TGIF FICTION: Summer Of David Gandy Chapter 13

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Chapter 13

In Flirting

I wanted to spring into song, and waltz around the apartment like a Disney princess, thats how overly excited I felt.

The first thing my brain acknowledged as I walked into the apartment in a haze was the invigorating aroma of the flower David had given me.

I had placed it in a small cup with water and sat it on the kitchen counter that divided the living room from the kitchen. I walked straight to it and grabbed it, inhaling deeply. It really was a lovely smell and now it would forever remind me of David. I smiled absently, letting the flower rest back in its watery bed and letting my fingers smooth out its silky, white petals.

I got maybe four hours of sleep, first because I was dead wrong about it being just after midnight by the time I got back to the apartment. It was actually almost two in the morning and I was feeling as if I’d drank about two mugs of espresso.

Finding sleep hadn’t been easy, not to mention that David had texted me after he left, and every time I heard that little beep of my phone it was as if my heart was in synchronization with the thing, beating more wildly with each beep. My mind kept our flirty banter on loop all night long.

-Are you asleep?-

-You just left, I haven’t even changed out of my clothes yet.-


-I’m very tempted to turn around and assist you with that task.-

The smile on my face was from ear to ear,-I was sure my cheeks would hurt the next day, or well in a few hours- I sat at the edge of my bed holding onto my phone with both hands. I really wanted to accept his offer.

-You’re very thoughtful, should you be texting and driving by the way?-


-I am, thank you. I’m not driving, I’m at a red light, but I do appreciate your concern love.-

Kicking off my shoes, I scooched to the headboard of the bed and leaned against it.

Before I had a chance to reply another text came through.


-Are you tired?-

-Not in the least.-

was my immediate response.


-Thinking about me?!-

I laughed out loud. He could be so shamelessly confident sometimes.

-Hardly, you’re the one who started texting me ;-).-


-That’s because I was thinking about you.-

Oh boy, my heart did a little cartwheel.

-Did you make it home yet?-


-Almost, did you reconsider my offer? I’ll turn around in a heart beat.-

-Right…Well thanks but I already changed.-

that was a lie, but I was liking this whole flirty banter we had going on, and I wanted to get his reaction.


-Groan! you’re killing me Lovely. I know what your sleep attire consists of and my imagination is running wild.-

Oh boy, so was my heart, I think a speed train might have competition next to it.

I had almost forgotten that he came into my room that one morning and thought I slept in the nude, which wasn’t far off. I didn’t quite sleep naked, I kept my underwear on. My skin was feeling overly heated all of a sudden.

-Hum…Maybe I should stop distracting you, i don’t want to be responsible for you having an accident.-

I waited for the beep, he had been constant with the messages, not taking more than a few seconds to answer, a minute tops but I had been waiting for about three minutes now, My knee was bouncing nervously and I was about to start biting my nails, something I’ve never done.

Maybe he did get into an accident and it would have been cause of me. Oh my god.

I was about to text him when my phone rang, startling me into a straight position. It was him.

“Hello.” I answered, feeling slightly like I’d ran a marathon.

“First of all, I’m a great driver, secondly I just got home, so you’re welcome to distract me as much as you like.”

I exhaled in relief, letting the deep tone of his voice wash over me, it had a direct link to my center, so smooth and rich with the sexiest accent known to men.

“Remember how we talked about your ego, you need to bring it down a notch, Mr. great driver.”

I heard the deep tremble of his too familiar chuckle and I couldn’t help laughing as well.

“Yes, you definitely miss me, I can tell.” He mused.

“Please do tell me how you can presume to know that.”

“Because of that mouth of yours, you always give me a hard time whenever you realize the depths of your feelings or when my direct approaches fluster you, it’s your cover.”

I gaped.

He was too perceptive for my taste. Never missing a thing, or maybe I was just that easy to read.

“Well, I’m gonna have to change my tactics then, I don’t like to be predictable.”

he was quiet for a second.

“Oh no Lovely, you don’t have to change a thing.” He spoke softly, his tone serious, and for some reason, hearing him say that made me feel all warm inside.

David had been paying such close attention, he knew so much about me, and I was determined to know him just as well.

Needless to say it had been a restless night, and my dreams were filled with images of a certain model, that I couldn’t escape, not even while I slept.

I took a quick shower, and David picked up me up soon after. Spring was not in the apartment, she had texted me last night telling me that she was staying in campus to get to class early.

“That’s an interesting t-shirt.” He appraised me.

I looked down at myself in an automatic kind of reaction, I was wearing an old Journey t-shirt that had been my moms, it was old but in good condition and I loved it. It reminded me of the love my parents shared, it was rare and beautiful. They met at a Journey concert and it had been practically love at first sight. Till this day, they still look at each other with the same adoration.

“It was my mothers, I grew up listening to Journey, AC/DC, Aerosmith and believe it or not even Tony Bennett.” I snickered.

“What, no Beetles?” He mocked, feigning offense.

“That was for your parents.” I retorted without missing a beat.

“Smart mouth.” he deadpanned, with a crooked grin on his lips. I I narrowed my eyes and he stared me down, in a sort of challenge.

“Big head.” His brows raised and he laughed.

“I do like that actually.” My cheeks flamed, as I realized that what i’d said could be easily misconstrued.

“I hope, I’m dressed appropriately, you did say casual.” I uttered, trying not to let my eyes linger too long on him, because I honestly couldn’t concentrate or even breathe properly if i looked at him too much.

When I opened the door to greet him, my mouth had gone a little dry, he was wearing light blue jeans, a simple black t-shirt, and a baseball cap with a sports team logo I didn’t recognize. He looked sexy as hell in his casual clothing, then again he looked sexy in anything and I was willing to bet my career that naked, was probably his best look.

Thinking about it, my clothes was similar to his. I was wearing a pair of faded boyfriend jeans, that fit slightly tighter than the typical boyfriend jean, my tan sperrys and the red Journey t-shirt.

“You look perfect.”

He kissed me then, no hesitation, no warning, it was just as natural as the day turning to night, and I was all for it, enjoying his lips, his taste, all of him.

“Do you understand the concept of a vacation? Part of it, revolves around sleeping in.”

“Sleeping it’s a waste of time, the best part of a vacation, it’s making the most out of your time, doing as much as you can.” and he had made sure I did just that.

I laughed, not really caring about waking early, I was used to it. My normal wake up call was typically around six thirty every morning, and on the weekends when I had a little more time for myself, my internal alarm would be a genuine bitch by waking me up no later than eight maybe eight thirty.

“I just think, you’re a workaholic at heart.” He shot me a sideway grin, filled with mischief.

His tan, muscular arm was extended and flexed as he held onto the steering wheel. it was sort of like a beacon for my eyes, looking away was a challenge.

“I’m actually rather enjoying my time off.” he said grabbing my hand which was resting on my thigh, and lightly squeezing it.

I smiled, feeling my heart flutter.

“What do you do every morning, before coming for me?”

He threaded his fingers through mine, keeping our entwined hands resting on my thigh.

“Exercise mostly, it’s part of my routine, I’m accustomed to it.”

“Do you exercise everyday?”

I had no doubt that it took dedication to stay so beautifully sculpted.

“Not everyday, four or five times a week.”

“Wow, I feel ashamed of my twice a week run on the treadmill.” He chuckled.

“Don’t be, seems like it’s served you well.” His gaze deliberately traveled from my legs, slowly taking me in, all the way to my face and making eye contact, he grinned.

“Well thanks.” I mused, shaking my head, and feeling the color on my cheeks.

We stopped at a bakery and grabbed a coffee and scone, I wasn’t hungry for much more. I loved breakfast in fact it’s my favorite meal of the day, but my appetite had been affected by the constant butterflies assaulting me. It seemed they had made a nest of their own and were not going anywhere anytime soon.

“Where are you taking me?”

“Always so curious.” He mused. I glared.

“I want you to meet a few…friends of mine.”

Friends? He wanted me to meet friends. Why would he want me to dress so casual? I wasn’t dressed for that, meeting friends required a bit more upkeeping, not my faded jeans and old t-shirt.

He didn’t miss the skeptical expression on my face. Laughing richly, he squeezed my hand again, trying to reassure me.

“Don’t fret love, they’re going to love you.”

About half an hour later, we pulled into a part of town that was more industrial. Factories lined the entire right side of the narrow street and a canal flanked the left.

Ahead of us were more large, buildings with tall smoke tubes rising into a slightly foggy morning.

“Ah…this whole thing hasn’t been some kind of psycho, elaborate scheme to bring me out here and murder me just for kicks, is it?” I scrunched my nose, making a face.

He laughed wholeheartedly, creating those creases around his eyes that I found so fascinating.

“As much as I liked to amuse you right now, thats not how I get my kicks lovely.”

He glanced my way, with a residual smile on his face.

“I can think of more… interesting ways.” His blue eyes narrowed, darkening to an indigo blue as he gazed my way. The way he was looking at me was enough to make me want to do something crazy like straddle him and kiss him until I was breathless and well… other stuff.

My cheeks began to burn, from the throbbing sensation I was feeling between my thighs.

David lifted my hand and with besument placed a hot kiss on it. He really didn’t play fair.

We pulled up to a large building, that seemed to have been recently renovated, considering its new, slightly modernize flare.

The building was painted in light browns, greys and touches of blue.

I was just able to make out the name on the side.

Battersea Dogs and Cats Home. This was the shelter David supported. This place was special to him and he brought me. I looked at him and he winked.

He exited the car and came to my side opening my door, as he always did.

I left my jean jacket on the seat-which I’d brought just in case we stayed out late-and David held my hand, I so wasn’t used to that, not a hundred percent anyways, but I was getting there.

“Welcome to Battersea Shelter.” He gesture with his free hand to the building in front of us. I smiled, observing the large structure, it was impressive and it seemed very well taken care off.

“It’s really something David, you helped to fix up this place? I asked curiously.

“I make an annual donation and I’ve done some publicity to help bring in more help for the animals, it has made a difference.”He shrugged.

David didn’t like to brag about this things, I could tell in the manner in which he spoke, keeping it short and to the point. It made him uncomfortable to be recognize for the good things he did.

I squeezed his hand the way he’d done for me and smiled.

“So, what are we doing exactly?” I asked feeling eager.

David opened the glass door and guided me inside the building.

“I thought maybe you’d like to take some of the animals for a stroll, if…you want, of course.”

I glanced up at him, trying to decipher the unsure tone his voice had taken. He regarded me carefully as if he too, was trying to read me.

“I’d loved to.” I responded without hesitation.

We’d spent half the day with the animals, and I got to see a side of David that was truly beautiful and it had nothing to do with the way he looked. He genuinely cared for the furry little creatures, and not once did he show an ounce of disgust or hesitation whenever one of the dogs licked him or demanded his attention, in fact he seemed to rejoice in it.

Seeing how involved he was in helping animals that couldn’t help themselves made me see him in a totally different light. I almost couldn’t reconcile this man, that seemed so normal, playing and petting the animals with a genuine smile on his face, to the usual imposing, otherworldly handsome man, I was so used to. Then again, there was a lot more to David than the image everyone saw in photos and magazines; I had learned that in the weeks we’d spent together as friends, and now that I was actually paying extra attention there seemed to be a lot more to learn. Almost everyone at the shelter seem to know him and welcomed us warmly.

“If you could have a dog which kind would you get?”

We were walking back to his car, he had me pinned to his side, with an arm wrapped around my waist and his fingers splayed across my stomach, lightly crumpling my shirt up and touching my skin. I was very aware of that little detail because the heat radiating from his hand was penetrating my bones, and spreading to my extremities.

“Hum…I don’t know if I could pick one, that would feel like choosing a favorite child.”

I laughed at his logic. Finding him absolutely endearing when it came to this whole thing.

“Who knows maybe someday I’ll confiscate your idea and get myself a big farm and fill it with lots of animals.”

“Well I would have to ask for royalties, since you’d be copying my original idea.”

He chuckled gazing down at me, sometimes I did feel like a little shrimp next to his modelish height. He was about a whole foot taller than me. Then again, I also loved feeling small in his arms.

“Its that right!?” As he said that, his fingers dug a little into my ribs making me jump further into him and a tiny squeal came out of my mouth.

He stared at me with besument in his eyes, then understanding sank in.

“You’re ticklish.” It wasn’t a question, he said it as a matter of fact, a smile cracking his lips open as if this simple knowledge was somehow fascinating news.

I raised my brows, looking up at him.

“Just slightly.” I replied bringing my index and thumb finger an inch apart.

“I might just have to test that theory.” There was too much mischief in those bright eyes of his, then I felt his fingers digging just a little more, and my reaction was definitely worse. I jumped like I had springs on my feet, latching onto his T-shirt and letting out a half laugh, half screeching sound.

He laughed at my expense.

“Fine, so maybe it’s a little more than slightly.”

“Hum… that gives me an upper hand, I like that.” I shot him a look, warning him to not even think about it.

I raised my index finger.

“Don’t even think about trying to take advantage, I can’t control myself when I’m tickled and won’t be held responsible for throwing punches.”

“I think, i’ll take my chances.” The laughter in his voice was unmistakable.

“Don’t say I didn’t warn you if I give you a black eye, and just think of what it would do to your career.

A slow smile crept across his face.

“I’m not worried, and you’re not making a very strong case here, if anything i’m even more tempted just to see you turn feisty.”

I rolled my eyes, elbowing him on the ribs, just barely, not enough to actually hurt him, besides it was all muscle in there, hard, tempting, muscles.

“It’s not a pretty picture, I start snorting like a pig and I swear water comes out of my nose.”

I made a face of repulsion and he laughed, holding me closer and placing a kiss on my head.

“You’re too adorable lovely.” Feeling my heart inflate at his sweet gesture, I let my head lean against his arm and felt my lips spread into a smile.

He opened the door to the passenger side of the car and turned to look at me, keeping me in the nook between the door, his extended arm and that magnificent chest of his which was inches from me, radiating heat. I felt like trapped prey but in a good way.

“Thank you for coming here, it meant a great deal to me.” His voice took on that deep, serious tone, that made my breath catch.

“Your welcome, it was fun.” He smiled, absently shaking his head.

“You never cease to surprise me you know.” I rolled my eyes.

“All I did was play with puppies and kittens for a few hours, who wouldn’t love doing that.”

He tangled his hands on my hair, holding my face and staring into my eyes.

“You really have no idea how amazing that simple act was, and certainly not something that a lot of people are willing to do.”

I couldn’t imagine who could possibly be impervious to puppy eyes and a cat’s purring, it’s like an arrow to the heart. But then I thought of my sister, who didn’t really care much for animals, she thought of dogs as stinky and dirty, only appealing from a distance, like babies.

“Well my inner child is at your services whenever you like.” looking up at him, I could see the appreciation in his eyes, he was looking at me as if I was this precious thing. I didn’t understand it. My best comparison as I thought it over was that taking a part in something that meant so much to him, was sort of like him consoling me-a virtual stranger, scared and about to have a panic attack on a plane. I couldn’t truly explain to him how much that meant to me. It was something that could only be felt and that at least I could, understand.

He kissed me then, and even though I sort of expected it, my heart still reacted, pounding uncontrollably. It was a sweet, tender kiss, just the touch of his lips, softly caressing mine, in the most heart melting way.

Unexpectedly a strong arm wrapped around my waist lifting me clear off the ground, without much effort. I giggled, grabbing onto his shoulders. He laughed-the sound rumbling through his chest-and kissed me again in a playfully, nibbling on my bottom lip. This was one of those moments when I loved feeling small in his arms.

We spent the rest of the day exploring more of the city. Had lunch at a cafe overlooking London Bridge, there was nothing, like eating with a view. We talked some more, swapping embarrassing stories. David was kind enough to remind me about how I told him-when I was intoxicated, was the word he used, for me it was just drunk-that he had beautiful eyes and that I wanted to touch them. I probably turned about a hundred shades of red which only served to amuse him.

Walking across the street a bus passed by and oh boy the image on its side had my eyes as big as saucers. I stared dumbfounded as it circled past me, like a deer caught in the headlights of a vehicle, my mouth hanging open and everything. David was splayed in nothing but black boxer briefs, across a whole side of the bus. It felt like a surreal moment, where you see a person in two places at once, and even though I had seen that one billboard of him at the airport, this had really taken me by surprise. His smoldering eyes looked directly at me, then again it was just a picture, his eyes were looking at everybody and that magnificent body was on display for the world to see, chiseled abs and all. He certainly didn’t look like a model to me, not that I had much experience with how models were supposed to look like, but in my mind, they were extremely thin and lanky with pretty facial features that if you were to add a wig and a dress they might pass for a girl. David was anything but, his body was made of perfectly define muscles, his masculinity was undeniable, he was all man, not a single part of him could be said to be beautiful. He was handsome to a ridiculously, almost painful level, YES but not beautiful. Suddenly my throat went very dry.

I followed the bus with my eyes all the way until it disappeared around the corner and my eyes stayed fixed into the distance until I felt David’s gaze on me, the real David that is, I turned to look at him. We both stared at each other silently, for a few beats then we broke into laughter simultaneously.

Tears leaked out of my eyes.

“How do you get used to seeing that?” I asked, wiping at my eyes.

He shook his head

“I never really have, it’s always a bit odd to see myself in that manner, but I don’t pay it much attention.” He half shrugged.

“Is it weird for you?” He countered, gauging my reaction.

I furrowed my eyebrows.

“No its not weird, per say…”

He shot me an incredulous look.

“Okay, maybe it is a tad weird, I mean i’m here with you next to me and then I see all of you there.” I gesture to the street with my hands as if the bus was still there. The picture of him still vivid in my mind, tan silky skin covering hard muscles and those smoldering eyes piercing me and that piece of black fabric that didn’t cover much. Oh boy. I had to stop picturing it.

“Did you see something you like Luv?” He mused, playfully pulling on a tendril of my hair and snapping my attention back to him.

I felt my face go red at his blunt suggestion.

He chuckled, I was learning that he loved getting me flustered. It was entertaining to him, well two can play that game.

I looked straight at him letting my eyes get hooded, imitating the way I had seen models do, and my lips went up on one side. I hoped it was a sexy expression.

“Oh yes.” I let the quality of my voice become low and sensual. Then I pulled up to his side and murmured into his ear, letting my hand press on his bicep. I felt his body tense and It thrilled me

“But, I think I prefer the life version.” He turned his head to stare at me, and his eyes had gone a dark midnight blue. I saw the ticking of his jaw and the way he was breathing had changed, it was harder more affected.

His hand shot out wrapping around my waist like a vise and pulling me to him in a solid tug, my breath whooshed out. His mouth came inches from mine, as his eyes lingered on my lips. Bringing his free hand to my face, his fingers lightly brushed across my lips, causing my eyes to shut and my breathing to match his.

His mouth touched the corner of my lips, just barely. I gasped audibly, parting my lips. Then he moved to my cheek, slowly, letting the heat from his mouth fog my mind, until he was at my ear and I was putty in his hands.

“Oh lovely, you can have any version of me.” He murmured, tickling my skin and raising the hairs on my neck. I felt his lips press on my pulse and the tip of his tongue tasting me. I gasped, as a shock of desire shot through my body.

David dropped me off at the apartment early, considering how late we typically stayed out. It was only eight, but I wanted to see Spring. I texted her and she said she’d be there by seven the latest.

She was not home, I should have figured. I opened my phone to see if she’d texted me, but there were no text, however I did have a missed call from a number I didn’t recognize, there was no voicemail. If it’s important always leave a voicemail, otherwise don’t expect a return phone call.

I jumped in the shower, invigorating in the heat of the spray.

I closed my eyes and lathered myself up with the soap, as my hands touched and washed my breast area, David’s face invaded my thoughts. My eyes snapped open and my breathing changed.

Suddenly it was his hands touching me, caressing my breast, reaching its heartened peak. I imagined his hands smooth and firm as he worked my nipples, pressing on them, causing a moan to break free from my throat. Desire shot to my core, centering between my hips, I felt so needy for his touch. Closing my eyes again I let my hand travel lower, searching for the apex between my thighs, a finger pressed over the nerves there. I almost cried out from the ecstasy that coursed through me. I was gasping, needing more, more of him.


Springs voice coming through the bathroom door, snapping me out of my David induce arousal. I jumped, almost slipping in the wet tub.

“Spring, WHAT are you doing in here, can’t you knock!?” My heart was about to pop out of my chest.

“Chill out, geez, I did knock, several times.”

I was feeling breathless, and annoyed and unsatisfied. I wanted to scream into the damn shower. What the hell, I hadn’t heard her at all.

“What do you want?” I didn’t mean to sound so pissy, but I was way too keyed up.

“Just wanted to let you know I was home, god!”

“Ok, now get out please.”

“What are you so bend out of shape about, you got David in there or something?” It was clearly a joke, but considering what I’d just been doing and who I was imagining while doing it, she was almost spot on.

I sneaked my head out from behind the shower curtain, pinning her with a sharp look.

“Can I please take a shower in peace, get out!”

she stuck her tongue out.

“Fine, don’t cut my head off.” I rolled my eyes, feeling my annoyance leaking out of my body.

I smiled and blew a kiss her way.

“I love you.”

“I hate you.” she mused just as she was closing the door.

I exhaled loudly. What the hell was that, she almost caught would have been humiliating on so many levels. Seeing David half naked on that bus had conjured up all sorts of crazy thoughts in my head, and the way he touched me and looked at me always left me breathless and wanting had I felt the need to pleasure myself, maybe because no other man had awaken that desire in me before. The feeling had taken over me, striking hard and without warning. I was…Holy shitakee mushrooms! Realization hit me. I was incredibly…What was the word I was looking for? Horny, yup, I was freaking horny!

I finished washing my hair and rushed out of the bathroom as quickly as possible. I grabbed a pair of Spring’s cotton shorts, that fit me a bit snug and way too short, but it would have to do. My packing abilities sucked, I hadn’t brought pajamas, jackets, or socks. I paired the shorts with a tank top and went into the living room.

Spring had her computer on her lab, where she sat crossed legged on the couch.

I rolled my eyes.

“You’re going to mess up your back if you keep doing that.” I walked to the couch and dropped beside her. She eyed me with a speculative expression.

“Hey Scrooge.” she admonished, shutting her laptop.

“You got your panties out of a twist?”

“They were never in a twist, and a Scrooge reference really? It’s the middle of August, not Christmas.”

“Whatever loser, so what is up with you?”

I pushed my hair behind my ear and looked anywhere but at her.

“Nothing is up, you just surprised me. I thought I was alone and you scared the ghost out of me.”

I dared a peak her way, hoping for her to drop the subject already. It was too embarrassing.

She was looking at me through narrowed eyes, but thankfully didn’t press for more.

“So are you going to tell me everything about your date or am i gonna have to take the words spoon by spoon out of your mouth.”

I yawned, feeling exhausted. My body needed rest, it actually needed more than rest obviously, but I was gonna have to settle for rest.

she nudged my leg with her foot.

“Don’t be falling asleep on me, if you’ve been having rigorous sex with David Gandy, i want the 411.”

I wish…

I told Spring about our romantic dinner experience, everything we’d discussed about our little summer romance. I even told her about our make out session after the play. It felt good to say it, somehow talking about it made it more real.

“You little Nymph, I’m so Effing jealous! did you use a love potion on this man or something? I mean no offense or anything sis, I think you’re a total catch, but this is David freaking Gandy, a man coveted by every woman on Earth and you got him dancing on the palm of your hand.” She threw her hands in the air dramatically.

But I had wondered that myself, not about having him dancing on the palm of my hand, that wasn’t true, I had wondered about what he could possibly see in me.

“He says that…I’m different, more down to earth I guess.” Her lips went down at the corners.

“That makes sense, I can imagine all those puffy lip models he dates ,are as deep as a glass of water and conceited as hell. Can you imagine them having sex, “Oh not that way David, this is not a flattering position. Oh that lighting is all wrong. Oh make sure my hair doesn’t get messed up!” Her voice was all squeaky as she did her little mocking routine. Then throwing her head back, she laughed hysterically at her own joke. I had to give it to her, that was pretty hilarious, whether it was true or not, but it made me curious to know about some things.

“You on the other hand are bringing smart back.” I shot her an incredulous look.

She rolled her eyes.

“I mean smart, in the sexiest way possible, that’s a compliment. Guys dig smart, sexy chicks like you.”

“Thanks.” I grumbled, crossing my legs under my thighs indian style.

“So, is that the kind of women David usually dates, models?”

I felt weird asking my sister about David’s love life, but It would be worse to ask him, and it wasn’t a big deal, i was only curious.

“Well…” she started, bouncing with excitement. If there was one thing she liked more than sex, it was gossip. Like a true journalist.

“David actually keeps his private life to himself, even in interviews he avoids talking about his relationships, but there is always the occasional photo here and there.”

I waited for her to continue.

“Anyway, usually yes, his confirmed relationships have been with other models, but come to think of it.” Spring’s eyes went to the ceiling as she placed a finger on her chin, in thought.

“I haven’t seen anything about his love life in the tabloids in a long time.”

That was good, I guessed, not that it really mattered.

“You were actually the first girl that has been implicated with him in the recent months, the journalist that wrote the article on the Telegraph right after the Gala went on and on about how you were David’s new love interest, after months of reclusiveness from the fame super model.”

Did she memorize the damn thing?

“Why didn’t you tell me that before?” I was not his love interest and if David regarded his privacy so, that seemed like a very bad thing.

Shrugging, she grabbed the coke sitting on the coffee table and took a long gulp.

“I don’t know, didn’t seem important, it’s just gossip. Did David mention it to you?”

I shook my head.

“Well people in his position have to deal with things like that all the time, is not a big deal, besides is not like you aren’t involve with him.”

Yeah but I wasn’t his love interest, whatever we were was…Well whatever it was, it sure wasn’t love. My heart started to jump in my chest at that thought. It wasn’t something I wanted to linger on though.

“So what’s up with your love life?” I threw that out there in an attempt to switch gears.

She rolled her eyes again.

“Lame…nothing compares to dating David Gandy, so have you guys done any kinky stuff yet. Have you seen that Gandy candy yet, did you get a little taste?”

Oh dear lord.

I indulged her craziness, giving her the details of David and I, which honestly wasn’t much, mostly me becoming goo in his hands. Aside from kissing and flirting we hadn’t done anything real intimate. He seemed to be kinda putting it off actually. Maybe that was just me over thinking things, but that’s not what instincts told me. I didn’t mind jumping into the physical stuff, sooner rather than later. I mean If I was planning on going through with this thing with him, then I wanted to enjoy it all the way, for as long as possible. I didn’t see what was the point in waiting.

I helped Spring with some assignments. She was getting ready for her finals and would be done with school by the end of the week.

Later that night David called me and we talked for almost two hours, pushing my bed time to almost one am. He wasn’t coming early the next morning, he had a business breakfast with someone whose name was so foreign, I had completely forgotten it the minute he said it. I felt a little unhappy about that. I was so used to being around him practically twenty four/seven that thinking about not seeing him until later on the day seemed like forever and that wasn’t good, not by any means. David spent all of his time with me, I had to be fair and I had to remember that this was a temporary thing. Only two weeks that was it.

My heart felt heavy at the thought of not seeing David again, so I quickly shut that drawer. I would see him soon enough.


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