TGIF-FICTION: Summer of David Gandy Chapter 12

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Chapter 12

In Anticipation

We walked through the busy streets of London, as per David’s suggestion, since wherever we were going was near by and I honestly didn’t mind a stroll through the city. We asked questions back and forth, laughing and just enjoying each other’s company, I was feeling a strange high, probably the butterflies that were lifting me from the inside.

The city was absolutely buzzing this evening, the sky had turned a dark, cloudless blue, all signs of daylight gone.

“So are you going to tell me where we’re going?” We walked hand in hand, which at first felt a little weird, not uncomfortable, just something I wasn’t used to. I did like the warmth from his hand and the touching of our skin which was making my heart flip flop all over the place.

“Patience is a virtue lovely.” I glared at him but he just ignored it.

“I’m not being inpatient, I’m being curious.” and that was the truth, i was in no hurry, I could spend all night strolling London as long as it was with him next to me.

I observed as we walked, the way people seemed to part ways for him. He carried himself with such confidence and broodiness that im sure could intimidate the most self assured person, funny thing was, he wasn’t arrogant by any means of the word, it was just his imposing physicality and heart breaking good looks that caused people to break way for him, and in the case of some women to break their necks, he could part the red sea with that kind of power.

“Lovely?” His voice snapped me out of my ogling, and I was glad for the darkening sky otherwise the color on my face would have been impossible to hide.

“Sorry I was distracted.” He shot me a knowing grin. I had been caught staring him down and of course he didn’t miss a thing.

“Look around you, what do you see?”

I did as he said, taking in my surroundings of a starlight night in beautiful London, my first impression was of a comparison to New York, which wasn’t exactly accurate, it was more an air of it, lots of buildings wall to wall, and large signs and billboards, embedded in bright LED lights, plus the masses of people that crowded the area which seemed like more than other areas I had ventured in.

As I looked closer I realized that most of the signs advertised some type of play or broadway show, then I remembered what David had said earlier, this was Theater Land, London’s version of Broadway, was my guess.

“I see lots of theaters.” I answered, sounding unsure.

“Right and what do you see over there…” he points to a sign about thirty to forty feet away. His face leaning lower, practically touching my cheek, the reaction inside my chest was automatic and ridiculous. Focus!

I followed his gaze to where he was pointing, it was a large white billboard showing a couple dressed in old fashioned clothing, embracing each other, mouths inches apart as if they were about to kiss. Then I read the title.

“You’re taking me to see Shakespeare in Love.” I turned to him, my smile almost splitting my face.

“I remembered you saying that you enjoyed plays. I figured this particular one would be to your liking.” I was literally speechless that he would remember that, it had been such a random conversation and so long ago. Derek didn’t even remember my favorite color. I couldn’t help the comparison.

“Have you seen it?” He asked skeptically.

“No” my enthusiasm was evident, in the high pitch tone my voice took.

“Then what better place to watch the Bard fall in love, than in London.” I laughed, feeling truly animated and giddy by this turn of events.

“I couldn’t agree more.”

He extended his arm which was folded into a loop, and expectantly did a little bow.

“Well it’ll be a pleasure my lady, to escort you.” I practically giggled, as i laced my arm through his.

Suddenly he leaned into me and my heart just about ripped out of my chest, I sucked in a breath, and waited, would he kiss me?

His fingers rummaged through my hair lightly.

“Sorry, you had a leaf on your hair.” His smooth voice so close to my ear made my skin shiver and I really had to fight the urge to pull him down to me and press my lips to his.

Why wasn’t he kissing me?!

I tucked my hair back, feeling a bit flustered by my thoughts and his closeness and our lack of kissing. Breathe Summer just Breathe.

“That was amazing David.”

The play had been completely captivating, there truly was nothing like watching Shakespeare, the master of all things love and romance, recite lines that melt your heart, whilst professing his true love to another.

“I’m glad you enjoyed it.”

“I really did, and the company wasn’t too shabby either.” I teased, nudging his arm playfully.

He smirked.

“The company was the best part.”

I smiled, feeling flirty.

He seemed to be in no hurry as we walked into the night, it had to be around eleven and the streets had noticeably emptied, at least compared to earlier. It was still lively though, the night felt charged with energy, which was practically pouring out of my skin and I didn’t know what to do with it, well yes I did know what to do with it, I had quite a few ideas , all of them involving the man walking beside me.

There was a euphoric feeling in the air, and a strong need that had been slowly crawling out of my skin, fueled by the fact that we had both set our cards on the table, now I could let myself feel what I had been denying for so long and it was kinda taking over my senses, It was a desire I had never felt before.

David was talking, I knew that, something about a Shakespearean tragedy, the real tragedy was the anticipation raging inside of me with every step we took, with every flick of his thumb on the palm of my hand raising shivers on my skin, every tantalizing look he cast my way, my body could barely contain me, I wanted to jump out of my skin. I couldn’t focus on anything else.

Why was I feeling this worked up?


He asked me a few things, and I answered mechanically, not really giving much thought to my answer.

Okay, I had to shake this off, I was beginning to sound worse than Spring and that was just unacceptable. He said he would kiss me, that was the appropriate thing to do after a date, and is not like we hadn’t kissed before, i argued with myself. I just had to wait.

Easier said than done, though.

I decided it was best to divert my attention elsewhere. I tried studying the magnificent architecture in this part of town, with old cobblestone buildings and complicated designs that survived the test of time, giving this city a vintage vibrancy from its history.

Maybe he was waiting for me to make a move?

I nodded at something he’d said, just playing the part, I can’t say I was really paying attention, I really wanted to, I wanted to know everything about him, but my concentration was lacking. It was as if my body was in control instead of my mind.

Maybe he just realized that I wasn’t all that worth it after all, maybe he would just drop me off at the apartment like a bad habit and say sayonara! I mentally rolled my eyes. I was going to drive myself crazy.

“Your hand feels like a little icicle.”

Did it?

“Are you cold?” He asked, turning to face me with a concern expression. I was actually very hot.

I shook my head, not trusting my voice. Automatically he shrugged out of his jacket and slid it around my shoulders. I felt the tip of his fingers graze the skin along my arms, it was like a current of electric sparks touching me.

My eyes on the other hand had a mind of their own, all I could do was stare at his impressive frame. The shirt he wore, clung to his broad shoulders and chest, showing off just how defined and muscular he was, not in an exaggerated Arnold Schwarzenegger way, it was more lean and subtle but never the less impressive. The muscles in his arms, bulged with every movement he made and I was pretty sure I was about to start drooling. I forced my eyes away from his body and concentrated on his feet instead.

“Thanks.” I would have argued that he keep the jacket but his addictive scent clung to it, and like an addict I refused to give it up. I wanted to sink my nose in the material and breathe him in.

Without much warning he brought my hands up to his face and pressed his lips to my knuckles, letting the scorching heat infused my skin, successfully eradicating any signs of the cold that I honestly couldn’t feel, and well yes completely scrambling my thoughts.

My lips parted at the sweet sensation and I couldn’t bring myself to look away, I wanted those lips on mine, I craved it like a drug.

Oh boy, I had never felt this strongly about kissing someone, it was ridiculous, if I was feeling this way about a kiss, what would it be like to do other…stuff. My stomach quivered and I quickly shut the door on that train wreck of a thought and swallowed back the moan I would sure be embarrassed of later.

His lips lingered on my skin, blowing hot puffs of his breath on my hands as his eyes pierced mine, glittering against the backdrop of billboard lights and the dark shadows of the buildings.

I swallowed with difficulty as my chest rose and fell faster and faster, good god what was he doing to me.


He said with a sly grin as he released me from the spell of his touch but he didn’t let go, his graceful hands continued to rub the chill out of mines. My body was a complete contrast to my hands, the heat simmering under my veins felt as hot as coals.

His grin widen into a full smile, a very knowing smile, and by the time he lowered our hands and we continued the torturous walk I was practically shaking and it had nothing to do with the weather.

Was he aware of what he was doing to me? How could he just continue walking so casually as if he hadn’t completely obliterated my brain? I was tempted to glare at him and stomp my feet like a petulant child, but I resisted.

He continued firing questions at me, and I tried my best at maintaining some semblance of social etiquette by paying attention and smiling at the right time, but it was proving to be difficult, I felt extremely wound, like a clock.

My heart was beating faster and more erratically, with every second that passed, could be from the crazy anticipation I felt, could be from my crazy suppressed hormones.

My stomach was in knots, pulling at me like angry birds were having a fight in there. It was probably why I was having such a hard time breathing, there was a ball bouncing up and down my esophagus.

I closed my eyes, and tried to breathe in, needing the oxygen to clear my thoughts.

All I could freaking feel was his warm, teasing fingers making little circles against my wrist and driving me insane.

It was too much, I mean was he saving his kisses for the Olympics or something.

“Hey I have a question.” I stopped walking and faced him, interrupting whatever he was saying, unable to contain myself any longer. I wasn’t thinking anymore, my mouth was taking over again.

“Are you ever going to kiss me?” verbal diarrhea at its finest. Oh god, why couldn’t i ever stop myself from saying the stupidest things. He looked down at me with something like amusement pulling at the corner of his lips and a gleam of surprise in his eyes. ‘m pretty sure, I was as red as the flashing neon sign across the street, good thing it was dark.

Part of me wanted to look away but my most stubborn part kept eye contact, I wasn’t gonna back down, like a scaredy cat. The words were already out.

“I’d be glad to, as long as you don’t feel like you’re kissing a stranger that is.” He was teasing me by throwing my own words back at me. My lips twitched, he was doing this on purpose, waiting for me to give him an in. Well I’d be glad to as well.

“I think we are very well acquainted by now.” I said trying to sound confident, but I think it sounded more like a nervous chuckle.

“Well then.” He moved closer, bringing our bodies inches apart and causing my stomach to dip. Then slowly with his index finger he lifted my chin higher, tilting my head back. My lips parted in anticipation, and the angry birds in my stomach were going at it for top scores. Then his lips were on mine and a category five tornado went off inside of me. He coaxed my lips open with his tongue which didn’t take much effort since I was more than willing. His hands cradled my face and I melted against him, delving into the kiss, our mouths worked one another fiercely, I kissed him with all the need and want and pent up desire that had been burning inside of me, letting it all out and surrendering to him. We were kissing in the middle of Theater land, with the moonlight shining down on us. I knew there were people walking by but they all just seemed to disappeared around us, as the delicious sensation of the kiss took over my senses entirely. Only the heat of his body against mine and his invigorating scent that was like an invisible blanket around me, existed. It was a scene straight out of one of those broadway plays, come to life.

He released my mouth for a second, both breathing heavily, then kissed me again, this time softly, exploring my lips and tasting every part of my mouth, as his hands caressed my face with slow circles. It was a good thing my body was flushed to his, and my arms securely wrapped around his neck otherwise I think I might fall to my knees, his kisses were that intoxicating. He nibbled and sucked at my lips and every time his tongue caressed mine it was like I was in one of those crazy fair rides that sends you in every direction.

“How’s that Love?” his playful, slightly breathless murmur tickled my sensitive lips as he hovered there, teasing me with the invigorating scent of his breath, which was mix of something sweet and tangy, probably from the wine.

“It’s a good start.” I answered in the same manner.

He chuckled, brushing his lips to mine, once more.

“I could kiss you all night lovely.” The deep, ragged tone of his voice, made my heart jump, and my breathing pick up. I was near panting, but given that I could feel the deep rise and fall of his chest that was deliciously pressed against mine, I was confident in the believe that he was just as affected as me.

You can kiss me forever as far as I’m concerned.

“I might just take you up on that.” He mused, as his thumb brushed over my bottom lip, pulling on it.


“Did I say that Outloud?” I wanted to cringe.

He just stared at me, face serious, eyes almost obsidian black, oh boy.

“Yes.” he dragged out the word, making it sound sensual and sultry, desired coursed through me, as his gaze dipped, it was like a physical touch.

He kissed me again, with a slowness that was all consuming, his mouth captured my bottom lip, sucking on it, tasting it, a moan escaped my throat, it should have embarrassed me but I couldn’t care less. He was undoing me.

“I really like that.” He breathed.

Oh boy.

Ever the gentleman, he walked me to my door. I fiddled with my keys, refusing to let the most perfect of nights be over. It had definitely ended too soon, even though I was pretty sure it was after midnight but I wasn’t tired, I was wired, it felt as if my whole body was humming with electricity.

David and I had kissed A LOT! and yet it wasn’t near enough. We had acted like infatuated teenagers, making it out in public, in the shadows of buildings and n the mouths of alleyways and it had been exhilarating. Our little PDA, hadn’t fazed him, he had been just as consumed as me.

“Would you like to come in, Spring is not… home.” As soon as those words left my mouth I felt heat rise up to my face, i had no idea what prompted me to say that. Okay, maybe I did have a few ideas.

He didn’t say anything for a moment, which was making me nervous and self conscious of what I had just asked him.

“Lovely.” He placed his hand on my face, his thumb softly caressing my cheek, instantly by body reacted and I leaned into his touch.

“I would love nothing more than to go in there with you”, I swallowed, taking in the dark hue of his eyes.

“But I vowed to be a perfect gentlemen this evening and in all honestly I’m a bit worked up, I can’t promise that I’ll behave once we’re alone in there.”

Oh boy, those words sent a thrill through my body, i had to hold back a shiver and my tongue, because I was about to beg him to forget about being a gentlemen and just have his way with me.

But the side of my brain that still worked and wasn’t putty was telling me that he was right, we had to slow down. I wanted him, intensely so, and I could tell he wanted me just as much, the effort it was taking for him to keep his hands away from my body was proof of that.

“Okay.” I breathed, feeling disappointment blossom in my belly. He chuckled softly, combing his fingers through my hair.

“I want to, trust me I do, I want to walk in there with you and get lost.” He said, touching his forehead to mine, our breaths mingling. I closed my eyes, feeling feverish.

“But.” I exhaled loudly, he chuckled and pushed back to stare at me.”Tonight, I’ll settle for a kiss.” I smiled, looking into his eyes.

“Well then.” I repeated his words from earlier and circled my arms around his neck, pulling myself up and kissing him deeply. No doubt he would star in my dreams.

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