Tgif-Fiction: Summer of David Gandy Chapter 18

Hello my lovelies, I can’t believe I finished this chapter, let me just say it was exhausting and very long. I hope you guys LOVE IT! Seriously love it and tell me and comment LOL.

A large portion of this chapter was inspired by the song: The Other Side by Jason Derulo.

fun note: I recently read a book I loved about a formula one driver and I decided that since I was writing about racing in this chapter, I would use the same characters, sort of a Fanfic within a Fanfic ;-). The characters mentioned as drivers in this chapter do not belong to me, they were created by a very talented author. Revved by Samantha Towle.


Chapter 18

In Need

We met a few more people as we sat down, some of Dom’s friends that David seemed to be on familiar grounds with, and others he’d clearly never met.

Today was preliminaries and runner ups. Official race day is tomorrow, but it was still enjoyable to watch the background stories of up and coming drivers.

David seemed just as interested, his eyes were currently fixed on the tv screen. He was sitting a couple of seats to my right. I had been sitting beside him but nature had called and on my way back to him I got sidetracked by Dom.

“Are you an aficionado Summer?” Dom’s rich accent interrupted my thoughts of David.

His question catching me by I had been staring at David for a while.

My eyes flitted to his direction again, he had a beer in hand-still full and nodding along to something the guys beside him was saying.

“I guess I am now.” I shrugged. “I didn’t really know about David’s career before I met himso I can’t really say I followed his work closely.” That was the best response I could manage for such a strange question.

Dom looked at me as if I’d sprouted horns and a tail. His brows drawing together in confusion then realization seemed to dawn on him and he laughed that contagious laugh of his.

“I didn’t mean of David. I meant Formula 1, are you a fan?” I pressed my lips into a thin line, embarrassment bursting through me. My reaction was to laugh as I shook my head. Lesson number one when presented with an embarrassing situation, laugh at one’s self.

“Don’t despair, I’m sure David would love to hear he’s acquired a new fan, especially one as beautiful as you.” Oddly enough his attempt to reassure me worked. I liked Domenico, he kept things real and said things as they came to his mind. I appreciated that in a person.

“I’m sure he would. Then again I think it’s best not to fluff his ego anymore than necessary.” That caused another raucous fit of laughter from Dom.

“I can certainly see why he’s so taken with you.” Was he? I didn’t know what to say to that so I said nothing.

Something he’d said earlier popped into my mind, he’d said that David had pulled a disappearing act, something I guess was not common, or expected of David. I would like to ask him about it but I would have to wait until the right moment.

“Is he trying to steal you from me again?” David’s familiar voice startled me out of my thoughts, I really hoped he hadn’t heard our conversation.

“I was just about to tell Dom, what a big fan I am of racing.” I looked over at Dom and he winked at me.

We continued talking, mainly about the race, and drivers. Sometimes swapping old stories or embarrassing ones. I made friends with the wife of a soccer player-her name was Alexis but she informed me she like to be called Lexi- she was American like me, which made us instantly click, solidarity and all.

I didn’t know too much about soccer so I couldn’t say I knew of her husband but they seemed like nice enough people and very much in love by the way they constantly searched each other out. He especially couldn’t keep his hands off of her or his eyes, it was actually adorable. He played for Real Madrid, which was also their place of residence.

“Tomorrow we’re all going to the Casino after the races. Will you and David be going?”

“You must, can’t come to Monte Carlo without doing some gambling.” Dom interjected-appearing beside us-before I had a chance to answer. Being a total social butterfly, he was constantly moving from people to people.

David was currently over by the balcony leaning on his elbows, a few other guys flanking him, including Andres, Lexi’s husband- engaged in conversation.

“I don’t know but I’ll tell David. I’m sure he wouldn’t mind.” As if by magic his eyes flickered towards me at the mention of his name. My breath hitched as he smirked knowingly before going back to his conversation.

“I’ll tell him, I’m going to talk to him. Don’t miss me too much ladies.” We both laughed, observing Dom’s retreating figure.

“So what’s it like living in Madrid? It must’ve been difficult to leave the states?” I really wanted to ask a different question but I’d build up to it and drop it in casually. Her gaze automatically went to her husband which brought a small smile to my lips.

“It was actually very easy to leave.” She sighed.

“I don’t have much family and Andres, well… let’s just say he swept me off my feet from the moment we met. I never stood a chance.” She added, chuckling at the happy memory.

I knew what she meant, the difference was that I, sooner or later would have to get over my infatuation. Still I nodded, reaching for my wine glass.

“Wouldn’t you move to England for David?” I almost choked on my wine.

She snickered and apologized.

“No it’s fine, you just caught me by surprise.” I felt eyes on me and sure enough when I glanced sideways David was watching me. I couldn’t hold onto his gaze though, flushing, I looked away.

“It’s…it’s too soon to talk about all that. We just started seeing each other over the summer.”

She nudged me playfully with her elbow.

“I have a sixth sense for these things and trust me, he is very much into you.”

Again my eyes flickered towards him and as if we were linked by some invisible thread, our gaze collided again for a brief second.

“You think?” I turned my attention back to Lexi.

“I know! The man hasn’t stopped looking at you. It’s like he has a personal Summer radar.” We both laughed.

Yeah I’d heard that before, it wasn’t like I was blind, but it didn’t mean anything other than the fact that we both had the hots for each other. It was nothing but lust. The novelty of it all would dissipate once the desire to have me was met, it was the cliche of all summer romances. The heat eventually fizzles out and I had to keep that very clear in my mind. I had a year of school to finish, and David had a runway to go back to. That would be that. I was okay with it, I had to be, yet an insidious little voice in my head kept taunting me with the possibilities of more. I told her to shut the hell up.

“How long have you been married?” I decided to focus the conversation on her.

“For two years, the best years of my life.” A blind man could see that she was head over heels in love, just by the way she looked at her husband, and he was no different. His hazel eyes churned with intensity everytime he gazed at her.

“You seem very happy together.” I acknowledged.

“That wasn’t always the case you know, we had a rocky start. I had a lot of issues and he was -Shot soccer player-I can have any women I want.” Her voice lowered into a poor imitation of his Spanish cadence. I chuckled.

“It’s true…but I got some sense knocked into me and he got his head out of his ass and well, the rest is history.”

She sighed happily as she looked in the direction of her husband.

“I can’t tell you it’s easy to be with someone famous or coveted by every female, but I know he loves me. He shows me everyday, so we make it work.” She finished with a shrug.

I could see why it would be difficult, Andres was very attractive with all that tousled brown hair, golden skin and sexy dimples. But Lexi was his perfect match, she was gorgeous too with long gold hair, green eyes and pouty lips. The girl could’ve easily been a model, she certainly had the figure for it, with those legs that went on for miles

The boys placed bets on their favorite drivers and even I participated. Although I hadn’t followed the season I knew about it enough to place a bet. My dad was a diehard aficionado of the sport and for years of my childhood we followed the races on tv. I could probably name every driver for the past fifteen years and their track record.

Tray after tray of appetizer-style food was brought in, too much in fact, and there was no shortage of drinks. I was on my third wine glass-thanks to Dom, who kept replacing my drink-and feeling a nice buzz. It was a happy feeling but I didn’t want to pass my limit and embarrass myself, so I was currently nursing my refill very slowly.

I was leaning against the balcony, trying to get a better view of the cars flying by at great speeds. Lexi had gone over to her husband’s side, where she was now wrapped in his embrace, arms securely around her waist, while he spoke near her ear; something funny I gathered since she had a big, flirty smile on her face. I looked away though, feeling as if I was intruding on their intimate moment.

“Are you having a good time luv?” Oh holy shivers down my spine! That decadent voice alone had the power to restart my heart and send it into hyperdrive. David’s arms went on either side of my body, keeping me locked between two steel bands of bronze muscle.

“The best time.” I answered, feeling a smile spread across my face.

David had been nothing short of attentive with me, making sure I was comfortable and coming to my side whenever I was left alone. I was okay though, I enjoyed everyone’s company. They were all nice and friendly, and I reveled in the rarity of finding what I knew would be a close friend in Lexi. She was a genuine likeable person.

I didn’t want him to think I needed him by my side constantly. I was capable of holding my own, but he’d still come to my side more often that was really necessary, and I would be lying if I said I didn’t love it.

I felt his lips on my neck, hot and tempting, causing my breath to stall. I was having a hard time thinking past the sudden gust of desire blossoming in my core.

“Wh…What are you…doing?” The words were a breathy whisper.

His answering chuckle tickled my skin, blowing hot puffs of his sweet breath against my hair, and scattering all remaining thoughts.

“I’m keeping good on my promise to touch you and kiss you, a lot.” Oh right. Okay.

His mouth moved to my jaw, placing soft, wet kisses along the ridge. I closed my eyes, tilting my head to the side to give him better purchase. I never knew kisses could be so erotic, I had to press my thighs together tightly to calm the fire pulsing between my legs. It was so intense and he was only kissing me.

I couldn’t help the whimper that pushed past my mouth though, as my head began to swim in the sensation of his mouth scorching my skin. I held onto the rail of the balcony, feeling the cold steel pressing on the palms of my hand.

“You have no idea what you do to me, especially when you make those sexy noises.” The strong whisper of his voice sent more shivers running down my spine. I had to stop my body from physically shaking. The ache of desire that built within me became almost intolerable. I never knew wanting someone could feel so, so out of control. That’s how he made me feel, like I had no control over my body’s response.

“Hey get a room over there and make it snappy! The last race is about to start.” I jumped, startled by Andres’ amused voice. David chuckled in my ear, pushing me back against him as he wrapped his arms around my waist. I felt the rumble of his laugh in his hard chest pressed against my back. My eyes glanced towards Lexi and Andres who were both sporting wicked smiles. I flushed deeply at having been caught practically at the verge of an orgasm. Oh boy.

David, on the other hand seemed just as entertained as they did, and clearly relaxed.

“We have one mate, a very nice one.” David shouted back. Couldn’t he’d just let it go? My face felt as red as a stop sign.

Everyone laughed but I felt tense and awkward, not really knowing what was the protocol for circumstances like this.

“Relex luv, it’s just a bit of fun.” His low rasp made me shiver.

I sighed, letting my body relax in his arms.

“I’m sorry, I know I’m being silly. It’s just that I’m not used to this… I keep forgetting that we’re no longer just ‘friends’.” And the fact that you called me your girlfriend is screwing with my head, because I’m really not but in public I guess I am. I didn’t say any of that out loud of course but I had to keep the status quo clear in my head. It was a hard line to walk and we hadn’t even done the deed yet.

He chuckled.

“I suppose I’ll just have to keep reminding you.” He pulls me further into him, my back against his front where I could feel the hard expanse of his broad chest and something else further south, something harder and thick pressing against my lower back. I gasped, desire pooling between my legs.

“Does that feel friendly to you?” He murmured, his voice a deep, tantalizing whisper in my ear.

No, it certainly didn’t. I shook my head unable to produce words. It was a good thing this was a large balcony, fitting well over twenty people and we were about half of that, otherwise this precarious position we were in wouldn’t have gone unnoticed.

I knew I should feel embarrassed but I couldn’t think straight, I was too turned on. At this rate by the end of the night I would either spontaneously combust from lust overload or rip his clothes off in front of everybody. I was leaning towards the latter.

David had been slowly showing me glimpses of his virility. He was all man, sexual and hard and he wanted me. The thrill of it was like a shot of adrenaline into my bloodstream.

“There is nothing friendly about the way I feel about you.” His words made my head swim, and my heart beat out of my chest. I had to fight the ache coiling low in the pit of my stomach, and the clenching between my thighs creating a deep, aching tension. Oh boy, what the hell is this? I’m in way over my head here.

We were walking back to our suite. The preliminaries had ended about an hour ago, but we had stayed behind talking to some of the group that had lingered back. Dom, Lexi, Andres and Lachlan, a friend of Andres that had arrived about an hour into the event.

We arranged plans to go to dinner and the Casino tomorrow after the races, and Lexi and I exchanged phone numbers before parting ways.

“Don’t try and dissuade me with your abilities of distraction. When Carrick wins the race tomorrow I am paying for dinner, that was our deal.” I say pointedly.

My driver of choice-Carrick Ryan-had a great track record, and I was positive he would come in first on race day. David and I had made a deal that whoever won would have their pick of price. I didn’t want money I just wanted to do something even as insignificant as paying for dinner, at least once.

“You seem awfully certain with your choice lovely.”

“I am. Carrick is the best driver out there. You’re betting against the wrong team.”

David’s money or bet was on Nico Tresler, a veteran driver of reputable caliber no doubt, but he was overconfident and arrogant. Carrick on the other hand was young and eager with a fresh eye and sharp senses. I had no doubt he would take the race.

He smirked.

“I’m not denying he’s good, he is just not my top choice.”

My hands landed on my hips. “He is not good, he is great.” David stared at me, narrowing his eyes.

“I think you like this Ryan character a bit too much.” The hint of jealousy in his tone spurred me on, suddenly wanting to tease him.

“Actually now that you mention it.” I tapped my chin thoughtfully. “I think once upon a time I sort of had a crush on him, or maybe it was his driving that was appealing. I can’t be sure.” It was most definitely his driving, the guy was known for being a total manwhore off the track and that was not a quality that revved my engine like it did for lots of girls. Still, that didn’t take away the fact that he was indeed very attractive and a helluva driver.

I could see David fighting a smile as he pinned me with a smoldering glare.

“You have a thing for race car drivers luv?” He asked, lifting an amused brow. My lips twitched but I managed not to laugh.

Just then the elevator doors opened and I walked in first, letting the question hang in the air. David followed suit. When the doors closed I let my body brush purposefully against him before I whispered into his ear. I feel the abrupt rigidness of his body and heard him inhale a breath. I loved it his reactions to my closeness.

“I have a thing for British supermodels, one in particular to be exact.” I raised a brow.

The steel band of his arm was suddenly around my waist, pulling me against him. I let out a squeaky gasp.

“Not as big as my thing for the mouthy, gorgeous law student that has been teasing me all day.” His voice was a throaty growl, that sent an electric current down my spine.

He kissed me deeply, stealing every breath out of me. I threw myself into the kiss with equal enthusiasm, wrapping my arms around his neck. David lifted me off the floor with one arm, as his mouth practically ate mine with ferocity, not that I was complaining. I was pretty much drowning in the intensity of the kiss, trying desperately to climb inside his body.

The ping of the elevator opening brought me down to earth. David stopped his assault on my mouth setting me down slowly, but the friction of my body rubbing tightly against his had my head spinning, and my senses going wild.

He smirked wickedly, straightened my dress and grabbed my hand. We made it to the suite in silence, I was still trying to catch my breath, I blamed the damn elevator.

David opened the door and I walked on wobbly legs to the center of the living area. The click of the lock behind me sent my heart crashing against my chest.

My body hummed with the ever present electricity between us. This day had felt like an exercise in control; David and I had been playing the teasing game for far too long and it was beginning to crash around us. The air was saturated with the sexual tension that hung between us, pushing and pulling from every direction.

“David.” I said in a shaky voice, my hands fisting the material of my dress at the hem.

“Yes” His sensually laced tone was right at my neck, sending shivers down my spine and wrapping around me like a furnace. I closed my eyes invigorating in the sweet sensation of his touch as strong arms wrapped around my middle.

“Your scent is addictive.” He rasped, inhaling deeply while nuzzling my neck. Oh god, I didn’t think I could take another night of this uncomfortable tension. If he kept teasing me like this, I was going to implode.

“Would you like to get supper?”

What? food. No, food was not at the top of my priority list right now. Not dropping to my knees was high up though.

“No, I don’t want food.” I replied, feeling my lungs depleading of oxygen.

“What is it you want then lovely?” His lips were on my skin, planting soft, heated kisses on my alarmingly strong pulse. What is it really not obvious, what I wanted? Maybe he was simply leaving it up to me, giving me the control. But I thought I had detected something like a challenge in his voice.

“I…I don’t want to sleep alone tonight.” I settled for saying, and I hoped he’d got what I was really telling him. I felt the pounding of my heart in my ears and after what seemed like a neverending pause he finally spoke.

“You wont.” His confident tone rang throughout my body, raising goosebumps on my flesh.

I let my head rest back against his taut chest. It was all I could do not to fall to my knees. His lips continued tracing the skin along my neck with little flicks of his tongue. The combination of the suction and his wet tongue simultaneously tasting me was making me delirious with desire.

“You drive me mad, lovely. Your scent, your skin.” He placed a long kiss at the base of my neck, making me moan.

I pressed my back against his front, feeling just how mad I was driving him, and it sent a strong throbbing between my legs, as the ball of fire in my stomach simmered into a burning flame.

“You’re so sweet… I want to taste every part of you.” If he kept talking to me this way, I was going to shatter into a million pieces, before he actually did anything.

David slid down the tiny straps of my dress placing soft, kisses as he went. I was gasping, needy, my body enraptured by his touch.

“David…” his name was no more than a tiny whisper.

In a sudden movement he turned me around to face him, bright blue eyes burned with intensity as he wrapped a hand at the nape of my neck bringing his mouth down to mine and searing our lips together. I closed my eyes and let my hands fly to his chest, where I could feel his heart beating as strongly as my own.

His kiss was deep but languid, exploring every corner of my mouth. Desire unfurled within me, as my loins clenched with a reckless hunger. A deep, throaty moan erupted from my throat, which seemed to have an effect on him because abruptly his kiss became savage. He devoured my mouth, sucking my tongue hard as a rumbling sound made its way up his chest. He cupped my neck, pressing me tightly against him, not leaving an inch between us, my need to have him closer multiplied by a million.

His free hand traveled up my back, finding the zipper of the dress, and slowly lowering it all the way to the tip of my tailbone. The acute sound of the metal teeth was piercing to my ears.

My eyes flew open, finding two black orbs staring at me.

“Is this alright?”

I knew the question meant so much more than the simple action of lowering the zipper of my dress. God, and I wanted to yell at the top of my lungs, YES! Please YES! This was the final line, the no turning back point that would make us lovers and I was ready.

I settled for a nod instead.

The dress widened around my body, then pooled at my feet. I was now standing in my bra and panties, which thankfully were adequately matching. They were a baby blue satin, nothing crazy or too revealing, but at least I had avoided the dreaded granma cotton panties. There was obvious lust in his eyes as they raked over me, which in turn made me feel sexy and desirable.

“This color looks perfect on your skin.” His voice was sensually husky as he bent down and captured my mouth in a passionate kiss, arms wrapping around my frame and lifting me as if I were as light as a feather. My legs went around his waist reflexively as his expert fingers unclasped my bra, throwing it somewhere on the floor.

Not to be outdone I fumbled with the buttons on his shirt one by one until it was fully open.

The next thing I was aware of was my back softly hitting a mattress. I gasped missing his lips as he pushed back, supporting himself on his elbows. His head lowered to my chest and I could see blue fire dancing in his eyes before he began planting soft kisses all over my skin, in between my breast and then lower to my stomach. My hands tangled in his silky hair, grasping it as I tried to control my accelerated pulse.

I was panting, my chest rising and falling heavily with every touch of his lips on my skin, I was beginning to see dots. Dear God, I wasn’t gonna make it to actual sex at this rate.

I felt his fingers skimming the edges of my panties and I literally stopped breathing as my eyes locked with his.

He kissed the skin just above the line of my underwear, keeping eye contact with me. The image so sensual, and yet animalistic almost as if he was about to devour me. I squirmed under the hot touch of his lips, arching my back instinctively, which gave him enough leverage to slowly lower the tiny material past my hips. Leaning back on his knees he removed my underwear, leaving me completely bare for him.

I thought I’d feel embarrassed but all I felt was a hot, consuming need. My skin was burning like I had a fever, and the ache between my legs grew to an almost unbearable state. I was ready to start begging for him to take me.

The vibrant blue of his eyes was gone as his pupils dilated while he fixed a hungry gaze over every inch of my body.

“You’re breathtaking.” Eyes blazing, he took off his already open shirt, flexing his arms and shoulders and I couldn’t look away. He was so beautiful I wanted to scream. Bronze skin, smoothed over defined muscles and wide masculine shoulders that I found so incredibly sexy. The hard smooth planes of his stomach flexed with his movements hypnotizing me. My eyes trailed lower to those sexy indentations at his hips that I fantasized about licking, my mouth watered at the thought. He was perfection, no man should look this heavenly delicious.

I followed his hands which quickly found the belt buckle, undoing it along with the button and zipper of his jeans. Oh boy, I was about to see David naked, my heart went into cardiac arrest with each passing second.

He never broke eye contact as he pushed the jeans and boxer briefs down all at once and Oh my god please call a doctor! He was big, I mean monumentally BIG! My breath caught and my eyes probably looked like saucers as I took him in.

“The way you’re looking at me is enough to bring a man to his knees lovely.” I blushed profusely but how could I not look. It was as if I was seeing a mythological creature come to life.

“You’re beautiful.” Oh boy, did I really just say that outloud? I pressed my lips together mentally slapping myself.

He smirked.

“Well, can’t say I’ve ever been called beautiful.”

“I’m sorry, would you prefer sexy beast?”

His throaty chuckle raised goosebumps on my flesh.

“You’re cute.” He mused.

“Cute.” I said, my eyebrows lifting.

His piercing blue eyes smoldered as he climbed over me, a devilish grin lifting the corner of his lips.

“Would you prefer devastatingly sexy?” He settled over my body, spreading his weight to his extremities. The air literally whooshed out of me as I felt his hardness on my thigh.

I saw the tiny foil package that he placed beside me on the bed and swallowed hard, my breath coming in short intakes as realization washed over me. We were both naked and about to have sex, I was about to have sex with David and I called him beautiful. Oh god.

David always seemed so sure of himself, so confident in his actions that I suddenly felt very shy and inexperienced in comparison. My body went rigid with anxiety.

What if I sucked, what if I couldn’t please him, what if I passed out? I mean, that last one was unlikely but still, it could happen. David was a sexual man, experienced and practiced in the art of sex and he’d more than likely been with enough women with the same kind of experience to run circles around me.

“Everything alright luv?” I heard the concern in his voice and before I had enough foresight to stop, I started spilling my guts to him.

“I’m sorry…it’s just that I’m not…” How to say this? “Well, I’m not very experienced. I’ve only ever been with Dereck, and that was a long time ago.” Oh god please make me stop talking! NOW!

“and well… I guess, I’m a little nervous.” Nope, evidently my mouth and brain were in disconnect. He stared at me, surprise clear in his eyes.

“You’ve only been with one man.” It was more a statement than a question. Oh god this was mortifying, but it was also the truth and I couldn’t change it so I only nodded, blushing all the way to the roots of my hair.

He didn’t say anything for a long minute causing my anxiety to build even more.

“I don’t want you nervous luv, I want you to enjoy every minute of this.” He finally said, letting his fingers tenderly caress my face from forehead to chin, lingering on my blood stained cheeks.

“The nerves will pass.” I answered shyly.

He chuckled, placing soft kisses on my face, and nuzzling my neck. My heart beat ratcheted up a notch.

“Don’t ever apologize for being who you are lovely.” He whispered between kisses, then turned his eyes on me.

“Your inexperience isn’t something to be ashamed off, it’s admirable. Every part of you is beautiful, you respect yourself and your body and I want nothing more than to cherish every inch, if you let me.” Oh boy, could I really deny this man anything when he spoke like that? I found my heart in serious danger of over inflation.

“I want you to, I’ve never wanted anyone more.” I admitted, in a rush of words that sounded a lot like pleading. He smiled crookedly but I didn’t see smugness in his expression, more like appreciation.

“That’s nice to hear.”

I tried to suppress the smile fighting against my lips but it was useless. David kissed me sweetly, just a feathery sweep of his lips. I was butter, melted butter.

“I want you to relax, alright, I’ll go slow.” He stared profoundly into my eyes as he spoke.

“Okay.” I swallowed, letting my body go soft against the mattress. I trusted David. I knew without a doubt that I wouldn’t be able to do any of this if I didn’t trust him so fully.

He smiled warmly, brushing hair away from my face. His strong arms cradled my head, keeping me in the center of his embrace. He stared at me and I saw the tenderness turn swiftly into a lust that ignited my body.

“I’ve wanted you for so long lovely, you’re all I think about.” His thumb released my lower lip from my teeth, I hadn’t realized I was biting on it.

“You haven’t the slightest idea just how much I desire you.” He dipped his head and nibbled on my bottom lip, softly tasting and teasing with his tongue.

“Hum…I could kiss you nonstop.” I gasped when he released me.

His head moved lower to my collarbone, where he tasted me with flicks of his tongue, then sucked on the skin right above my bone which had a direct link to my sex. I moaned loudly.

He didn’t stop there, his mouth traveled lower to my breasts, the ache in my core building as I waited for his touch. But he didn’t apply any pressure, he only let his lips hover, blowing hot, teasing breaths just above my hardened nipples back and forth and on the valley in between. Meanwhile his hands pressed on my hips while his thumbs made slow torturous circles near the apex between my thighs so very close to where I wanted him.

I couldn’t keep still, he was driving me out of my mind with his merciless teasing on my senses. The need for release making my body move instinctively, searching out for what I needed. I didn’t think I could take much more of the slow, I was about to come out of my skin.

“David…You don’t have to go so slow.” I said between gasping breaths.

“Please, I need to feel you.” I was past the point of mortification and had entered the land of the desperate.

Immediately his mouth closed around my nipple sucking hard. I cried out as arousal shot to various parts of my body with an intensity that had me bucking off the bed.

He did the same to my other breast, alternating between the two until my nipples felt swollen and hypersensitive.

“Better?” he breathed. I couldn’t focus. I was overcome with sensation, my body in dire need, thrashing and begging.

“More, please.” I felt the rumbling of a chuckle but I was beyond caring.

At my plea his wonderful mouth traveled lower to my heaving stomach. He kissed my heated skin as he went, sending little shards of electric impulses throughout my body.

My hands grabbed restlessly at the soft material of the bedsheets as he came near my most intimate part, and for a second I felt hesitation. I didn’t think I was ready to have him there with his mouth. As much as I wanted all of him desperately, this part still made me extremely self conscious. But my worries were forgotten as he kissed my hip bone, nibbling on the skin with quick suctions that had me thrashing against him. My head swinging back as a whimper escaped my lips and I was pretty sure my vision was beginning to blur at the edges. What was he doing to me?

I didn’t have any more time to think because his mouth suddenly swallowed the moan rising from my throat in a passionate, all consuming kiss that scrambled all my senses into mush. His hard body pressed deliciously against mine, as he devoured my mouth with hungry kisses.

Oh my god, I felt all of him. His thick length against my moist center, and when his hips rocked against mine I had to stop kissing him as a shudder overtook my body and I gasped loudly, feeling consumed with a passion greater than anything I had ever felt.

“God I love those sounds, so sexy.” His lips moved down to my neck nipping little kisses and branding my skin as he worked a hand between my thighs. At the first touch from his fingers my hips came off the bed and I nearly came apart from the shock of pleasure.

He slid a finger in and I stopped breathing, my heart pounding loudly, flooding my ears. My hands grasped his wide shoulders, needing some kind of lifeline to keep me from floating away.

“Do you like this?” The gruff sound of his voice added to my aroused state.

“Yes.” I breathed out, thrashing shamelessly against his hand. My earlier nerves all but forgotten as blood began to boil under my skin.


“Yes.” Adding another finger he twisted them upwards turning the blood into a fluttering inferno. At the same time his free hand cupped my breast and kneaded my sensitive nipple in tandem with the fingers he worked into me. Oh god, I threw my head back gasping, breathless and feverish.

Somewhere in the part of my brain that could still manage coherent thoughts I heard a ripping noise. Suddenly the magic fingers were gone. Why are the fingers gone? I was so wound up I was about to blow up. Then I felt something much harder take their place.

My eyes snapped open to find David staring at me with hooded eyes filled with so much passion that it nearly knocked the air out of me.

He was throbbing against my entrance, hot and ready, and god how I wanted him. My hands traveled down his muscled back, urging him forward as I opened my legs wider and lifted my hips. That caused a deep groan to rumble out of his chest, as he braced his arms on either side of my face.

I couldn’t take the desperate need wreaking havoc in my body. I tilted my hips again and he growled as every muscle in his body tense.

“Lovely, if you keep doing that, this will be over very soon and I want to take my time with you.”

“I need you inside me, please.” The ache was too much, I was dizzy with pent up desire and the unrelenting throbbing between my legs kept getting stronger and more unbearable.

His eyes fluttered as a gut wrenching groan filled the air.

“You have no idea what you do to me, you can’t possibly know.” Moving a hand to my hip, he lifted my thigh higher and positioned himself at my entrance, my breathing became shallow.

He kissed me softly, tenderly, his tongue making slow sweeps of my mouth. Then he was pushing into me, inch by delicious inch, and I had to tear my lips away needing the oxygen as a complete feeling of fullness enveloped me.

It felt so unbelievably good, my body stretched and molded around his perfectly.

He didn’t move, giving me time to adjust. I was by no means a virgin but three years was a long time.

“You feel bloody amazing.” He breathed into my mouth, his voice almost pained. His heavily lidded eyes were glazed over with pleasure as he gazed at me, jaw set so hard I was sure not even Thor’s hammer could crack it.

For an infinite second we only stared at each other, breathing heavily and acclimating to the sweet sensation of being intimately connected.

“More.” I begged, needing him to move. A lazy smirk lifted the corner of his mouth as he rocked his hips slowly, sending tiny jolts of pleasure through my body.

“Yes!” My eyes fluttered.

“I’ve waited for what feels like forever to be inside you lovely, to feel you.” Oh god, his lustful words were like a shot of adrenaline into my veins. Crashing his lips to mine in a needy kiss that sucked the air right out of me, he began to pump into me, slowly at first and picking up speed, until he set a divine rhythm that electrified every cell in my body.

I whimpered and moaned into his mouth with each thrust. It felt so good, too much, and at the same time, not nearly enough. There wasn’t an inch of space between us, and yet I wanted him closer. My fingers dug into his back as the tension coiled, building like a storm. I felt like I might float away any second then crash back down like a meteor. What in the nine circles of hell was he doing to me? Though this felt more like ten circles of heaven.

Supporting himself on an extended arm David grabbed the back of my knee and hitched my leg higher which somehow brought him deeper. He pulled out almost all the way and then slammed into me again, eliciting a loud cry out of my throat that seared my ears and caused my entire body to clench around him as my head spinned with bliss.

Sleek sweat collected between our bodies, as he grinded his hips against me in a sensual dance that had my heart beating frantically. Something powerful began to unravel and move towards a precipice inside of me.

I had an urge to see it, to see our bodies where they connected. My head moved up following the line of rippling muscles down his abdomen to where he was pumping his powerful body and thick length deeper into me, again and again. It was unbelievably beautiful, seeing it set the storm free and I felt my body begin to shake uncontrollably. Everything swirled as the entire world tilted and bent out of shape.

“David…” I gasped, feeling like I was breaking, shattering into a million tiny pieces. Oh god, what was happening? I shut my eyes tightly, unable to keep them open.

“Let go luv.” He breathed, bringing his hand to cup my face as he did the rolling of the hips thing, he did oh-so well.

“Let go.” He urged again.

Biting my lip, I fell off the precipice screaming his name incoherently as starbursts flashed behind my eyelids and my head hit the mattress with abandon. I felt shock after shock of overwhelming ecstasy rack my body into oblivion, leaving me breathless and feeling like jelly.

David thrusts harder once, twice then I felt his large frame shake as a guttural sound erupted from his chest. He collapsed on top of me, keeping most of his weight on his arms as he buried his head on my neck, breathing just as heavily as I was. After a long second he kissed my damp skin, letting his lips linger on my pulse.

I had just had an orgasm. My first orgasm ever, and I knew without a doubt that I had never experienced anything like that before. Spring was right, there is no way you ever forget that level of intensity and pleasure. It was no wonder people became sex addicts, that had been… it had been, there were no words. One minute I had been falling off a cliff, and the next I was landing on a soft cloud.

“You doing alright luv?” David asked softly.

My heart was a jack hammer, beating savagely but my body felt languid and sated. Was I alright? Oh boy I was floating on a chocolate fountain, riding the post-orgasmic train to Never- Never Land. Sex with David was like an out of body experience, where the heavens opened and angels began to sing all around me.

“I…” My voice was still shaky.

“I…I don’t think I can move, I feel like gelatin.”

He chuckled, slowly pulling out of me. I gasped, feeling an uncomfortable emptiness, my body missing the connection already.

David disposed of the condom then lied on his back, bringing me along with him to rest on his chest. I felt his lips on my hair and I couldn’t help the silly, all consuming smile splitting my face.

I could feel his heart beating wildly under my cheek and I sigh happily, relaxing against his warmth as he rubbed tiny, soothing circles against my naked back. It was making me tingly all over.

A tiny giggle pushed past my mouth and I quickly smothered it with my hand.

“Want to share what’s on that fascinating mind of yours?” Not really, but of course my brain and my mouth have never seen eye to eye. He twisted us so that I was lying once again on my back while he found support on his side, leaning over me.

“I’ve never… I mean that was… it was orgasmic!” What the, what?

His throaty laugh caused blood to rise to my face and suddenly I had an urge to hide like a child under the covers. I really needed to learn how to shut up.

“I really shouldn’t have said that, it’s just that… forget it.” I opted to cover my reddening face in my hands.

“Hey now.” David took hold of my hands exposing my face. His gaze was right on me, cerulean eyes shining like jewels.

“You know you can tell me anything.” His fingers brushed the hair from my face.

“I know that but, some things are just too embarrassing and personal to share.” I shrugged. He smiled warmly with his messy sex hair going in every direction, and lazy eyes gazing dreamily at me.

“There is nothing more personal than what we just did, furthermore you’re laying naked in my bed. How can you be embarrassed to tell me anything?”

Good point, but now I could only think about what we had just done which was, have mind blowing, orgasmic sex, like I’ve never had before. I couldn’t tell him that, my face would explode, it was already dangerously close to doing just that.

“Well, call me crazy then.” Better than him calling me a twenty four year old inexperienced girl who hadn’t had an orgasm in two years of being in a relationship.

“Not a chance luv.” He smirked, narrowing his eyes into a predatory, focus beam. My heart stuttered.

He leaned down and kissed my burning cheeks.

“I’d rather call you sweet.”

Then my nose.

“Or sexy as hell.”

And my forehead. His word choice made me giggle, it was so American.

“You don’t have to sweet talk me, I already had sex with you.” I joked. I knew he was trying to put me at ease which he had an uncanny ability to do but that didn’t constitute a confession.

“Hum..” The rumbly sound he made caused my pulse to pick up and my breath to catch.

He moved down to my mouth and I closed my eyes waiting but he didn’t kiss me, he just inhaled and exhaled, hovering millimeters over my mouth. I wanted his lips but when I tilted my face up he pulled back just enough to tease me. There was a wicked grin playing at the corner of his mouth. I glared at him.

“Tell me and I’ll give you what you want.” He whispered playfully, as his sweet intoxicating breath delved into my mouth, making my head swim.

“There is nothing to tell.” I sounded all breathy and not convincing at all.

His hand was on the move, over my quivering stomach, slowly making its way higher. Oh boy. I swallowed hard, my throat suddenly dry. I could feel the fire in my body kindling back to life. How was that possible? We’d just had sex no more than five minutes ago. Guess he’d moved on to a more reliable tactic- seduction.

Reaching my swollen breasts he massaged the swell achingly slow, circling the areola. I moaned, arching my back, the throbbing between my legs had me squirming and rubbing my thighs together deliriously.

“David…” I needed more. And I needed it NOW!

“Tell me.” He breathed into my mouth and I felt the slightest brush of his lips.

“I…” No I wouldn’t tell him, there was no way. Nothing he did or said would make me.

He squeezed my hardened nipple while pressing his erection against my thigh. Oh my god! Intense arousal burned through my veins.

“I had never come before. This was the first time, with you!” The words tumbled out as if he’d magically pulled them out of my mouth. Way to hold strong, Summer.

David stilled and I licked my dry lips waiting for his reaction, my heart was hammering away. I was now embarrassed, anxious, and horny. What a great combination.

“You had never orgasmed before?” He sounded almost shocked.

“That’s… what I said.” I replied in a small voice, averting my gaze.

“Oh lovely.” He turned my face to look at him, letting his thumb trace tenderly over my cheek.

“You have nothing to be embarrassed about. It is not your fault that boy couldn’t be concerned with learning how to please you properly.” His intense eyes shined with such sincerity and conviction that I couldn’t doubt a single word.

I smiled, immediately feeling myself relaxing. His returned smile was heart melting.

“Now.” His expression changed suddenly, becoming as intense as his eyes as long fingers trailed down my neck, then my collarbone, and over my breasts. My eyes fluttered and my skin felt stretched too tight.

“I plan on getting to know your body quite thoroughly.” My stomach moved in waves with each pin prick feel his fingers unleashed. Desire pooled, hot and wet in my center.

In a second David was over me, pinning me down with his hard body, then sinking his hips against mine.

“Oh.” I gasped, feeling my sex throbbing painfully against his erection.

“Round two already?” I teased, doing my best to breathe in and out. David’s eyes darkened like a predator’s.

“Lovely, I intend to give you many, many orgasms tonight.” He promised in that sexy british way of his. I swallowed, feeling excitement bubbling down my stomach.

God help me.

OMG! It finally happened, I’m screaming as much as you guys are. This was my first sexual scene and considering how much romance I read, it was EXTREMELY difficult to write. I kept getting caught up in the words and the descriptions, what a freaking ride, lets just side my fiancée sure enjoyed it ;-). He reaped the benefits. I never thought it would be so hard to write about sex. I thought when the time came it would be the easiest thing, I seriously have no idea how authors do this day and night, HOLY CRAPOLA!


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    Omg thanks for the great start of my Friday and weekend! Well done and worth the wait. I’m wrecked for the rest of the day. Lol ❤️😘🍸💕 This chapter took my mind off of sitting here with my cast. 3 more weeks to go .

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