TGIF-FICTION: Summer of David Gandy Chapter 10

It’s Gandy Time



Guys thank you so much for all your wonderful comments last week, and for your thoughts on the date plans for Summer and David, I love to hear different ideas and get feedback from you guys, it helps me tremendously.

I wanted to let know that sometimes I got back to previous chapters and do some mild editing, sometimes I delete things that no longer make sense or change it up accordingly. The latest change I made is, David no longer has a dog, i decided it fits the story better, since he is so busy and all and Summer will be starting her fourth year of Law school not her third.

This chapter I felt was needed to get some perspective into Summer’s head, let me know what you think.

Happy readings

Chapter 10

In Epiphany

David dropped me off about an hour later, after I insisted I should spend a little time with my sister and that we needed to get ready for a date that evening anyways. He’d sort of resisted at first but then something seem to sink in and his expression changed with some secret understanding, I noticed he did that a lot.


My stomach felt all funny again as he walked me up and I was anticipating a goodbye kiss. He touched my face and his breathing did seem to get uneven, as he stared into my eyes but then he smirked and flicked his fingers on my chin playfully.


“I’ll see you later this evening.”


My lips fell slightly apart and i could feel my body leaning towards him, craving his touch. I breathed deeply and blinked up at him several times, that infuriating smirk lifted his cheek and his hand released my chin, slowing traveling down my neck, oh boy. I could feel my chest rising and falling faster with the passage of his fingers, until he grabbed a piece of my hair that was resting just on top of my chest, the back of his fingers skimmed the material of my dress right on the swell of my breast, it was a tiny, imperceptible touch but holy hell I felt it all the way to my core.


The he suddenly leaned into my ear and whispered.


“Remember that this evening i’m taking you on a date, because I like you and you like me.” His tone was seductive and low and playful and OH MY GOD! I seriously couldn’t breath. All I could do right now with him this close, breathing into my ear, turning my senses into mush with his unique, invigorating scent, was not fall to my knees or worse faint. He moved back and looked at me with amusement, eyebrows lifting. I exhaled feeling as if I had been holding my breath for hours. He chuckled quietly, staying very close, his mouth inches from mine, would he kiss me? I really wanted him to.


“Hum…Ok.” I whispered, breathless. His eyes shifted lower to my parted lips, darkening. We stayed like that staring at each other, mere inches apart for what seemed like an eternity at least for me, although i’m sure it was just a matter of seconds. To my dismay he didn’t kiss me, he was not going to kiss me, and the crushing disappointment slowly began to sink in.  “I’ll see you soon lovely.” Then he was gone.

It was only twelve by the time I got back to the apartment and Spring and I decided to do lunch at a cafe near by. I told her about our kiss and his admission of being oh so into me, and every even of the evening, of course Spring interrogated me to no avail. I felt as if i was being held in one of those tiny interrogation rooms in some secret bunker of the fbi or whatever other secret government branch, and was being asked the same story over and over and over again, hoping that I’d say something different.


“By the way you’re famous, you made the paper.” I turned to look at her, furrowing my eyebrows. “What?!?!”

“The paper, you and David. There is a picture of the two of you and an article which I quote, calls you his mystery girl in blue.” I felt a little stunned by that little bit of news, I didn’t know how I felt about being on the paper with David and being discussed by people everywhere. But strangely I don’t think it really bother me, I was curious to see it though. “Where is the paper, I want to see it?” she shrugged, flipping her hair and turning her face in my direction. “Back at the apartment, i forgot to show you earlier, you guys look like you’re madly in love.” she mused clapping her hands together and batting her lashes ridiculously. I laughed.


“I still can’t believe you kissed David freaking Gandy! My own sister is kissing hot as lava David Gandy, i’m so jealous.” I laughed feeling pretty elated, her excitement adding to my already worked up emotions.


“Do you know he has his own underwear line, and a commercial for it, in which he leaves very little to the imagination, I might add. I could show it to you, to give you a little preview of all that man has to offer.” I didn’t need a video to show me, I had a vivid imagination and besides that was just a character a persona he portraits, not the David I know. “No thanks.”


“Whatever, so did he taste unbelievable, were his lips soft, did he tongue you, of course he did, that man must know how to use his tongue in all the ways that make women scream out in ecstasy.” I laughed again and shook my head.


“He sure does, and yes to all of the above.” she gaped at me and her mouth was hanging open.

“You little slut.” she shouted punching my shoulder. I bounced to the side slightly. “Well you asked.” I said through a giggle.


“I told you, didn’t I tell you a million and half times that the man liked you.” I rolled my eyes knowing I would never hear the end of that and took a bite of my sandwich.


Guess everyone could see it but me, I was still feeling a bit blindsided by that and truly beginning to doubt my intellect. I couldn’t even talk to him with the same ease we used to have, what had changed? With chagrin I answered my own question. We had shared a passionate kiss, he said he wanted me, that he had wanted me since that very first day on the plane. Before that confession I had only entertained the idea, it was platonic and out of reach, and easy to ignore. Now the thought of David actually thinking of me in that way was too surreal. It made talking to him difficult because I was aware now that he was looking at me with different eyes and with a different purpose.


“What?” she furrowed her brows and popped a fry in her mouth.


I shrugged. “I don’t know…I just feel a little unsure about everything, like I don’t know why someone like him would like me.”


she snorted. “Oh please, are you serious? You’re freaking hot, you have a sexy little body and an ass that won’t quit, why wouldn’t he like you? plus you’re smart, funny, a little uptight sometimes but that’s easily overlooked by that rack.” She extends both hands and point at my chest and I swear water spilled out of my nose, I had to cough several times before I could speak again.


“You’re such a guy sometimes, I don’t know if I should be flattered or offended.”


“See this is exactly what I’m talking about, uptight. Stop over thinking things so much, embrace the fact that he likes you just because.  I’m sure a few orgasms will loosen you up a bit, how long has it been since you had sex anyways? I would have gone out of my mind already.” she continued popping fries into her mouth like if this conversation was really no big deal. But of course I couldn’t help my mind going there..Orgasms? Images of David and me in the nude rolling around in a bed doing all kinds of naughty things invaded my mind. I felt my stomach tightening in response, could I possibly be aroused just by the thought of it? Oh my god, I was, I totally was.


“Why are you blushing?” I blinked and shifted in my seat, grabbing for my water again, she quickly bores and moves on, not waiting for an answer.


“The man has only being at your beck and call for the last two weeks, serving as your personal chauffeur and tour guide and now he’s actually taking you on a real date to romance you, what other confirmation do you need.” She had a point.  “Oh and the fact that he took you to his house, come on,  do you really need it spelled out for you? forget about why he likes you, the fact is, he does.”


I shrugged again and shook my head. “Spring it’s just a little scary, I’ve never done anything like this in my life, the wildest thing i’ve ever done is not a return a library book and ok, I admit it, I do like him, i mean I really like him and is not like I don’t know I’m pretty and yeah i’m sure any other regular guy could find me appealing and attractive, and I could easily accept that, I don’t have low self esteem issues but come on, this is David, he is a freaking model, he looks like Suess’ son had a kid with aphrodite then was put on earth for his parents to brag about, and his life revolves around other hot models and actresses and girls that easily take attractive to another level, girls that wouldn’t act like a nervous chiwawa around him, so yeah I do have to wonder why he would bother with me.”


I finished, taking a long breath and slouching back on the chair.


“Have you thought that perhaps that’s why he likes you, because you’re different, because having so much of what you just said can get boring and predictable and monotonous, people get tired of the same routine.” I looked at my little sister in wonder.


“Sis, man like the chase, they want what they cannot have, it’s a known fact, they’ve done research on this trust me.” Man were extremely weird creatures, that was my conclusion. He liked me because i was different?


she leaned forward placing her elbows on the table causing the silverware to rattle against the plates.


“Don’t you want to look back at your life and be able to say that you had one unbelievable summer in London with a super-out of this world-hot guy, that can probably make you scream his name while coming and rock your panties off, you said yourself you’ve done nothing remotely wild in your life, this is your chance to live it up, to throw all your fears and inhibitions out the window and dive head first into his bed.”


I did want to jump into his bed with him on top of me.  I exhaled, feeling inept. “Spring the only guy i’ve been with is Derek and that was almost three years ago.” She made a gagging sound. “I’m nervous that i won’t…” I lowered my gaze, embarrassed that my little sister knew more about all of this than i did.

“That I won’t know what i’m doing.” she smiled with sympathy.

“Don’t worry is just like riding a bicycle, you don’t forget it.” I smiled back but it was strained. Neither of us spoke for a few seconds.


“Did you enjoy it with Derek, i mean did you come?” My eyes got so wide I was afraid they might pop out of my head. “Shh, not so loud Spring Jeez.” she made an apologetic expression and sank her head between her shoulders.

“Sorry.” I looked around making sure no one was looking at us. “So?”

“I..I think I did.” I said feeling flustered, was I really having this conversation with my sister.

“You think, you did.” her tone sounded doubtful.

“Honey if you think! you did, that’s a no and if you did, it obviously didn’t make any kind of lasting impression.” I shrugged feeling very exposed. “Please tell me again why you were with him for so long?” She asked sarcastically, I ignored that.


“So what’s your point?”


“My point is that my 23 year old sister, hasn’t had a real orgasm and that’s just sad, do you know how good it is to have sex with a guy that you really like, a guy that knows how to turn you on and that’s really hot, it makes for an explosive orgasm that leaves you shaking in bliss.” Derek had never left me shaking in bliss that’s for sure. He was more like a minute man, and i didn’t have a lot of experience but i knew enough to know that it took more dedication and effort to please a woman, and patience was not one of his virtues.


“Don’t you want to experience that? Don’t you want to be fun Summer and erase that most dreadful of sex experiences with-Gag-Derek, the cold fish that’s too into himself to be concerned with knowing how to please a woman.


I really did, but I didn’t care about Derek, I wanted David, I wanted to experience all of that with him, i wanted to have him touch me in ways I’ve never been touched and I knew he could because he had already kissed me like I had never been kissed before.


“I see that look on your face, i know you want that sexy beast on you.” she mused wiggling a finger in my direction and a wide smile on her displaying on her lips.


i couldn’t help smiling because that was the truth, but it didn’t take away from the other stuff, god I was getting annoyed with myself.


“Ok but, i don’t have time Spring, like you said, i’m totally busy with school and I really don’t need complications.”


“Well is not like he is asking you to marry him, Summer it’s just two people that like each other giving into their passions. My suggestion is to just go with it, enjoy it, and don’t think about it, and don’t worry about your lack of experience, if he knows what he’s doing and I’m willing to bet my cute tushy that the man really knows how to rock the boat, then you have nothing to worry about, he will take charge and your body will instinctively respond, it’s basic chemistry, aren’t you the smart one?”


“I thought I was, guess my little sister is proving me wrong.” I groan. “So your suggestion is to just sleep with him without a care in the world.” I sound sort of outraged with the idea.


“Yes, that is exactly what you should do. Be like a cat.” I lift my eyebrows at her knowing I would regret asking my next question. “A cat?” I exclaim.


“Yes a cat, cats have no fear.” i press my lips together to keep from bursting into laughter. “Spring, haven’t you ever heard the expression, don’t be a scaredy-cat, that comes from the fact that cats do actually get scared.” I say matter of fact.


“Okay, bad choice of words, what i meant was that you have to be as brave as a cat, they might feel fear but they conquer it, jumping from great heights, holding their ground against larger predators, and it might be a big show, out of fear but they do it because they know there is no other way down and because putting up a show sometimes is the one thing that can save you, so yeah, you have to be like a cat, show no fear, no matter how much bigger and badder something may seem, my point is don’t be a scaredy-cat.” I looked at her intently for a few seconds, deciphering what the hell she’d just said, that was oddly enough making some kind of disturbing sense, oh no, it was rubbing off, her craziness. I chewed my food slowly still looking at her, she rolled her eyes and exhaled loudly.


“Okay look, you have almost three more weeks here right? I say forget about all your doubts and tell that crazy mind of yours to shut the fuck up and just enjoy the summer with David and don’t think, don’t analyze,  just feel, let yourself your body feel for once in your life. Whatever happens after that, is nothing you need to worry about now. Think about it as a sort of adventure.”


In a weird way it did make sense, after all, all you could really do in life is deal with the problem at hand, I didn’t know what the future held but I did know that at this very moment in my life I wanted David and that wasn’t going to change by ignoring it, if anything it was only getting stronger. I could have an epic summer romance, because deep inside I knew I had taken this summer off, not only to visit my sister but to do something different, to have an adventure, I just never imagined it would come in the form of an insanely gorgeous model. I did want more, I wanted everything with him, the entire package, pun intended.  I would have the rest of my life to be the cautious, over thinker, rational girl I was. My mom and my sister were right about one thing, I so did not want to look back at my life and wished I could have done something different, be someone brave and exciting and right now I wanted David, and he wanted me, the reasons didn’t matter.


Right then and there I decided that’s all i was going to think about for the next two and a half weeks of my life. That realization hit me like an epiphany, the sudden excitement and resolute I felt, had me giddy and elated. I smiled feeling a weight lift off my shoulders.


“You know you’re gonna have to give me every little detail when you do sleep with him right, I don’t care how weird it is or how embarrassing, I will harass you until you spill every last bean.” I raised my hands in surrender. “I wouldn’t have it any other way.”


It was now five in the afternoon and I was just getting out of the shower, David texted me earlier, saying that he would be at my door at precisely six thirty.


I had one last dress that I hadn’t worn, it was actually one of my favorite evening dresses I owned. A very pale pink number, fitted all the way past my hips, then slightly flaring to mid-thigh. The square neckline and tiny cap sleeves sat low on my shoulders,exposing my neck and the top of my chest. It was simple but very feminine and classy. The only accessory was a thin belt made from the same material as the dress and a tiny studded buckle, right at the waist. I loved this dress, it made me feel pretty and sexy and confident.


“Well check you out, hot mama! Again, why couldn’t I have your ass and hips?” I turned to look at Spring who was now standing in the doorway to my room, looking at me with a sour, frowny face.


“You have the long, svelte figure that models and ballerinas envy.” I retort walking across the room to the vanity.


“Yeah twerk them hips girl, David is going to love grabbing onto those sexy curves.”


“I’m not twerking anything.” she walks inside the room and throws herself on the bed, landing on her stomach then leaning up on her elbows.


“So do you think, you’ll do the deed tonight?” she asked, in a dubious, excited tone, making air quotes on the word deed.


My stomach did a flip at the thought. I was trying not to get ahead of myself though, I was just going to take it a day at a time. Whatever happened, happened.


“I…I don’t know.” a big smile spread across her face. “What?” I say raising my eyebrows.


“Look at you already accepting the idea of sleeping with him, I’m so proud.” she gushed.


“Shut up.” I laughed, but I did feel a strong determination about the idea of going all the way with David, of really letting loose, it felt strangely…freeing.


I applied a little bit of make up, keeping it natural and simple, in tuned with the dress, I relied mainly on eyeliner and mascara, to me those two things were like a girl’s best friend when it came to make-up.


“I’m just saying, and by the way i hope you’re wearing sexy lingerie, guys like sexy lingerie, they like to rip it with their teeth.”


“Spring, can I borrow your hair curler.” I asked ignoring her dirty, little comments. Besides I was pretty sure I wouldn’t sleep with him tonight, I thought. The muscles in my lower belly constricted though.


“Fine” she grumbled, sliding off the bed and leaving the room, she returned minutes later with the curler.


“By the way mom wants you to call her, I talked to her this morning, and she said that she hasn’t heard from you in weeks, you know she’ll show up at your door unannounced.”


“Ok, ok, I’ll call her, jeez is like i have two moms, oh I forgot to tell you, that my sexy neighbor from the other night dropped by earlier, looking for you.” That got my attention.


“What? Who…Hugh?” I questioned in surprise.


“Yes Hugh, he said he ran into you at the charity and that he wanted to talk to you about dinner.” Oh no, I had completely forgotten.


“You’re going to dinner with him?” She questioned.


“No of course not, he asked me and I didn’t get a chance to say no, I guess he still wants an answer.”


I was a little surprised at his persistence, but there was no chance of that happening, I wasn’t attracted to Hugh and frankly he seemed like a nice guy, but I hadn’t like the way he was trying to antagonize David, he had been subtle about it but I picked up on it and if those two had issues, I sure as hell wasn’t going to get in the middle of it.


“I think David doesn’t like him.”


“They met?” she furrowed her brows but interest peaked her tone.


“It turns out they actually know each other from before, but there was a lot of tension there. Definitely not on friendly terms and David was less than thrilled to learned that he lives here.”


“Really, you already have two guys battling it out for you, damn girl you must be doing something right after all.”


“Can you help me with the back of my hair is too long, i really need a hair cut.”


“So if you’re not gonna take him up on the dinner offer, should I?” i glanced at her to see if she was serious.


“Really, you’d go out with him knowing that he asked me out?” She shrugged. “Why not, is not like you slept with him and he is hot, one of us should.” I rolled my eyes.


“Spring, I don’t think that’s a good idea, of course you can do whatever you want but I don’t want him to use you or something.” she laughed  a sarcastic laugh.

“Use me? more like the other way around, I would use him honey, use him and abuse him and ride him until I’ve had my fill.”


I exhaled, I hated to interfere in Spring’s life but sometimes she did worry me with that sex-crazed mind set of hers, it was a bit much, then again what did I really know, maybe I was the one with the issues.


“Spring weren’t you with a guy last night and the night before that, please tell me it was the same guy at least.”


She curled the back of my hair as I stared at her through the mirror.


“No, it wasn’t the same guy, they usually aren’t Summer, I just have fun.” I stared at her dumbfounded, I didn’t know what to say, but I knew that was bad, it wasn’t normal and i was suddenly very curious about why she felt the need to be that way.


“All done.” She said excitedly. “You look amazing, I think David is lucky to have you and he knows it too, now is your turn to believe it.” She said earnestly, to my reflection in the mirror in front of us.


“Thanks, you know I love you right.” I responded, turning to look at her. “Oh don’t get all mushy on me.” Her fingers ran over my hair smoothing out the curls. “I love you too.”


she had quickly and effectively changed  topics on me, a very Spring thing to do. When it came to other people’s business she was all over it, but when it came to her own life, that was always on her terms. I would respect that.


“Now, i’m going to read you the rules, as your younger, more experienced sister. Don’t eat anything too sloppy like crabs or ribs, really that’s just too messy and disgusting for a date.”


I laugh. Thinking about how bizarre this whole interchange was, I was supposed to be the older, wiser sister, but I guessed that only applied to my ability to be responsible and level headed in life, my younger sister was the savvy one when it came to dating and men.


“Laugh at everything he says, men are suckers for that, make sure you make at least one trip to the bathroom, so that he can watch you twerk that sexy ass of yours away and drool while he’s at it.” I chuckled, not feeling all of her rules, not when it came to David anyways, but I would indulge her.


“Got it.”


“Oh and most importantly give him one hell of a blow job, I mean like suck him until he has nothing left.”


“Spring!!!” I shout, appalled. She laughs so hard that her body doubles over and she braces herself on her knees.


“You’re too easy, but really at least give him a hand job, you know under the table, it’ll totally mess with his head, both of his heads.”


“You are seriously twisted little sis, you know that?” that makes her laugh harder.


“And you’re seriously too naive for your own good.” What was that supposed to mean.

You trust people. I heard David’s voice in my head.


A knock at the front door startled us both, Spring squeaked and my heart went somewhere near cardiac arrest.


I was about to go open the door when i noticed I my lack of shoes, Spring sprinted ahead of me. I hastily went to the closet and grabbed my pointy toe, beige pumps that strapped at the ankles. Taking one last look in the mirror, I noticed my eyes were wide with excitement and there was no hiding the pink color of my cheeks, I looked like I had run three miles without taking a break or was just learning how to apply blush. I took a few deep, calming breaths, which didn’t really help my nerves, then I realized something, I wasn’t really nervous, I was just-jump out of my skin and crawl on the ceiling-excited. I was going on a date with David, a real date, and he would kiss me and I would enjoy every minute of it, I was feeling almost euphoric. Liking what I saw I ran a few fingers through my hair to break apart the curls and separated the top to one side. Ok, time to face the music, time to let loose. I was not going to be a nervous chiwawa anymore. This morning I woke up, having a million questions, and feeling all kinds of confused and uncertain. Now, ten hours later I felt different, determined and willing to take a chance with David. This was my adventure, my one chance to do something wild and spontaneous, this was my summer to remember.

Thank you for reading.

Next chapter will be the big date and things will definitely changed between Summer and David.


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