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Maybelis L.


 Under the covers & Between the sheets.

Ok, here is a few things you need to know about me, my first my name sounds like a makeup brand and it’s pronounced the same way.  I have a cat which I rescued from the streets as a baby and I think she hates me, you’d think she’d  be more grateful, then again I shouldn’t really take it personal, she seems to hate everybody.  I’m obsessed with the Walking Dead TV show and I think I’m addicted to coffee, if I don’t have my daily cup, I might qualify as a walker for the next season.  English is not my first language and writing is my best form of  expression since I’m more of the shy, introverted type and public speaking makes me feel nauseated.

Above all else I’m a book lover, although that wasn’t always the case.  I did used to read a little back in high school, mainly horror like the Fear Street series from R.L. Stine, but it wasn’t until About five years ago that I was introduced to the world of-guess what?… Yep -Twilight- that I really fell in love with reading. After watching the first movie and taking all my friends to see it as well, I decided I needed to know more and started reading the books.  It was all downhill from there. I learned that reading is like eating chips, you can’t just have one and be done, it is an addiction that keeps you going back for more and boy was I hooked. I think that year alone I must have read about a hundred books and that number has probably quadrupled by now. I have to say I’m proud to be an addict.

I started this book review blog to express my love of literature and to share with you guys the beauty and imagination inside the pages of the books I read.

Genres I review: Ya, Paranormal romance, New Adult, Contemporary Romance and Fiction.

Pet peeves: I hate it when someone suggests a vampire book just because I read Twilight. PEOPLE, TWILIGHT IS NOT A VAMPIRE BOOK!  Interview with the Vampire by Anne Rice is a vampire book.

I’m an artist at heart and I pay close attention to book covers, even though I have learned to judge a book for its content, I’m still  a sucker for an artistic cover.

I’d like to acknowledge my dear friend SCHEDAR (she has a weird name like me, it’s probably the reason we are friends, our weird names gravitated towards each other), anyways we’ve shared many book endeavors and discussions, even the occasional debate over a particular scene. Our love of the written word has made us stronger friends and given us the inspiration to become writers as well.

Schedar G.

photo (1)

So many books, so little time.

What up peeps? I’m Schedar, yes… I also have a weird name that gets butchered every time I meet a new person, but I’m used to it by now. You’d think Maybelis and I met at the “I hate my name Anonymous” group, but no; although she seems to think our names gravitated toward each other. For those of you who don’t know, Schedar is in fact the name of a star in Cassiopeia constellation (in the sky) which I guess gives homage to my personality since I spend more time in the worlds of the books I read, than I do in our own.

I am a professed animal lover, I literally like all animals, except for frogs Ugh! However, if I had to choose between cats and dogs, I’m definitely a dog person (then again cats can be a little psycho, like Maybelis’ hateful kitty.) My constant companion for the past seven years has been Rocky, my Shih- Tzu. He’s the smartest dumb dog I’ve ever seen and I love him to bits and pieces.

I have been reading since I can remember. The first book I read by myself was “Pippi Longstocking”, and I remember admiring her for being a strong girl who embraced the fact that she was different, plus I’ve always loved horses and monkeys. Her Dad was a captain and so was mine. My favorite book of all time is The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho, its message of being in charge of your own destiny speaks volumes. However, I love to read Romance novels, any kind, any day. Some of my favorites are The Twilight Saga, Fifty Shades of Grey, Gabriel’s Inferno. I also love anything written by Jennifer L. Armentrout, Jennifer Probst, Jamie McGuire, Rainbow Rowell, Alice Clayton, Sylvain Reynard, Katie McGarry, Cora Carmack and Cindi Madsen, just to name a few. If I were to sit here and list every single author I love, you’d be reading for a while.

Reading to me is not a pastime but a need. I don’t read, I devour books. It’s like I’m Godzilla and every library is Tokyo. I… think that’s a bad analogy… but… you probably get my point.

Since Maybelis and I share our passion for reading and discussing books (some of this discussions can get pretty heated), we decided to open this blog so we could review the books we read and have some fun contests for our fellow readers.

Stephen King said, “Books are a uniquely portable magic.” We want to share that Magic with you.

Happy Reading! XoXo

Schedar G.

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