BEST KIND OF BROKEN Launch Day Blitz with Author Q&A, EXCERPT and signed GIVEAWAY!


I’m super excited to bring you the paperback Launch Day Blitz for Best Kind of Broken by the lovely Chelsea Fine. This story was a top fave read for me last year and a definite must read. You will fall in love with Pixie and Levi.

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Best Kind of Broken synopsis:

BEST KIND OF BROKEN by Chelsea Fine (January 13, 2015; Forever Trade Paperback; $12.00)
Pixie Marshall wishes every day she could turn back time and fix the past. But she can’t. And the damage is done. She’s hoping that a summer of free room and board working with her aunt at the Willow Inn will help her forget. Except there’s a problem: the resident handyman is none other than Levi Andrews. The handsome quarterback was once her friend-and maybe more-until everything changed in a life-shattering instant. She was hoping to avoid him, possibly forever. Now he’s right down the hall and stirring up feelings Pixie thought she’d long buried . . .

Levi can’t believe he’s living with the one person who holds all his painful memories. More than anything he wants to make things right, but a simple “sorry” won’t suffice-not when the tragedy that scarred them was his fault. Levi knows Pixie’s better off without him, but every part of him screams to touch her, protect her, wrap her in his arms, and kiss away the pain. Yet even though she’s so close, Pixie’s heart seems more unreachable than ever. Seeing those stunning green eyes again has made one thing perfectly clear-he can’t live without her.

It’s late, and most of the inn guests are already asleep.

I wait until I hear the TV click on in Levi’s room before I start plugging everything I own into the wall.

We argued today. We avoided each other. And aside from the weird look we exchanged in the hallway this morning and our little spat in front of Zack, everything is back to normal.

Which means I owe Levi for the cold shower I had to take.

I turn everything on and the lights go out. I hear the TV die in the next room and crawl onto my bed with a smile.

“Pixie!” Levi’s irritated voice rings through the walls and I’m feeling happier than a mature person should.

I hear stomping, and then he opens my bedroom door. Just opens it. Like he has the right to just waltz into my room. I could be naked in here; he doesn’t know.

“You’re going out to the fuse box this time.” He steps inside, and now he’s standing just a few feet away, pointing his finger at me.

I’m on the bed, trying to look casual, like lying in the dark playing games on my phone is perfectly normal. The only light in the room is coming from the glow of my phone and the half-moon outside, so we both look blue and soft. And in the blue softness, I see he’s shirtless.

I see Levi without a shirt on almost every morning, but I’ve never seen him half-naked in the dark, and something about it makes my body feel electric.

“Not going to happen,” I say.

He steps closer. “Well, I sure as hell am not marching outside to turn the power back on.”

I shrug. “Fine with me. I don’t need electricity tonight. I can watch TV on my fully charged phone.” I wiggle said phone at him.

He sighs. “You don’t understand. I was looking up the contact information for an alarm company I found so I can call and schedule the installation tomorrow. I need the Internet, Pix.”

“Then use your phone.”

“My phone is dead.”

The boy never charges anything. He almost makes the whole fuse-blowing thing too easy.

“Well, that’s too bad. I guess you’re going to have to turn the electricity back on after all.” I pretend to be very interested in my game.

“Let me use your phone. Just for a minute.”


“Come on. It’s for Ellen.” He implores me with a pouty face I’ve seen him use on his mom a dozen times.

I scoff. “Please.”

“Dammit, Pixie.” The pout is gone.

“Maybe tomorrow you’ll remember to charge your own phone. Or hey, better yet, maybe you’ll let me have a hot shower.” I make a big production of pressing random buttons on my phone.

He slumps his shoulders like he’s accepting defeat, then whips out his arm

and tries to swipe the phone from my hands. Sneaky bastard.

I pull my phone back and kick at him with my foot, but he grabs my ankle—because I’m not exactly a ninja with my kicking skills—and then we both freeze.

Because now I’m leaning back on the bed with my legs spread apart, and he’s got one hand on my ankle and the other on the bed next to my hip where he was reaching for my phone, and his body is in between my legs, which are completely bare except for the tiny gym shorts I have on, and my right arm is raised over my head with my cell phone still out of his reach, but my back is arched and my shirt has come up so my stomach is completely exposed and I’m hot all over.

Hot. Heat. Everywhere.

I mean, really. We look like we’re in the middle of having sex, but with clothes on. My body knows this. His body knows this. And our bodies are really, really happy about this.

He’s looking at me with nothing in his eyes except want. And I like it. No, I love it.

This must show on my face because his hand—still wrapped around my ankle—moves up my leg an inch, and he watches my reaction.

I try not to react because, hell, he can’t win. He can’t just be asshole Levi all day long and then climb into my bed at night and touch me wherever he pleases.

Ugh. Yes he can.

I part my lips and he slowly, slowly slides his warm hand up my calf and, holy hell, I could orgasm right here. I might, actually.

My calf.

My calf.

He’s touching my calf and I’m more turned on than I’ve ever been in my life.

His hand shifts again, and the only thought in my head is, Go higher, go higher.

Please, dear God, go higher.


 **Author Q&A**

We’d like to welcome Chelsea fine to the Breakfast Blog. First congrats on the paperback release of Best Kind of Broken and second, are you sure you’re not a model? Look at this picture, you are so beautiful! I think you should serve as a cover model for your next novel 😉

4984399 Website** Facebook **Twitter** Goodreads

Chelsea lives in Phoenix, Arizona, where she spends most of her time writing stories, painting murals, and avoiding housework at all costs. She’s ridiculously bad at doing dishes and claims to be allergic to laundry. Her obsessions include: superheroes, coffee, sleeping-in, and crazy socks. She lives with her husband and two children, who graciously tolerate her inability to resist teenage drama on TV and her complete lack of skill in the kitchen.

1. I adore Pixie’s quirky personality, was her character inspired by someone in real life?

Haha. She’s kind of modeled after my friend, Samantha. Sam is smart and silly, and sometimes rambles when she’s excited or nervous. And she’s so funny! Samantha totally cracks me up. She was a perfect inspiration for Pixie.

2. Most of the characters in Best Kind of Broken are awesome, one of which is Zack Arden. Will you be writing a story about him in the future?

I certainly hope so! I loved writing Zack’s character. He was so easy to slip into. He’s silly, fun, and charming. I feel like I’m friends with him in real life, you know? Haha. I’d love to write a story about him falling in love with Amber (who’s a minor character in book two, Perfect Kind Of Trouble). I think they’d make a fun couple. I just need to get some serious typing done this year so I can whip up their story. Fingers crossed! 😉

3. “So yeah. I’m broken. I have sexual ADD or something.” Where do you come up with all the humorous banter, does it come naturally to you? I absolutely loved it, I kept giggling like an infatuated teenager, several times laughing out loud, which made the people around me give me -you’re a weirdo-looks.

Um…is it weird if I say YES? Haha. Apparently, awkward and bizarre humor is a natural instinct of mine. Who knew? Oh, wait. I DID. Why? Because most of the crazy things Pixie says in the book are things I’ve actually said, out loud, in real life. Which makes ME the weird-o. Not you. Haha. I’m so nerdy in person. I’m like this hyper, chatty, squirrel with a short attention span. I say crazy things and then I make my characters say them later on. Really, my books are more like embellished chronicles of my daily life. #truestory

4. What was your favorite scene to write in Best Kind of Broken?

My favorite dramatic scene to write was the one where Pixie and Levi are lying in the lavender field at night, staring at the stars because they’re remembering something sad. BUT…my favorite light-hearted scene to write (since we’ve already established that I’m nerdy with my humor) was the one where Pixie is making out with Matt but keeps getting distracted. Here’s an excerpt:

Before I know it, our shirts are gone and his hand moves down my rib cage as he settles on top of me, trailing kisses along my neck. I stare down his broad back and frown. I should probably do something here, like sink my nails into his shoulder blades or grab his butt or something.


I slowly flatten my palms against his back in a symmetrical way and try to relax my arms. Why is he always so warm? And why the frack is he still sucking on my neck?

He just ate popcorn and now he’s tonguing my throat and leaving a trail of buttery germs in his wake. And I swear to God his scruffy jaw is going to rub my skin raw.

The butter germs start to spread lower as my eyes wander back to his desk. There’s not even a pen out of place. Left-brained artists are so weird. Should I have my eyes closed? Why is he breathing so hard?

Focus, Pixie. Focus.

Is that a piece of gum on his ceiling?

My eyes flutter a bit as his hand glides over my thigh and up between my legs. My skirt has ridden up so I’m pretty much just lying here in my panties, holding on to his overly warm back as his jeans press against the inside of my legs.

He brings his popcorn tongue up to my mouth and kisses me deeply. I force my eyes shut and try to concentrate on kissing him back as the scruff on his jaw scratches against my face like a bristle brush. I just know my face is going to be all red after this. Maybe I’ll buy him a new razor. But not an electric one. Those aren’t always reliable.

Who invented electric razors? What guy was shaving his face one day and thought, You know what this flat knife against my throat needs? A battery. Perhaps I should invent a razor with a cord—

He yanks back from me and sits up on his knees with a frustrated exhale.

“What?” I sit up and cover my boobs. “What’s wrong?”

I notice his hair looks perfectly styled, not a single blond strand out of place. Aren’t people supposed to have messed-up hair after sex—or almost sex? That’s probably my fault. Shoot. I need to remember to mess up his hair.

He runs a hand over his mouth. “Maybe I should ask you.”

“Uh…” I glance at his spotless desk again.

“You’re not into this.”

“Yes I am,” I say quickly. Too quickly. “Sex. Let’s do this.” I roll my hips in an embarrassingly unflattering way and clap my hands together like I’m breaking up a

football huddle. Go team, go!

Haha. I loved writing that scene because I’ve thought those very same things while making out. I’d be kissing a guy, but couldn’t seem to keep my thoughts from wandering to the most ridiculous things. But that’s me. The ADD squirrel.

5. The day Pixie and Levi kissed in the shed, what would have happened if the accident hadn’t occurred, what was Levi’s next move?

Oooh, this is a fun question! I think Levi would have tentatively tried to move things forward with Pixie, but I don’t think they would have immediately jumped into a serious relationship. I think they would have explored their new attraction to each other for a few dates before realizing that, you know, they were crazy in love with one another.

Well now I just want to be best friends with you Chelsea . Thank you for answering our questions and for creating such an unforgettable story.






Maybelis L. Interviews the lovely Tammara Webber with SIGNED GIVEAWAY!!!



Tammara Webber

Tammara Webber

Twitter Ι Facebook Ι Website



We’d like to Welcome NY Times and USA Today Best selling author of Easy, Breakable and Between The Lines, Tammara Webber. She was kind enough to take time from her busy schedule and answer some of our questions. Thank you so much for granting us an interview. The Breakfast Blog is honored to have you.



1. I know your son is the male voice on some audio versions of a few books including Breakable, will you consider using him as a cover model in any of your future books? He is quite the looker 😉 Thank you. Zachary is an NYU Tisch grad and is pursuing an acting career in LA. He’s been in a handful of indie films and has more work scheduled. He’s not interested in modeling… although he IS actually on the cover of one of my books. (That was done as a favor to his mom.) good looking and nice, sounds like the perfect book boyfriend.

2. Is Lucas’ tragic past inspire by real events? Yes and no.The whole “home invasion” thing scares the daylights out of me. My grandfather was murdered on his front porch (and his home was robbed). The perpetrators were never caught. The actual events in EASY were a product of nightmares, imagination, and reading a lot of horrible news stories.

3. In Breakable, the character of Boyce grew on me. Is there a possibility of him getting his own story? I’ll be talking to my agent and editors very soon about what’s next. I’m gonna take that as a YES!!!

4. What do you think the relationship with the father would have been like if Landon had been a girl? His father shut down because of his own loss. If Landon had been a girl, I think the move would have just occurred sooner – he would have been more proactively protective and afraid of leaving her alone in that house, ever.

5. There is a two year gap between Easy and Breakable, why the long wait? Was there always a plan for Landon’s story? I have a four-book series, BETWEEN THE LINES – three of which were published before EASY. (Two of these were complete when I gave up my search for an agent and self-published the first one in May 2011.) I’d planned to finish the series with a fourth book, but Jacqueline’s story pushed through my consciousness and wouldn’t let go, so I set the fourth BTL book aside to write EASY. 

When I self-published EASY (May 2012), sales went insane immediately. I was taken by surprise at the response. My social media/email duties grew from an hour or so per day M-F to 4-5 hours/day, every day. I was overwhelmed trying to keep up with email from agents, foreign publishers, people wanting interviews and writers wanting advice, in addition to a hugely increased amount of email from readers.

My first publishing contract was with Penguin UK (September 2012). They acquired the rights to the BTL series (three complete books plus one not yet begun), plus EASY and the untitled book that became BREAKABLE. My contract with Penguin US followed a month later (October 2012) for EASY and that TBD book. Both publishers reissued the previously self-published books as if they were brand new – new copyedits and pass pages, new PR and blog tours (which I’d never done).

I owed the first draft of BTL 4 to Penguin UK in spring 2013, after which there were the usual edits, etc. We published HERE WITHOUT YOU (BTL 4) simultaneously (I kept the BTL series self-pubbed in North America) in August 2013. At that point, I began writing BREAKABLE in earnest. It was turned in to my US and UK publishers at the end of December 2013. I’ve been assured by my agents and editors that a four-month turnaround from manuscript acceptance to publication is a crazy-fast time period, and that most authors have to wait a year to two years from the point of accepted draft to published book.

Between May 2011 and May 2014, I published six books. Your story is an inspiration to us all, Easy was one of the first NA books I read back in 2012 and it definetly remains a favorite of mine. I have BETWEEN THE LINES in my TBR, sounds like another amazing series.

6. Why did you make Lucas an artist? What inspired that particular talent for the character? I know a handful of mechanical engineers; they’re all artists in one way or another. Some of them only sketch mechanical things while others incorporate architectural objects and/or people. Lucas’s mother was a painter and his father was an analytical guy. He was a child who took a bit from each parent, blending the artistic with the mathematical – my youngest is like that, so it wasn’t difficult to imagine.  I love drawing, only as a past time I never consider it for a career so I was able to relate to Lucas.

7.Why was Jacqueline so patient with Lucas in Easy? He did seem a little hot and cold at times. She was a patient girl – a little too patient sometimes – with Kennedy, with her mother, with her HS friends who became best friends with each other. She was always taking a back seat to what someone else wanted or needed, even while she chafed under doing so. She needed to get to the point where she wouldn’t do that. Where she would demand to be put first. You know I usually can’t relate to girls like that, but Jaqueline is such a sweet and kind character, she really wins you over, I loved that she was able to find her inner strengh and go after what she wanted.

8. What is your favorite part to write in a book and what is the hardest part to write? All of them are different.

9. I have read in other interviews that you read a lot of YA and Paranormal, what made you decide to write NA, and will you ever consider writing in another genre? There was no NA when I began writing it. I simply called it “Mature YA.” I’ve always preferred 17/18-year old characters when I read YA, and it made no sense to me that YA couldn’t branch a little further into early college. I began writing BTL in 2009, with main characters 17-20 – but the MCs were Hollywood actors. I was working as an undergrad advisor at the time. When I began writing EASY in late 2011, it was exactly what I wanted to write. Funny how things work themselves out 🙂

10. What is your favorite NA, YA, Paranormal and Dystopian book? I have too many favorites to narrow them down. I always tell people to go look at my Goodreads reviews, which I’ve become too busy to do in the past year. I still read when I can, of course. I really miss writing reviews, but the best ones took several hours to write, and I just don’t have the time anymore.

11.The poem that Lucas has tattooed on his body in memory of his mother is quite beautiful, in the book it says his mom wrote it for his dad, did you write it yourself? Yes – I wrote it in August of 2010. It’s actually in my blog as a post (titled “Absence”). I woke up with it in my head, blogged it, and didn’t put it into poem form until EASY. When I created Lucas – I knew he was the product of an analytical father and an artistic mother who appreciated and loved each other just as they were. I remembered the thing I’d written and searched my blog for it. Well it’s definetly beautiful and fitting to the story.

12. What’s your favorite quality/characteristic about Jacqueline and Lucas? Jacqueline is forgiving, and though that characteristic could leave her playing a doormat for the wrong person – with the right person, it was an amazing gift. Lucas is protective, to the point that he was willing to be whatever she needed him to be, even if that meant he wouldn’t get what he most wanted – to be more than a rebound guy.  It’s true that when you find the right person, you bring out the best in each other and that’s what I felt Jacqueline and Lucas did, they brought out the best in one another.

13.You touch strong subjects in both Easy and Breakable: rape, drugs, loss, bullying, guilt and did an amazing job of helping your characters rise above their circumstances. What advice would Lucas and Jacqueline give to anyone going through the same issues? The advice Lucas gives Jacqueline, and she gives back to him – it wasn’t your fault. And also, talk to someone. A trusted someone is good for a start, but a professional someone is necessary for most of us to get past traumatic issues from our past, so they won’t keep tripping us up in the future.

14. Is there a song that you relate as Jacqueline and Lucas’ song? HARDLINERS by Holcombe Waller. (There’s a line from the song in EASY, when Lucas and Jacqueline are listening to his iPod together. I wrote to Holcombe to ask permission to include that line, and he was thrilled that I’d found inspiration from it. It’s a beautiful, haunting love song, and I love the music video as well.) WOW, that’s wonderful, it’s unbelievable how inspiring music can be.

15.How did u come up with the title for Easy? That’s actually a funny/strange story. I initially pictured the rumors Buck spreads about Jacqueline – that she’s “easy” – as more important to the story line than they became. Once I got farther into the writing process, those rumors were far less important than Jacqueline becoming stronger, her love story with Lucas, and the threat of actual harm from Buck. The rumors were clutter; I took them out (with exception of a couple of parts you can find if you look). By that time, I’d done the cover & title reveal. Loved the twist and to be honest when I was first saw the book as a recommendation on my Nook I did think it referred to the girl being easy 😉

16. Any other projects in the works? I’m brainstorming and researching now. I do a lot of both of these before I ever begin writing. 

17.Which point of view was harder to write Jacqueline’s or Lucas’? Lucas’s – not because he was difficult to write, per se, but because (1) BREAKABLE came second (I couldn’t change anything or revise the story from EASY at all) and (2) the dual POV in BREAKABLE was technically difficult. From a strict emotional level, EASY was very difficult for me. I’m a rape survivor, and revisiting those feelings was difficult, even if Jacqueline’s situation was different from mine. Yeah I can see that, and wow Tammara I had no idea you were a rape survivor, all the more power to you.

18.  Finally because we are the breakfast blog if you could have breakfast with anyone and ask him/her anything, who would it be and what would you ask? I would love to have my grandfather and my brother back for a day, so I could be sure they knew how much I loved them and how much I miss them. They were both wonderful, funny men, and my life was so much better because of them. I dedicated BREAKABLE to my grandfather, and GOOD FOR YOU (BTL 3) to my brother, who died from complications from AIDS in 2007. My advice to anyone reading this has been said a million times, but it bears repeating – make sure you tell people you love that you love them. Often.  

Thank you for sharing so much with us Tammara, you are a truly talented and wonderful person. I love your honesty 😉 and look forward to reading more of your amazing stories.


Check out her books here


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Schedar G. Interviews Georgina Guthrie

 photo f0dd0ea9-1d3c-4d44-ae5d-0f02b65e307a_zpsc891627d.png

Georgina Guthrie

Twitter * Facebook * Website 



Some people would think that Shakespeare is nothing but an ancient writer who only wrote sad, tragic stories…. Those people would be dead wrong and perhaps should get to reading The Weight of Words. I was introduced to the lovely Georgina Guthrie and her addicting writing through none other than Sylvain Reynard and Twitter. I am so glad I was introduced to this amazing lady who wrote a fun and sexy book around none other than… Shakespeare. Needless to say we became totally addicted to this story, and Daniel and Guthrie’s words. We couldn’t be more excited to have Miss Georgina Guthrie here at the Breakfast Blog to answer some of our questions.

Thanks so much for having me. Let me state for the record, that breakfast is my favourite meal of the day, especially a good old English fry-up! Yum! 🙂 It is us who thank you. We are so happy to have you! (Calls waiter over and orders an English fry-up)



1. You started writing this story as Fan Fic. What made you decide to publish it?

I am not an impulsive person. I put a hell of a lot of thought into the decision to publish. Ultimately, I suppose after spending over three years creating and working on the story—putting my heart and soul into every chapter, I wanted to have something tangible to hold in my hands and say: “I did this. I created this.” It’s been one of the most fulfilling experiences of my life.  

2. Is this the first story you’ve ever written? I’ve always written in journals, and I’ve had the odd piece of non-fiction published, but I haven’t written fiction since I was in high school.

3. What made you write a book revolving around Shakespeare? What is your favorite Shakespeare quote?

From the outset, I knew I wanted to write a story set at U of T. My memories of my university days are wonderful and it’s been such a joy revisiting them. Writing a story with an academic setting requires some field of academia. You often hear the advice “write what you know.” (I’d amend that: Write what you know and love). I have a pretty good handle on Shakespeare’s work, and I adore the man. No brainer. 😉   Asking me for my favourite line of Shakespeare is like asking a mother which of her children she loves best. Can’t do it. LOL.

4. What is your favorite scene in the whole book?

I think the dinner party at the Grants’ house, when Daniel arrives unexpectedly is a wonderful turning point. But I also love the revelation scene at the Gardiner Museum, when Daniel’s wall comes crashing down.  One of the things I love most about him is his vulnerability, and this scene showcases that nicely. (The outtake written from his point of view after that scene is also wonderful. He’s such a sensitive soul.) The chapter I worked the hardest on, though, is the Antony and Cleopatra tutorial. I quite like the way that turned out.   GG, I have to be honest and say that I thoroughly blushed as I read the scene where Daniel tries to teach Aubrey to play Snooker… Man it got hot in my house, LOL!

5. Sometimes the relationship between Aubrey and Matt comes across like Matt has feelings for Aubrey… Was it always rebound for him or does he feel deeper for her?

I think Matt’s feelings of affection for Aubrey get muddied by circumstance and opportunity. He’s definitely rebounding, and just because you care about someone, and then an opportunity arises for things to become physical, that doesn’t mean it’s a good idea to pursue a romantic entanglement. I’m glad they pulled things back. He’s a wonderful friend.

6. The notion of jealousy is touched in this book a lot… Did you feel like the characters were possessive by nature or that the circumstances they were in were in fact the ones making them that way?

Daniel’s jealousy is complicated.  I don’t think he’s necessarily possessive, but I do think he’s desperate to hold on to Aubrey and frustrated by the limitations being imposed on them. Knowing he can’t flout regulations and throw himself wholeheartedly into their relationship naturally makes him envious of the easy relationship she shares with Matt. It was convenient for him to suspect there was something going on between Aubrey and Matt because doing so allowed him to insulate himself emotionally and extricate himself from their inappropriate liaison. Of course, he quickly realizes that being without her makes him far more miserable that he felt when he was breaking rules, so… LOL.

7. Who was your favorite character to write? Why?

I love writing Penny. As a Brit, it’s fun using all of her crazy expressions and purging the voice I hear inside my own head. I’m also rather fond of innuendo and love how irreverent Penny is.   I loved Penny, she did crack me up more than once!

8. Did you base any of your characters on people from your life?

I’m sure there are little pieces of many people I’ve known in my life rattling around inside my characters. I’m not sure how a writer can avoid doing that. Aubrey’s circumstances, both her financial situation and her family dynamic, are exactly what I experienced while attending university. Daniel’s grandmother is definitely a blend of several feisty pensioners I’ve had the honour of knowing. Also, I may or may not be directly quoting certain men I’ve known at different times in my life when writing Daniel’s lines. 😉 #LuckyMe Gosh, lucky you indeed!!!! Where can I get me one of those?

9. What can we expect to see in the next two books, can you give any hints? Or juicy details?

The sexual tension continues…but eventually something’s gotta give, if you know what I mean, and I think you do. *winks*   One last question, because we are The Breakfast Blog…

10. If you could have breakfast with anyone, real or fiction, and ask them anything, who would it be and what would you ask?

You know what? I’d love to sit and chat with Neil Peart from the Canadian rock band Rush. He’s a brilliant lyricist and he’s very well read—in addition to being a phenomenal, world-class percussionist. Rush has been one of my favourite bands since I was sixteen. Just shooting the breeze with him, finding out what inspires him, asking him about his favourite books and things like that would be a dream come true for me—get on it, okay? 😉 (Turning to Maybelis) Maybel, find out who manages Neil Peart and let’s see what we can do. (Turning back to Guthrie) Thank you so much Georgina. We cannot wait for the next installments in this series. It was an honor to have you on our Blog.

Check out her books here

The Weight of Words (Words #1)

The Weight of Words

Barnes & Noble * Amazon * Goodreads

Better Deeds than Words (Words #2)

Better Deeds than Words

Available May 20th



Topic Thursday: Interiew with Elizabeth Hunter, author of The Elemental Mysteries Series with Signed Giveaway!!!

 photo f0dd0ea9-1d3c-4d44-ae5d-0f02b65e307a_zpsc891627d.png     Elizabeth Hunter

Elizabeth Hunter


Today, I want to talk about Fictional Books, more specifically, Vampire Fiction. I will admit, I didn’t know absolutely anything about Vampires before Twilight. To be honest, even though I am a sucker for Twilight, I consider it more of a forbidden love story with vampires in it than a Vampire book. In reality, to me, the first Vampire series I read was The Elemental Mystery series by Elizabeth Hunter, and you can’t possibly imagine how glad I am for Elizabeth to have been the one to introduce me to the world of Vampires.

I still remember how I came across this series. I got one of those emails from Amazon… You know the ones I’m talking about right? Where they recommend a few newly released books? Yes, those emails. Well, I got one of those, and among the books they were announcing, one title caught my eye. I have a huge thing for Titles. Maybelis is a sucker for a good cover, but I am a sucker for a good title!

“A Fall of Water” jumped out of the pages, I clicked on the cover, and realized this was the fourth book in The Elemental Mysteries Series. So I looked up the first book, “A Hidden fire”, I went to read the synopsis and on the first sentence I was pulled.

“No Secret stays hidden Forever.”

I didn’t even read the rest, because my curiosity beat my desire of knowing what else the synopsis said. My curious side started asking “What’s the secret?”, and I decided to click “buy it now” just so I could find out.

Within the first pages I discovered a story I not only loved, but became a part of. It’s hard for me to explain how I feel about this books, because to me they weren’t books. They were a world of their own, where I could visit any time I read them. Where I fell in love with Giovanni Vecchio, where I wished I possessed some cool power like they did. These characters became my family, their friends became my friends and Elizabeth became my favorite writer of Vampire Fiction.

I am beyond excited to introduce you all to The Elemental Mysteries by Elizabeth Hunter. I am even more excited about the fact that Elizabeth has agreed to answer some of my questions about the book, her favorite characters and how she came up with this world that became part of mine.



Elizabeth, thank you so much for taking time out of your busy schedule to answer some of my questions. 

1. What made you decide on becoming a writer? Was it always a dream of yours?

I was a technical writer for years, but only started writing creatively in my 30s. I wrote fanfiction for a while for fun, and then I started to branch into original fiction. So writing was a later goal in life, though I always did a lot of not-so-fun writing before. Now, I can’t imagine my life without it.

2. What inspired you to write the Elemental Mysteries? How did you decide to include the Elements with the Vampires?

I love vampire fiction and have since I read Anne Rice’s Vampire Chronicles in high school.  I also love history. When I dreamed up the Elemental World, I loved the idea of exploring all these different characters and their history and philosophy from all over the world, but I wanted something that united them, too. Assigning different characteristics to the elements is common in both eastern and western philosophy, so I decided to go in that direction. And I really loved how it developed. I feel like it adds so much to the whole mythology of the series.

As for specific inspiration for the series, it was really inspired by the character of Giovanni Vecchio. I imagined this immortal character whose life revolved around books. How would he have survived? What would he do with all that time? Would he have friends? What kind of friends would he have? It really grew from that.

3. When did you first have the idea?

Almost a year before A Hidden Fire was published. So… late 2010? A Hidden Fire was published in October of 2011.

4. Why did you choose Fire as the rarest element a vampire could possess? If you were a vampire in your series, which element would you like to control?

It seemed to make sense because fire is so volatile. I liked the idea of having one element that was a wild card. Earth, Air, and Water are all stable. They always exist as they are. Fire bursts out and is extinguished. It’s unpredictable.

I also wanted to keep relatively close to traditional vampire lore (no going out in sunlight, definitely need blood to survive) and fire is considered very deadly in most vampire lore. So I decided that any vampire exhibiting the fire element would be pretty scary to themselves, as well as others. And any character who had the ability to control that would be a character to respect.

As for myself? I’d probably choose Air. I’ve always had a travel bug, since the time I was a girl. Also, flying. Enough said.

5. Who’s your favorite character? Why?

I honestly couldn’t pick one! They’re like kids, I think. They’re all favorites in different ways. I think one that I loved, but maybe readers didn’t think much about until I wrote him, was Terry. (Gemma’s mate in Waterlocked and other stories.) I love Terry and how rough around the edges he is. He’s very intense, but very, very smart. And he loves how powerful his wife is, which is very hot, in my opinion. He’s confident enough in his own power and ability to want a wife as badass as he is. Great, fun character to write.

6. What’s your favorite book in the Series? Why?

Probably A Hidden Fire, just because it’s the first. It’s the book that drops the reader into a new world (hopefully!), and that’s always more than a little magic. Other than that, my favorite book is usually always the one I’m writing or the one I’m planning.

7. Was there an ulterior motive to making your vampires “allergic” to technology?

There wasn’t. It was something that made sense to me, if I was going to make the mythology of the series consistent. If amnis was a real thing in my world, than it made sense that it would mess with modern technology like cell phones and computers. It wasn’t until I really started writing the series that I realized how much technology surrounds us and how that would affect someone trying to live in the modern world. So it became a great plot complication, as well.

8. How did the idea of the Elixir come about? Why is this so important to them when they can already live forever?

It’s easy to see the strengths of supernatural characters like vampires. They’re strong and fast and smart (if they’ve lasted any period of time, that is.) Vampires are powerful on so many levels, so it’s fascinating to me to explore their weaknesses. Sun is the obvious one, but when you think about it, so is the need for blood. And unlike sun, which a vampire can guard him or herself against, the need for blood is something they cannot control. It’s relentless. So, for me, the Elixir really isn’t about conquering thirst, it’s about power. If a vampire could exist without blood thirst, he or she would be immensely powerful, because they wouldn’t have to rely on anyone or anything else for their survival.

Humans have sought the Elixir of Life for centuries. It’s the magic potion that would deliver us from death. So what would a vampire seek? They’ve already conquered death in their own way. They can’t control the sun. Finding a cure to blood thirst became that “holy grail” kind of mission to me.

9.What does the future hold for this great characters? Is there more in the works for Gio and Beatrice?

Gio and Beatrice’s story has, for the most part, come to a close. While they’ve already shown up in other books in the Elemental World, I don’t foresee writing more books specifically about them. If I did, I’d have to do something really horrible to them to create drama, and I like where I left them! So maybe a novella down the line and supporting roles in other books, but probably not new books.

As for what’s next in the Elemental World, I have a lot of ideas. I’ve just published a novella that details some of Tenzin’s background, and I’ve got a novella plotted out for Lucien Thrax. I’d also like to write a book about Murphy, as well as one for Gavin. Tenzin and Ben have a lot of stories to tell, but they’re getting their own series down the line that will be more in the Urban Fantasy vein. So I don’t foresee stopping this series anytime soon. It has the potential to go in a lot of different directions.

10. Do you have a favorite Vampire Series? Which is it? Why?

Probably Anne Rice’s world. Her Vampire Chronicles are so beautifully written, and I think she really delves into the history and philosophy of her characters in a way that few authors do.

But I do love a lot of others. I love Jeanine Frost and Chloe Neil. Deborah Harkness is a great writer, and there are so many other young writers publishing now. Vampire fiction has a lot of exciting books in its future.

One last question…

11. Because we are the Breakfast Blog, if you could have breakfast with anyone, real or fictional, and ask them anything… Who would it be and what would you ask?

You know, having just answered that last question, I’m going to say Anne Rice! She’s such a class act and someone I admire professionally. I’d love to have breakfast with her and chat. But ask me tomorrow and it’ll probably be someone completely different. I’m moody.

Check out her books here


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Clipped Wings by Helena Hunting is out today!!! Author Interview by Schedar and Giveaway <3<3<3



I have been waiting for this day since I first read Cupcakes and Ink almost a month ago… I am so excited that Clipped Wings is out in the world and all of you will finally be able to get your hands on it!!!!

You can read my 5 Gourmet Cups review HERE!

In honor of its release the AWESOME Helena Hunting was gracious enough to answer some questions we had about the book, herself and where she draws inspiration from. So thank you so much Helena, you have no idea what an honor it is to have you here on The Breakfast Blog!!!

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1. What inspired you to become a writer?

I’ve always been an avid reader and I’ve always enjoyed writing. As a kid I wrote and illustrated short stories for fun. In high school I wrote poetry, but I never shared it with anyone. Writing wasn’t something I seriously pursued until after I posted the original draft of Clipped Wings on line. That was when I considered the possibility that what I wrote didn’t have to end up in a box in my closet.

(You have no idea how glad I am that you that you decided that… After all, no one puts baby in a corner… Or in this case, Hayden in a box.)

2. Is Clipped Wings the first book you ever wrote?

Before Clipped Wings, I wrote more than 200k of would likely be considered paranormal romance. The story evolved into something much bigger than I intended, so I took a break from it to get some perspective. That’s when I began writing Clipped Wings.

(Hmm… Interesting. Helena Hunting goes Paranormal… Something I hope we get to see one day.)

3. How did Clipped Wings come to be? Where did the idea come from?

It originated from a number of events, all of them tragic. One event that stayed with me involved a car accident. They’re such a common occurrence, but this one had a lasting emotional impact. A tractor trailer jackknifed, taking out a limousine. Inside were a groom and his groomsmen. Everyone in the limo died, leaving a devastated bride at the altar. What I couldn’t fathom was how the people left behind coped with such a tragedy. I wanted to explore how two people, who had both sustained immeasurable trauma, not only survived, but could find a way to move on with each other.

(I couldn’t imagine something like that happening. Maybel and I just got chills reading about this tragic event. I have to say you did a beautiful job exploring this in Clipped Wings.)

4. I fell in love with Hayden and Tenley… They couldn’t be more troubled and still tried to be together. What makes them try so hard even though they both feel undeserving?

I think Tenley expresses it best in Chapter 13:

“I was starving. And not for food. Deprived of human connection and physical contact, I had been wasting away. . . But the brief contact from Hayden in form of fleeting touches and kisses on the cheek had awakened feelings that bulldozed over my attempt at isolation and solitude. After being in his chair for an hour with his hands on me, even under the guise of professional detachment, I was covetous for more. I didn’t realize how ravenous I’d been until after the tattoo session.”

These two have highly traumatic pasts and manage to find each other in the most unlikely of circumstances. Both of them have tried to keep people out, to remain guarded, but eventually the basic human need for connection takes over. In each other, they discover a deep emotional connection; a partner who relates to the level of loss they’ve experienced.

5. I felt sad for these characters. Their emotions really came through in your writing. How did you put yourself in that frame of mind?

I feel things intensely. Music helps me access those emotions. Sometimes I listen to albums on repeat when writing specific scenes or chapters. It drives my husband crazy. The heaviest and darkest moments were likely a product of The Cure’s Disintegration album.

6. Hayden used to be a bad boy, and that makes him so hot and mysterious. Do you have a favorite bad boy besides Hayden in literature?

Hmm . . . Jericho Barrons from Karen Marie Moning’s Fever Series stands out, as does JR Ward’s Zadist. I’m also partial to Reseph in Larissa Ione’s Demonica series. For contemporary romance I’d say Beckett from Debra Anastasia’s Return to Poughkeepsie and Katy Evan’s Remington Tate.

(You just gave me some more stuff to add to my TBR 😉 )

7. Are tattoos something you personally like? If so is it because of the art?

I’ve always gravitated toward alternative forms of artistic expression, especially body modification, and more specifically, tattoos. I’m constantly amazed by the skill set required put something two dimensional on a three dimensional surface.

8. Is there any other series besides The Clipped Wings Series(Inked Armor and Cracks in the Armor) that you’re working on?

I’d love to revisit that paranormal story I started more than a half a decade ago. However, I’ve got a couple other manuscripts kicking around that I’d like to polish up first. I also have another novel in the Clipped Wings series to follow Cracks in the Armor, which focuses on secondary characters in the story.

(We’d Love you to revisit that paranormal series too… Although I’m glad we’ll get to know more about the secondary characters… Maybe Chris’ story is next??)

9. What’s your favorite book? Why?

I don’t know that I could ever narrow it down to one favorite. There are too many amazing stories out there. Having grown up on a steady diet of lit fic, I have an affinity for stories written by Anne-Marie MacDonald, particularly Fall of Your Knees. Over the past few years I’ve been reading quite a bit of paranormal romance. JR Ward’s Black Dagger Brotherhood has such a complex network of relationships and storylines, and I love her flawed characters.

One last question since we are The Breakfast Blog.

10. If you could have breakfast with anyone (real or fiction) who would it be and what would you ask?

It should probably be a historical figure and I should probably ask something profound, right? I’m going to go with a fictional character. It would be Jericho Barrons, because I want to know what exactly he is.

(That’s funny, I would interview a fictional character as well… So don’t worry… Haha.)

Thank you so much for stopping by Helena, we greatly appreciate your taking the time. Good luck with all your future projects. We know we can’t wait for Inked Armor and Cracks in the Armor to come out. You and these characters have become a part of our life now.

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Sylvain Reynard Interview with Schedar G. and Giveaway

Sylvain Reynard

I got my hands on Gabriel’s Inferno about a year ago. I’ve been hooked ever since. The characters are enthralling and the books, works of art. Sylvain Reynard’s writing is simply magical and engaging. The way he took me on a journey along with this characters, making me a part of their life was unsettling and a little unnerving, since more than once I found myself having rather inappropriate thoughts about Julianne’s husband, Gabriel, only to realize later that my guilt wasn’t necessarily funded since the characters were in fact, not real. That’s Mr. Reynard’s power, he blurs reality with fiction, pulling you into the world he creates in his books and not allowing you to leave until way after you’re done… In fact, I don’t think I’ll ever be able to leave this compelling story and it’s beautiful characters behind.

It is not a secret that Mr. Reynard is one of my favorite authors out there. Not only because of how much I love and treasure his books, but also because behind the mysterious author is a heart of Gold. How do I know you ask? Because when Mr. Reynard isn’t writing, he is talking to his fans on Twitter or Facebook. Because also everyday he uses his social media base to bring awareness to countless charitable organizations. If that doesn’t give him a golden heart, I don’t know what does.

I am beyond happy and excited to welcome Mr. Reynard to “The Breakfast Blog”. Thank you for taking the time from your busy schedule to answer some of our questions.

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Thank you Schedar for inviting me to be with you and your readers. It’s a pleasure to be with you.

1. The Gabriel’s Inferno series is a lovely, inspiring story encompassing themes of love, hope, charity and redemption. It has inspired many to be more charitable, kinder towards others, and it has even inspired some to write. You may not know this but there is some Gabriel’s Inferno Fanfic… How does it feel to be the author of such an inspiring series?

Thank you.  I’m very flattered about the Fan fiction.  Thanks for letting me know about it. 

I’m grateful to readers for reading and I’m very happy that they enjoyed the novels.  But I’m even happier to hear that my writing has inspired others to give back to their local communities. That’s one of the reasons why I try to highlight charities on social media – I believe everyone can make a difference.

2. You’ve always been very interested in Dante. Is that what gave you the idea to create a story between a Professor of Dante Studies and his student or is there a deeper story behind that decision?

The story of Dante and Beatrice isn’t as well known as, say, Romeo and Juliet. But it’s a story I’ve always preferred. I wanted to expose that story to a wider audience and translate it to a contemporary setting.

(You’ve surely brought more attention to Dante and Beatrice with your books. Many have purchased that story and are becoming more familiar with it. Myself included.)

3. Since reading the Prologue in Gabriel’s inferno, I always felt like Gabriel and Julianne were sort of the spirits (for lack of a better word) of Dante and Beatrice. Did you write this series to give Dante and Beatrice the life you feel they deserved?

Very much so.  There are significant differences between Dante and Professor Emerson – Dante was married, for example.  But their impetuousness and their occasional bouts of ill humour are similar enough.

And what’s even more important, they both desire to be better men in order to be worthy of the women who capture their hearts.

4. Where do you draw inspiration for Gabriel’s lovely words to Julia? Some quotes are simply breathtaking. Are you naturally romantic in your life? (Without giving too much of it away off course)

The key to Gabriel’s speech is Dante. When you spend your life reading and writing about a figure, perhaps you begin to sound like him. I think Gabriel internalizes Dante’s poetic turns of phrase and so he speaks like him.

As to your second question … no comment. 🙂

(Can’t blame a girl for trying right? 😉 )

Your knowledge of Academia seems quite extensive… Where does your knowledge come from?

I was a student once, a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away …

5. As we all know, the story started as Twilight Fan Fic, but honestly the only similarity was the names… Was there any other Fan Fic besides Twilight you dabbled on? If not, what compelled you to pick Twilight?

Although I admire the Star Trek and Lord of the Rings Fandoms, I didn’t think they were a good fit with Dante. But perhaps I was wrong …

Perhaps Katherine Picton should have been Gandalf. Hmmm….

(That’s definitely something to think about…)

6. You have said in other interviews that you were a Volturi fan in Twilight. What intrigued you about them? Did you have a favorite character out of all of them? If so, who was it?

I enjoyed Aro. I was trying to figure out what made him tick psychologically.

(I’m sure we all wondered that at some point or another… My guess, it was the fear of losing Power)

7. What is your favorite book? The one you never get tired of reading over and over again? Why?

I think the mark of a good book is that it can be read over and over again. I read Shakespeare and Milton repeatedly.

8. I love how involved you are with charitable organizations. How do you decide which Organizations to support?

Thank you.  I try to choose organizations that help the poor, the sick, and the marginalized.

9. I personally love your writing and cannot wait to get my hands on “The Raven”, I know I’m not the only one. Is there anything new you can share about this highly anticipated trilogy?

Thanks very much. Readers can learn more about my new series here:

I’m going to be revealing the cover and telling readers about the release date soon. Stay tuned…

One last question:

Because we are The Breakfast Blog, I’d like to know If you could have breakfast with ANYONE and ask him or her ANYTHING… Who would it be and what would you ask?

That’s an interesting question. I’d like to meet Lieutenant-General Roméo Dallaire, author of “Shake Hands with the Devil.” I’d like to ask him about his humanitarian work and I’d like to communicate to him how much I admire him for what he did in Rwanda. You can read more about him here:

I want to thank you being so kind and answering our questions Mr. Reynard. We love you and your writing and definitely cannot wait to get our hands on every single one of your future projects.

Thank you Schedar. I appreciate the support. It’s been a pleasure, SR.


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There you have it friends! Isn’t he quite the gentleman? I sure think so. If you haven’t had the life altering experience of reading the Gabriel’s Inferno series. Please get to it ASAP, you won’t be disappointed (except maybe when you realize that Gabriel is taken).

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