with amusement as did my entire body. We were having entirely too much fun. The wind was deafening creating a loud buzzing in my ears, made all the louder by the whooshing of my hair, flipping in every direction. The whole experience was exciting.

The car came to a sudden stop at a red light, again making me jerk slightly and laugh even harder. David’s sexy smile was still in place and if his eyes weren’t blocked by the sunglasses I knew they’d be shining like jewels from the adrenaline.

“That was fun.” My voice was all breathy.

“You’re hair agrees.” He teased, running his fingers through my messy waves.

“I must look like I stuck my finger on an electrical outlet.” I tried to smooth my crazy hair, feeling the start of a blush rise to my face.

David’s face was suddenly an inch from mine as he leaned over into my side of the car, raising the sunglasses to his head. I gasped at his nearness, feeling his sweet breath hitting me and making my mouth water.

“You have no idea how sexy you look right now.” Heat flares in his eyes. “I have to exercise extreme control not to ravish every inch of you in this very car.” The words were spoken low and husky, the lust in his eyes sent my senses into a spiral vortex of arousal. Oh boy and how i wanted him to do just that. I was turning into my sister.

His lips crashed in the into mine-in the blink of an eye-swallowing the moan rising from my throat. I’m sure if he wasn’t holding onto my neck I would fly away from the butterflies smashing against my ribcage.

Too soon he releases me, leaving me gasping and breathless and squirming in my seat as he idles the car softly down the road, in sheer contrast to five minutes earlier.

David rarely spoke so crudely but when he did oh boy, it was as if he lit a fire deep into my core and it slowly spread throughout my body, threatening to burn me alive.

“Ok…I think we need a little music.” I say, not because i’m uncomfortable with the silence that follows but because the elephant of sexual tension that swarms between us its smothering and I need a distraction. My eyes fleet towards him, I notice the hard edge of his chiseled jaw working and the slight pulling at the corner of his mouth and the rising and falling of his chest which tells me he is still as affected as me, good to know.

“Have at it.” he gestures towards the radio, giving me free range, I felt in a teasing mood though, the adrenaline still coursing through my body both from his admission, followed by that intense kiss and the intense ride.

“You sure? I wouldn’t want to put something too american for your sophisticated taste.” I waited for his reaction, pressing my lips to keep from smiling.

His instant throaty chuckle caused goosebumps to rise on my skin.

“I think I can handle it lovely.” He answered confidently.

“Hum…we’ll see about that.” I was gonna put his taste in music or better said, his tolerance for music to the test. For some reason I couldn’t picture someone like David listening to anything other than Frank Sinatra and Tony Bennett. He said he listens to anything the mood strikes but the way he carries himself, his cultured charm and British complexities didn’t allow for me to picture him listening to Jason Derulo or Taylor Swift Shaking it up.

I plugged my phone into the Aux and scrolled down my mixed playlist, finding the perfect song, for our little-Top down-joyride through Monaco.

Cruise by Florida Georgia Line blasted through the speakers of the car, replacing the loud whooshing of the wind.

I turned to face David who was staring straight ahead. He glanced out of the corner of his eye at me, giving me a conspiratory smile but otherwise keeping his expression neutral.

I narrowed my eyes, waiting. I loved this song for driving, but it was as American as it could get, not something I would ever expect David to listen to. Boy was I wrong, as soon as the chorus hit he began to sing along to the lyrics. My jaw hit my lap as I stared at him, the raspy sound of his voice washed over me, his distinct accent all but gone as he sang, it was a moment of disbelief for me and completely shocking. I started laughing even harder than before, so much so you’d think someone was tickling me. I had moisture gathering at the corner of my eyes, this man never ceased to surprise me.

“What? You don’t think an Essex boy like me knows a thing or two about country music?”

He mused, glancing at me. A smug smile on his face.

I put my hands up in surrender.

“I apologize, I don’t know what I was thinking, you clearly are a man of many talents.” I mused.

This time he threw his head back in a deep laugh. He looked so normal like this, hair all disheveled, laughing freely as he sang along to music I loved. Staring at him like this, I could almost envisioned a future where we could be together, like two normal people, a real couple just enjoying each other and the little things that most took for granted in life, like the simplicity of cruising down a road, listening to loud music. The image was happy and it made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

We continued our joyride into Monte Carlo, belting out the lyrics for Cruise at the top of our lungs, completely ignoring everything and everyone around us.

“I can’t believe it took that long to get into the city.”

David guided me along in a hurried pace as we made our way to the private alcove designated to watch the races. We didn’t even get a chance to change into fresh clothes.

“David, David!”

We both turned at the sound of his name being called. As a bald, extremely well dressed, middle aged man was waving at us from a doorway a few feet ahead.


David called, nodding in the stranger’s direction. They shook hands in greeting and did that shoulder hug thing men do.

“Did you get lost or something mate?” The man, who was at least six or seven inches shorter than David muses as he holds onto David’s shoulders, sarcasm clear in his voice.

“Traffic out there is insane mate, we just made it in.” David brings me forward to stand beside him, placing a hand at the small of my back.

“Let me introduce you.” He directs his attention to me as he speaks. “This is Domenico, a good friend and designer I work closely with.” He explained, I smiled politely.

“Dom, this is Summer, my girlfriend.” I stiffened at the title he’d given me, my eyes widening for a fraction of a second, but I manage to maintain composure as the man-who reminded me of that bald guy from Sex and the City-places a kiss on each of my cheeks, holding on to my shoulders as well, guess he is the affectionate type.

“A pleasure.” Domenico gushed, smiling at me warmly. He has a heavy accent but it wasn’t British like David’s

“Are you Italian?”

“I am.” He answered, sounding surprise.

“Most people can’t pick that up.” I give a light shrug.

“I’ve always found foreign languages interesting, I think I have an ear for them, yours is particularly rich, I can see why it would be difficult to decipher.”

Domenico steps back casually folding his arms and staring at me with something like appreciation.

“Oh I like her David.” Blood colored my cheeks.

David chuckles, wrapping me closer to him.

“Well keep your hands off old man, she’s taken.”

Domenico laughed loudly and boisterously. For a man that wasn’t particularly tall, he sure had a reaching voice.

“Old man? I think you might need to look in a mirror friend.” I laughed, unable to help myself. David shot me a playful glare, lightly squeezing my side and making me jump, I glared right back at him.

“You know what they say mate, the older the wine, the sweeter the berry.” Oh no he didn’t just say that.

“That’s what old people say.” I add, stoking the fire which causes Domenico to laugh loudly, clapping David on the shoulder several times.

“Now I see why you’ve pulled a disappearing act, she is one enchanting creature.” I smile, feeling my ego inflating at the compliment, that sounds rather archaic for our time.

“Indeed, but like I said, keep your hands off.” David’s tone was playful even though the two seemed to be locked in a teasing war.

“Hey I don’t mind sharing, besides she’ll be all yours for the real fun stuff.” Domenico made wiggly eyebrows, glancing between the both of is. “Know what I mean?” He adds conspiratorially. I barely knew the man and he was already suggesting a manage tua? I felt the rush of blood under my cheeks, Europeans…

I looked at David but he seemed relax and unaffected by the suggestion, even amused at catching my flush.

“This way, come on the race started already.” He walks ahead before either of us can say anything more.

“Don’t fret luv, you’re not exactly…his type.” David’s low, amused voice tickles my ear. I should have known he’d be in tune with my thoughts.

Looking up at him I said. “What do you mean?” he grinned.

“How do you Americans say it…” He mocked a pondering expression.

“He swings for the same team, he likes to taste the rainbow, he eats fruityloops…”

“You mean he’s gay?” I interrupted, before he could come up with more ludacris sayings.

“The acceptable term is homosexual?” He mused, tapping my nose lightly. I narrow my eyes which only served to make him laugh.

“Hey Love-birds, fly over here I’m gonna start charging for these seats.”

David took a step forward but I placed my hand on his arm, holding him back.

“David, about what you said before.” I started, before I lost my nerve.

His fingers grabbed a piece of my hair that was stuck to my neck, tucking it behind my ear. That made my pulse speed up significantly, which essentially made talking all that more difficult.

“Yes.” There was something in his quiet voice, as he stared at me, almost like a challenge. He knew what I was referring to, I could see it in his eyes. Was he really gonna make me say it?”

I waited a moment but he didn’t speak, I guess it was all on me.

“I… back there, you said.” Oh boy, I could barely look at him, this was awkward.

“You said, I was your girlfriend…”

His fingers were at my chin, softly tilting my head back to look at him.

“Is there a question in there?” He prodded softly, pinning me with his inquisitive eyes.

My face was felt like it was about to burst into flames.

“What does that mean?” I managed to squeak out. He continued to study me for a moment, tilting his head to the side and setting my nerves on edge.

“It means that it’s the easiest explanation, referring to you as my lover seems highly inappropriate and I can’t exactly call you my friend because i plan on kissing and touching you a lot.”

To drive his point home, he leans down taking my lips with his. My reaction was instantaneous, I melted against him, opening up and letting his invigorating taste override any further thoughts.

I could kiss him forever and It would never be enough. Once he pulled back, my vision was hazy and my heartbeat way too fast.

His thumb brushed over my lower lip, pulling on it.

“Its that alright?” I was still trying to get my breathing under control so i just nodded. His answering smile made me a little weak at the knees.

“Come on then, lets do this.”

TGIF FICTION: Summer of David Gandy Chapter 16

Hello my lovelies, happy Friday and here is a little piece of DG to get our weekend started, I thought to make this chapter a little sexy in light of Valentines Day

Happy Readings and enjoy.



Chapter 16

In Frustration

We’d arrived in Monaco at precisely seven forty five in the afternoon. The drive to Monte Carlo wasn’t too long but as predicted by David the streets of the charming town were packed full of tourists and race car enthusiasts.

“It’s a shame the light of day is nearly done, this city truly glimmers in the sun.”

I turned to look at him. His right hand held the steering wheel of the black sedan he’d rented and his head was slightly turned in my direction.

“We have tomorrow” I observe “and the next day and the day after that.”

He smiled, squeezing the hand he held on my lap.

“I like the sound of that.”

“I gather you’ve been here before, then?”

“I have, a few years back but it was strictly business, not pleasure.” A shade of pink made its way to my cheeks at his word choice, which also brought forth his distractions on the plane. Heated kisses, wet tongues and hands everywhere. He glanced at me out of the corner of his eye and I catch the lifting of his cheek. Was he in tune with my thoughts? I blush more deeply but he doesn’t comment.

Feeling exhaustion sipping its way into my body, I yawn involuntarily. It has been a long day and I didn’t get much sleep last night. I think my lack of rest was finally catching up to me.

“Are you tired luv?”

I feigned a casual shrug.

“Slightly, it was just a long day, no big.”

His fingers soothe the skin on my hand with slow circles.

“We’re almost there, we’ll have some dinner and turn in for the night.”

“We don’t have to, I’m not that tired.” I added quickly, god I didn’t want him to think I was a boring eighty year old grandmother with a curfew.

“I’m actually feeling a bit drained myself, it has been a long day.” His tone was soft and full of understanding.

We arrived at our destination, pulling the car around the circle where at least another ten or so more luxurious cars waited.

A valet person was quickly at my side, helping me out of the vehicle.

The majestic, white building I stared at was glamour at its finest. I looked up in awe, taking in the infrastructure of the timeless Hotel De Paris.

“Wow.” the words whooshed out of my mouth in a gasp. “Do you like it?” David asked softly, appearing beside me.

I looked at him, with wide-are you serious-eyes.

“This is where we’re staying, Hotel De Paris?” I asked in disbelief, looking up at the beauty again, it was impossible to look away. There was so much detail to the architecture, gilded statues of baby angels and carvings of muses adorned the structure in great respect. Balconies with french doors and wrought iron railings stood out along the top section. It was breath taking, straight out of another century.

“This is where we’re staying.” He confirmed in a bemused tone.

This is one of the most famous Hotels in history, and I was staying here with one of the most famous supermodels in history, I guess it was only fitting, I thought to myself and I had to suppress laughter at my musings.

“Are you trying to impress me Mr. Gandy?” I turned to look at him, with a playful smirk.

He narrows his eyes at me, returning the smirk. “Are you impressed?” He countered instead.

“Thoroughly.” I blurt out without thinking and feel a tiny blush making it’s way to my face, I tuck a piece of hair behind my ear, tilting my head down. I really was impressed though, David didn’t do anything like normal people, I shouldn’t have expected any less, I mean we flew in a private plane for starters.

“Thank you, for…for bringing me.” I say in a small voice, looking up at him again. He brings

long fingers to flush cheek and tenderly caresses the skin there. I noticed he did that a lot.

“You don’t have to thank me lovely, it’s a pleasure to have you as my company.”

A wide smile spreads my lips, and heat infuses my cheeks again  in a satisfied, heart melting glow.

Oh David, you really are something special. I really never stood a chance at resisting him. He is simply irresistible with all that magnetic, pulling personality of his. He is kind and sweet and patient and unlike anyone I’ve ever met or will probably meet again. I had to wonder why he was still single, sometimes that thought nagged at me, I would ask him one day. David belonged in a world that was all his own. I think it was safe to say that I was ruined for any other man that came along after him. The thought scared me as it entered my mind so I pushed it away.

The bobby was no less impressive, with it’s massively large, ornately carved ceiling, beautiful marble floor and exotic, grand flower centerpieces varying different colors and shapes that blended well for the season. The whole thing reminded me of old cathedrals and castles, charged with history and elegance.

Our butler,-Yes we had a butler-guided us to a double door suite on the fourth floor, even the elevator was a gilded cage of history and fine design. David kept me pinned at his side, one arm wrapped around my waist. I noticed he liked to keep some kind of physical contact with me, and I would be lying if I said I was less than thrill by that.

The suite was-WOW- insanely large first and beautifully enchanting, like the rest of the Hotel. I had stayed in beautiful hotels before with amazing rooms but this, this was exquisite, like traveling back to the times of royalty and nobility.

“This is one of our ocean view double suites with private balcony, your luggage has been brought up, where would you like me to place it?”

He was addressing me, and I hadn’t really the slightest idea of our sleeping arrangements, there were obviously two bedrooms, which I didn’t know if it was at David’s request or it was simply given to him that way.

Thankfully David interjected.

“It’s quite alright, I’ll take care if it.”

The older man nodded politely. “Very well, if you require my services monsieur Gandy, Madam.” He looked my way briefly before continuing. “This pad is directly linked to call to me.” The butler showed David a small silver box set behind the door, with two small, square buttons. “I’m but a push away.” David thanked him and saw him to the door.

“I will deliver your package tomorrow morning as requested.”

“Thank you Maurice.” I had missed the butler’s name earlier, I guessed.

I heard the distinct click of the door, we were officially alone not like that was something new but it felt different here. My stomach felt a little jittery, perhaps it was only hunger, although I seriously doubted that.

I walked around the overly large sitting area absorbing its majesty. The ambience of the room was light and breezy, a seaside blend of well placed furniture and decor with a myriad of carefully chosen colors varying in the shades of marine blue, bone white and canary yellow, with a few touches of dark mahogany wood. The light paneled wood floors contrasted beautifully with the white design of the walls and moldings. Two gilded chandeliers hung from the tall ceiling, casting soft lighting. Against the far wall were two large double windows from floor to ceiling, flanked by expensive draping in the lightest shade of blue and beige. It was all so regal, every detail depicted an era of past queens and kings, from Louis the XII to Queen Victoria. I walked to one of the windows, absently pinching the beautiful fabric and gazing out into an endless dark ocean.

“What are your thoughts?”

I turned at the sound of David’s voice.

“It’s..” words failed me. “Amazing.”

He smiled crookedly, standing a few feet away in that pose I found-oh so extremely sexy- feet slightly apart and hands in the pockets of his jeans, he was all male. My breath hitched and I had to clear my throat.

“I’m glad you like it. Would you like to choose a room?” I was happy that he hadn’t seem to pick up on my suddenly over working heart.

“You should have first pick, I don’t mind either one.”

he dismissed that with a wave of his hand.

“I insist.” His sensual lips curled in a sexy grin.

I smiled and walked to the French, open doors on the right, which was in my direct view. The room was just as elegant, matching the breezy but glamorous feel of the sitting area.

David stood at the entrance, observing my every movement with that penetrating gaze of his.

“I think this will do nicely.”

“You haven’t seen the other room.” He argued. I rolled my eyes.

“Unless it’s made out of chocolate, I don’t see how it could be any better David, the entire suite is breathtaking. There is a very…you feel to it.” I muse, grinning.

He furrowed his eyebrows.

“How so?” He walked into-what was now my room and placed my luggage at the foot of the bed.

“I think it’s the vintage setting.” I said as my eyes roamed around the spacious room, taking in all the little details.

He chuckled.

“Does that mean I’m an old geezer?” I looked at him and tried to suppress laughter.

“Well if the designer-shoes fit, don’t let me contradict you.” He glared at me through sooty, long lashes, but that delicious half-smile never left his face.

“Don’t worry, I hear that with age comes wisdom.” I continued teasing.

That playful smolder turned slightly serious as he stared at me.

“Is our age difference a concern to you?”

I blinked, taken aback by his sudden question. I hadn’t thought about his age really, but he was well over ten years older than me, in my eyes though, he was sexier and even more alluring than any young boy could ever hope to be.

“I haven’t given it much thought, does it bother you?” I asked in a small voice. God I must be a child in his eyes.

“That’s not an answer lovely, but to answer your question no, it doesn’t bother me.” His eyes did that smoldering thing as they surveyed my body with lustful heat. “At all.” He added in lower, huskier tone. My insides clenched deliciously in response. The look in his eyes was not the look one gives a child. Neither is the way he kisses you, or touches you-my Spring-esh inner voice argued.

“I’ll…give you a few minutes to unpack while I do the same, then we can grab some dinner.”

He declared after a moment of intense silence. I nod in agreement, needing a few moments for myself, which he seemed to sense.

“David.” He turned before closing the door.

“It doesn’t bother me either.” His smile was brilliant and seductive and heart melting. Oh boy.

As soon as he was out of sight, I exhaled loudly. The sexual tension between us felt like a living, breathing being, suffocating me. I think I needed a shower before dinner.

I gathered my toiletries and closed the bathroom door behind me. I tried to to keep my shower short, but the heat of the spray helped soothe my nerves and calm my over worked heart. David seemed to keep a certain control over our physical relationship, or perhaps he wasn’t as into it as I was-said that bitch inside my head. I wrapped my body in a white towel I found neatfully folded and went out into my room. I was towel-drying my hair when I heard a soft knock at the door.

“Come in.”

David slowly opened the door and peered inside. I smiled at the sudden widen of his eyes, which as he slowly took in my towel wrapped body changed into something a lot more carnal. Ha, take that you bitch, he is into me! He likes what he sees. I mentally high five myself.

“Sorry I’m taking a while, I really needed a shower.”

He walked into the room, making it seem smaller with his presence, but remained near the door which he left slightly open. He was still keeping his distance I noted.

“No apologies needed, I showered as well.”

I noticed he had changed into a blue dress shirt and black trousers, the sleeves of his shirt were rolled up, giving it a casual look. He still rivaled the gods though, a desire to push my fingers through his still wet hair just like I’d done on the plane overtook all other thought, which led to further musings of kissing and dropping the towel I was clutching, that should most definitely get his attention at full.

Looking at  him wasn’t helping with my crazy desires, his eyes were heavily lidded and reflecting the same emotion I felt. He looked like a dangerous, sexy predator and I his willing prey.

“I’ll…wait in the sitting area, please take your time.” His voice sounded strained as he forced the words out and retreated, once again the sexual tension was unbearable.

I sat at the corner of the bed trying to catch my breath. Why didn’t I just drop the damn towel, if I was someone brave and flirty I would’ve taken the bull by the horns instead of waiting for him, but no, instead here i was clutching the material to my chest and gasping with sexual frustration.

I dressed semi casual just like David had opted for throwing on a light blue dress with thin straps and a sweetheart neck line that hugged my breast in a bustier design-top, it was simple and summery, I paired it with my nude pumps and pinned my hair back with a clip, letting some of the curls loose around my face. I kept the make-up light and was ready in less than fifteen minutes.

We were sat in a little nook by the a wall of glass that overlooked the luxurious scene of Maseratis and Aston Martins that kept pulling around the bend of the hotel. You certainly didn’t see that everyday.

“I hope you don’t mind staying in the hotel grounds tonight, we can explore the city tomorrow.”

“Not at all.”

David settle for an upscale Bar inside the hotel, that faced the entrance.

“It’s late and I know you’re tired, I’m too.” His tone was reassuring and pleasant. I smiled in answer.

“I like it here, it’s a pleasant atmosphere with the jazz music and the dim lighting.”

“This is quite the famous bar, I’ve heard that Prince Albert frequently visits with his family, don’t quote me on that though.” He mused. “Perhaps I’ll get to meet yet another famous person, adding royalty to my already growing list can’t hurt.” We both laugh.

Le Bar Americain was elegant, nothing like a common bar you find around the corner, although i had a feeling that nothing around this area was common by normal standards. It wasn’t overly crowded and David insisted on being seated on a more private section- I had come to learn that he was very fond of his privacy- The slow jazz music from a live musician added a level of class and sophistication to the already posh bar.

He smiled running fingers to his lips in that absentminded way he did, It certainly held the power to grab my attention like a bug to a light, my eyes fixed on his action and I wanted to replace his fingers with mine to feel his smooth lips and maybe bite them…

“I think it’s safe to assume that we will meet several of the rich and famous this weekend.”  I made an effort to stop staring at his mouth as he spoke and sucked my bottom lip to keep from biting his. He didn’t miss the action instead his cobalt eyes flared with intensity, concentrating on my mouth. A moment of silence drowned out everything else around us, there was only the increasing beat of my heart.

“Ready to place your order or would you prefer a few more minutes?” Our waiter appeared out of the blue, startling me. I blinked several times, straightening my posture as if I had been caught doing something I wasn’t supposed to be doing. Get a grip Summer.

“Would you like a drink?” David offered. He seemed composed, nowhere near as flustered as I felt and the half smile pulling at the corner of his mouth was a clear giveaway that he was indeed very aware of how susceptible I was to him. Strangely it only served to fuel the excitement bubbling inside of me. I felt like a teenager with him, overly excited about our slightest exchange.

Feeling spontaneous, I opted for a frothy drink made with gin, meringue,  limoncello, orange, grapefruit and lemon juice.

“That sounds excellent, I’ll take one as well.”

“It sounds pretty sweet, you sure you can handle it?” I teased.

“If you can handle it so can I. Besides I enjoy sweet things.” He gazed fiercely into my eyes as he said that. My heartbeat quickened in response.

We ordered appetizers and enjoyed the melodic ambience in each other’s company.

“Do you enjoy classical music?” He questioned.

“Yes, not all the time, but if the occasion calls for it.” I could make out the words to Tony Bennett’s Fly me to the moon. A good choice for the blaise atmosphere that filled the bar.

“This is one of my favorites.” He said as if answering an unspoken thought.

“Do you prefer classical music?” I turned the question on him.

He shook his head.

“Not necessarily, I have my moments, now for example it’s fitting and enjoyable but I like variety. Depends on my mood.”

He smiled to himself as if enjoying a private joke. I felt my lips break into a similar smile unbeknownst to the reason.

“You can’t go wrong with Tony Bennett though, he’s got something for every occasion.” His hand seeked mine, on the table and those manicured, long fingers massaged the skin on the back of my hand with slow, sensual strokes that felt too much like foreplay. I felt my throat go a little dry and my breathing became increasingly uneven.

We were served blue chips, which I was slightly hesitant about but I enjoyed trying new things and it turned out to be quite delicious.

David explained that the first race was tomorrow afternoon and that we had a private section in an alcove, it was shared with a friend of his-the same person that gifted him this trip. Which was the package he was expecting tomorrow morning, detailing the itinerary of the event.

“Are you excited?”

He nodded.

“I’m, I’ve wanted to attend one of these for a long time.” I narrowed my eyes.

“Ha, that means you were bluffing when you told me you wouldn’t have come If I didn’t.” I teased, taking a sip of my sweet drink and feeling triumphant.

He grinned, tilting his chin down and gazing at me through long lashes.

“Lovely what you fail to see is that as excited as I’m for the races, it fails in comparison to how I feel by having you with me.”

Now I did blush, feeling the absurd expanding of my chest. His words and gestures never failed to made me feel special.

We conversed for about an hour more, about the races and our plans for the remainder of the stay in Monte Carlo. He asked if I wanted to do anything specific and I said I would leave it in his capable hands, anything we did together would be more than fine with me.

“I want you to enjoy your time here lovely, it’s your summer vacation after all.”

“It’s your vacation also, and I’m enjoying myself, I’m in freaking Monte Carlo!” I exclaimed, quoting Spring. His smile was heart melting.

“With you.” I added, shyly.

David leaned closer, running his fingers along my pink cheek. I held my breath as my heart did that fluttering thing.

“That’s the best part,” His tone was low, caressing me like his fingers did. “your company.” Oh boy.

David moved his hand from my over heated face and raised his drink, I followed suit, after I got what he intended to do.

“Here is to…” I began, ahead of him.

“An amazing weekend, together.” Finished David and if my heart had a voice I think it would pop out of my chest and start howling with excitement.  We clinked and drank the liquid goodness never breaking eye contact.

After another round of drinks, several more classics that we both fought to name first and endless heated stares that made the muscles low in my stomach contract, sleep began to settle over me, my yawns becoming embarrassing. We called it a night and walked across the magnificent marble lobby and back to the suite.

Now I was laying awake in bed, falling asleep knowing that David was about twenty feet away from me was proving to be quite the task, I tossed and turned in the big, fluffy bed but it was no use. I had a deep, unsatisfied ache deep within my core, an ache I had tried to relieve myself but that didn’t really work, it was more awkward than anything and just as unsatisfying. After our little make out session in the plane and the constant exchange of flirty touches and scorching stares, my body felt waund extremely tight.

My heart beat rapidly as I stared at the beautiful ceiling of sleeping angels that I was very envious of right now. I was tempted to call room service and ask them to bring me some hot milk-my sleep aid-but I didn’t want to wake up David, then again I was also tempted to go over to his room and crawl into bed with him, that was sure to satisfy the unrelenting ache. Whose great idea was it to have separate rooms anyway?

I didn’t know how I had fallen asleep but in the blink of an eye, I felt the morning light streaming through the windows. I grabbed my phone, squinting from the brightness assaulting my eyes, six-freaking-thirty in the morning! I groaned in frustration, throwing an arm over my head, who the hell wakes up at six-thirty in the morning. I couldn’t have possibly gotten more than three, maybe four hours of sleep, what the hell was I supposed to do with myself at this ungodly hour. Begrudgingly I got to my feet and headed for the bathroom, I washed my mouth and sleep out of my face, pushing my hair up into a messy bun.

I was feeling antsy and after pacing around the room, finding nothing to do, I decided to go out into the sitting area knowing that it was probably way too early for David to be awake. I slowly opened the door to my room, careful not to make too much noise and peaked my head out, It was silent, David’s door was closed. I felt slightly disappointed as I walked barefoot to the couch and grabbed a book that was sitting on the coffee table, just for something to kill time with, I’d probably have a couple of hours to myself before I had to make myself decent.

“Good morning lovely.” I jumped and the book dropped from my hands to the floor. David appeared out of no where. He was wearing indigo pajama pants and NOTHING else! His chiseled, perfectly-sculpted by the gods-chest was bare, just out in the open for me to drool over.

He chuckled. “I’m sorry I didn’t mean to startle you.” I couldn’t even manage a response, I was in a David induce trance. It was one thing imagining what that beautiful body might look like with clothes on but as he walked towards me, in that perfect swagger of his with wide shoulders slightly hunched forward, and ab muscles that rippled and constricted with every movement, I realized how totally laughable my imagination had been. The man looked as if he’d just stepped out of a catalogue for a bowflex machine. While I stood here, stiff as a board, shrinking in my tiny shorts and ratty tank top, that did little to hide the fact I wasn’t wearing a bra. Somewhere back in London I knew Spring was screaming at me for not wearing my sexy lingerie, serves me right.

He bent over right in front of me and picked up the book I dropped, and all I could do was stare at him like a mindless mime. He didn’t give it back to me instead he placed it back on the table then stood back to his full height. That perfected body of his seem to radiate heat and masculine sexuality all around me and as if I wasn’t mind-screwed enough by the mere sight of him showing off all that glorious skin, he places a hand on my waist bringing our bodies closer and kisses me in the most casual manner, as if we were an old couple comfortably kissing each other good morning. My heart quicken at the feel of his lips against mine. It was a short, sweet kiss but I was completely breathless when he released me, I think I even wobbled a bit.

“Lovely, are you awake yet?” He mused looking into my-too wide-eyes, Lovely will be with you in a minute. I cleared my throat and blinked away the haze induced by all those sculpted muscles and sinfully tan skin, and did I forget to mention that-oh so sexy, I just want to lick it-indentations on his hips which disappeared into a V underneath his low sitting pants. Oh boy, I really had to watch out for drool.

“I’m sorry, I’m half awake it seems, good morning.” I tried to achieve a nonchalant tone but the blood that was surely burning in my cheeks was a dead giveaway of my less than subtle response to him.

He sat on the white couch while I stood there gawking away and blinking rapidly like a demented squirrel. Snap out of it woman, I mentally yelled at myself.

“You’re up early, I thought you’d like to sleep in a bit.” I tried to push hair behind my ear as I usually did when I was nervous but there was no hair to tuck back, it was all up in a messy, very unattractive bun, that matched my ratty tank top, skimpy shorts and lack of make up. Awesome! Very attractive Summer.

“Yeah…” I managed to say in an exhale. I could hear the strong beating of my heart in my ears, making it hard to concentrate on what he was saying, or maybe it was the shirtless-muscles everywhere-low sitting pants thing-he had going on. I looked away before I made myself go red at the roots again.

“I was having trouble sleeping, it was probably the whole being in a strange bed thing.”

“Come sit with me.” He patted the space next to him, tempting me. I was all too willing, but hesitated still feeling flustered and self conscious of my appearance compare to his. His wavy hair was all disheveled, as if someone had just ran fingers through it several times, he still managed to look picture worthy, probably even better. Oh boy I wanted to spread him on a cracker or my bed, whichever. Where the heck did that come from? I shook my head trying to dissolve the thoughts away. David observed me with amusement dancing in those brilliant, blue eyes.

“I promise I won’t bite.” That devilish grin and the seemingly innocent tone of his voice promises otherwise and oh how I wished he did bite, I felt excitement bubbling in my stomach. God I really should have stayed in the room or made sure he wasn’t out here, or had worn a sexy nighty, not my comfy clothes. I debated whether I should just give him an excuse and hide back in my room, but his awaiting embrace and expectant-still sleepy-face was too enticing to pass up, I wanted to feel him, I craved it. Without further thought I slid into the crook of his shoulder folding my legs under me and letting the warmth of his naked torso invade my skin. He pressed me to him, running a hand up and down my arm. It felt so… right.

“Are these my favorite shorts?” he asked pulling slightly on the hem, high on my thigh. I startled at his touch.

“You’re jumpy this morning.” He observed.

Jumpy was an understatement, considering I’d gotten only a few hours of sexually frustrated

sleep then woken up to all his naked-model-perfection. I could barely catch my breath.

“I’m sorry, I just…you caught me by surprise I didn’t think you’d be up this early and well I’m…”

I exhaled and smoothed my messy hair, in an attempt to gain composure.

“I’m a hot mess.” I say in defeat, flushing when I heard his low chuckle.

Burying his head on the crook of my neck, he nuzzles my skin with his nose and parted lips. I

feel the catching of my breath, as a shiver runs down my spine.

“Yes…you’re right.” I gasped, feeling the rasp of his stubble against my sensitive skin.

“You ARE hot!” And just with those simple words, my head begins to swim and my body feels

like a lit match in his hands. I giggled from the tingling sensation of his lips and breath.

“Are you trying to seduce me with flattery Mr. Gandy?” My hand presses on his bicep as he explores my neck further with hot kisses.

“Absolutely.” His tone is husky, causing a stirring low within my core.

“But it’s no flattery.”  I tilt my head back to give him better access. His hand comes to cradle  my neck as his thumb slowly caresses my cheek.

“You’re always beautiful.” Kiss, Kiss “But, like this.” nibble, nibble. His hand travels down to my waist and under my tank top, bunching the material higher. “You’re devastatingly sexy, I can’t keep from touching you.” I’m not complaining, hopefully I hadn’t said that out loud, I couldn’t be certain though not with the way I was feeling right now.

His mouth continues to assault my neck drifting slowly to my collarbone where the sensations intensify. When his wandering hand reaches my naked breast cupping it, I moan closing my eyes and instinctively arching my back further into him. In a flash David has me by the hips and places me on top of him, a leg on each side, I’m straddling him. All my previous awkwardness is gone, the only thing i’m aware of is how freaking turn on i’m right now and how insanely I want him. I’ve never felt this kind of abandon before.

My hands fly to his hair and I bury my fingers in the silky locks as our mouths collide in a passionate, needful kiss. I can feel him all around me, his hardest part against my softest causing my hips move on their own accord, he growls into my mouth the sexy sound vibrates through my body making me all the more needy with desire. David’s arms wrap possessively around my waist and up my back, pressing me flush against his body. The moisture that gathers between my thighs is ridiculous and the strong pulsing in my center burns me from the inside out. I push lower into his arousal, which causes his kisses to become a fierce, tangling of tongues and throaty sounds that fill the silent suite. I’m delirious delving into the kiss with the same ferocity.

His mouth leaves mine to claim my neck, which leaves me gasping. He’s no longer the controlled David I know, he’s overcome with the same heady desire that carries me. His tongue and lips brand my skin where he kisses me, eliciting all kinds of moans and whimpers from my throat, which only serve to spurge him on. Lowering the strap of my tank-top, I feel long, searching fingers kneading at my skin.

“I love the sounds you make.” He kisses my shoulder. His words make the throbbing between my legs more potent, it climbs up to my stomach and spreads throughout my limbs. I clutch his hair tightly, if it bothers him, he doesn’t protest.

His mouth travels lower down my heaving chest, kissing the skin as he goes. My breathing is so labored and my heart pounds so wildly that it feels as if i’m close to having a heart attack. He lowers the tank top further releasing my aching breasts but he maintains eye contact with me. This is the first time he’d seen me half naked and instead of the embarrassment I thought I’d feel, there is a deep exhilaration that coats my skin with prickles of electric impulses, besides I’m already flushed all over I don’t think I have another level. He cups my breasts again with both hands and I close my eyes absorbing the sweet, tantalizing sensation of his touch.

“You’re so beautiful lovely, I want to worship every inch of your body, wholly.” His gaze lowers, devouring my chest with fiery lust, before I have a chance to prepare myself his mouth closes over a nipple and is too much, my head tilts back and a strangled cry escapes my lips. Pleasure shoots to my very core with a blinding force that creates a frenzy for more. I thrash unashamedly against him seeking that sweet, sweet relief. David groans deeply as he suckles my overly sensitized breasts back and forth with slow strokes of his tongue. I feel his thickness beneath me, straining against my center and is all I can do not to scream from the shaking shivers running up and down my spine. I want to feel him skin to skin, I want him inside of me. My fingers twist and untwist on his hair begging for more.

A knock at the door brings me back to earth. We both still and after a silent minute of heavy breathing, David reluctantly releases my breast. My heart is in my throat and in various other southern places. Those beautiful eyes of his are clouded over, filled with desire and lust for me, he seems as affected and as worked up as im and it fills me with a deep satisfaction. There are no words as we stare at each other. His mouth curls into a lazy smile as he Places a soft kiss on each breast, then fixes my shirt back into place.

“I’m sorry luv, I should get that, it’s important.” I nod, feeling too out of sorts for words but I manage to gather my wits enough to disentangle my shaky body from his. I fall against the couch and let my head rest back as a second knock has David getting to his feet and fixing himself with some effort-I might add. I blush at the sight but am unable to tear my eyes away, it’s impossible not to stare, especially knowing that I’m responsible for the large bulge in his pants. Before he walks off to get the door he bends down and gives me a quick peck on the lips, touching my cheek softly with his fingers. “Lovely” he states, grinning then scampers off towards the door.

I sit there feeling a little dizzy, working on getting my breathing under control. I absently touch my lips, they feel swollen and tingly from all the kissing, I smile and close my eyes letting the memories wash over me, which proves to be a bad idea considering the strong clenching it creates in the muscles between my legs. I become aware that as I press my thighs for friction, my underwear is soaked, as if I had just taking it out of the washing machine before the rinse cycle.

“I’m sorry we were so rudely interrupted.” David’s voice brings me out of my thoughts and I flush a deep shade of red while fidgeting around, not knowing what to do with my body, which feels as high as a kite and coiled as a spring. I rub my hands down my arms and try to keep from looking straight at him, which isn’t too difficult since he’s behind me. I feel his warm hands slide down my shoulders and along my arms. He’s behind the couch leaning over me, his sweet breath just over my shoulder and once again, my heart seems to go into hyperdrive, this can’t be good for my health.

“Are you still tire, do you want to try and rest some more, It’s early.” His husky voice caresses my skin, blowings wisps of my hair along my neck, it tingles. My eyes flutter.

“I…I don’t think I can sleep, that bed is too soft.” I swallow hard, trying to keep from gasping, he has such a strong effect on me, his voice alone has me feeling feverish and breathy.

“I was having a bit of trouble sleeping now that you mention it, but I don’t think it was the bed.” He whispers the last part near my ear, I didn’t miss his implication. Pressing his lips where his breath had been a second ago I feel the ball in my stomach bouncing frantically from wall to wall. I can barely stay still.

“How about breakfast luv?” He asks between hot kisses. How about a cold shower, I think to myself but nod in agreement.


Oh!! sexual tension, I love it and making out even more. I was intending to end this chapter right after the bar scene but thought you guy needed a little something extra 😉

Happy Valentines Day

TGIF FICTION: Modeling Me Summer of David Gandy Chapter 15

Hello my lovelies, another fabulous Friday is here and of course more of the Yummylicious Gandy.

So guess what? Since I recently got Engaged (SQUEALS) and I’m feeling fantastic I have a little sexy teaser to share with you guys which I will post next week or maybe sooner 😉


David Gandy

Chapter 15

In Waiting

“You’re going to freaking Monte Carlo!”

Spring’s screeching made me flinch with discomfort. I rolled my eyes.

Yes I had agreed to go to Monte Carlo with David, more like I was coerced into going really, but can you blame me. I think he has supernatural powers of persuasion, centered around his hands and mouth and body and voice, pretty much all of him.

“I CANNOT believe this, you never even wanted to go out with David Gandy in the first place, you didn’t even know who he was, and now he is taking you to Monte Carlo, in his white horse like some damn fairy tale, while I rot away in the real world!” She exhaled loudly giving me a dirty look. If I wasn’t accustomed to her theatrics I would honestly be worried that she meant her words.

“You don’t deserve all that male-come and push me against the wall-deliciousness that is David Gandy.” She continued with her ranting, making a big show out of it too. I wouldn’t pay her any attention if it wasn’t for the twinge of guilt I felt simmering in my chest, we hadn’t spend much time together in my visit. I had come to London to see my sister after all and I was about to fly off to some exotic land with a supermodel that swept me off my feet.

“I really don’t have to go, it was just an invitation and I was already hesitant about it to begin with.”

She was suddenly looking at me as if I had sprouted two heads and a tail.

“Are you out of your logical mind?” she gaped.

“Well I know we haven’t spend that much time together and…”

she was in my face shaking my shoulders.

“Sis, I love you to Reeses pieces but sometimes I want to kill you. What is wrong with you? We don’t need to spend time.” She mocked. “We lived together for about sixteen years, do you think I would let you pass up an opportunity like this?! I would sooner shoot you and then poison myself after since I’m too much of a coward to pull the trigger on myself that would be too painful.” she made a horrified expression, how very Romeo and Juliet of her.

I snorted with laughter.

“You’re going to Monte Carlo and you’re having wild, monkey sex with that god until you can’t walk anymore and then you’re gonna have some more and after that, you’re going to tell me all about it.”

Oh boy, way to paint that picture. Still I had to admit that the thought of it did make me all hot and bothered inside. The realization that we would be ALONE in the same hotel for days was hitting me like a wrecking ball, taking all the oxygen out of my lungs and making me feel queazy.

“Hello earth to Summer! You’re not gonna faint on me are you?”

I blinked out of my haze.

“I might be soon.” I said clutching my stomach which was bouncing uncomfortably.

I walked over to the couch and sat, willing my body to relax.

Spring seemed unnaturally quiet, for her anyway. I glanced up in her direction, she was still standing a few feet away, staring at me with a mixture of surprise and curiosity in her face.


She walked slowly towards me, eyebrows pinching together.

“You really haven’t had sex with him yet have you?”

I rolled my eyes.

“Of course I haven’t. I told you that already, why would you question it.”

“Well because is freaking David Gandy for starters, I would have ravished him from day one.”

I swear if she called him by his full name one more time I was gonna throw a fit.

“Can you please just call him David and not talk about him sexually is kinda disturbing considering that I’m dating him.”

She shrugged unrepentant sitting beside me.

“Why are you so nervous?”

Was it that obvious? i felt like such a child about all of this, completely out of my element.  After Derek, I had avoided anything more serious than casual lunch and here I was two years later, halfway across the world, with a famous super model, who was coveted by anyone with a pulse. A man that probably was very well practiced in the art of seduction, where as I felt like a rookie in her first game. Yes I was very nervous indeed.

I sighed loudly, letting my body slouch against the couch.

“Of course I’m nervous! I…I don’t know how to do any of this and the way you make David sound, well it reminds me that he is not just a regular guy I’d typically meet at a coffee shop. He is this super famous guy that has most likely been with plenty of experienced-gorgeous women.”

I felt slightly breathless from my run on sentence.

“How could I not be nervous.”

Spring shifted closer to me.

“Want to know something?” I turned my head to meet her eyes.

“I think you’re insane.”

Was that supposed to be comforting? I was pretty sure my expression reflected my thoughts.

She smiled knowingly.

“You’re right, he could have any women he wants, gorgeous models like him, girls that yeah most likely would screw his brains without a second thought.” I scowled, not liking where she was going with this.

She stared at me for a few moments before speaking again.

“Yet he’s with you, not some skinny little bitch that frankly sis, wouldn’t come close to measuring to you.”  I smiled at her sweet comment.

“You’re my sister, you’re supposed to say that.”

she rolled her eyes and pressed her lips together.

“I’ve never been one to sugar coat things, you know that.” Couldn’t argue there.

“You want to know why I was so surprised that you hadn’t slept with him yet? I just couldn’t understand it, he’s stunning and he’s every women’s wet dream. I thought maybe you were just trying to be discreet and vague about it all, since that’s usually your way.”

“I wasn’t.” My voice sounded small.

“I know that now, but you have to admit that you do have a way of keeping people at a distance, even me.” Guilt assaulted me. She was right, i kept my life to myself, not in order to keep people away but just not to cause them any worry. I never thought that meant I would become a basic stranger to my family. I didn’t want that.

“I’m sorry, I never meant to cause a distance between us, I just don’t like to worry anyone with my problems.”

“I’m your sister Summer, that’s what family is for. I know that you like to keep a leash on things and shoulder problems on your own but you don’t always have to, sometimes is okay to share the burden with others, to let someone help you.”

I stared at my little sister with new eyes, when had she become such a grown up. I had missed it or maybe I hadn’t paid attention.

I smiled and brushed her strawberry color hair back from her face.

“I promise to share more with you, I love you.”

“Love you more, you little pain in the ass.”

I huffed a laugh.

“Hey don’t use my insults against me, that’s what I call you.” I reproached playfully. She stuck out her tongue, shaking her head like the kid I remember.

“Now first things first, no more moping around. David wants YOU! No one else. The man is at your beck and call twenty four/seven and he’s not even getting lay, that’s proof enough for me that he’s freaking crazy about you.”

I felt a silly satisfied smile spread my lips and a warmth sensation settle on my chest. Spring got to her feet, pulling me along with her.

“We have some shopping to do, there is no way a sister of mine is going to Monte Carlo-one of the most swanky, extravagant cities and with a world famous supermodel hottie-not looking her very best.”

We spent the entire day shopping at Spring’s request and I had to admit it was fun. I felt giddy at the prospect of looking and feeling confident with David so I didn’t resist. I was a little hesitant and flustered when it came to the lingerie part of our shopping though. There was so much lace and silk and skimpy things that my nerves shot into the stratosphere.

“Is this really necessary?” I mean is not like I was planning on having sex with David, sure we were going to be alone for a few days but that didn’t automatically constitute that sex was involved, and planning it out felt strange somehow, if it did happen, it would be spontaneous not planned. Still I had decided to let my sister have her way even if only to spend some time with her before I left. Feeling like I wanted a hole to open up and swallow me I played my part, even subjecting myself to modeling some of the too revealing pieces for her. Black was the color of choice according to her, it was the sexiest color for intimacy and most preferred by man. I picked out a deep purple piece that called my attention, I liked purple it tended to bring out my eyes and skin. It wasn’t anything extravagant, just a silk gown with spaghetti straps and a sweetheart neck line, that hugged my breast rather nicely, the gown reached mid thigh which wasn’t very long but it wasn’t as outrageously skimpy as the other stuff Spring was picking out. I could see myself wearing it without dying of mortification and I specially liked the same material rope that came with it, which did reach my knees.

This would be my go-to nighty, the rest would probably never see the light of day. Even then, I would most likely end up in a tank top.

I did like the more normal pieces, like bras and underwear. I wasn’t clueless enough to think that nothing would happen, and some new undergarments couldn’t hurt.

She insisted we’d also do our nails and hair, even though we’d just done that a few days ago before the Gala.

We left the mall with so many bags that I felt like pretty woman in Rodeo Drive. I had enough dresses and shoes and-every occasion outfit-to clothe me for a month without repeating. An unnecessary waste of money considering I had plenty of clothes but i didn’t want to argue. I was having fun and enjoying the time we spent together nonetheless.

“I forgot to tell you that I ran into your EX, the other day.” My eyebrows pinched and I turned to look at her, she was putting on her seatbelt. I had almost forgotten that Derek was here, and that he went to the same school as Spring.

“Oh… don’t you guys typically see each other at school?”

She shrugged, letting out a snort.

“No, thank god, I couldn’t deal with that much self-importance around me.”

She looked behind her before pulling out of the parking spot.

“So what happened?” I wasn’t interested just merely curious, she had brought it up for a reason.

“He came out of nowhere and started asking about you.” What? that was strange.

“What did he ask?”

We headed in the general direction of the apartment.

“Not much really, kinda vague. He wanted to know how you were doing and if you were still in London.”

“What’d you say?”

“Oh I let him have it big time.” She let out an evil laugh.

“I told him all about how great you’re doing and all about your recent company.” She wiggled her eyebrows with mischief. “He looked as if he was about to have a bitch fit by the time I was done.”

I could only imagine just how a good a picture my dear sister painted for him. I couldn’t help laughing at the thought.

“You’re an evil minion.”

“The evilest.” she confirmed grinning-a very cheshire cat-grin, from ear to ear.

“Anyways just thought you’d like to know, there is an odd sense of self gratification at having your douchey-ex overcome with jealousy at the thought of you with some else, and well in your case not just someone else, but Freaking David Ga-”, I shot her a look, before she finished that sentence.

she chuckled.

“Fine, just David it is.”

We got back to the apartment around midnight, since Spring decided to go for some drink and dinner first. She’d called some of her girlfriends and we met them at a swanky rooftop restaurant, overlooking the river Thames. The place was very hip, dominated mainly by a young crowd, the whole ambience was very Spring. We sat at the edge of the terrace on some plushy, pink couches surrounded by a willowy canopy of gossamer white.

To my dismay, I was the center of attention for the evening, a neon sign pointing at me would have been less noticeable. I was peppered with endless questions about David and forced to hear every fantasy and deprave thought that came to their minds about him. It was freaky how unapologetically blunt the British people could be, they certainly gave me a run for my money and that was saying a lot.

I felt like a chameleon by the time we called it a night and said our goodbyes. My face had turned fifty shades of red with the images they had so vividly created in my mind.

I was dead tired, and just wanted to take a shower and jump in my bed.

Of course by the time I finished my shower and went into the room, David called me and I was instantly filled with a rush of energy. He’d left the apartment, shortly after he’d arrived, at my request that.  I wanted to speak to my sister about our impromptu trip and spend some time with her.

He’d reluctantly accepted just as reluctantly as I had accepted a paid trip to Monaco. Not that he left me much of a choice, his little teasing proved that I would pretty much agree to anything as long as I was under the David spell. I still had a few rules about this trip though, I wasn’t super comfortable not paying for anything, even though he made it clear that it had been a gift to him, one of the many perks of being a coveted super model.

I told him all about my day of shopping with the crazy little red head

“Did you buy something pretty luv? oh boy my heart fluttered just at the sound of his smooth voice.

I laughed. If he only knew. The memory of the trashy lingerie I now owned, was enough to send a rush of blood to my face. I hadn’t divulged detail information about what I shopped for, the thought alone was horrific.

“I might have.” he laughed at my semi vague response, the sound caused my heart to stutter and another emotion to settle in my chest. I didn’t say anything for a moment, as I tried to grasp the emotion.

“Lovely? you alright?”

“I…I missed you today.” That was the feeling nagging at my heart, I realized. I missed him! God I’m so stupid, how could I blab it out like that. I shook my head closing my eyes tightly and reciting the word stupid stupid-over and over in my head. What the hell was I thinking, just blaring that out.

His amused laugh didn’t help with my embarrassment.

“Well is about time you admit it to that, I should leave you to your own more often.”

He mused, I chuckled. He always had a way of making me feel comfortable, even when mortification threaten to crack me.

“Don’t gloat, is not a pretty color on you.” I retorted, meaning to sound confident, but there wasn’t much conviction behind the words. I let out a long sigh…still feeling slightly exposed and vulnerable from my admission.

“If it’s any consolation, I haven’t stopped thinking about you from the moment we met, that includes today.”

My heart inflated at his words and I had to fight the crazy butterflies beating against my stomach. The smile spreading across my face was inevitable though.

We talked for a little longer, until sleep began to take hold of me.

“I’ll see you tomorrow luv, get some rest. It’s late and miss me some more.” He mused.

I exhaled, suppressing my own laughter, he was too much. Tomorrow couldn’t come soon enough. He wasn’t coming early, he was picking me up around four, our flight was at six and he needed to get some things in order before taking off.

“Good night.”

“Good night.” He responded but neither of us hung up.

The only sound was that of our breathing.


I woke up the next morning with the phone still in my hand. Today I was going away with David.

I threw off the covers-which were tangled around my legs-and scrambled off the bed feeling giddy, excited, nervous, elated, practically every emotion you could name, I was feeling. I felt like a squirrel on crack.

Spring was at school, she had exams otherwise she would have stayed with me. I found myself alone and having no clue as what to do with my day, which sucked monkey butt.

I decided to call my mother to tell her of my plans, better she’d hear it from me than get Spring’s perverted-soap opera-version. Although considering things, I think that version was the accurate one, I was running off to a foreign land with a hot, British man I met a few weeks back, talk about cliche.

“Mom, remember that…friend I’ve been spending time with?”

I called dad’s phone and talked to him first, he seemed to be distracted and of course my mother practically snatched the phone from his ear.

“Your summer romance? Yeah I remember.” I rolled my eyes at her casually suggestive tone.

“What about him?”

“Well…he invited me to Monte Carlo. You know for the Grand Prix races, he had an extra ticket.” I added that last bit to keep the whole thing as casual as possible. I wasn’t a manipulator by any means, I was just good at deflecting attention away from me. There was silence for a few moments.

“Aha..Monte Carlo, for the races you say?”

“Yep.” I pressed my lips together, waiting for her thoughts. She was too quiet, something was up.


“Do you know my date of birth?”

“Of course, why?”

Where was she going with this?

“Because honey, it obviously wasn’t yesterday, so don’t try to pull a fast one on me by casually telling me that you’re going away with this man for some races, oh and because he has an extra ticket, I know better.” I didn’t miss the mocking in her tone.

I exhale in defeat. She chuckles.

“Honey it’s okay if you wanna go away with a man you like, you don’t have to play it down for my sake, I was young once too.”

“Mom is not that, I just…”

Why couldn’t I be more like my mother and sister, they had no trouble letting their emotions run free without fear of judgment or what others might think. I envied that sometimes.

“Okay, I’m going away with David because I really like him and I’m gonna live out this cliche summer romance til the very end.”

I felt the heat rising to my cheeks as I spoke the truth to my mother. The sound of her laughter made me flinch. I was pouring my heart out here.

“Mom!” I said indignant, but there was no real anger behind my voice.

“I’m sorry honey is just that I should have recorded that, it’s the most open you’ve ever been about anything personal.”

“You’re my mother, it’s kinda awkward to speak about personal things like that with you.”

“If it helps I can share some of my personal things with you.”

Oh dear god!

“Not unless you want my ears to bleed.” The thought alone makes me shudder.

“You’re sister shares things with me, is not awkward.”

“My sister is an alien, who has no problems sharing her most atrocious sex-capades with mother Teresa if she were to appear in front of her.”

“True, but it’s still not as awkward as you imagine. We’re girls honey, girls share.”

The conversation I had with Spring came back to me, gripping at my chest with guilt. I kept my family at bay, which in turn turned me into a virtual stranger. I didn’t want to be that, I wouldn’t.

“So tell me about this sexy Brit of yours?” I felt that little ball do a bounce in my stomach at the mention of my sexy Brit.

“I would have thought Spring told you all about him.”

“She did, but I want to hear it from you.”

I rolled my eyes, of course she did.

I told her about David, most she already knew, like the fact that he is this world famous, coveted supermodel. She was very excited about that, second only to Spring’s excitement. I told her about my date with him, about everything we’d done together. By the end of our conversation I did feel a relief of sorts, guess there is something to be said about opening up.

“You don’t think this whole thing with him is a huge wrecking ball of a mistake?”

She remained silent for a moment.

“Maybe it is and maybe it isn’t honey, but would it make a difference, will it stop you from going through with it?”

No, was my immediate thought, my gut instinct. I was already in too deep to stop.

I let out a long sigh.

“Exactly, you’ve never been one to back down honey. You’re strong willed, like your dad. Nothing stops you once you put your mind to it.”

“I..I’m still afraid that it’ll end badly mom, I’ve never done anything like this. I don’t know what the protocol is.”

she snickers.

“There is no protocol honey, not everything is categorized in perfect labels, somethings you just have to take as they come, that’s where the fun lies. You’re young Summer, if it’s a mistake trust me this is the time to make it. In the mean time enjoy it, you only live once.”

Mom wished me a fun time, and she really emphasized the word fun, giving it a whole new meaning, that had the effect to turn my skin into red crayon.

“I want to hear all about it when you get back you hear.”

was her departing statement.

I agreed but I wasn’t a hundred percent sure I would share that much with my own mother, it was still weird.

I didn’t know what to do with my day after that. I’ve always kept busy, having nothing to do makes me anxious. I wasn’t much into television and the apartment was clean, I could go somewhere but I didn’t have a car. Then inspiration hit me, how could I have not thought of it before.

“How are you today my lovely?” His deep, familiar voice sent a thrill through my veins.

“I’m awesome my sexy Brit.” Oh boy my family was rubbing off on me, oddly I didn’t feel embarrassed by my comment. His rich chuckle came through the speaker of the phone causing my heart to flutter.

“I’m glad to hear that, all of that.” His amused tone made my lips widen until I laughed.

“Are you ready to see me?”

“Maybe, are you?” I threw the question back at him.


I giggled, actually giggled.

“I like that too.”

“It won’t be long now, I’m almost at your flat.”

I furrowed my brows, and glanced at the clock on the dashboard.

“Oh, it’s only three, I thought you were picking me up at four?”

“And I thought you wanted to see me?”

I chuckled softly.

“I said maybe.”

“luv, I see through your words clearly, you can’t fool me anymore.”

I sigh. Had I really become that transparent. Not that it bothered me anymore either, I liked that he knew me.

“Well then-Mr.All knowing-I will see you in a bit, if you get there before me wait downstairs.”

“You’re not at the apartment?”

“Had to do some things, i’m on my way back now.”


I pulled up into the open parking space next to David’s Jag, he was leaning casually against the side of the sleek black kitty. Well as casual as David could be. He wore dark blue jeans, with a grey t-shirt and a leather brown jacket completed a very tempting package.

His piercing eyes followed me with curiosity as I parked the car, he was quickly at my side opening the door for me.

I grabbed his waiting hand and stepped out of the vehicle to meet his lips. Oh boy, I wanted to be greeted like this for the rest of my life. My heart was a freaking jack hammer against my chest, as he thoroughly kissed me, drawing every breath out of me. My back was pressed against the car and his muscular chest against my soft one.

I was very much breathless once he released me.

“Guess you really wanted to see me.” I say with a smirky grin.

His throaty chuckle echoed around the parking lot.

“That’s never been in question.”

I smiled, loving the way he makes me feel.

“Want to tell me about the car?”

He pulled back slightly, letting his hands slide down my arms.

I shrug.

“I figured it was about time I got a rental.”

I shifted to the side and shut the door of my white, Peugeot. His hands never broke contact from my skin.

David’s face was incredulous as he stared at me.


That sexy grin, curled the side of his mouth.

“You do know that as of today we won’t be in town, hence you won’t need a rental.” he points with his chin to the vehicle behind me.

“Well what about when I get back.”

His fingertips caress my arms up and down, almost absently, to me it feels as if he was touching me with a hot poking device of pleasure.

“When we get back, you have me and only a week left in London.” That little reminder put a lump in my throat, I didn’t want to think about how long I had with him, it wasn’t a pleasant thought, I pushed it away.

The look in his eyes seemed in tuned with my thoughts, was he thinking the same?

I shrugged again, letting out a long exhale.

“I was bored out of my mind today, it’s been about four years since I had nothing to do with my day. I wanted to go out on my own and realized I had no mode of transportation and that was simply unacceptable, I’ve been driving myself around since I was old enough to get behind the wheel of car, probably even before.”

“Why didn’t you call me, I would have come for you.” He brushed my cheeks with the back of his hand, I leaned in.

“As much as I appreciate your chauffeur services, I still like to have the option of driving myself around whenever I want. For the past two weeks its been like a continuing repetition of Driving Miss Daisy.” I grabbed his hand, entwining our fingers.

“Alright, Miss Independent.” He joked. We began to walk in the direction of the elevators. “How did you get to the rental place by the way?”

Oh I was about to have some fun.

Putting on my best nonchalant expression I looked up at him.

“I just went over to my neighbor’s and asked him for a ride.”

I waited for his reaction. For a second it seemed as if he’d stopped breathing. His blue eyes blazed into a bright turquoise as he stared unblinking at me.

Laughter erupted from my throat, bending me forward. I just couldn’t take his bewildered/shocked expression any longer.

“Im joking, I took a cab but you should see your face.” I said through the blurry vision of laughing tears. “It’s priceless.”

His face broke into a wide smile, eyes narrowing.  A promise of revenge shone through the look he was throwing my way.

“Well played. Smart, beautiful and Funny, I found the perfect woman.”

That made me laugh harder.

“Hardly.” I rolled my eyes.

“Come here my beautiful, funny girl.” he tucked me to his side, wrapping an arm around my shoulder and placing a playful kiss on top of my head.

I placed my hand on his chest for balance and let my body melt against his warmth.


“A private plane! Are you sure you’re not James Bond?”  I joked eyeing the impressive, machine.

“You never know, my middle name is James.” He wiggled his eyebrows at me.

“It is?” I stared at him with surprise. “How could I not know that?” He stared at me and for a fraction of a second something I couldn’t name flashed across his eyes, before he spoke.

“What kind of secret identity would that be if everyone were to know.”

I elbowed him.

“Smart ass.” He chuckled, blue eyes widening.

“This is the first time I’ve heard you curse.”

“You bring it out of me.” I flushed. I normally wasn’t the type to use profanity and with David being so well spoken i felt slightly embarrassed at the slip of my tongue.

As I took my second step to go up to the plane David’s hand captured my elbow, I turned my head to look at him. In this position I stood just slightly taller than him, for once. He had a foot on the first step bending his knee, while one of his hands held onto the railing and the other kept me in his cocoon.

“How are you feeling?” My lips went down at the edges, eyebrows pinching.

“Feeling about what?”

His chin juts out pointing at the plane behind me. “I seem to recall you have a slight fear of flying.”

He mused. Long fingers soothed the skin along my arm as he spoke, eliciting goosebumps.

To be quite frank, I hadn’t thought about the flying part at all, there were too many other more distracting things in my mind. First being the gorgeous man that was perched in front of me, gazing at me with those deep, pensive eyes that made my breath catch.

“I think I’ll be alright as long as I have you to distract me.” There was a mischievous curl to his lip.

As I began to move forward again, I felt the warmth of his body suddenly pressing against me and muscular arms wrapped around me in a vise grip. My heart jumped.

“Oh lovely.” He breathed seductively, his breath tickling my skin. “I will thoroughly distract you.”Oh boy, the deep promise in his voice rang throughout my body making me gasp as his lips pressed to my pulse.

I was all on board for his distractions.

TGIF FICTION: Modeling Me Summer of David Gandy Chapter 14

Hey my lovelies, TGIF. Another Friday has come and with it more of the delicious David Gandy. Enjoy chapter 14 my pretties. 

Oh quick note, there is another story I’m working on, well I’ve had it since before I started writing Modeling Me, but I just didn’t know how to work it into a fanfic. Anyways I decided to base it on one of my favorite books- BEAUTIFUL DISASTER. I recently edited chapter one and will probably post it next week, we’ll see. 

Happy Readings.


Chapter 14

In Teasing


A soft knock at the door had me scrambling off the couch like a mad hatter rushing to get it.

Since David was meeting a business acquaintance this morning I got to sleep in, and by sleep in I mean waking up at eight thirty instead of eight. I know, I know, I’m a total rebel.


It was already pushing eleven o’clock though, and i couldn’t freaking wait to see him. My anxiety level was reaching a new height. Somewhere in the back of my mind, I knew that it wasn’t healthy to want someone so fiercely, but I told that part to shut the hell up. I just wanted to enjoy my time with him, however long that was.


On the bright side I had more time in my hands than I knew what to do with, so I had a chance to call my parents. I also made breakfast, cleaned the bathroom and kitchen and even washed some clothes, all before ten am. Aren’t I a little CinderElla!


I pulled the door open as if my life depended on it. Oh boy it so wasn’t David.

“Good morning beautiful.”

I forced a smile, swallowing back my disappointment.

“Hey Hugh, what brings you here?”

“Ouch, straight to the point I see.” I blinked trying to understand what he meant, I felt I had been polite enough.

He laughed at my puzzled expression and I felt his eyes do a slow perusal of my body. I wanted to cringe and cover myself up.

I was wearing tiny, cotton shorts and a light sweater. My legs felt too naked as his eyes surveyed them, it wasn’t like when David looked at me, he would cause a fire to burn within me. Hugh on the other hand formed a ball of ice in my stomach.

“I’m sorry I didn’t mean to sound rude, I just wasn’t expecting you.”

“Understandable. May I come in, just for a bit?”

I so didn’t want him to come in, I was alone. Spring was in school and David was sure to show up any minute, and I would bet anything that he wasn’t going to be happy to see Hugh here.

Before I could answer though he walked in, as if he had been invited.

“Sure…” I dragged out the word. If he noticed my hesitation he pretended not to.

I closed the door behind him and watched him walk into the living room. He was dressed elegantly in a dark charcoal suit, that looked more expensive than this apartment and fitted him to perfection. I crossed my arms and made my way to the ottoman furthest from the couch.

“So what can I do for you?”

He smiled charmingly.

“Are you always this formal with your guests?” He mused, sitting on the couch.

Last time I checked, guests were invited and he hadn’t been. I was very tempted to tell him that, but i managed to keep my mouth shut.

“Yeah…sorry about that, my brain tends to be very direct at times, must be the future lawyer in me.”

“You’re studying to be a lawyer?!” He asked, sounding surprised. Which sort of ticked me of for some reason.

“I might have to seek out your services in the future, you can be a valuable asset to my company.”

I gave him a tight smile, raising my eyebrows. I wasn’t going to be anything other than a temporary neighbor to him. I didn’t say anything else, just wanting him to take a hint and get to whatever it was he need it.

“Well, I wanted to touch basis with you about my dinner invitation, assuming you’ve had enough time to think about it.” He flashed his charming smile.

That pending dinner invitation had totally escaped my mind, I couldn’t believe he’d come over to my apartment to ask me again though, it seemed sort of persistent for a person that barely knew me and by the looks of him, I was certain he didn’t lack other options.

I nibbled on my bottom lip, hating to deal with situations like this.

“Listen Hugh I…” I tried, feeling sheepish.

“Oh-Oh! I know what that means.” His full lips went up on one side, showing a dimple on his right cheek.

Hugh was very attractive, with his boyish charm and  tousled hair and he did seem like a nice guy. Why was he trying so hard with me, someone who hadn’t given him any sort of indication of interest. Perhaps I was being biased since I really didn’t have an interest in Hugh. If memory served, David had insisted quite intently as well in his pursuit. My heart jumped at the memory, which was the difference between the two scenarios. My heart didn’t react at all for Hugh.

I smiled apologetically.

“I’m sorry, I just don’t think its a good idea, I have a lot going on right now, and it just wouldn’t be right accepting your invitation.”

He furrowed his brows, leaning forward and resting his elbows on his knees.

“What ever do you mean?”

Rubbing my hands against my arms, I rummaged through my brain for an explanation.

“Well I’ve been spending a lot of time with David and it wouldn’t feel right to spend time with you as well.” Honestly is the best policy.

“I thought you said you were just friends?”

It was hard to explain what we were, when I didn’t even know. Is not like I was his girlfriend, that seemed like a prolonged commitment.

“We are…I mean…it’s…it’s just complicated.” I finally said, exhaling.

Something like understanding flashed across his eyes.

“Oh, so you two are…” He trailed off.

My cheeks flamed at his suggestive tone. He better watch his next words carefully, because I had no problems turning on my bitch switch.

“Got it.” He quipped raising his brows in a judgemental scowl.

I felt exposed, and I didn’t like it.  He had no right to make me feel weird about whatever the hell I did with David or anybody else for that matter. My lips thinned into a hard line and i shot to my feet.

“David and I are adults, whatever is going on between us is mutual and consensual, not to mention private.” I tried my best to keep the tone of my voice neutral and civil but it was difficult.

“I completely understand.” His expression changed immediately, masking the judgment I had seen before.

“It’s a real shame though, I would have like to get to know you better, you seem like a very nice girl.” He smiled sincerely but I wasn’t buying it anymore.  First reactions to me spoke highly, and it was evident he was trying to pay me a fake compliment to make up for what he’d suggested. I decided that perhaps he wasn’t such a nice guy after all.

“Thank you, I’m truly flattered.”

He walked towards me, and I wanted to walk in the other direction, I didn’t want him so close to me.

He extended his hand towards me and I hesitantly took it.

Grabbing a hold of my hand he pulled me closer, placing a kiss on it, letting his lips linger on my skin.

I so wanted to cringe away, this felt wrong.

“It’s been a real pleasure meeting you Summer.”

I swallowed, resisting the urge to pull my hand back.

“If you ever need anything please don’t hesitate look me up, after all, we’re neighbors.” he winked, finally releasing me.

“I’ll keep that in mind, neighbor.” His hand shot forward twisting a curl of my hair as his eyes examined my face.

“You really are a beautiful woman, David is a lucky guy.”

He tucked the hair behind my ear, letting the tip of his fingers slide down my neck.

I moved back, hating the unwelcome touch. Sometimes diplomacy was a bitch.

“That’s very…sweet of you to say.”  Why wasn’t he leaving, was I gonna have to kick him out.

He was making me more uncomfortable by the minute, especially with all his unsolicited advances.

Finally he looked at his watch and started towards the door.

“Well, I’m late for a business meeting. China is waiting.” He mused, I didn’t miss the fact that he made sure to relay the importance of his position. I returned the smile out of politeness and walked a few steps behind him.


Right as we reached the door, he turned to face me and bent down, placing an unexpected kiss on my cheek dangerously close to my lips. Then before I could even think he moved to the other side repeating the action, this time touching the corner of my mouth slowly and deliberately.

For a second I was stunned into silence, unable to grasp what he’d just done. The smug smile on his face-as he pulled back-snapped me out of it. I fisted my hands at my side to keep from hitting him.

“That was uncalled for.” I pinned him with a sharp look.

He chuckled, as if what he did was no big deal, and raised his hands in a gesture of surrender.

“I think is time for you to leave.”

“Easy, I just had to take one last shot, you can’t blame a lad for that.” My face redden with anger.

“You had no right to kiss me, that was a cheap shot, if you ask me.”

He seemed unaffected by the bite in my tone, his smug smile was still in place.

“You can’t possibly call that a kiss and it was hardly my fault, you’re lips were too tempting.”

I was thoroughly repulsed and would like nothing more than to hurl in his face, made worse by that corny ass line.

“Just go.” I said without emotion, I wasn’t going to give into his game.

“I don’t see what the big deal is. I’m sure that knowing David, he snuck in a kiss or two.” He snickered, and the implication that I might as well be a wallflower really got my blood boiling. That really did it.

I lift my finger and look straight at him as I speak.

“First of all, you don’t know David, his relationship with you was strictly business.” Ok so maybe I was talking out place here. I couldn’t say I was sure what the terms of their relationship were, but I was taking my chances.

“Secondly, David was my friend first and foremost and he respected that. YOU had no right nor an invitation to do such a thing, especially after I had just told you I wasn’t interested. Now I won’t repeat myself again, LEAVE!”

Surprise flickered across his face. I was beyond angry, my body was shaking. This time I could see in his eyes that he knew I meant business, good.

He nodded without saying another word and turned towards the door. A soft knock made me jump and not a second later Hugh opened it, revealing David on the other side.

I let out a breath of relief, but it was short lived as I realized that things could still get a lot worse.

His expression hardened as soon as he saw Hugh standing inside my apartment. My heart started beating faster. His eyes glanced towards me and they blazed, heat swamped my face, but he quickly turned his attention back to the man still standing inside my apartment.

“Hugh, I didn’t expect to see you here.” His tone was firm and direct.

“I was just passing by, Summer and I had unfinished… business.”

David’s nostrils flared and his jaw ticked. He was not happy, I wasn’t either, specially knowing that Hugh was just trying to get a reaction out of David.

“I was just leaving.” He didn’t move though, he remained inside my apartment as if in a sort of challenging confrontation.

“I see.”

David moved past him, ignoring his less than subtle statement and closed the distance between us, grabbing my face gently in his hands and without an ounce of hesitation he kissed me and it was no demure little kiss either, he kissed me like a man starving for water in the middle of the desert. It was a toe curling kind of kiss that set my nerve endings on fire and made my heart go from sixty to a hundred in seconds.


A part of me was aware of what David was doing. He was staking a claim on me, so there be no doubt in the fact that I was his. Maybe to another woman the act would seem offensive or demeaning but to me it was exhilarating, and could I really begrudge him for it when a second ago I wanted to hit Hugh across the face for taking things too far against my wishes? The answer was no. Some things in life just needed to be made extra clear, and to be honest if the roles were reversed I think I would do the same. It’s human nature to defend what’s yours. Besides I trusted David, I knew that he wouldn’t do anything to deliberately hurt me.

“Hi.” His tone was like melted honey as he released my lips to look at me, his intense eyes churning with intensity.

“Hi.” I answered feeling breathless, my body flushed.

He stared into my eyes for a long moment, as if he was trying to tell me something. Then turned to face Hugh, who was still standing there by the door seeming rigidly straight. The previously smug expression on his face replaced by hard edges.

“Can we speak, in private?” David addressed him, but didn’t really wait for an answer as he began to walk towards hallway.

Oh no! This was bad.

I squeezed his hand, feeling a little panicky, and felt a returned squeeze which was his way of telling me everything would be okay.

Hugh didn’t say anything he just walked into the hallway, followed by David-who closed the door behind him-after quickly glancing my way and smiling.


I really wanted to go all junior high and press my ear against the door, or go out there and intervene but I decided against it. Men need to be men. I remember the words, spoken by my mother whenever I questioned dad’s actions, after they had an argument. He’d often locked himself in the garage until he cooled off enough to consider what my mother was saying. I always found it odd but she would only shrug it off and wait patiently until he was ready to speak. She’d always say those same words to me, “Sometimes men just need to be men honey.”

I nibbled on my lip nervously and walked to the kitchen, where I started putting away the plates I had used for breakfast and making a cup of coffee.  Coffee usually soothed my nerves, I opted for hazelnut flavor which was my favorite, letting the warmth of the liquid goodness spread to my limbs.

I heard a knock at the door and sat my cup down, rushing to get it.

David was alone.

“You didn’t have to knock, the door was open.”

He smiled, closing the door once again.

“I didn’t want to overstep my boundaries.”

I gave him an-are you serious-look. He grinned.

“Well from now on I officially give you permission to open my door, at will.”

He looked at me through those dark eyelashes of his then stalked forward, moving into my space.

“Does that pertain to any door?” His hand was on my naked shoulder, moving up to my neck and cradling my face. I let my lips part just slightly and felt my pulse accelerate, the way it always did when he was this close to me.

“I…I guess.” Was my eloquent response.

He chuckled.

“That’s good to know.” His free hand came to rest at my hip, and he tugged me a little closer.

“You know something, I don’t think I gave you a proper greeting.”

I swallowed, and the beating of my heart was like the sound of a drum, at a rock concert, drowning out all other sounds.

“No. I don’t think you did.”

He brought his perfect lips down to mine claiming them in a passionate kiss. He let his lips go soft and exploratory causing heat to infuse various parts of my body. My knees felt like jello by the time he pulled back.


“So, do I even want to know what went down between you and Hugh.” I walked back to the kitchen to rinse the cup I’d used. I asked first in an attempt to avoid answering his own questions about why Hugh was here in the first place. I knew the questions were coming.


David took a seat in one of the stool, god he made taking a seat look sexy and manly with that easy elegance he carried. He rested his elbows on the counter and oh boy he looked so freaking good. In that position the muscles in his arms bulged, and i had a crazy desire  to feel them touching my skin. The memory of my little shower escapade flooded my mind and I felt my skin go a deep shade of red. I quickly turned towards the cabinets and made myself busy moving cups around, and hoping that he hadn’t catched my sudden flush


“For starters I should start by apologizing. It wasn’t my intention to subjugate you in front of Hugh.”

I hadn’t felt subjugated, not at all. I had rather enjoyed his little show of domination.

I nodded though, keeping my reactions to a minimum. I wasn’t about to admit that to him.

Bringing his hands up to his face, he let his chin rest on his fisted hands, one covering the other. I was transfixed by his muscled arms again.

“Hugh dated a close friend of mine about a year ago. Things went…askewed. According to Sophie, he had been unfaithful to her with a co-worker from his office.” I forced my eyes to focus on his face.

“Needless to say she broke things off, and he didn’t take it well. He denied the cheating allegations over and over, went after her and begged her to take him back but she refused.”

That was sad, but what did it have to do with Hugh and David’s animosity?

“Would you like something to drink, I just made coffee.” I quipped, just for something to say in between.

“I’d love some.”

I grabbed the same cup I had used and poured the coffee, handing it to him.

“Thank you.” He gave a small nod.

I smiled in response.

“Well to make a long story short, Hugh even went as far as contacting me, asking me to intervene on his behalf, I refused. If there is one thing that proves to be always a mistake is interfering in the affairs of lovers.”

I had to agree with that.

“Besides Sophie is my friend and I wouldn’t contradict her wishes.”

He took a gulp of the coffee, swallowing and exhaling with satisfaction.

“This is good.”

I smiled. “It’s Hazelnut flavor, my favorite.”

“Hum…I don’t think I’ve ever had it, I like it. Reminds me of your lips, you tasted like this when I kissed you a minute ago.” His voice became husky as his eyes drifted down to my mouth.

I brushed a strand of unruly hair back from my face.

“I had a cup while you were out there.”

He narrowed his eyes in a sexy glare that was making breathing a challenge.

“You’ve never tasted hazelnut? Didn’t you have nutella as a kid?”

His eyebrows pinched, in thought.

“Can’t say I did.”

“Well, you’re missing out. When I was a kid and my grandma was still alive, she used to make me nutella pancakes every time I spent the night at her house, I looked forward to that like a kid waiting for Santa Claus.”

His smile mirrored mine as if he was there with me in the memory.

I sighed.
“That was a very long time ago though…anyways, I totally sidetracked you, please continue.”

He rubbed the palms of his hands back and forth against the mug.

“Well a short time after that I was in town and Sophie and I met for lunch. It wasn’t something uncommon, we get together when we happen to coincide in town, just to catch up. She appeared more uplifted, seemed she’d put the whole break up behind her. Hugh wasn’t as…satisfied with the results though, I think he was following her. He came into the restaurant, and well things went from bad to worse when he saw that she was there with me”. I kept listening intently.

“He accused her of being a liar, and a cheat. He accused me of being the reason she wasn’t taking him back that I was filling her mind with nonsense about him to keep her for myself.”

Oh boy, was that true? I couldn’t help to wonder. He seemed to read the question in my eyes.

“That wasn’t the case, Sophie and I have always been friends, nothing more. She tried to explain that to him but he refused to listen. In all honestly I think he was just trying to place the blame and guilt of what he did on her.”

That made sense, its always easier to take blame away from oneself, to not have to deal with the guilt.

“Okay.” I exhaled, letting it all sink in.

“So you think that maybe he is trying to get back at you, through me?”

He observed me for a moment before answering.

“It’s crossed my mind. He knows there wasn’t anything going on between Sophie and me, but he was too proud to admit it. That being said, I believe his attraction to you is very real.” I noticed the change in his tone and the clenching of his jaw.

“Not that I blame him.” His bold gaze, drank me in.

“But his persistence is very much directed at me and I don’t want you to get caught in the crossfire, I just wanted to make that clear to him.”

David was right, Hugh might be attracted to me, but his blunt actions were fueled by something deeper, the man barely knew me.

I still couldn’t believe he’d kissed me, I was repulsed just by the memory. Being kissed or touched by someone without your consent, felt like a violation.

“Lovely? You okay?”

I snapped my eyes to his face and shook my head, playing it nonchalant.

“Yeah, it’s just that well, I guess that explains a lot.”

“What do you mean, did he do something?” His tone changed, serious but wary at the same time.

I swallowed back, unsure if I should tell David what happened. I didn’t want to cause him any troubles and in reality nothing had happened.

I smiled reassuringly.

“Nothing happened, he was just very insistent that I go out with him. I thought it was you when I opened the door and then he sort of let himself in, asked me about his dinner invitation, I declined and asked him to leave.” I finished with a shrug, trying to play it cool.

In a nutshell that is what had happened.

David eyed me carefully, trying to read the truth behind my eyes. He’d seen me when Hugh opened the door and I if I recall correctly I had been feeling a mixture of anger and wariness. Those emotions had been etched on my face. I wasn’t stupid enough to think that David missed it, he never missed a thing.

I looked away, unable to maintain eye contact any longer. My ability to lie sucked as much as my ability to flirt.

“Are you certain that he didn’t try anything, you seemed…sort of distressed.”

I grabbed a towel and began wiping at the counter, feeling heat creeping up to my face, a clear giveaway.


“Nothing happened that I couldn’t handle. I can take care of myself David, I appreciate your concern but it’s unnecessary.”

His chiseled jaw clenched and those jewelled determined eyes captured mine, holding me in their intensity.

“That’s not what I meant. I’m not denying that you are more than capable of taking care of yourself, but I don’t want harm to come to you at my expense.”

His soft tone was full of concerned for me. My heart throbbed a little.

I downcast my gaze and let out a long sigh, before looking at him again.

He waited. I walked closer to where he sat and placed my hand on his forearm.

“I understand and thank you, but trust me, I’ve taken plenty of self defense classes. I can kick any jerk’s ass, who dares mess with me.” I grinned, opting for funny.

Discussing the nuisance that was Hugh was a waste of our time together and I wanted to move on. It did seem to have its intended purpose, as a slow smile spread across his lips.

“I would pay money to see that.”

I breathed, happy to have the conversation take a lighter turn. Although wariness was still visible in his eyes he dropped the subject.

“Oh I’m not joking, I can kick some serious booty, don’t let my size fool you.” I mused.


His smile widen even more, breaking into laughter. Then he swiftly got to his feet in one fluid motion, towering over me. My glare died with his sudden proximity, replaced with a wave of heat.

“Lovely, I’m willing to bet I could render your skills useless, just by doing one-little-thing.”

He pronounced the last words slowly. His intense eyes burning with mischief.

“Oh..?” I placed my hands on my hips, holding my stance.

“Do tell.” I challenged.

He chuckled.

“Do you forget I know your kryptonite.”

My eyebrows pinched in confusion. “I’ll give you a hint.” He whispered leaning into my neck.  “It involves my hands, and your body.” The playful, sultry tone of his voice against my heated skin raised goosebumps on my flesh. Oh boy, his hands and my body, that was an explosive combination.

Said hands, somehow finding their way to my waist, pressed lightly against my ribs and thats what got me to snap my attention like a rubber band. I retracted from his hold, jumping awkwardly and letting out a tiny scream.

He laughed, prowling towards me, chin down and eyes gazing at me through those long lashes. He looked like a sexy, panther.

I backed away, moving into the living room.


I warned, raising my eyebrows and pinning him with a look. That was so not the kind of idea I had in mind when it came to his hands and my body.

He didn’t stop, his steps were quiet and precise like a lion chasing a gazelle. The mischievous grin pulling at one side of his mouth made his appearance seem menacingly sexual.

“You know something, i really like those shorts you’re wearing, infact i like the whole ensemble.” His eyes perused my body, slowly taking me in. I was pretty sure that soon my skin was going to burst into flames from the intensity behind his eyes, it was almost primal.

The sudden change he’d thrown my way had me reeling, he went from being upset about the Hugh thing, to teasing me about my ticklish bones, to rendering me speechless with his flirtatious advances.


My butt hit the back of the couch hard, making me stumble forward.

David’s hands were there snatching me upright and pinning me against the couch, his entire front against mine.

His eyes took on that hooded look, filled with something like desire, I knew that because it’s exactly how i was feeling.

“I want to ask you something.” His cultured voice was low and sultry as he spoke.

I forced my mouth closed and swallowed. He licked his lips.

“Hum…Okay.” I breathed, feeling suffocated by his over intoxicating presence. The scent coming off him was so exquisite it was making my mouth water. He always smelled amazing though.

Long, muscular arms moved past me, resting against the edge of the couch, keeping me trapped in between.

“I’d like you to come with me somewhere.”

“Don’t I always?” I answered in a shaky voice.

The corner of his mouth went up a notch.

“You do, but this is…different.” I narrowed my eyes while my hands fiddled with the hem of my sweater.

“It’s not in London.” He continued.

“You see, I was invited to the Grand Prix Races and you know how fond I’m of cars. I very much love to attend.”

That actually sounded like fun, the grand prix races were a big deal.

“That’s great David, I’d love to go with you.”

He smiled and there was something in his facial expression that said-I got you now.

“I’m ecstatic to hear that, we’d have to leave tomorrow night. The races take place Thursday through Sunday.”

My eyes snapped up to his face and what he’d said earlier registered. Not in London.

“Wait, so where is it?” He stared at me intently for a moment, before answering.

“It’s in Monte Carlo.”

My lips parted in surprise and my eyebrows hit my hairline.

“You want me to go to Monaco with you?!” My tone went up an entire octave.

“I would like that, yes.” His, remained steady.

“For four days!” I sounded so shocked.

“Not four days technically since we’d leave tomorrow evening to return saturday.” The quality of his tone was entirely too calm, while I felt completely taken aback by his request.

“I…I Can’t go to Monte Carlo.” I said in a haste, blinking rapidly.

He examined my face with that same half relaxed, half amused expression. Then

Suddenly he lowered his head, his left cheek touching my right.

“Yes you can.” His whispered voice traveled through my body, making me shiver.


My hands raised to his chest, and I intended to push, I needed to get some perspective and I couldn’t when he invaded my thoughts like this.

David wasn’t having that thought, before I could even blink his hands captured my hips and he lifted me onto the ledge of the couch. My legs dangled above the floor as he situated his entire body between my thighs, while keeping a good hold on my hips.


I gasped with surprise, he’d never done anything like this before and it was as thrilling and exciting as it was nerve-wracking.

“If you don’t go with me, I won’t go at all. You don’t want to be responsible for that now do you?”

His half wounded, half bemused smile did weird things to my heart. He so wasn’t playing by the rules.

“Blackmailing in illegal you know.” I sigh.

His hands moved slowly under my sweater and up to my waist. I stiffened, feeling my eyes go a little wide, this was new territory for us.

I sensed the change in his breathing, as his head angled into my neck and he inhaled my scent deeply. I stayed very still, my heart jumping into my throat limiting my oxygen intake.

“You smell just as sexy as you look.” He announced-voice gruff-ignoring what I’d said. What had I said? My brain was fogging up, my breathing coming out in short bursts as a wave of desire overtook rational thought.

He was definitely driving this bus, cause the constant twists and turns had me experiencing vertigo.

His lips captured my earlobe and I gasped from the exquisite sensation that shot straight to my loins, it felt like a direct link to my arousal. My body went a little weak and rockie as my equilibrium faltered on the edge of the couch, causing my hands to shoot forward grabbing onto his extended arms for support-which were still wrapped around my waist securing me, his thumbs making slow circles just under the swell of my breast.


“Why…can’t you go alone. You don’t need…me to..go with…you?” I said between gasping breaths keeping my eyes shut, his nose made soft trails along my neck and hair, nuzzling me.

The intelligent part of my brain was trying to resurface and acknowledge what he was doing, distracting me and coaxing me into saying yes with his teasing. The other, more slutty part argued as to why the hell I would resist. I was inclined to agree with that side. Telling myself that I had agreed to live it up and enjoy every minute of my time with David. This was a part of that, an exciting part.


His rumbly chuckle ticked my skin with the stubble around his mouth and chin.

“Are you afraid to be alone with me Luv?” He asked, amusement coloring his tone.


He wasn’t completely wrong, it was both equally thrilling and scary to think about the idea of being alone with him for so many days, we’d be sleeping in the same room I would assume. There be no escape for me, there would only be him and me, flutters of adrenaline assaulted my stomach at the thought.

“Why would I be afraid to be alone with you? We’re alone all the time.”

“You tell me?” His lips moved to my jaw, pressing scorching feather-like kisses along the ridge.

I couldn’t even think let alone speak.

“David…” My voice came out in a gasp. “Hum…” It sounded almost like a groan, as his thumbs brushed higher over the thin material of my bra. I wanted to press my legs together to get some kind of relief from the ache I was feeling, but his body was right in between my thighs, keeping them open.

“Tell me you’ll go with me lovely, I want you with me.” God this was torture, what was he doing to me?

“Okay…” I let out in a breathless exhale.

“Okay what?”

I swallowed, Feeling the heat of his fingers through my bra, so close to where I wanted him to touch me, he was teasing me, keeping his touch just millimeters south, driving me to the edge of reason.

I couldn’t find the voice to answer him. I was only aware of his touch and the ragged sound of my breathing, that was almost embarrassing, if I could muster the will to care.


“Tell me.” he whispered in a near growl, his warm breath sending shivers down my body. Then those wondering fingers found my aching tips pressing on them. I moaned feeling his touch connecting all the nerve endings in my body and centering in the throbbing, low between my hips.

“I’ll go with you…I’ll go to Monte Carlo with you.” I let out in a whoosh of barely discernible words.

Modeling Me Summer of David Gandy Chapter 14 Teaser

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Chapter 14 Teaser

 David’s POV


My body felt tense as a coil and I hadn’t even seen her yet. Summer-I decided-held a power over me. She stirred something awake in me, a spark that lights me up like a fireworks display. I couldn’t put a name to it, but it was strong and fierce to the point of possessiveness.


Kissing her felt like breathing air at the point of asphyxiation, welcoming and filling. I craved her touch, the sweet, addictive taste of her lips.


The bloody elevator was taking too long, I was about to take the stairs two at a time. There was something I wanted to ask her and it would be tricky getting her to agree. She was nothing if not unpredictable, which definitely kept things interesting. Nevertheless I had contingency plans if she were to put up a fight. In the last few days I’d learned how responsive she was to me. It would be a real pleasure to put those plans into action.


The elevator opened revealing an older women, she stared at me like I was crazy, must’ve been the silly smile plastered on my face. I was beginning to scare people, that was a first. I nodded at her, trying to convey courtesy and she quickly stepped around me and hastily walked off.

I shook my head with laughter, pressing the button to Summer’s floor. My heart was pounding in my chest the closer I got to her. It was as if she held an invisible thread connecting me to her, pulling me in her direction and It had been that way from the moment we met.


I knew from the very start that she was different in the most adorable way and I was intrigued by that, after getting to know her, I was completely snared by it, but I knew I had to thread carefully. She was a strong woman, beautiful and smart but there was also a sweet innocence to her, I could see it in her cheeks when she blushed that lovely shade of pink that had the power to drive me mad. It’s why I kept any physical activity between us at a minimum, which was proving to be a tedious ordeal because all I wanted to do was touch her.


Over the past few weeks, my fantasies had run away with me, conjuring up every way I wanted to be with her her, claiming every inch of her beautiful body. My god I felt like an adolescent boy all over again. Cold showers and I had become best mates.


Never the less, I didn’t want to overwhelm her. Summer kept herself guarded, she feared giving into her desires, I could respect that. More than anything I just wanted her to feel comfortable enough with me to let herself go willingly.


I was wearing her down her defenses though. There was still the issue of the time limit she’d put between us, which I was rather sure was just another one of her covers to keep her heart guarded. Truth was, I didn’t know what the future held for us and even as strongly as I felt towards her it was too soon to tell, neither one of us could make promises. I would cross that  bridge when the time came.


The doors of the elevator opened and I rushed into the hallway.


Reaching Summer’s flat, I took a few long breaths and knocked on the door. I could already picture that bright smile that lights up her face and the lovely blush on her cheeks that begs for my touch.

The door opened and my expression changed completely. What the fuck was this bloke doing here!

Hugh stood inside Summer’s flat, a cynical smile on his smug face as he took me in. My eyes moved past him and fixed on Summer who was standing a few steps behind him, looking a bit uncomfortable. She was wearing cotton shorts and a light sweater that was slipping off one shoulder. The soft curls of her hair going in every direction. She looked devastatingly sexy, I could feel certain parts of my anatomy hardening in response. Not a good thing considering a cold shower was out of the question. I wanted to push this wanker aside, grab her and live out all of my fantasies until she screamed out my name in pleasure. But first things first, just what in the bloody hell was he doing in her flat?

Oh big mystery, now what could David possibly want to ask Summer, hum?….Find out tomorrow in Chapter 14.

TGIF FICTION: Summer Of David Gandy Chapter 13

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Chapter 13

In Flirting

I wanted to spring into song, and waltz around the apartment like a Disney princess, thats how overly excited I felt.

The first thing my brain acknowledged as I walked into the apartment in a haze was the invigorating aroma of the flower David had given me.

I had placed it in a small cup with water and sat it on the kitchen counter that divided the living room from the kitchen. I walked straight to it and grabbed it, inhaling deeply. It really was a lovely smell and now it would forever remind me of David. I smiled absently, letting the flower rest back in its watery bed and letting my fingers smooth out its silky, white petals.

I got maybe four hours of sleep, first because I was dead wrong about it being just after midnight by the time I got back to the apartment. It was actually almost two in the morning and I was feeling as if I’d drank about two mugs of espresso.

Finding sleep hadn’t been easy, not to mention that David had texted me after he left, and every time I heard that little beep of my phone it was as if my heart was in synchronization with the thing, beating more wildly with each beep. My mind kept our flirty banter on loop all night long.

-Are you asleep?-

-You just left, I haven’t even changed out of my clothes yet.-


-I’m very tempted to turn around and assist you with that task.-

The smile on my face was from ear to ear,-I was sure my cheeks would hurt the next day, or well in a few hours- I sat at the edge of my bed holding onto my phone with both hands. I really wanted to accept his offer.

-You’re very thoughtful, should you be texting and driving by the way?-


-I am, thank you. I’m not driving, I’m at a red light, but I do appreciate your concern love.-

Kicking off my shoes, I scooched to the headboard of the bed and leaned against it.

Before I had a chance to reply another text came through.


-Are you tired?-

-Not in the least.-

was my immediate response.


-Thinking about me?!-

I laughed out loud. He could be so shamelessly confident sometimes.

-Hardly, you’re the one who started texting me ;-).-


-That’s because I was thinking about you.-

Oh boy, my heart did a little cartwheel.

-Did you make it home yet?-


-Almost, did you reconsider my offer? I’ll turn around in a heart beat.-

-Right…Well thanks but I already changed.-

that was a lie, but I was liking this whole flirty banter we had going on, and I wanted to get his reaction.


-Groan! you’re killing me Lovely. I know what your sleep attire consists of and my imagination is running wild.-

Oh boy, so was my heart, I think a speed train might have competition next to it.

I had almost forgotten that he came into my room that one morning and thought I slept in the nude, which wasn’t far off. I didn’t quite sleep naked, I kept my underwear on. My skin was feeling overly heated all of a sudden.

-Hum…Maybe I should stop distracting you, i don’t want to be responsible for you having an accident.-

I waited for the beep, he had been constant with the messages, not taking more than a few seconds to answer, a minute tops but I had been waiting for about three minutes now, My knee was bouncing nervously and I was about to start biting my nails, something I’ve never done.

Maybe he did get into an accident and it would have been cause of me. Oh my god.

I was about to text him when my phone rang, startling me into a straight position. It was him.

“Hello.” I answered, feeling slightly like I’d ran a marathon.

“First of all, I’m a great driver, secondly I just got home, so you’re welcome to distract me as much as you like.”

I exhaled in relief, letting the deep tone of his voice wash over me, it had a direct link to my center, so smooth and rich with the sexiest accent known to men.

“Remember how we talked about your ego, you need to bring it down a notch, Mr. great driver.”

I heard the deep tremble of his too familiar chuckle and I couldn’t help laughing as well.

“Yes, you definitely miss me, I can tell.” He mused.

“Please do tell me how you can presume to know that.”

“Because of that mouth of yours, you always give me a hard time whenever you realize the depths of your feelings or when my direct approaches fluster you, it’s your cover.”

I gaped.

He was too perceptive for my taste. Never missing a thing, or maybe I was just that easy to read.

“Well, I’m gonna have to change my tactics then, I don’t like to be predictable.”

he was quiet for a second.

“Oh no Lovely, you don’t have to change a thing.” He spoke softly, his tone serious, and for some reason, hearing him say that made me feel all warm inside.

David had been paying such close attention, he knew so much about me, and I was determined to know him just as well.

Needless to say it had been a restless night, and my dreams were filled with images of a certain model, that I couldn’t escape, not even while I slept.

I took a quick shower, and David picked up me up soon after. Spring was not in the apartment, she had texted me last night telling me that she was staying in campus to get to class early.

“That’s an interesting t-shirt.” He appraised me.

I looked down at myself in an automatic kind of reaction, I was wearing an old Journey t-shirt that had been my moms, it was old but in good condition and I loved it. It reminded me of the love my parents shared, it was rare and beautiful. They met at a Journey concert and it had been practically love at first sight. Till this day, they still look at each other with the same adoration.

“It was my mothers, I grew up listening to Journey, AC/DC, Aerosmith and believe it or not even Tony Bennett.” I snickered.

“What, no Beetles?” He mocked, feigning offense.

“That was for your parents.” I retorted without missing a beat.

“Smart mouth.” he deadpanned, with a crooked grin on his lips. I I narrowed my eyes and he stared me down, in a sort of challenge.

“Big head.” His brows raised and he laughed.

“I do like that actually.” My cheeks flamed, as I realized that what i’d said could be easily misconstrued.

“I hope, I’m dressed appropriately, you did say casual.” I uttered, trying not to let my eyes linger too long on him, because I honestly couldn’t concentrate or even breathe properly if i looked at him too much.

When I opened the door to greet him, my mouth had gone a little dry, he was wearing light blue jeans, a simple black t-shirt, and a baseball cap with a sports team logo I didn’t recognize. He looked sexy as hell in his casual clothing, then again he looked sexy in anything and I was willing to bet my career that naked, was probably his best look.

Thinking about it, my clothes was similar to his. I was wearing a pair of faded boyfriend jeans, that fit slightly tighter than the typical boyfriend jean, my tan sperrys and the red Journey t-shirt.

“You look perfect.”

He kissed me then, no hesitation, no warning, it was just as natural as the day turning to night, and I was all for it, enjoying his lips, his taste, all of him.

“Do you understand the concept of a vacation? Part of it, revolves around sleeping in.”

“Sleeping it’s a waste of time, the best part of a vacation, it’s making the most out of your time, doing as much as you can.” and he had made sure I did just that.

I laughed, not really caring about waking early, I was used to it. My normal wake up call was typically around six thirty every morning, and on the weekends when I had a little more time for myself, my internal alarm would be a genuine bitch by waking me up no later than eight maybe eight thirty.

“I just think, you’re a workaholic at heart.” He shot me a sideway grin, filled with mischief.

His tan, muscular arm was extended and flexed as he held onto the steering wheel. it was sort of like a beacon for my eyes, looking away was a challenge.

“I’m actually rather enjoying my time off.” he said grabbing my hand which was resting on my thigh, and lightly squeezing it.

I smiled, feeling my heart flutter.

“What do you do every morning, before coming for me?”

He threaded his fingers through mine, keeping our entwined hands resting on my thigh.

“Exercise mostly, it’s part of my routine, I’m accustomed to it.”

“Do you exercise everyday?”

I had no doubt that it took dedication to stay so beautifully sculpted.

“Not everyday, four or five times a week.”

“Wow, I feel ashamed of my twice a week run on the treadmill.” He chuckled.

“Don’t be, seems like it’s served you well.” His gaze deliberately traveled from my legs, slowly taking me in, all the way to my face and making eye contact, he grinned.

“Well thanks.” I mused, shaking my head, and feeling the color on my cheeks.

We stopped at a bakery and grabbed a coffee and scone, I wasn’t hungry for much more. I loved breakfast in fact it’s my favorite meal of the day, but my appetite had been affected by the constant butterflies assaulting me. It seemed they had made a nest of their own and were not going anywhere anytime soon.

“Where are you taking me?”

“Always so curious.” He mused. I glared.

“I want you to meet a few…friends of mine.”

Friends? He wanted me to meet friends. Why would he want me to dress so casual? I wasn’t dressed for that, meeting friends required a bit more upkeeping, not my faded jeans and old t-shirt.

He didn’t miss the skeptical expression on my face. Laughing richly, he squeezed my hand again, trying to reassure me.

“Don’t fret love, they’re going to love you.”

About half an hour later, we pulled into a part of town that was more industrial. Factories lined the entire right side of the narrow street and a canal flanked the left.

Ahead of us were more large, buildings with tall smoke tubes rising into a slightly foggy morning.

“Ah…this whole thing hasn’t been some kind of psycho, elaborate scheme to bring me out here and murder me just for kicks, is it?” I scrunched my nose, making a face.

He laughed wholeheartedly, creating those creases around his eyes that I found so fascinating.

“As much as I liked to amuse you right now, thats not how I get my kicks lovely.”

He glanced my way, with a residual smile on his face.

“I can think of more… interesting ways.” His blue eyes narrowed, darkening to an indigo blue as he gazed my way. The way he was looking at me was enough to make me want to do something crazy like straddle him and kiss him until I was breathless and well… other stuff.

My cheeks began to burn, from the throbbing sensation I was feeling between my thighs.

David lifted my hand and with besument placed a hot kiss on it. He really didn’t play fair.

We pulled up to a large building, that seemed to have been recently renovated, considering its new, slightly modernize flare.

The building was painted in light browns, greys and touches of blue.

I was just able to make out the name on the side.

Battersea Dogs and Cats Home. This was the shelter David supported. This place was special to him and he brought me. I looked at him and he winked.

He exited the car and came to my side opening my door, as he always did.

I left my jean jacket on the seat-which I’d brought just in case we stayed out late-and David held my hand, I so wasn’t used to that, not a hundred percent anyways, but I was getting there.

“Welcome to Battersea Shelter.” He gesture with his free hand to the building in front of us. I smiled, observing the large structure, it was impressive and it seemed very well taken care off.

“It’s really something David, you helped to fix up this place? I asked curiously.

“I make an annual donation and I’ve done some publicity to help bring in more help for the animals, it has made a difference.”He shrugged.

David didn’t like to brag about this things, I could tell in the manner in which he spoke, keeping it short and to the point. It made him uncomfortable to be recognize for the good things he did.

I squeezed his hand the way he’d done for me and smiled.

“So, what are we doing exactly?” I asked feeling eager.

David opened the glass door and guided me inside the building.

“I thought maybe you’d like to take some of the animals for a stroll, if…you want, of course.”

I glanced up at him, trying to decipher the unsure tone his voice had taken. He regarded me carefully as if he too, was trying to read me.

“I’d loved to.” I responded without hesitation.

We’d spent half the day with the animals, and I got to see a side of David that was truly beautiful and it had nothing to do with the way he looked. He genuinely cared for the furry little creatures, and not once did he show an ounce of disgust or hesitation whenever one of the dogs licked him or demanded his attention, in fact he seemed to rejoice in it.

Seeing how involved he was in helping animals that couldn’t help themselves made me see him in a totally different light. I almost couldn’t reconcile this man, that seemed so normal, playing and petting the animals with a genuine smile on his face, to the usual imposing, otherworldly handsome man, I was so used to. Then again, there was a lot more to David than the image everyone saw in photos and magazines; I had learned that in the weeks we’d spent together as friends, and now that I was actually paying extra attention there seemed to be a lot more to learn. Almost everyone at the shelter seem to know him and welcomed us warmly.

“If you could have a dog which kind would you get?”

We were walking back to his car, he had me pinned to his side, with an arm wrapped around my waist and his fingers splayed across my stomach, lightly crumpling my shirt up and touching my skin. I was very aware of that little detail because the heat radiating from his hand was penetrating my bones, and spreading to my extremities.

“Hum…I don’t know if I could pick one, that would feel like choosing a favorite child.”

I laughed at his logic. Finding him absolutely endearing when it came to this whole thing.

“Who knows maybe someday I’ll confiscate your idea and get myself a big farm and fill it with lots of animals.”

“Well I would have to ask for royalties, since you’d be copying my original idea.”

He chuckled gazing down at me, sometimes I did feel like a little shrimp next to his modelish height. He was about a whole foot taller than me. Then again, I also loved feeling small in his arms.

“Its that right!?” As he said that, his fingers dug a little into my ribs making me jump further into him and a tiny squeal came out of my mouth.

He stared at me with besument in his eyes, then understanding sank in.

“You’re ticklish.” It wasn’t a question, he said it as a matter of fact, a smile cracking his lips open as if this simple knowledge was somehow fascinating news.

I raised my brows, looking up at him.

“Just slightly.” I replied bringing my index and thumb finger an inch apart.

“I might just have to test that theory.” There was too much mischief in those bright eyes of his, then I felt his fingers digging just a little more, and my reaction was definitely worse. I jumped like I had springs on my feet, latching onto his T-shirt and letting out a half laugh, half screeching sound.

He laughed at my expense.

“Fine, so maybe it’s a little more than slightly.”

“Hum… that gives me an upper hand, I like that.” I shot him a look, warning him to not even think about it.

I raised my index finger.

“Don’t even think about trying to take advantage, I can’t control myself when I’m tickled and won’t be held responsible for throwing punches.”

“I think, i’ll take my chances.” The laughter in his voice was unmistakable.

“Don’t say I didn’t warn you if I give you a black eye, and just think of what it would do to your career.

A slow smile crept across his face.

“I’m not worried, and you’re not making a very strong case here, if anything i’m even more tempted just to see you turn feisty.”

I rolled my eyes, elbowing him on the ribs, just barely, not enough to actually hurt him, besides it was all muscle in there, hard, tempting, muscles.

“It’s not a pretty picture, I start snorting like a pig and I swear water comes out of my nose.”

I made a face of repulsion and he laughed, holding me closer and placing a kiss on my head.

“You’re too adorable lovely.” Feeling my heart inflate at his sweet gesture, I let my head lean against his arm and felt my lips spread into a smile.

He opened the door to the passenger side of the car and turned to look at me, keeping me in the nook between the door, his extended arm and that magnificent chest of his which was inches from me, radiating heat. I felt like trapped prey but in a good way.

“Thank you for coming here, it meant a great deal to me.” His voice took on that deep, serious tone, that made my breath catch.

“Your welcome, it was fun.” He smiled, absently shaking his head.

“You never cease to surprise me you know.” I rolled my eyes.

“All I did was play with puppies and kittens for a few hours, who wouldn’t love doing that.”

He tangled his hands on my hair, holding my face and staring into my eyes.

“You really have no idea how amazing that simple act was, and certainly not something that a lot of people are willing to do.”

I couldn’t imagine who could possibly be impervious to puppy eyes and a cat’s purring, it’s like an arrow to the heart. But then I thought of my sister, who didn’t really care much for animals, she thought of dogs as stinky and dirty, only appealing from a distance, like babies.

“Well my inner child is at your services whenever you like.” looking up at him, I could see the appreciation in his eyes, he was looking at me as if I was this precious thing. I didn’t understand it. My best comparison as I thought it over was that taking a part in something that meant so much to him, was sort of like him consoling me-a virtual stranger, scared and about to have a panic attack on a plane. I couldn’t truly explain to him how much that meant to me. It was something that could only be felt and that at least I could, understand.

He kissed me then, and even though I sort of expected it, my heart still reacted, pounding uncontrollably. It was a sweet, tender kiss, just the touch of his lips, softly caressing mine, in the most heart melting way.

Unexpectedly a strong arm wrapped around my waist lifting me clear off the ground, without much effort. I giggled, grabbing onto his shoulders. He laughed-the sound rumbling through his chest-and kissed me again in a playfully, nibbling on my bottom lip. This was one of those moments when I loved feeling small in his arms.

We spent the rest of the day exploring more of the city. Had lunch at a cafe overlooking London Bridge, there was nothing, like eating with a view. We talked some more, swapping embarrassing stories. David was kind enough to remind me about how I told him-when I was intoxicated, was the word he used, for me it was just drunk-that he had beautiful eyes and that I wanted to touch them. I probably turned about a hundred shades of red which only served to amuse him.

Walking across the street a bus passed by and oh boy the image on its side had my eyes as big as saucers. I stared dumbfounded as it circled past me, like a deer caught in the headlights of a vehicle, my mouth hanging open and everything. David was splayed in nothing but black boxer briefs, across a whole side of the bus. It felt like a surreal moment, where you see a person in two places at once, and even though I had seen that one billboard of him at the airport, this had really taken me by surprise. His smoldering eyes looked directly at me, then again it was just a picture, his eyes were looking at everybody and that magnificent body was on display for the world to see, chiseled abs and all. He certainly didn’t look like a model to me, not that I had much experience with how models were supposed to look like, but in my mind, they were extremely thin and lanky with pretty facial features that if you were to add a wig and a dress they might pass for a girl. David was anything but, his body was made of perfectly define muscles, his masculinity was undeniable, he was all man, not a single part of him could be said to be beautiful. He was handsome to a ridiculously, almost painful level, YES but not beautiful. Suddenly my throat went very dry.

I followed the bus with my eyes all the way until it disappeared around the corner and my eyes stayed fixed into the distance until I felt David’s gaze on me, the real David that is, I turned to look at him. We both stared at each other silently, for a few beats then we broke into laughter simultaneously.

Tears leaked out of my eyes.

“How do you get used to seeing that?” I asked, wiping at my eyes.

He shook his head

“I never really have, it’s always a bit odd to see myself in that manner, but I don’t pay it much attention.” He half shrugged.

“Is it weird for you?” He countered, gauging my reaction.

I furrowed my eyebrows.

“No its not weird, per say…”

He shot me an incredulous look.

“Okay, maybe it is a tad weird, I mean i’m here with you next to me and then I see all of you there.” I gesture to the street with my hands as if the bus was still there. The picture of him still vivid in my mind, tan silky skin covering hard muscles and those smoldering eyes piercing me and that piece of black fabric that didn’t cover much. Oh boy. I had to stop picturing it.

“Did you see something you like Luv?” He mused, playfully pulling on a tendril of my hair and snapping my attention back to him.

I felt my face go red at his blunt suggestion.

He chuckled, I was learning that he loved getting me flustered. It was entertaining to him, well two can play that game.

I looked straight at him letting my eyes get hooded, imitating the way I had seen models do, and my lips went up on one side. I hoped it was a sexy expression.

“Oh yes.” I let the quality of my voice become low and sensual. Then I pulled up to his side and murmured into his ear, letting my hand press on his bicep. I felt his body tense and It thrilled me

“But, I think I prefer the life version.” He turned his head to stare at me, and his eyes had gone a dark midnight blue. I saw the ticking of his jaw and the way he was breathing had changed, it was harder more affected.

His hand shot out wrapping around my waist like a vise and pulling me to him in a solid tug, my breath whooshed out. His mouth came inches from mine, as his eyes lingered on my lips. Bringing his free hand to my face, his fingers lightly brushed across my lips, causing my eyes to shut and my breathing to match his.

His mouth touched the corner of my lips, just barely. I gasped audibly, parting my lips. Then he moved to my cheek, slowly, letting the heat from his mouth fog my mind, until he was at my ear and I was putty in his hands.

“Oh lovely, you can have any version of me.” He murmured, tickling my skin and raising the hairs on my neck. I felt his lips press on my pulse and the tip of his tongue tasting me. I gasped, as a shock of desire shot through my body.

David dropped me off at the apartment early, considering how late we typically stayed out. It was only eight, but I wanted to see Spring. I texted her and she said she’d be there by seven the latest.

She was not home, I should have figured. I opened my phone to see if she’d texted me, but there were no text, however I did have a missed call from a number I didn’t recognize, there was no voicemail. If it’s important always leave a voicemail, otherwise don’t expect a return phone call.

I jumped in the shower, invigorating in the heat of the spray.

I closed my eyes and lathered myself up with the soap, as my hands touched and washed my breast area, David’s face invaded my thoughts. My eyes snapped open and my breathing changed.

Suddenly it was his hands touching me, caressing my breast, reaching its heartened peak. I imagined his hands smooth and firm as he worked my nipples, pressing on them, causing a moan to break free from my throat. Desire shot to my core, centering between my hips, I felt so needy for his touch. Closing my eyes again I let my hand travel lower, searching for the apex between my thighs, a finger pressed over the nerves there. I almost cried out from the ecstasy that coursed through me. I was gasping, needing more, more of him.


Springs voice coming through the bathroom door, snapping me out of my David induce arousal. I jumped, almost slipping in the wet tub.

“Spring, WHAT are you doing in here, can’t you knock!?” My heart was about to pop out of my chest.

“Chill out, geez, I did knock, several times.”

I was feeling breathless, and annoyed and unsatisfied. I wanted to scream into the damn shower. What the hell, I hadn’t heard her at all.

“What do you want?” I didn’t mean to sound so pissy, but I was way too keyed up.

“Just wanted to let you know I was home, god!”

“Ok, now get out please.”

“What are you so bend out of shape about, you got David in there or something?” It was clearly a joke, but considering what I’d just been doing and who I was imagining while doing it, she was almost spot on.

I sneaked my head out from behind the shower curtain, pinning her with a sharp look.

“Can I please take a shower in peace, get out!”

she stuck her tongue out.

“Fine, don’t cut my head off.” I rolled my eyes, feeling my annoyance leaking out of my body.

I smiled and blew a kiss her way.

“I love you.”

“I hate you.” she mused just as she was closing the door.

I exhaled loudly. What the hell was that, she almost caught would have been humiliating on so many levels. Seeing David half naked on that bus had conjured up all sorts of crazy thoughts in my head, and the way he touched me and looked at me always left me breathless and wanting had I felt the need to pleasure myself, maybe because no other man had awaken that desire in me before. The feeling had taken over me, striking hard and without warning. I was…Holy shitakee mushrooms! Realization hit me. I was incredibly…What was the word I was looking for? Horny, yup, I was freaking horny!

I finished washing my hair and rushed out of the bathroom as quickly as possible. I grabbed a pair of Spring’s cotton shorts, that fit me a bit snug and way too short, but it would have to do. My packing abilities sucked, I hadn’t brought pajamas, jackets, or socks. I paired the shorts with a tank top and went into the living room.

Spring had her computer on her lab, where she sat crossed legged on the couch.

I rolled my eyes.

“You’re going to mess up your back if you keep doing that.” I walked to the couch and dropped beside her. She eyed me with a speculative expression.

“Hey Scrooge.” she admonished, shutting her laptop.

“You got your panties out of a twist?”

“They were never in a twist, and a Scrooge reference really? It’s the middle of August, not Christmas.”

“Whatever loser, so what is up with you?”

I pushed my hair behind my ear and looked anywhere but at her.

“Nothing is up, you just surprised me. I thought I was alone and you scared the ghost out of me.”

I dared a peak her way, hoping for her to drop the subject already. It was too embarrassing.

She was looking at me through narrowed eyes, but thankfully didn’t press for more.

“So are you going to tell me everything about your date or am i gonna have to take the words spoon by spoon out of your mouth.”

I yawned, feeling exhausted. My body needed rest, it actually needed more than rest obviously, but I was gonna have to settle for rest.

she nudged my leg with her foot.

“Don’t be falling asleep on me, if you’ve been having rigorous sex with David Gandy, i want the 411.”

I wish…

I told Spring about our romantic dinner experience, everything we’d discussed about our little summer romance. I even told her about our make out session after the play. It felt good to say it, somehow talking about it made it more real.

“You little Nymph, I’m so Effing jealous! did you use a love potion on this man or something? I mean no offense or anything sis, I think you’re a total catch, but this is David freaking Gandy, a man coveted by every woman on Earth and you got him dancing on the palm of your hand.” She threw her hands in the air dramatically.

But I had wondered that myself, not about having him dancing on the palm of my hand, that wasn’t true, I had wondered about what he could possibly see in me.

“He says that…I’m different, more down to earth I guess.” Her lips went down at the corners.

“That makes sense, I can imagine all those puffy lip models he dates ,are as deep as a glass of water and conceited as hell. Can you imagine them having sex, “Oh not that way David, this is not a flattering position. Oh that lighting is all wrong. Oh make sure my hair doesn’t get messed up!” Her voice was all squeaky as she did her little mocking routine. Then throwing her head back, she laughed hysterically at her own joke. I had to give it to her, that was pretty hilarious, whether it was true or not, but it made me curious to know about some things.

“You on the other hand are bringing smart back.” I shot her an incredulous look.

She rolled her eyes.

“I mean smart, in the sexiest way possible, that’s a compliment. Guys dig smart, sexy chicks like you.”

“Thanks.” I grumbled, crossing my legs under my thighs indian style.

“So, is that the kind of women David usually dates, models?”

I felt weird asking my sister about David’s love life, but It would be worse to ask him, and it wasn’t a big deal, i was only curious.

“Well…” she started, bouncing with excitement. If there was one thing she liked more than sex, it was gossip. Like a true journalist.

“David actually keeps his private life to himself, even in interviews he avoids talking about his relationships, but there is always the occasional photo here and there.”

I waited for her to continue.

“Anyway, usually yes, his confirmed relationships have been with other models, but come to think of it.” Spring’s eyes went to the ceiling as she placed a finger on her chin, in thought.

“I haven’t seen anything about his love life in the tabloids in a long time.”

That was good, I guessed, not that it really mattered.

“You were actually the first girl that has been implicated with him in the recent months, the journalist that wrote the article on the Telegraph right after the Gala went on and on about how you were David’s new love interest, after months of reclusiveness from the fame super model.”

Did she memorize the damn thing?

“Why didn’t you tell me that before?” I was not his love interest and if David regarded his privacy so, that seemed like a very bad thing.

Shrugging, she grabbed the coke sitting on the coffee table and took a long gulp.

“I don’t know, didn’t seem important, it’s just gossip. Did David mention it to you?”

I shook my head.

“Well people in his position have to deal with things like that all the time, is not a big deal, besides is not like you aren’t involve with him.”

Yeah but I wasn’t his love interest, whatever we were was…Well whatever it was, it sure wasn’t love. My heart started to jump in my chest at that thought. It wasn’t something I wanted to linger on though.

“So what’s up with your love life?” I threw that out there in an attempt to switch gears.

She rolled her eyes again.

“Lame…nothing compares to dating David Gandy, so have you guys done any kinky stuff yet. Have you seen that Gandy candy yet, did you get a little taste?”

Oh dear lord.

I indulged her craziness, giving her the details of David and I, which honestly wasn’t much, mostly me becoming goo in his hands. Aside from kissing and flirting we hadn’t done anything real intimate. He seemed to be kinda putting it off actually. Maybe that was just me over thinking things, but that’s not what instincts told me. I didn’t mind jumping into the physical stuff, sooner rather than later. I mean If I was planning on going through with this thing with him, then I wanted to enjoy it all the way, for as long as possible. I didn’t see what was the point in waiting.

I helped Spring with some assignments. She was getting ready for her finals and would be done with school by the end of the week.

Later that night David called me and we talked for almost two hours, pushing my bed time to almost one am. He wasn’t coming early the next morning, he had a business breakfast with someone whose name was so foreign, I had completely forgotten it the minute he said it. I felt a little unhappy about that. I was so used to being around him practically twenty four/seven that thinking about not seeing him until later on the day seemed like forever and that wasn’t good, not by any means. David spent all of his time with me, I had to be fair and I had to remember that this was a temporary thing. Only two weeks that was it.

My heart felt heavy at the thought of not seeing David again, so I quickly shut that drawer. I would see him soon enough.