TGIF-FICTION: Summer of David Gandy Chapter 17

Hey guys, oh its been busy for me, sorry I haven’t updated in some time but I’ve had my hands full. Family out of town, exams, wedding plans etc. Hope you enjoy David.

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Chapter 17

In Laughter

David was right, the city did glimmer in the light. We had breakfast at a restaurant on the hotel called Cote Jardin and were seated in the garden area, which had a great view of the sparkling ocean.

The garden itself was magnificent, decorated in beautiful exotic flowers and perfectly pedicure emerald green henches blending vibrantly against the blue backdrop of sky and sea. It was by all accounts a gorgeous morning. Not to mention the best view yet-David, he sat right across from me and in this natural lighting his azure eyes mesmerized me,-like two sparkling sapphire jewels,-so much so that I missed the waiter asking for my order.

“Lovely, would you like something to drink?” I blushed, feeling thoroughly dazed and the worse part was that he totally knew it with that teasing smirk on the side of his lips-lips that I was very well acquainted with. Flashes of our little morning make out session crashed into my frontal lobe and if I wasn’t flustered enough already, well…that sure did it.

“Mimosa please.” I answered, eyes shifting nervously between my lap and the waiter, voice breathy. I pushed my hair from my heated neck, needing some cooling and wiped my clammy hands on the linen napkin resting on my thighs.

Soon after our drinks arrived and I quickly took a big swig of my sweet mimosa, needing some liquid courage, I didn’t know what had me so nervous but I didn’t like it. My best guess was the dazzling man sitting across from me who by the way, hadn’t stopped looking at me with those inquisitive eyes that see way too much. Most likely it was the reckless anticipation that constantly assaulted my stomach, like a trapped hummingbird searching for freedom. I had a feeling that once it was released, it would obliterate everything in its wake.

“So what are we doing this morning?” I decided to just talk, because I was already getting worked up just thinking about earlier, my voice came out higher and squeakier than normal, I sounded like chipmunk-mental eyeroll.

Thankfully he didn’t make a sly comment about my sudden awkwardness, David’s playful eyes remained trained on me as if he was having too much fun just observing my nervous demeanor, I sigh internally and reach for my mimosa.

“Well, I thought perhaps we’d explore around town a bit and then go into France for lunch.”

I stopped my glass halfway to my lips and lift my eyebrows.

“France?” I questioned.

He smirks, calmly taking a drink from his coffee.

“It’s not as farfetched as you think, France is but a few miles away, quite close actually.”

“Oh.” I really hadn’t thought about it, but I quickly analyzed its location in my head. Monaco was a small country located right in the French Riviera between France and Italy, easy access to both.

“I knew that.” I tried for nonchalant and confidence but judging David’s amused chuckle, he wasn’t fooled.

The streets of the small town, were so crowded that we spent about forty five minutes just to reach the local Market-Bazaar which wasn’t far at all.

“I say next time we walk.” We would’ve gotten anywhere in this city much faster just by walking there.

“Brilliant idea.” He agreed, lightly squeezing the hand he held on my lap. I enjoyed the constant contact of our skin.

“I’m full of with brilliant ideas.” I mock, playfully, glancing at him out of the corner of my eye, my earlier nerves all but forgotten. David had a way of setting me at ease as much as he could scramble my senses into mush. That was a neat trick he possessed.

“You’re full of sass lovely and you know what? I like it. A lot.” His voice turned low and husky, insinuating so much more than what he was actually saying, my stomach fluttered in response.

We spent the early part of the day at the local Bazaar, sampling exotic fruits, chocolates and all kinds of foods I’ve never even heard of. I swear David was trying to fatten me up the way he insisted on me trying every little thing that crossed our path.

I had to admit everything was exceptionally rich in flavors and so unique that I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to try it, even if it meant gaining a few pounds it be worth it, besides I had a treadmill at home.

“Ok Zoolander, that’s enough. I can’t eat one more thing and I don’t see you trying any of it, I’m gonna grow another butt the way you’re feeding me.” I teased. Finishing a piece of sea salt, dark chocolate brownie, that he’d all but shoved into my mouth. I swear the man was worse than an old spanish woman when it came to food, there was no room for No.

Arched eyebrows in place and humorous eyes address me. “That’s what you’re supposed to do in a foreign country, sample the culture.” he grinned, as he continued his lecture, like the sexy professor I fantasized him as sometimes.

“I thought you were in a prestigious law school Legally Blonde, didn’t those Americans teach you anything about foreign cultures?” His teasing remark prompts me to laugh so hard that I have to hold onto his arm.

“Who’s full of sass now?” I manage. He has a big-eye crinkling-smile on his face, the smile I find so normal and endearing, that I’m tempted to wrap my hands around his neck and bring him down to my level for a soul searing-heart stopping-stomach dropping kiss.

“Men don’t have sass luv, we macho charm and wittiness.” He puffs out his chest and lifts his chin as he speaks, I double over.

“Please stop, I’m gonna pee on my pants.” I beg, wiping moisture from my eyes.

Laughter rumbles through his chest and we’re now both leaning into each other with uncontrollable laughter, shaking our bodies.

“You’re wearing a dress.” He points out the obvious, once he can make out words.

“It’s an expression Sherlock, don’t you have sarcasm in England?”

“Sorry, it got lost along with your bad English.” I gape at him, pointing a finger in pretend anger.

“Well now you crossed a line, British boy.” He stares me down, unflinching, eye blazing, lips curling into a sexy smirk.

“What do you intend to do about it, USA?” I meet his challenging blue eyes straight on. Suddenly a heady rush of arousal washes over me, and I see the same emotion light up his face. My throat goes dry as bone and I my heart beat steadily increases until is all I can hear.

David’s eyes are on me, intense, smoldering and unrelenting. Oh boy, his gaze drops to my mouth causing my lips to part in an exhale. All our teasing has built up a massive amount of fiery energy of desire between us, a desire that demands to be felt. Like an invisible coil, it pulls us closer, the intensity of it is enough to render me breathless.

“God I need to kiss you.” One minute he’s rasping the words out and the next he’s kissing me, no warnings, only the feel of his needful mouth crashing onto mine and swallowing my gasp. I respond automatically opening for him, letting his tongue tangle with mine tasting and probing. A crazed need to satisfy my own craving for him is all that drives me. He holds my face in his hands and I wrap mines around his waist. We’re in the middle of a market, crowded with tourists and locals, the mingle of voices, cell phones and laughter engulf us but it all disappears, there is only him and this insane connection between that is slowly driving me mad.

We hit practically every kiosk, I’m currently trying on outrageously silly hats and mock modeling them. Making pouty lips and batty lashes as I turned from side to side the way i’ve seen models do on tv. David seemed to find me very entertaining judging by the big-ear to ear-smile on his face. “What? You don’t think I have what it takes?” I feigned hurt, as I clutch my chest for dramatic effect.

“I think you’re too adorable.” He says taking the big beach hat from my hands. Turquoise eyes filled with mirth wink at me.

“Excuse us a moment.” He addresses the lady behind the counter, who seems to be no more than a few years older than me and currently blushing profusely, clearly mesmerized by David, not that I blame her. He has that effect on women and even some men.

“We just need a little privacy to test this hat properly.” He shoots her a devastating smile that has the power to part the red sea then places the hat as a wall, separating us from her. He pulls me to him, hand at the nape of my neck and kisses me, open mouth and teeth smacking, since we’re both still smiling like two teenagers. I can’t help the rush of blood on my cheeks. I love playful David, and brooding David and serious David. Shit who am I kidding I’m partial to the whole package.

“We’ll take it.” He announces with glee.

We ended up buying the big hat of course, it was the least we could after playing around with it and making the poor girl flush like a tomato with our little PDA. And by we I mean he bought it, to my constant dismay. He also insisted on buying me a bag he’d caught me eyeing with interest, it was thick brown leather, authentically crouched into beautiful patterns of vibrant wild flowers with precise detail. In return I bought him a black baseball hat with the black and white checker flags and Formula 1 logo, not an equal exchange by any means since the bag had been quite pricey but he wouldn’t budge on me spending money.

“No Arguments Mr. I can afford a twenty dollar hat.” Exasperation rolling off my shoulders in waves. The man is incorrigible, I really needed to find a way to contribute something on this ‘all inclusive trip’.

“It’s Euros actually.” He teased. I narrow my eyes, pinning him with a glare.

“You know what I mean, tit for tat, it’s only fair since you bought me a purse and paid for everything else we’ve done since the day we met.” He stares at me for a beat then bursts into laughter, so hard that it makes me giggle.

“I can’t believe you just made that reference, tit for tat, you’re too much lovely.”

“That’s what you got out of everything I said?” I chastise, giving him a reprimanding look.

The rest of the morning flew by as we moved from section to section, looking at all the trinkets and unique items of the local market.

He even found me a refrigerator magnet for my collection. This image reflected a night sky background and Hotel De Paris’ beauty in its forefront, streaks of red lights flashing through the street, indicating a car going really fast. I loved that he’d remember my magnet collection, the simple action tugged at my heart.

“It’s a real shame you don’t have that convertible of yours here, the scenery is truly breathtaking.” We were driving out of the city and into France, all along the right side the sparkling ocean, far off mountains and perfectly, cloudless sky made the drive a breathtaking adventure.

He chuckled. “That’s easily rectifiable.” My eyebrows knitted as I turned to look at him, that confident grin graced the corner of his lips.

“What are you up to?” I asked suspiciously.

Deep, blue eyes glance at me with too much-up to no good-gleam. But he doesn’t add anymore to his vague comment.

“When I told you about the car I didn’t actually think you’d take it literal.”

“You were right, this is the best way to enjoy the scenery.”

We had driven into france, stopped for lunch at a local cafe and then he drove straight to a Jaguar dealership and of course because he was David Gandy-world famous super model-hottie. He had top pick of any car he wanted in the lot, no problem.

Now we were cruising down the large winding road which flanked the expanding French Riviera, leading into Monte Carlo in a 2015 sleek, black Jaguar convertible xkr-s, top of the freaking line. Nothing but the best for Mr. Gandy-is how the manager had put it.

I guess there was something to be said about having one of your newest vehicles being driven by a famous person, free advertising and all.

“You’re way too spoil.” I reprimand him, shaking my head.

“I appreciate everything I have and I give plenty back. I don’t see anything wrong with indulging in a few perks once in a while.” I turn to look at him, afraid I might have offend him, but his signature, sexy grin was in place.

“Alright all great and powerful Gandy, so show me what this baby can do.” I challenged.

The sudden spark in his eyes said that he was all too willing, the man loved to be behind the wheel of a car, that much was obvious.

His knuckles whitened as he grasped the wheel harder.

“I suggest you hold on tight luv.” There was no mistaking the mischievous tone of his voice. With a wink he slid on his aviators and before I even had a chance to breathe, he took off like a rocket. My body jerked back against the leather seat and my hair blew around me like a storm of brown curls. It was completely accelerating, I couldn’t contain the laughter that erupted from my chest. Everything blurred around us as David took on the open road with the precision of a real driver, it was such a turn on the way he handle the power of the vehicle that if one day he decided to throw the speedo on the whole modeling thing and became a racer instead he would undeniably raise the skirts of every female within miles. God knows I was tempted to push mine up and straddle him. Okay…wrong train of thought.

“You’re wild!” I shout, tilting my head back and totally stealing the line from one of my favorite movies. David’s broad, animated smile pierced my heart, he was like a kid with his favorite toy. His shoulders shook with amusement as did my entire body. We were having entirely too much fun. The wind was deafening creating a loud buzzing in my ears, made all the louder by the whooshing of my hair, flipping in every direction. The whole experience was exciting.

The car came to a sudden stop at a red light, again making me jerk slightly and laugh even harder. David’s sexy smile was still in place and if his eyes weren’t blocked by the sunglasses I knew they’d be shining like jewels from the adrenaline.

“That was fun.” My voice was all breathy.

“You’re hair agrees.” He teased, running his fingers through my messy waves.

“I must look like I stuck my finger on an electrical outlet.” I tried to smooth my crazy hair, feeling the start of a blush rise to my face.

David’s face was suddenly an inch from mine as he leaned over into my side of the car, raising the sunglasses to his head. I gasped at his nearness, feeling his sweet breath hitting me and making my mouth water.

“You have no idea how sexy you look right now.” Heat flares in his eyes. “I have to exercise extreme control not to ravish every inch of you in this very car.” The words were spoken low and husky, the lust in his eyes sent my senses into a spiral vortex of arousal. Oh boy and how i wanted him to do just that. I was turning into my sister.

His lips crashed in the into mine-in the blink of an eye-swallowing the moan rising from my throat. I’m sure if he wasn’t holding onto my neck I would fly away from the butterflies smashing against my ribcage.

Too soon he releases me, leaving me gasping and breathless and squirming in my seat as he idles the car softly down the road, in sheer contrast to five minutes earlier.

David rarely spoke so crudely but when he did oh boy, it was as if he lit a fire deep into my core and it slowly spread throughout my body, threatening to burn me alive.

“Ok…I think we need a little music.” I say, not because i’m uncomfortable with the silence that follows but because the elephant of sexual tension that swarms between us its smothering and I need a distraction. My eyes fleet towards him, I notice the hard edge of his chiseled jaw working and the slight pulling at the corner of his mouth and the rising and falling of his chest which tells me he is still as affected as me, good to know.

“Have at it.” he gestures towards the radio, giving me free range, I felt in a teasing mood though, the adrenaline still coursing through my body both from his admission, followed by that intense kiss and the intense ride.

“You sure? I wouldn’t want to put something too american for your sophisticated taste.” I waited for his reaction, pressing my lips to keep from smiling.

His instant throaty chuckle caused goosebumps to rise on my skin.

“I think I can handle it lovely.” He answered confidently.

“Hum…we’ll see about that.” I was gonna put his taste in music or better said, his tolerance for music to the test. For some reason I couldn’t picture someone like David listening to anything other than Frank Sinatra and Tony Bennett. He said he listens to anything the mood strikes but the way he carries himself, his cultured charm and British complexities didn’t allow for me to picture him listening to Jason Derulo or Taylor Swift Shaking it up.

I plugged my phone into the Aux and scrolled down my mixed playlist, finding the perfect song, for our little-Top down-joyride through Monaco.

Cruise by Florida Georgia Line blasted through the speakers of the car, replacing the loud whooshing of the wind.

I turned to face David who was staring straight ahead. He glanced out of the corner of his eye at me, giving me a conspiratory smile but otherwise keeping his expression neutral.

I narrowed my eyes, waiting. I loved this song for driving, but it was as American as it could get, not something I would ever expect David to listen to. Boy was I wrong, as soon as the chorus hit he began to sing along to the lyrics. My jaw hit my lap as I stared at him, the raspy sound of his voice washed over me, his distinct accent all but gone as he sang, it was a moment of disbelief for me and completely shocking. I started laughing even harder than before, so much so you’d think someone was tickling me. I had moisture gathering at the corner of my eyes, this man never ceased to surprise me.

“What? You don’t think an Essex boy like me knows a thing or two about country music?”

He mused, glancing at me. A smug smile on his face.

I put my hands up in surrender.

“I apologize, I don’t know what I was thinking, you clearly are a man of many talents.” I mused.

This time he threw his head back in a deep laugh. He looked so normal like this, hair all disheveled, laughing freely as he sang along to music I loved. Staring at him like this, I could almost envisioned a future where we could be together, like two normal people, a real couple just enjoying each other and the little things that most took for granted in life, like the simplicity of cruising down a road, listening to loud music. The image was happy and it made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

We continued our joyride into Monte Carlo, belting out the lyrics for Cruise at the top of our lungs, completely ignoring everything and everyone around us.

“I can’t believe it took that long to get into the city.”

David guided me along in a hurried pace as we made our way to the private alcove designated to watch the races. We didn’t even get a chance to change into fresh clothes.

“David, David!”

We both turned at the sound of his name being called. As a bald, extremely well dressed, middle aged man was waving at us from a doorway a few feet ahead.


David called, nodding in the stranger’s direction. They shook hands in greeting and did that shoulder hug thing men do.

“Did you get lost or something mate?” The man, who was at least six or seven inches shorter than David muses as he holds onto David’s shoulders, sarcasm clear in his voice.

“Traffic out there is insane mate, we just made it in.” David brings me forward to stand beside him, placing a hand at the small of my back.

“Let me introduce you.” He directs his attention to me as he speaks. “This is Domenico, a good friend and designer I work closely with.” He explained, I smiled politely.

“Dom, this is Summer, my girlfriend.” I stiffened at the title he’d given me, my eyes widening for a fraction of a second, but I manage to maintain composure as the man-who reminded me of that bald guy from Sex and the City-places a kiss on each of my cheeks, holding on to my shoulders as well, guess he is the affectionate type.

“A pleasure.” Domenico gushed, smiling at me warmly. He has a heavy accent but it wasn’t British like David’s

“Are you Italian?”

“I am.” He answered, sounding surprise.

“Most people can’t pick that up.” I give a light shrug.

“I’ve always found foreign languages interesting, I think I have an ear for them, yours is particularly rich, I can see why it would be difficult to decipher.”

Domenico steps back casually folding his arms and staring at me with something like appreciation.

“Oh I like her David.” Blood colored my cheeks.

David chuckles, wrapping me closer to him.

“Well keep your hands off old man, she’s taken.”

Domenico laughed loudly and boisterously. For a man that wasn’t particularly tall, he sure had a reaching voice.

“Old man? I think you might need to look in a mirror friend.” I laughed, unable to help myself. David shot me a playful glare, lightly squeezing my side and making me jump, I glared right back at him.

“You know what they say mate, the older the wine, the sweeter the berry.” Oh no he didn’t just say that.

“That’s what old people say.” I add, stoking the fire which causes Domenico to laugh loudly, clapping David on the shoulder several times.

“Now I see why you’ve pulled a disappearing act, she is one enchanting creature.” I smile, feeling my ego inflating at the compliment, that sounds rather archaic for our time.

“Indeed, but like I said, keep your hands off.” David’s tone was playful even though the two seemed to be locked in a teasing war.

“Hey I don’t mind sharing, besides she’ll be all yours for the real fun stuff.” Domenico made wiggly eyebrows, glancing between the both of is. “Know what I mean?” He adds conspiratorially. I barely knew the man and he was already suggesting a manage tua? I felt the rush of blood under my cheeks, Europeans…

I looked at David but he seemed relax and unaffected by the suggestion, even amused at catching my flush.

“This way, come on the race started already.” He walks ahead before either of us can say anything more.

“Don’t fret luv, you’re not exactly…his type.” David’s low, amused voice tickles my ear. I should have known he’d be in tune with my thoughts.

Looking up at him I said. “What do you mean?” he grinned.

“How do you Americans say it…” He mocked a pondering expression.

“He swings for the same team, he likes to taste the rainbow, he eats fruityloops…”

“You mean he’s gay?” I interrupted, before he could come up with more ludacris sayings.

“The acceptable term is homosexual?” He mused, tapping my nose lightly. I narrow my eyes which only served to make him laugh.

“Hey Love-birds, fly over here I’m gonna start charging for these seats.”

David took a step forward but I placed my hand on his arm, holding him back.

“David, about what you said before.” I started, before I lost my nerve.

His fingers grabbed a piece of my hair that was stuck to my neck, tucking it behind my ear. That made my pulse speed up significantly, which essentially made talking all that more difficult.

“Yes.” There was something in his quiet voice, as he stared at me, almost like a challenge. He knew what I was referring to, I could see it in his eyes. Was he really gonna make me say it?”

I waited a moment but he didn’t speak, I guess it was all on me.

“I… back there, you said.” Oh boy, I could barely look at him, this was awkward.

“You said, I was your girlfriend…”

His fingers were at my chin, softly tilting my head back to look at him.

“Is there a question in there?” He prodded softly, pinning me with his inquisitive eyes.

My face was felt like it was about to burst into flames.

“What does that mean?” I managed to squeak out. He continued to study me for a moment, tilting his head to the side and setting my nerves on edge.

“It means that it’s the easiest explanation, referring to you as my lover seems highly inappropriate and I can’t exactly call you my friend because i plan on kissing and touching you a lot.”

To drive his point home, he leans down taking my lips with his. My reaction was instantaneous, I melted against him, opening up and letting his invigorating taste override any further thoughts.

I could kiss him forever and It would never be enough. Once he pulled back, my vision was hazy and my heartbeat way too fast.

His thumb brushed over my lower lip, pulling on it.

“Its that alright?” I was still trying to get my breathing under control so i just nodded. His answering smile made me a little weak at the knees.

“Come on then, lets do this.”

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