TGIF-FICTION: Summer of David Gandy Chapter 11

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Chapter 11

In All Honesty

I grabbed my clutch and walked out into the living room, where I could make out the murmur of voices, well mainly giggles and squeaky, girly sounds. This whole thing seemed familiar considering that only yesterday David picked me up in the same fashion, but there was a significant difference. Today I was very aware that David and i were going out on a romantic date, there was no uncertainty in that fact, he liked me and I liked him, that was all.

I stood right where the hallway meets the living room, hands in front of me holding the tiny clutch, and there he was, dressed in fitted black trousers a grey jacket which he kept open, showing a black-slightly scooped-neck-shirt underneath, for an understated, elegant look. He looked good, I mean like really mouth-watering-good, in his signature-hands in pockets-stance. I felt acceleration begin to course through my veins, reaching my heart and making it jump like a ping pong ball. Taking in a deep breath I lifted my chin feeling confident, I would let that be my driving emotion.

I walked into the living room and yeah okay maybe I did move my hips a little more than I typically would.

His eyes found me immediately, like a magnet. “Are you harassing my date Spring?”I mused, smiling brightly. “I wouldn’t dare, there are laws against that you know.”

David’s attention was fully on me now, chin down, jaw set and lips lifting at one corner, as he observed my approaching figure, his intense gaze appraised my body from head to toe, causing a slow heat to rise and color my cheeks.

“Wow.” He uttered through a gasp, raising his eyebrows in admiration. “You’re breath taking.”

I smiled, feeling giddy and shy at the same time, loving how his words made me feel. Out of the corner of my eye I could see Spring behind him giving me a dubious, conspiratory expression and making a show out of pretending to faint. I mentally rolled my eyes and ignored her.

“Thank you.” I swallowed.”You look…breath taking yourself.” I blurted out, then shook my head and pressed my lips together, did i just say that. David laughed and Spring had a big goofy smile on her face as she was wiped invisible tears out of her eyes.

“I mean to say, that you look…well you look great, handsome, that’s what I meant.” Oh god, I lowered my gaze and pushed a strand of hair behind my ear, great start Summer, I mentally chastised myself. I heard his throaty chuckle. “Thank you.” He answered simply but I could see the smile tugging at his lips. Suddenly he reached with his hand towards me and I thought perhaps he would lean in and kiss me but he doesn’t, instead his fingers slightly trace my right cheek then remove the hair from behind my ear, letting the strands of chocolate-caramel frame my face. I let out the breath I’d been holding and breathe in deeply, letting my lungs luxuriate in the fresh oxygen.

“You are early.” I point out, just to say something, it was only about fifteen minutes or so, not a big deal, I just wanted to give him a hard time. “I couldn’t wait to see my lovely date.” I press my lips together again but this time in a satisfied, heart-inflating smile that was extremely hard to contain. “And…” he leans down, his left cheek almost touching my right one, and I’m sorely tempted to turn my head and plant my lips on his. “She smells like the sweetest, flower.” The low tremor of his voice sends shivers down my spine and my lips part on an inhale.

With a smug smile on his face he produces a white flower out of the inside pocket of his jacket and slowly twists the delicate beauty-which sort of resembled a rose but with less petals and more open-in between his fingers. “For you love” I grab it, feeling my heart expanding and my lips spreading into a wide smile, my automatic reaction is to bring it to my nose and breathe. Wow the scent was exquisitely invigorating. I let out a long exhale.

“It reminded me of you.” He whispers, close to my ear, my heart stutters unevenly. He steps back slightly, enough to gaze into my eyes, but still close that I could feel his breath against my cheek. Would he kiss me, god I wanted him to, my lips were aching for it.

But again, he doesn’t and the grin pulling at his lips tells me that he’s doing it on purpose. He straightens releasing me from his spell and I feel a pang of disappointment but I quickly cover it up.

“Thank you, it’s beautiful and very date appropriate.” I muse, tilting my head slightly to the side.

“Well I don’t like to do anything halfway.” He smiles flirtatiously. Well he most certainly didn’t do anything half way. I had joked about it before, but I really did feel as if he had escaped a different century, one in which gentry and chivalry were not a cliche or in tbe brink of extinction. David made all those qualities shine, it was effortless to him, just a simple part of what made him, well him and I was completely mesmerized by the whole thing.

I smiled shyly, feeling smitten. His return smile is too beautiful.

My eyes shift until they land on the delicate flower in my hand, not a rose which I found more to my liking , roses are beautiful but boring and predictable and not something i would expect from David.

“What type of flower is it?” I ask, smelling it again, it was a strong scent, something that could easily be extracted into the most sensory awakening fragrance.

“It’s a gardenia, as soon as I saw it, I knew it was perfect for you.” He leans into my neck, and I stiffened in response, then he inhales slowly and I feel the warmth of his breath caress my suddenly burning skin. My lips part, letting out a barely audible gasp and it takes everything in me not to fall to my knees. David chuckles softly. “It means, you’re Lovely.” The tendrel of his smooth, accented tone tickles my skin. Oh boy, it was perfect, he’d to find a flower meant just for me, my heart was crashing against my chest.

We arrived at a charming little, restaurant about twenty minutes after leaving the apartment. Located in the heart of Theatreland, London, as David was courteous enough to tell me. I loved how good he was at well everything really, he had a way of explaining things in this patient, smooth voice, like a professor, a very sexy-only exist in movies or books-professor, because i sure never had one of those in real life.

“Welcome to Clos Maggiore, your table is ready, please follow me.” The Hostess was a young woman with a friendly, open face and a sweet, soft-toned voice that carried the slightest hint of an accent, I thought to be french. We had been greeted earlier, when we first arrived by another hostess, an older woman that politely explained the history of the restaurant as she guided us to a waiting area. The restaurant was nestled snuggly in a busy London street with wall to wall buildings on either side, it had a charming, sophisticated vibe that I learned was unique to England, living in Boston, I had seen plenty of buildings with intricate architecture and of victorian design, which I find fascinating, it was one of the reasons I loved that city so much but it wasn’t comparable to London.

We were guided to the upper level of the restaurant and entered a part that was for lack of a better word, completely magical. Light wood panelled walls and strategically placed mirrors allowed the room to seem bigger than it’s actual size, small white-clothed tables were spread out, allowing enough space in between for intimate conversation, but the truly magical part was the foliage of white blossoms and twinkling fairy lights that branched all the way to the glass roof, creating an enchanting atmosphere straight out of a midnight summer night’s dream. Flickering candles and a warm fireplace completed the package for one breathtaking, romantic setting.

Wow, I was ready to take off my panties and let him have me right here on top of one of the small tables. No further efforts necessary.

“Would this table be alright?” she asked in her soft, cadence. “It’s perfect, thank you.” answered David, politely. She smiled at us both, which I admired considering that most females tended to only acknowledge the man, especially one that looked like David.

“Your waiter, Ivan will be with you shortly, please do enjoy your experience at Clos Maggiore.”

We both smiled and she went her way. “Lovely.” David pulled out a plush, chair that looked quite comfy and I gratefully sat down. “Thank you sir.” I felt his face right over my shoulder. “My pleasure.” His breath tickled my neck and I felt the tiny hairs stand on end. David took the seat right across from me. It was a small, intimate table for two, actually all the tables in this particular area were the same; small, cozy and private. The octagonal room really only housed about eight tables, keeping in tune with its romantic vibe.

“This place is beautiful David, I feel like i’ve been transported into a fairy tale.” He smiles his alluring smile. “I’m glad you approve.”

“Well I’m glad I’m here, with you.” He imperceptibly licks his lips as a grin pulls the corner of his mouth up a notch and I look away, feeling warmth spreading along my cheeks.

“It really is something though.” I say letting my eyes roam around the beautiful room, taking in all the little details that created the most enchanting atmosphere. My slow intake of the place ends on David’s face, he of course tight it all in, truly making it all perfect.

His too focus eyes gaze at me with curiosity.

“Yes, it is quite enchanting indeed.” He said that without taking his eyes off me, I smiled, feeling butterflies flapping recklessly against the walls of my stomach.

I briefly wondered if he’d brought other dates here, but it seemed like an inappropriate question and something told me that David was more creative than that, he didn’t do things halfway after all.

Our waiter Ivan was very pleasant and informative as he explained the menu and offered a large selection of wines, to choose from, I let David order the wine for me.

“So what’d you do all day, by yourself.” I mused placing my hands under my chin and interlacing my fingers. “Think about you.” he says it looking straight at me without an ounce of hesitation, its a little disarming, I shake my head pretending that his comment doesn’t have the most heart melting effect on me but I’m pretty sure the color on my face gives me away.

“Come on there’s gotta be something you do when i’m not around, work on your tan, get fitted for a new speedo, practice a new signature look in the mirror.” I tried to imitate one of the sexy, pensive smolders that he pulls off so naturally but i don’t think it came off that way, because he tilted his head back and laughed a deep throaty laugh. It made the muscles low in my belly quiver.

“I see you’ve recover that easy humor I like so much.” He mused and I felt a bit surprised by that admission. He liked that about me? “I didn’t know I’d lost it.”

“I’d say more like you were…holding it back.” I grinned lowering my gaze and fiddling with the edges of the white table cloth. He was no doubt referring to my awkward behavior this morning at his house. But i did feel different now, I felt more confident in my decision to allow this to happen between David and me, It felt liberating, which was strange because i thought it would be the opposite, I thought that by giving into my desire for him, I was going against my better judgement, but as it turns out, it felt freeing instead. Knowing how David felt and being aware that this was in fact a date between two people that liked each other, felt right, felt normal, more so than the mixed emotions I was feeling before.

“To answer your question, I did make a few phone calls, I spoke to my sister who might be passing through in a week or so and I had lunch with an old mate.” I smiled, liking that he was sharing with me, would i meet his sister, would he want me to, I shook that thought out of my head quickly, I wasn’t one to pry and whatever he’d like to share with me was more than enough. “I would have thought the life of a supermodel was a lot more… involved.”

“I told you that I’m taking a break lovely, I’m all yours for the summer.” He winked playfully. All mine…oh boy, I rolled that thought around my mind liking the sound of it.

“That’s very generous of you.” he smirked knowingly, we were flirting and this time I was totally into it. I was participating and I was enjoying the feeling. I had forgotten what that felt like, then again, I couldn’t say I had ever really felt this strongly towards someone. I had gone on a handful of dates, but this was so different, it was almost a little scary.

I wanted to question that whole break thing and so many other things, my curiosity trying to get the better of me, the fact that i accepted a summer romance with David, without too much thoughts of the future, didn’t take away from my curiosity, I still had questions. I was only human, but how to start…

“By the way thank you for inviting me to the Gala, I did have a great time and I don’t think I thanked you last night.” Of course I hadn’t, my head had been up in the clouds somewhere. Then It hit me.

light bulb! This was the perfect starter that would lead to the questions, I had been dying to ask.

“I’m glad you enjoyed it, but it was my pleasure, I should really be the one thanking you for attending with me.” I nodded and smiled.

“I have to say it was an… interesting evening.” I probed, trying to lead the conversation to the direction I wanted.

He touches the back of his fingers to his mouth absently. “Yes, it was very interesting.” There is a grin lifting the corner of his mouth, then he leans forward as if he’s about to tell me a secret. “I didn’t even know we were sleeping together.” and just like that, my epic plan to get my answers plummeted to the floor along with any courage I had mustered. My eyes widen in horror, I turned completely red and my mouth was now hanging open. David chuckled taking in my horrified expression, he of course simply seemed amused by the whole thing.

“I..I…I don’t know why I said that.” I say in a rush, tucking my hair behind my ears. He chuckles just as our waiter Ivan returned with our drinks in hand. I grabbed mine as soon as it was placed on the table, taking a much needed gulp of the wine, it felt good going down my throat, the flavors were strong but not at all overwhelming and it was very smooth.

“I’m only teasing, besides, I didn’t mind, like I said it was actually rather… sexy.” Willing my eyes to look at him, i shot him a death glare but it was difficult to hold it, while he looked at me that way.

“Teasing? Isn’t that something you do maybe on a third or fourth date.” I countered.

“And what? pass up the opportunity to see you turn fifty shades of red, not likely.”

I press my lips together and point a finger at him. “That’s not very nice.” he chuckles. “I beg to differ, besides if you think about it, this really isn’t a first date, i’d say more like a fifth date.”

I furrowed my eyebrows confused and cross my hands on top of the table.

“Do enlighten me, I like to know how you came to that conclusion.” He follows my same posture, leaning in a bit.

“Well on a first date, the two people involved don’t know much about each other, they’ve met maybe what?.. once or twice before, we” he signals with his hand between us. “on the other hand, have known each other for almost three weeks and we’ve gone out on several occasions, even if only as friends.” I thought about his logic, acknowledging that some of it did make sense. “Well I don’t think that constitutes as this being a fifth date, considering that a friendship and dating usually follow a different set of rules.” he narrows his eyes at me in thought.

“Alright so lets meet half way, how about a third date.” I lift my chin slightly, considering the alternative. “Deal.” I agree, with a smile. “So what exactly is involved in a third date for David Gandy?” He stared at me intently as his grin slowly widened and something like a secret-up to no good-gleam flashed across his eyes. I instantly flushed, not exactly knowing the why but something in his striking face told me that a third date involved a lot of physical interaction. My stomach quivered with excitement at the thought, sending those mutant, giant butterflies smashing against the walls. I lowered my gaze and felt a smile involuntarily lift the corner of my mouth.

He chuckled and cleared his throat. We both reached for our wine taking a sip at the same time.

The food arrived, almost on cue, in an array of colorful, well presented plates.”Enjoy your dinner madame, monsieur, I will return to check on if you require anything.” I nodded at Ivan and he did a quick bow before retreating.

To say that it was delicious was putting it mildly. The flavors infused and blended in perfect balance.

I had ordered the hand rolled papardella with seasonal wild mushrooms and Reggiano parmesan. The taste of truffle, cream and parmesan was exquisitely salivating, sending my taste buds into overload.

“Hum…” I let out a sigh of enjoyment closing my eyes. “This is so good!” I savored the food, letting my mouth flood with an explosion of culinary goodness.

He chuckled, clearly amused with my over the top delight. “I gather by the sounds you’re making that the food is to your liking.” I chewed slowly, appreciating the different flavors.

“Oh yes, it’s delicious, food is one of those guilty pleasures, I don’t get to indulge in very often.”

He furrows his brows. “Why is that?” he asks before bringing a forkful to his mouth, I follow his actions with my eyes. “Not enough time in the day, from the minute I wake up until my eyes refuse to stay open any longer, i spend doing homework, research, assignments, reviewing depositions, you name it.” I exhale. “My intake of food consists of coffee runs, power bars and sandwiches and.” I lift my fork for emphasis. “if i’m lucky enough to get a free hour or a class let out early I might indulge in a slice of pizza .” we both laugh.

“Sounds like you have your hands full.” I nod lifting my eyebrows. “Much like you, I would think.”

he stays quiet for a few moments before answering.

“Yes, my schedule has been quite hectic for the last few years, it’s one of the reasons I need it to take some time off this summer, same as you it seems.” I smile at his observation which was dead on, seemed we were both running from our crazy lives, but running could only last for so long before life caught up to you.

This was all the more confirmation that whatever happened between us would no doubt be a summer fling, something we both seem to need and most likely something that would fizzle out just as the summer heat inevitably did and that was fine. Our lives were too busy and different for anything else.

David ordered the Honey Glazed Duck Breast and a side of Wilted Spinach, which he seemed to be enjoying equally, of course he offered me a taste, and I couldn’t refuse, I loved tasting different foods. It was amazing. “Wow, I mean wow.” My eyes practically rolled to the back of my head. “This spinach, I think Popeye himself couldn’t appreciate how good it is.” David shook his head with amusement and a low rumble rose from his chest. I covered my mouth, fighting laughter myself.

“There is never a boring moment with you lovely.” He mused, taking a sip of the wine. I glared at him. “You know what, it’s not fair, you found my weakness and you’re exploiting it.”

“Oh, oh, you’re on to me.” I lift my chin and purse my lips. “I demand that you take a bite of my food as well, it’s only fair.” I put an appropriate portion of food on my fork and held it in place.

“That’s not my weakness though.” His tone was all wolf now and my resolve wavered at the intense hue his eyes had taken. We stared at each other for a couple of beats and I was sure my heart was somewhere near my throat. Then David leaned in, opened his mouth and took the food from my fork, while I just stared at him, mesmerized. He chewed slowly, keeping eye contact, then he swallowed and licked his lips, my gaze immediately followed and now I was fantasizing about those lips, they suddenly seemed more appetizing than the most delectable dish.

“That was very…tasty.” He said in a low, seductive tone. Oh boy.

conversation dwindled after that, as we both ate our meal enjoying every bite and the pleasant, ambience. The glass roof had been opened and the London Twilight was upon us, covering the sky in beautiful hues of purples and indigo blues as tiny bright spots began to shine through the darkening sky. We both gazed up in wonder and then smiled, a euphoric feeling embodied me.

Ivan returned with our dessert, a Strawberry & Pistachio Baked Alaska, I was already so full but I couldn’t possibly pass on dessert, it was always the best part of the meal a must have for me.

“Oh goodness, I’m going to blow up and you will be to blame.”

“Come on, I know you want a taste, this is your favorite part of dinner lovely.” it made me feel all warm inside that he knew that about me, I was so smitten by this man. Grabbing my spoon I took a bite of the fluffy dessert. If an orgasm was as good as this, then I most definitely hadn’t experienced one. “You are a bad influence on me, do you coerce all your dates into eating this much food?” He made another grab for the cake, fighting with my spoon. I laughed and there was a huge grin on his face as well.

“I think, you’re doing by yourself, after all you’re fighting me for a piece of cake right now.” I pursed my lips and gave him my deadliest glare but there was too much amusement in my expression. He wasn’t intimidated. “Well then stick to your side, I have the left and you have the right.” I joked as our spoons collided, clinking together.

We finished the tasty cake in the same playful manner, he relented on the last piece insisting that I eat it, but I honestly couldn’t take another bite.

“Are you sure..?The last bite is the best.” he teased me, making a yummy sound and circling his spoon around the last little bit of dessert. “It’s very tempting but I have to be strong and say no, besides I can’t possibly take another bite.” I said putting my hand on my stomach.

“Coffee to complete the evening madam, sir.” Ivan arrived, setting Petite Fours on the table, and two small cups of coffee, I could smell the addictive aroma, it invaded my nostrils, enticing me. My eyes widen in David’s direction, he smiled, and moved his fingers along his lips in a quick attempt to cover his amusement. Ivan retreated with our empty plates.

“You’re seriously trying to kill me.” I said raising my eyebrows. “You don’t have to drink it.” He snickered.

“I can’t just leave it, that would be rude and I wouldn’t be getting the complete experience, this is a part of it.” I pathetically defended my weakness. He didn’t even bother covering his laughter. Instead he proceeded to hand me one of the small cups and grabbed one for himself, slightly raising it in the air towards me.

“Well, we can’t have that, so here is to…” I raised my cup to his, grinning. “To the complete experience and an enchanting first date.” I nodded and we clinked the tiny glasses. He finished his in one sip, it took me a few sips, it really was delicious, I wanted to savor it.

“So speaking of dates, do you typically sell your dates to the highest bidder?” I threw that in there, seeing an opportunity to get some of those answers. He lets out a short amused laugh before wiping his mouth with the cloth napkin.

“Actually that was a surprise, and to be honest i’ve never been all that comfortable with the whole concept.” I raised my eyebrows in question. “So you’ve done it before ?” I asked, surprised by that and he actually seemed a bit embarrassed.

“Well it’s typically for a good cause.” he says it as a statement but it sounds slightly like a question, I suppress a smile, loving to be on the driver seat for a change.

He leans forward gazing at me with narrowed eyes and a dubious expression that was becoming oh too familiar. “Now Lovely, you really don’t need to be jealous.” he teased with that famous smirk on the corner of his mouth.

“I’m not the jealous type.” he was trying to get a reaction out of me. His smirk broke into a full, heart-stopping smile.

“Really? I don’t know…I think last night you were a wee-bit jealous.” I felt a familiar heat on my face. Well he got me there, so much for the driver seat.

“That’s not like me, I was more… frustrated with that woman than anything else, she was doing her darndest to make sure I knew there was history between you two, she kept antagonizing me, dropping condescending insults.” I exhaled, feeling flustered with the memory. “What can I say, she got the best of me.” Ok , this was awkward but we were talking which was what I wanted.

“There is no history between that woman and me.” He says in a definitive tone, keeping eye contact with me. Alright, I kept a neutral face waiting for him to continue.

“I was set up with her on a…date, which was actually a group sort of thing.” I raised my brows and suppressed a smile. He snickered.

“Not like that Lovely.”

“I didn’t say anything.” I muse, lifting my hands palms facing forward. “You were thinking it though.” his playful tone makes my smile widen.

“So you’re a mind reader now?”

“I don’t have to be, it’s written all over your face.” Of course it was, I was an open freaking book.

“As i was saying, it was just a few friends getting together, but Mildred was under the impression that it was an actual date, and that’s what she told everyone, that we were dating. She would show up everywhere I was, fashion events, charities, even specific shoots, at first I thought it to be just a coincidence.” He explained, I loved the way he spoke, I stared at him getting hung up on his words and the way his lips moved. “I didn’t pay it much attention at first, I don’t enjoy being discourteous, but it was getting to the point where I had people asking if we were involved, or in a relationship, even the tabloids were reporting it, then a close friend told me that she was in fact talking to the press and purposefully saying that we were something of an item. ” Wow! I furrowed my brows.

“How was she allowed access to where you were?” I questioned, how can anyone be so

blatantly persistent to the point of becoming a stalker, I would sooner die, than stoop to that level.

“She is a model, and in the fashion industry female models can pretty much do whatever they want.” As farfetched as the whole thing was, I didn’t have doubts it was the truth, that woman definitely had a couple of screws loose. I decided to change topics since well I had already gotten my answers and i didn’t want to waste more of my date talking about her.

“Wow you have your own personal stalker, you know that’s really a compliment, that’s when you know you’ve made it big.” I joked. He laughed.

“Well thank you for the compliment, but I prefer to keep my privacy .” I half laughed half snorted, great, that was sexy.

“I hate to break it to you, but if you like privacy I think you’re in the wrong business.”

those words triggered a memory.

“Speaking of which, evidently we made the paper this morning.” I had completely forgotten to check it when i got back to the apartment, but i wanted to see David’s reaction to that bit of information. He gives me an inquisitive look but doesn’t say anything right away.

“They called me the mystery girl in blue.” I continued to say. “did you see it?”

“No I can’t say I did.” he says shaking his head lightly and lowering his gaze, I thought I saw something flash across his eyes but it was too fast to really notice, he looked up again and grinned.

“But I dare say that’s a poor title for an article, that journalist should go back to school.” I frowned, confused by his statement.

“It should have been the stunning, breathtaking girl in blue.” I flush instantly at his words, and feel my heart racing against my ribs with joy. I take a big gulp of air before I can speak again.

“That doesn’t bother you?” I asked feeling unsure, he’d said he preferred his privacy and we had just been photographed and displayed all over the newspapers together. Our little summer romance was one thing but being implicated in public with me, was a whole other ball game, and I wanted to know how he felt about it.

“It’s not really something I can evade, it kind of goes with the territory, I’ve grown used to it.” that wasn’t a no.

“But no, it doesn’t bother me…does it bother you?” He threw the question back at me, raising his eyebrows expectantly. I considered that for a minute and saw him shift in his seat out of the corner of my eye. Strangely enough, I didn’t think it bother me.

“I don’t think so, I mean, i haven’t really given it much thought, Spring was the one that brought it to my attention, i didn’t even get a chance to see the picture.”

He kept his assertive eyes on my face, observing me with a peculiar expression that was making me feel like a lab experiment under the microscope.

“What?” I blurt out, pushing my hair back from my heated neck.

“You always surprise me, I can’t figure you out, this morning i thought you were about to run for the hills, and now, well you’re back to your jubilant self, I must be doing something right.”

I feel the blush on my cheeks and a smile tug at my lips. I couldn’t very well tell him that I had decided to throw caution to the wind and have a little summer romance with him, no pun intended, but I could be honest enough.

“Well, this morning I hadn’t really gotten a chance to assimilate to what happened last night, it was a little jarring to have you kiss me and tell me that you are actually interested in me, as more than friends that is.” man I sounded lame, I think I even stuttered a bit.

“Now, i’m very aware that we’re on a ROMANTIC date and not just hanging out as friends, It sort of sets my mind on the right track.” I hoped he could understand what I was failing miserably at trying to explain. His eyes narrowed a bit, never leaving my face.

“Why was it hard for you to believe that I would have an interest in you, as more than friends?” He questioned, sounding truly curious and almost surprised by it.

How can I explain this without sounding like an insecure, little girl.

“Well…” I exhaled struggling to find the right words. “It’s not that it was hard to believe it, more that I never really contemplated the idea. Once I found out that you were this big time model, I just assumed you were being a nice guy by showing me around.” I shrugged , feeling unsure of my own words. I really didn’t know how to explain my ambivalence to him. Ok change of tactic. “I mean come on, I’m sure you can have any woman you want, they are probably lining up at your door, you even have a stalker.” I joked, trying to keep the conversation as light as possible.

“Why would I ever consider that you’d be interested in me, I’m just a normal girl, I have bad jokes, i change colors like a chameleon when i’m nervous, I’m no supermodel, or actress or hotel heiress.” His lips twitched, but he remained quiet, taking it all in, his muscular arms crossed casually over his chest.

“Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think less of myself because of those things, that’s just who I’m, and I’ve always been ok with that, but why would someone with your profession and fame, be interested in someone like me, when you can date people you have more in common with. People that have knowledge of fashion and the modeling industry and have superhuman good looks.” I finished my rant with an exhale. It was just a matter of fact, we were very different people that belonged in very different worlds, coming together for a limited time. It was a fact of life that a person tended to look for a mate within their same ranks, I was most likely to end up with another lawyer or a judge or someone within that field, just as David would probably end up with another model or a fashion designer. I didn’t linger on that thought, it created an ugly feeling in my heart.

He narrows his eyes, keeping them on me, as he slowly leans forward, placing his elbows on the table and lacing his fingers together, in that usual grace and imposing demeanor that only David was capable of pulling off.

“First of all I don’t have women lining up at my door, you’ve been there and trust me, I don’t take just anyone to my flat lovely.” He said that in a serious-no room for questions-tone. causing my stomach to take a dive off a twenty story diving board. I lowered my gaze and breathed in and out. When I looked at him again there was an impish expression on his face that was way too adorable.

“Secondly I don’t go around being a nice guy to just any girl, don’t get me wrong I do think I’m a nice guy, but I would be lying If I said I didn’t have an ulterior motive in being extra nice to you.” His ulterior motive had gone completely over my head. My eyes shift slightly, waiting for him to continue and wondering how the conversation shifted to this direction.

“I like you precisely for all those reasons you just said.” His accented tone was soft as he spoke. “I’ve had my share of…debauchery and women, trust me is not like i haven’t taken advantage of my status, but I don’t consider myself a ladies man, in the manner you implied.”

A laugh bubbled up my throat and out of my mouth.

“I find that hard to believe.” I state. He gives me a knowing smirk, pursing his lips.

“Well you’d be wrong, I’m not as confident as I appear on pictures, my nature is a bit more… reserved, I would say. ” That was even harder to believe, he seemed to catch on my expression that I wasn’t buying it.

“What I do in front of a camera is easy, just a job. I find women are much more intimidating than the skimpiest undergarment.” he mused and I smiled but I felt a bit dumbfounded by that information.

David was intimidated by women? it was hard to wrap my head around that, he seemed so sure of himself, his imposing persona could easily reduce women to melted puddles of goo. He exuded sexuality and masculinity, the regal appearance he carried was something that demanded attention, he had to know that, I mean his job practically said, look at me, I’m beautiful, please feel free to swoon over me.

“I think you’re selling yourself short, I’ve seen first hand how intimidating you can be.” I could attest for the impact his magnetic eyes alone had on the opposite sex. The twin bimbos in the plane and the psycho stalker just to name a few were victims of his appeal.

“But not to you.” he says, in a questioning tone, looking directly into my eyes. Was he serious? I had to wonder, because if he honestly thought his charm didn’t affect me, there had to be something wrong with him.

I let out a short, nervous laugh. “And I would have to disagree with you on that.” lately I could barely look at him without losing my cool, and blushing like a kid, was he unaware of that very obvious detail.

“The carefree way in which you talk to me begs to differ lovely, ever since the first moment we met, that tongue of yours has lashed out at me without any holdbacks or show of intimidation.” I press my lips together feeling heat rise up and color my face. My infamous tongue had a way of getting ahead of me, always had.

“You say things exactly how you think them, I like that, it’s…” he seemed to think of his next words, then he exhaled and smirked. “It’s a breath of fresh air actually.”

“Most people don’t care much for my candor or my lashing tongue.” He grins, leaning closer.

“And I already you, I’m quite fond of that smart mouth of yours.” His eyes lowered to my lips, darkening. Oh boy, my mind went straight to the gutter, because all i could think about right now was my mouth and his mouth doing the tango.

“What I’m trying to say, is that I’ve had my share of all that, the models, actresses, I’m not sure about hotel heiresses though.” he mused, chuckling softly, bringing me out of my reverie. “and it’s always the same frivolous people that have very little care for anything else in the world, it becomes predictable and frankly quite tedious, you’re… different.”

I didn’t get it though, but suddenly Spring’s words were in my head, he likes you cause you’re different. Was that it then, he was fed up with the way women would just swoon over him, but I was in that category, I was about to swoon right now, I swooned in that flight, i passed out. How was that any different?

“I’m sorry, I..I just don’t understand, you like me because I’m…different?” I questioned, furrowing my brows, I felt that different wasn’t exactly a good thing, it sounded like a challenge, someone who didn’t fangirl over the fact that he was this big time super model. I could see the appeal in that, as cliche as it sounded.

But as I thought about it, I realized the reason didn’t really matter much, this was a summer fling nothing more, after all he was different to me as well, I argued with myself. But i was still human enough to question it.

“Yes, I suppose, if you want to sum it up.” I fidgeted in my chair not exactly sure how to take that in. He exhaled, feeling my apprehension.

“Alright.” he says leaning forward again, keeping his intense-stomach dropping -gaze on me.

“All cards on the table, It’s not complicated lovely, I LIKE you, yes, you ARE different, you’re also funny, beautiful, smart. I fancy how real and open you are, completely unafraid to say what’s on your mind, to laugh with freedom, to be spontaneous.” He keeps his steady gaze on me, as he dissects me open. “You care about substantial things, you have conviction, I admire that.”

His long arm moves towards me and he grabs my hand softly, holding onto my fingers as he speaks, the touch of his warm skin, was making it really hard to concentrate.

“Spending time with you, conversing, getting to know you, I…I’ve thoroughly enjoyed that.” I silently took in what he was telling me. My chest felt tight and my lungs needed oxygen but It was very difficult to focus on anything other than his words. I also needed to say something but I couldn’t bring myself to speak just yet.

“Lovely.” His deep tone was like honey, as he said my nickname, it felt almost like a soft caress.

“You’re so wonderfully different, any man would be crazy not to see that.” heat infused my cheeks again, and my eyes shifted nervously, I wasn’t used to having someone sing me praises, especially someone that looked like he did. I let out a long suppressed breath.

“Why didn’t you say anything at first?” I asked, finding my voice, it seemed a man interested in a woman would have made a move, sooner rather than later.

“Well i suppose I didn’t want to scare you, i enjoy spending time with you, and I didn’t mind letting things unravel on their own, it never occurred to me that you would think I had no interest in you, other than friendship.”

I flushed again, feeling young and inexperienced, something I never really thought of myself as.

“I did think you were a bit of a flirt, but I didn’t think much of it.” He laughed. “I’ve never been accused of being a flirt, if I did with you it was to gauge a reaction.” And if that was the case I could only imagine that if he were to unleash a full round of flirting he would probably have superman proportion powers that would render women catatonic, create tsunamis and awaken the most dormant volcano in the farthest regions of the earth.

“Well I figured you were just being British, you know a gentlemen, not that you were… hitting on me.”Oh god did I just say that, I closed my eyes and pushed my hair back. He laughed and deep sound reverberated against my skin.

“You’re too adorable love.” I furrowed my brows, unsure of what I did or said that could be adorable to him.

“Thank you for the compliment, but i don’t think i’m that noble.” His eyes pierced me and his voice became low and husky, only for me to hear.

“I want you too much.” Oh boy… I was rooted to the plushy chair, utterly mesmerized and honestly turned on by his words.

he chuckles again at my inept reaction, but he moves back, releasing my hand and giving me the space I need.

“You’re very direct when you want to be you know.” I retort in a shaky voice, moving my hair back from my neck, it was suddenly feeling very hot in here.

“I usually am.” he says matter of fact.

“And I do apologize if my intentions were misleading at first, it’s just that well, you did come off a bit hesitant whenever I pushed forward and I didn’t want to scare you off.” Silence stretched between us for a few beats.

Just on queue Ivan arrived with the bill, handing it to David’s waiting hand and I was glad for the intermission. I wanted to review the things David had said to me.

Everything he’d done from the moment we fatefully met again on that bar, was because he had an interest in me, showing up at my apartment in the mornings, taking me to stratford upon avon, the museums, every single gesture was to show me that he wanted more, but my god, I had done everything to convince myself that it just wasn’t true, that it couldn’t possibly mean anything other than friendship, I suddenly felt very foolish.

David handed the check back to Ivan, who quickly retreated and his attention was on me again.

“You must think i’m exceptionally clueless.” I say, in a chuckle and my gaze drops to my lap.

“I think you’re exceptionally sweet.” Oh boy… I couldn’t resist the stupid grin pulling at the corner of my mouth, as I pushed a curl away from my hot face.

“So…” I said in a croak, when I was able to get words out of my mouth.

“You like me because I’m funny and sweet and… different?” I questioned again, unable to really comprehend his me at least , those things didn’t sound attractive, then again it just might be my girl brain, it certainly wouldn’t be attractive for a man to be…what was the word, inexperienced?

He smirks as his deep eyes roam every visible part of my body in a slow, deliberate perusal, then focuses again on my face.

“Absolutely.” he drags out the word, in a languid, seductive tone that has me squirming in my chair, and struggling to breathe. He really should charge for that look, for those eyes and that tempting smile, actually it should be illegal to be that handsome. A crime of overused genetic powers.

“Lovely, I’m very fond of you, there is really not much more to it. This summer I flew back home with the intention of just taking some time off to gather my thoughts without thinking about anything, work, fashion, relationships, it was a rather aimless plan but I needed the time I unexpectedly met you and you’re all I’ve thought about from the moment we parted ways at the airport. I want to keep seeing you, I want to spend more time with you, I want to do a lot of things with you, to you but I want you to want that as well.”

I was stunned, looking at him with new eyes, the connection i felt towards him from the very moment I met him was undeniable, I could speak to this man about anything, he knew my secrets, my quirkiness, my inability to hold on my tongue and he wanted me still, just as much as I wanted him.

“Ok.” the words left my mouth but they sounded doubtful. He raised his eyebrows and slightly tilted his head to the side, the expression on his face implied that he wasn’t sure of what I was really saying.

David had indeed laid all his cards on the table for me, no hold backs, it would be only fair I do the same, he observed me quietly and there was an unease in his eyes, was he nervous about what I was thinking, did he really have doubts about what my decision, like there could be a chance in hell I walk away from him, from this thing between us, fat chance that was, but I felt empowered by the knowledge that perhaps he was as human as me, perhaps he wasn’t as assured as he seemed. I remained quietly thinking, taking it all in.

“Ok…?” He questioned, and I pressed my lips together, placing my hands on the table, I waited just a few more seconds before i spoke.

“I’ll be here for two more weeks, and I…I want to spend that time with you as well.” His smirk turned into a wide smile that creased the skin around his bright eyes. When he smiled like that it was like a yawn, contagious and irresistible.

“I don’t want you to think that my only interest is…”

“But.” I lift my index finger, cutting him off, because i really needed to say this. “It can only be a summer thing, two weeks and thats all, no complications, we both still have very different lives and very busy schedules, i don’t want false expectations.”

I had to make sure those stipulations were there, for my peace of mind and his, I wasn’t naive enough to really think this would turn into a relationship, and getting that clear and in the open would keep me level headed, and in the right track, Like Spring had said this was my summer romance, my once in a lifetime adventure, that was all.

he observed for a couple of beats with focused, piercing eyes, keeping his fingers close to his lips in a pensive expression, then his eyes soften and he spoke. He seemed as if he wanted to reproach my statement, but then his eyes soften and he smiled.

“I’ll take whatever you’re comfortable with love.” we looked at each other, silently acknowledging our agreement. The nest of butterflies in my stomach was slowly taking flight with the anticipation of things to come between us.

David stood up and walked to my side, I stared up at him, as he rounded the small table and extended his hand.

“Now lets get out of here, there is still more to this date you know.” A big smile spread my lips, as I placed my hand on his and got to my feet, ready for anything and everything he had in store for me.



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