Maybelis L.

Ok, here is a few things you need to know about me, my first my name sounds like a makeup brand and it’s pronounced the same way.  I have a cat which I rescued from the streets as a baby and I think she hates me, you’d think she’d  be more grateful, then again I shouldn’t really take it personal, she seems to hate everybody.  I’m obsessed with the Walking Dead TV show and I think I’m addicted to coffee, if I don’t have my daily cup, I might qualify as a walker for the next season.  English is not my first language and writing is my best form of  expression since I’m more of the shy, introverted type and public speaking makes me feel nauseated.

Above all else I’m a book lover, although that wasn’t always the case.  It wasn’t until About 7 years ago that I was introduced to the world of-guess what?… Yep -Twilight- that I really fell in love with reading. After watching the first movie and taking all my friends to see it as well, I decided I needed to know more and started reading the books.  It was all downhill from there. I learned that reading is like eating chips, you can’t just have one and be done, it is an addiction that keeps you going back for more and boy was I hooked. I think that year alone I must have read about a hundred books and that number has probably quadrupled by now. I have to say I’m proud to be an addict.

I started this book review blog to express my love of literature and to share with you guys the beauty and imagination inside the pages of the books I read.

Genres I review: Ya, Paranormal romance, New Adult, Contemporary Romance and Fiction.

Pet peeves: I hate it when someone suggests a vampire book just because I read Twilight. PEOPLE, TWILIGHT IS NOT A VAMPIRE BOOK!  Interview with the Vampire by Anne Rice is a vampire book.

Trivial Things: I have an awesome memory for remembering random, useless things, like movie quotes and people’s clothes, I know weird.

I’m an artist at heart and I pay close attention to book covers, even though I have learned to judge a book for its content, I’m still  a sucker for an artistic cover.

I’d like to acknowledge my dear friend SCHEDAR (she has a weird name like me, it’s probably the reason we are friends, our weird names gravitated towards each other), anyways we’ve shared many book endeavors and discussions, even the occasional debate over a particular scene. Our love of the written word has made us stronger friends and given us the inspiration to become writers as well.


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