Modeling Me Summer of David Gandy Chapter 14 Teaser

Teaser Time!!! does anyone else want to see David get just a little bit upset? You know lose his cool and cultured manner, if only slightly. Ha ha, well I know I did. 

Let me know what you think 😉

and Happy Readings.


Chapter 14 Teaser

 David’s POV


My body felt tense as a coil and I hadn’t even seen her yet. Summer-I decided-held a power over me. She stirred something awake in me, a spark that lights me up like a fireworks display. I couldn’t put a name to it, but it was strong and fierce to the point of possessiveness.


Kissing her felt like breathing air at the point of asphyxiation, welcoming and filling. I craved her touch, the sweet, addictive taste of her lips.


The bloody elevator was taking too long, I was about to take the stairs two at a time. There was something I wanted to ask her and it would be tricky getting her to agree. She was nothing if not unpredictable, which definitely kept things interesting. Nevertheless I had contingency plans if she were to put up a fight. In the last few days I’d learned how responsive she was to me. It would be a real pleasure to put those plans into action.


The elevator opened revealing an older women, she stared at me like I was crazy, must’ve been the silly smile plastered on my face. I was beginning to scare people, that was a first. I nodded at her, trying to convey courtesy and she quickly stepped around me and hastily walked off.

I shook my head with laughter, pressing the button to Summer’s floor. My heart was pounding in my chest the closer I got to her. It was as if she held an invisible thread connecting me to her, pulling me in her direction and It had been that way from the moment we met.


I knew from the very start that she was different in the most adorable way and I was intrigued by that, after getting to know her, I was completely snared by it, but I knew I had to thread carefully. She was a strong woman, beautiful and smart but there was also a sweet innocence to her, I could see it in her cheeks when she blushed that lovely shade of pink that had the power to drive me mad. It’s why I kept any physical activity between us at a minimum, which was proving to be a tedious ordeal because all I wanted to do was touch her.


Over the past few weeks, my fantasies had run away with me, conjuring up every way I wanted to be with her her, claiming every inch of her beautiful body. My god I felt like an adolescent boy all over again. Cold showers and I had become best mates.


Never the less, I didn’t want to overwhelm her. Summer kept herself guarded, she feared giving into her desires, I could respect that. More than anything I just wanted her to feel comfortable enough with me to let herself go willingly.


I was wearing her down her defenses though. There was still the issue of the time limit she’d put between us, which I was rather sure was just another one of her covers to keep her heart guarded. Truth was, I didn’t know what the future held for us and even as strongly as I felt towards her it was too soon to tell, neither one of us could make promises. I would cross that  bridge when the time came.


The doors of the elevator opened and I rushed into the hallway.


Reaching Summer’s flat, I took a few long breaths and knocked on the door. I could already picture that bright smile that lights up her face and the lovely blush on her cheeks that begs for my touch.

The door opened and my expression changed completely. What the fuck was this bloke doing here!

Hugh stood inside Summer’s flat, a cynical smile on his smug face as he took me in. My eyes moved past him and fixed on Summer who was standing a few steps behind him, looking a bit uncomfortable. She was wearing cotton shorts and a light sweater that was slipping off one shoulder. The soft curls of her hair going in every direction. She looked devastatingly sexy, I could feel certain parts of my anatomy hardening in response. Not a good thing considering a cold shower was out of the question. I wanted to push this wanker aside, grab her and live out all of my fantasies until she screamed out my name in pleasure. But first things first, just what in the bloody hell was he doing in her flat?

Oh big mystery, now what could David possibly want to ask Summer, hum?….Find out tomorrow in Chapter 14.

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