Modeling Me- The Summer of David Gandy



I do not own David Gandy, but oh how I wish I did! This story is a figment of my imagination (and I have a very vivid one). The situations and characters are all fictional and made up, except for David, who’s somewhere out there, just being his sweet delicious self.

Any other character or story used in this section is for entertainment purposes only and not to make any sort of profit, It’s FanFiction.

I hope you all enjoy!


I started this story in my head a while ago and had discussed it with Maybelis plenty of times, to the point where now both of us write it. So the first person I want to thank is my best friend, Maybel, for always going along with me in any of our new writing ventures, and for allowing me to talk to her about David as if we actually knew him.

Hats off to Tosha for her “diaper” comment, I’m sure it’s brought a few laughs to the readers who are following this story. LOL

We want to thank  our readers for being so awesome and taking time out of their lives to read our stuff, from anything in the blog to our David FanFic, we love your enthusiasm and the comments you leave us. We do this for us, but couldn’t do it without you. So thank you, thank you, thank you.

And lastly I want to thank David Gandy, for being such an amazing gentleman. We are only inspired by the best, and he is definitely one of them (at least for me). I hope we get to meet him one day and maybe he’ll end up Modeling Me 😉

Love to all.



While having a panic attack due to her fear of flying, on her way to London to visit her sister. Summer meets a kind, amazingly hot stranger who helps comfort her. Sparks fly and a crush is born. What she didn’t know was that she was falling for none other than David Gandy. What happens when fate brings them together more than once? Can she stay away? Can he?


Chapter 1- In Flight

Chapter 2- In your Face

Chapter 3- In Coincidence

Chapter 4- In Surprise

Chapter 5- In Wonder 

Chapter 6-Teaser David’s POV

Chapter 6-  In my Bed

Chapter 7-Teaser David’s POV

Chapter 7- In Knowing him

Chapter 8-In Confusion

Chapter 9-In Retrospect 

Chapter 10-In Epiphany

Chapter 11-In All Honesty

Chapter 12-In Anticipation

Chapter 13-In Flirting

Chapter 14-Teaser on David’s POV

Chapter 14-In Teasing

Chapter 15-In Waiting

Chapter 16-In Frustration

Chapter 17-In Laughter

Chapter 18-In Need


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