TGIF-FICTION: Summer of David Gandy Chapter 9

IT’s Gandy Time!

 david gandy

Chapter 9

In Retrospect

So yeah that happened. David had kissed me and I…well, yes I had totally kissed him back. I laid awake in bed, feeling too restless to sleep. The night’s events were on a loop, repeating over and over again in my head. Spring wasn’t in when I got back to the apartment and I was glad because i really didn’t think I could  hold another inquisition of Spring proportions-she had texted me though to let me know she wasn’t going to come home, she knows how much i worry about her and apart from her crazy eccentric behavior she would never do anything to hurt me- besides hiding what happened would have proven to be impossible since I couldn’t keep the smile off my face and my cheeks were still flushed with color.


I could still feel the stubble on his chin and around his mouth, the sweet addictive taste of his lips and the roller coaster feeling in my stomach from when he’d kissed me. I absentmindedly rub my fingers along my lips craving the feeling of his.


After my mind came down to earth when David kissed me and i could form a coherent thought, the questions began to spill out. I had to admit I was completely taken by surprise and hadn’t expected the kiss. One minute, my mouth had run away with me again, and I was sure David had reached the limit of his patience and the next he was kissing me senseless. My heart responded ferociously at the thought of it, just like I had a few hours ago when I threw myself thoughtlessly into the kiss. I let out a long exhaled.. feeling frazzled by the whole thing.


He’d said he had been thinking about kissing me since the day we met on that airplane, but that he didn’t want to scare me off by being too forward.


“Lovely, I’ve been going insane just trying to keep my hands off of you, I cannot fathom that you would think my hesitation meant I didn’t want you, that’s insane.”


Thoughts of our short conversation plagued my mind, we didn’t really get a chance to talk much after the kiss. Of course we were found and David had to go and close out the night, we said our goodbyes, as the crowd of people flooded us. shaking hands, exchanging smiles and more jokes, I hardly was able to even glance in David’s direction, but whenever I was able to steal a glance, he would be looking at me as well, with those sexy, playful eyes of his- that made my heart stutter wildly.


The night had ended with a bang and despite our little mishap. I really did have a great time. All of my earlier fears about not fitting in, seemed silly now. Sweet Margaret hugged me, she was tiny even on two inch heels she only reached my shoulders. “You take good care of this young lady handsome.” She said giving David a little bump on the arm and winking. He chuckled. “Yes Madam.” I smiled at the exchange.

When we got back in the car, I felt the tension gather around us in the small space of the vehicle, and the knots were back in my stomach. With chagrin I realized what it was. It wasn’t just tension, it was sexual tension, a secret desire we both felt for each other that demanded to be let out, to be felt. Just like Margaret had said, I had just been blind to it, while David had every intention of fulfilling it. I felt a little blindsided by the realization.


David glanced at me out of the corner of his eye and smirked making my heart jump, i smiled back feeling euphoric.  He grabbed my hand and held it the whole way to Spring’s apartment. We didn’t speak much but we shared knowing glances and longing stares all the while my heart raced frantically in my chest.


“I want to spend the entire day with you tomorrow.” he said as he walked me to the door, not like he was leaving much room for argument. It was just a simple fact. I smiled and shook my head.


“It’s not like we don’t already do that.” He smiled back, licking his lips in that way that is- oh so damn-tempting. “True, I’d just like to make it clear, so that there are no misunderstandings.” He winked, clearly teasing me. I tucked a curl behind my ear and averted my gaze, feeling that familiar tension again. It was like a living, breathing thing between us now and very hard to ignore.


“Lovely.” his low voice wrapped around my nickname like a soft caress, as he lifts my chin tenderly. I met his blue eyes straight on, my breath catching inside my throat and a side of his mouth lifted in a devilish grin. “I’ll see you tomorrow.” he hadn’t asked a question really but I still answered. “Ok” my voice sounded squeaky and unsure. Then slowly and deliberately he pressed his lips against mine, in a sweet, short kiss. I closed my eyes and gasped at the sweet sensation of his lips on mine, as he backed away I felt myself being pulled forward by an invisible force, I opened my eyes and there he was with a knowing grin on the side of his lips.

He left after that little assault to my senses and I walked inside the apartment feeling all kinds of mix emotions rolling around my chest and stomach and head and practically everywhere in my body.


I think I changed out of my dress, and threw it somewhere in the room, can’t say I recall doing it though, I was so lost in my own head thinking about everything that had happened. Not just tonight but since I met David, it was hard to wrap my head around the fact that he wanted me, that he actually liked me and not just as friends, I don’t think my mind truly believed it yet it was just so sudden, but we indeed needed to talk, everything would be different now, I could no longer deny the fact that I had feelings for him, and he had made it quite clear that he felt something for me as well, even if only physical, and we had both acted on that desire. The whole friendship thing, was no longer a viable excuse, and I would be lying if I’d said i wasn’t interested in more, much more with him.


I groaned in frustration and sat up, there was no falling asleep. I decided to make some hot chocolate. When I was a kid it would be the only thing to put me right to sleep. I sat at the kitchen island, sipping little sips of the chocolate, waiting for sleep to take a hold of me, it was hard though, there were too many butterflies filling my stomach as I thought of tomorrow, or well, of later today really considering it was-I looked at the microwave-three in the morning, I sighed.


David and I still belonged in very different worlds and I didn’t really know what he wanted out of this-whatever this- was with me and what I was willing to do about it? Things were pretty much out in the open, yet there was so much still unsaid. I groaned again, feeling frustrated with myself, Spring is right, i really do think too much. I yawned feeling my eyes get heavy, the hot chocolate had finally done it’s trick, I marched down to my room and threw myself in bed, falling asleep almost instantaneously. My last thought was of David’s lips.

I woke up in the same manner i fell asleep, with my heart overworked and my stomach full of mutant butterflies.


I turned over in bed and reached for my galaxy on the nightstand, sure enough there was a lonesome message from David, I smiled like a big fool.


-good morning lovely, miss me?-


I couldn’t stop smiling or staring at the message, and it wasn’t like it was the first time he’d texted me, he did it every morning and every night, but somehow in the light of a new day with everything that had happened, there was significant difference. I didn’t have to play down what it might mean, I didn’t have to excuse it, I just let myself feel it.  I noticed the time the message was sent, almost half an hour ago. That meant, he was already on his way and I was still in bed.


I set the phone down before I could even reply and ran to the bathroom and took a record time shower, avoiding my hair since it still retain the pretty curls from the night before.


I put on a summery dress with a coral paisley print and a thin belt that wrapped loosely on my waist. I decided to pair it with flat sandals, after all it was sunday and very early in the morning. My attire was casual enough but still sweet. I pinned my hair halfway up with a clip and gazed at myself in the mirror, my eyes looked large and bright and my cheeks retained a pink shade that seemed to now be permanent. I let out a long sigh…and went back into my room, I picked up my phone again, feeling a little antsy, no new messages.  I decided to send Spring a quick message to let her know, I was going to be out and not to worry.


I walked out into the livingroom, looking for something to do. It was only eight in the morning and I had more energy than I knew what to do with. I decided to call my parents, since it seemed an appropriate time for them over in the states. I haven’t spoken to them in almost a week  i realized.


“Summer, honey?” I smiled, my mom calls all three of us honey. Dad, Spring and me, she says we are the sweetest part of her life.

“Hi mom.”


“Oh honey we’ve missed you girls, how’s London, are you loving it?” she had no idea just how much.


“Yeah, it’s been truly something.”


“Are you having fun, is your sister being hospitable?” I laughed. “Spring will always be Spring mom, but she’s actually been great.”


“That’s good to hear honey, is she with you, can I speak to that harebrained daughter of mine, I feel like we don’t speak for weeks at a time.”


“She is actually not here right now.” I was unsure on what to say, I didn’t want to rat out my sister. I rolled my eyes at myself, I always think of her as a kid still, she is an adult who leaves in London alone, she can do whatever she wants I told myself. “She told me she was staying with some friends from school.” I still couldn’t bring myself to say that she was “getting lucky” as she put it.


“What! and she left you alone over there, on a sunday. She is supposed to be taking you out, showing you London, for heaven sake you’re there visiting her, I should get on the first flight to England and have a serious talk with your sister, and you know I would too.” See what I mean, my mother the drama queen.”


“Mom, of course I know you would, just like you showed up in Boston in the middle of the night at my dorm I might add, when I told you I was having a bad day and you needed to make sure your baby was ok.” I said rolling my eyes.


“Are you sassing me?” I laughed. “I wouldn’t dare mom, but on a different note, don’t worry about me and Spring ok, we’re fine, and it’s really not her fault that we’re not together i’ve been…well I’ve been hum…” how to explain David to my mother. “Oh just spit it out honey, now you’ve made me curious at what could possibly have you this tongue tied.”


I rolled my eyes again. “I made a friend…here, and well we’ve been spending a lot of time together.”


“What is this!” her voice was suddenly filled with interest. “This must be quite a young man to get your attention all the way in London.” oh yes he is quite a man indeed. “What makes you think it’s a man?”

“Well honey you know your father and l love you no matter what, but I do hope is not a woman, I want grandchildren some day.”


I walked to the kitchen and ran my fingers along the edges of the refrigerator magnet, the one with the shakespeare quote, David’s gift. I laughed at the ridiculous turn her mind had taken.


“I would hate to disappoint you and dad.” I heard her distinct exhale. “oh good, for a minute there you scared me, so do tell me about this secret guy that has your tongue all tied up.”


“well we’re just…” Friends? No, friends don’t kiss.


“We’re just getting to know each other mom, it’s…well it’s complicated.” I sigh and trace the magnet once more.


“Starcrossed lovers.” she says in a wistful sigh. “He is British isn’t he.” My mother was an absolute romantic. She would romanticize even the most mundane, hopeless things.


“Mom is not like that, but we are just hanging out, he’s been showing me around London and yes he is British so that constitutes a problem for the future. I’m trying to just keep things light and complication-free.”


“I’m glad to hear that.” I arched my eyebrows. “You are?”

“Yes, honey you need to learn to have some fun, let loose, take things as they come, enjoy your youth it’s definitely over too quick, enjoy the moments that take your breath away.” I rolled my eyes.

“Mom seriously? did you just make that reference, and should you be telling your 23 year old daughter to let loose.”


“Well my 23 year old daughter acts like my 42 year old sister, so yes I think a little fun never hurt anyone, besides honey you’re in London for the summer, crossing paths with a handsome, british boy and living out the fantasy of summer love in a foreign land. Honey you don’t want to look back on your life and have regrets or wished to have done things different.” In case it wasn’t clear, it was pretty obvious who Spring took after, but in a strange way, her words did have a ring of truth to them.


I asked her about dad, who was in Chicago on a medical conference, she asked a few more things about my “summer romance” but i avoided most of them on account that I really didn’t know the details, things were still complicated and a bit up in the air, I mean I was still having a hard time accepting the fact that David had feelings for me, that he always had, that i hadn’t just dreamt the whole thing.


Just as I hung up with my mother the doorbell rang. I reached it before the end of the ring yanking it open and finding my handsome model, looking as strikingly gorgeous as I remembered maybe even more since I now was looking at him differently.


“Hi.” I greeted him, feeling breathless even though I had been sitting for the past fifteen minutes.


“Good morning.” he answered in a soft tone as his vibrant eyes took me in slowly causing heat to infuse my cheeks.


I gesture for him to come inside and I shut the door leaning against it and taking a deep breath before following after him into the living room, I did admire the view though, he was dressed in a pair of blue jeans and a white polo shirt that hugged his arms and torso, his wide back and broad, defined shoulder blades stuck out through the material of the shirt, showing off just how in good a shape he was, a body made for exercise ads and great bods videos but certainly not for the runway, I shook my head, ok bad train of thought, i needed to keep a clear mind.


“Don’t you believe in sleeping in, at least on a Sunday.” I tried for a playful approach. He turned to look at me, and I mean really look at me, I could feel his intense gaze in the pit of my stomach. I was having a hard time breathing.

“No, want to know what I believe.” he countered tilting his chin down. I narrowed my eyes suspiciously. “Come here, it’s a secret.” he motioned with his finger for me to get closer and there was that devilish glimmer in his eyes and the crooked-up-to-no-good-smile.


I leaned in a tiny fraction but he moved in abruptly, leaving just a few inches in between us. His blue eyes were right in front of me and his delicious scent invaded my senses.


“I believe in kissing you.” His lips pressed softly to mine. “All day.” he whispered against my lips, his breath tickling the sensitive skin.“Every day.” he kissed me again. I felt dazed and breathless when he pulled back, and it had only been a quick peck, a quick peck that made my heart skip a few beats. Oh boy.


I let out a short, timid laugh as my eyes shifted nervously and tucked strands of hair behind my ears. I didn’t know what to say so I decided to change topics instead.


“Would you like some coffee?” I asked,and quickly walked past him into the kitchen, he was right behind me. “I made a fresh pot not long ago.”

“Yes, please.”

he sat casually on a bar stool and placed his elbows on the counter, his impressive biceps were visible with the shirt he wore today and it was proving a hard task not to stare. He seemed so calm and unaffected by everything as where I on the other hand, was practically shaking and couldn’t keep eye contact with him.


“I gather you’ve been up for some time?” I concentrated on pouring the coffee on a cup without spilling, I felt his eyes on me though, which made it hard to concentrate, especially after his melting kisses.


“Yeah, well I couldn’t sleep.”


“Too much on your mind?” he asked in a knowing sort of bemused tone as I handed him the cup of coffee, I knew he liked it black from memory.

“You could say that.” I answered sounding a bit unsure. He picked up the cup slowly, never taking his eyes off of me. “I hope it wasn’t my doing.” that didn’t sound sincere at all, in fact I was pretty sure he knew exactly that it was his doing, I narrowed my eyes. “As a matter of fact sir, you’re directly responsible for my lack of sleep.” I answered picking up my own cup and taking a small sip, just to do something because I honestly wasn’t the slightest bit hungry.


He laughed lowering his gaze, and licking his lips. Oh boy. I fiddled with the edge of my cup, running my finger along it.


“What’s on your mind lovely, tell me?” I let out a long exhaled before looking at him.


“You, mostly.” I answered honestly. He gave me a very satisfied smile making me blush. “so what about me exactly, is keeping up awake?” he asked leaning forward with interest coloring his tone.


I rolled my eyes. “Everything!” and I mentally kicked myself for my unstoppable drive to spit out the first thing on my mind, couldn’t i just be like everyone else and give some evasive-I had a headache- kind of answer.


“We kissed last night.” I added matter of fact and flushed from my own words. “Yes, I remember it well, we also kissed this morning.” Could blood pour out of your pores? because I thought mines was about to, from the deep blush that rised to my face and neck at the suggestive tone of his voice. I averted my gaze unable to maintain eye contact. Why was i feeling so exposed so… unsure- i guess was the right word- this morning.


He chuckled softly. I look up at his bemused expression, it’s like i’m his own personal form of entertaining. He leans forward and cups my face in his hand as his thumb caresses my burning cheek. “This blush is lovely on you.” Now I was not only red I was also breathless from his touch and his words. I couldn’t possibly concentrate on talking like this, with his eyes examining me so closely and his hands touching me at leisure. I closed my eyes and took in a deep breath, then I looked at him.


“David, I..I can’t think when you…do that.” I stutter. He retreats his hand, keeping his amused eyes firmly on me and a tiny smirk lifts a side of his mouth.


“Is that better?” I exhale. Not really, he was still way too close and now my skin tingle from the root of my hair to my big toe.


“Speak to me lovely, you’re awfully quiet this morning.” I wish I could but I hadn’t the slightest idea on how to approach the subject of us, I wished he would start. Instead I said the first thing that popped into my head.


“What do you want from me David?” I said sounding a bit exasperated. He raised his eyebrows in a surprise expression.


“I mean..” I tuck a strand of hair behind my ear, a nervous habit of mine and turn towards the sink, and for some unfathomable reason I start to wipe away at the counter with a rag.


“What’s this thing between us?” I manage to get out and I curse at myself internally for my blunt and awkward words. He doesn’t say anything and I turn to look at him.


He examines me carefully with that pensive, almost intimidating stare of his, as if he is deciding what his next words should be.


“I thought It was quite obvious lovely.” He responds softly and tentatively, I shrug and press my lips together.


“Not to me is not.” We stare at each other for another torturous silent minute.


“I want you.” The fervor and longing when he says it, is enough to bring a grown man to his knees. I flush and swallow dryly.


“I’ve wanted you from the moment I met you.” I sigh. “This is crazy you know.”  his eyebrows furrow. “Why is it crazy? I like you and it seems that you like me, I don’t see the problem.” I roll my eyes at his casual take on the situation.


“The problem.” I say walking back to the counter and placing my hands on either side. “Is that, we don’t really know anything about each other, we met two weeks ago David and we live in different continents.” My voice had gotten higher and higher with every word.


“I mean I don’t even know where you live.” I say with a hand gesture for emphasis and a sigh.


he gives me a speculative expression and his lips quirk up in a half smile, then he is on his feet towering me.


“Alright, so lets remedy that shall we.”  he walks around the counter and takes me by the hand.


“hum..” I’m confused. “Where are we going?”


“I’m taking you to my flat.” My stomach turned into knots in an instant and I can’t think of one thing to say. His flat? I was going to his flat, as he put it and we would be alone, not like we weren’t alone here, now, but somehow the prospect of being at his house seemed a lot more intimate. I grabbed my jean jacket on the way out and we were quickly on our way.


“Where do you live?” I realized I didn’t even know that much.


“In Fulham, it’s not too far from here, about a twenty to thirty minute drive.”


I felt dumbfounded, how could I not even know where he lived and I had flat-out made out with him?


The fact that I had known David now for almost three weeks and I was just finding out where he resided made me even more self conscious of our kiss, or well kisses. The man was practically a stranger, I thought to myself as the buildings and cityscapes passed by in a blur.


“Penny for your thoughts.” I kept my eyes on the beautiful, majestic city, a city that was as beautiful and mesmerizing as the man sitting next to me.


“I was thinking that… we don’t really know each other very well at all.” I sigh.


“Why, because you don’t know where I live?” I nodded.


“I think we know each other a lot more than you think lovely.”


“What do you mean?” I asked as my eyes shifted nervously around the vehicle, for some reason, I couldn’t look straight at him, there seemed to be something getting in the way, an invisible barrier of sorts. I was feeling rather self conscious about the whole thing.


“I know that when you’re feeling nervous or uncomfortable, you smile to be polite and tuck your hair behind your ears.” I snap my eyes towards him. He gives me a sideways smirk and continues.


“I know that you care fiercely about your family, and you look after your sister as if she was your own daughter, I know that you listen to music lyrics until you memorize them, because it’s like a story that comes to life in your mind.” I stare at him, speechless, he’d been paying very close attention and i had completely missed it.


“I know that you’re especially beautiful when you blush.” he tenderly caresses my cheek with his knuckles. “Like this.” Of course I would blush, I always do. “I know that you put the feelings of others before your own even when you suffer for it. I know that you like to cook, your specialty being latin food, and your nana taught, because you would spend more time in the kitchen with her than playing outside with other kids.” I couldn’t stop staring at him, well more like gaping. “Nana Lucia right?” I nod.


“Shall I go on, I have more.” I don’t respond, which pushes him forward, his thumb settles over my bottom lip and it lingers there, his skin it’s so warm, it feels like a flame igniting the fuse of an explosive device.


“I know that I cannot, not kiss you, because your lips are so very, very sweet.”  The air escapes my lungs and all i can feel at this very instant is the soft, torturous touch of his finger against my lips, the device has now exploded and I can feel the burning but it’s not painful, more like a sinful pleasure. Then his touch is gone and i snap my eyes open, not realizing I had shut them. My head spins a little.


“But I wont just now, it would be a true crime to only give them half the attention they deserve while I’m driving.” Oh boy, was he trying to turn make me spontaneously combust.

We pulled up to a three story, victorian style row of houses. David turns the car into the stark white one. The garage it’s situated in the lower level, angling downwards. Exiting the vehicle I examine the timeless architecture of the place. It’s tall and beautiful, complete with a large bay window and shutters, and definitely not the flashy, penthouse on the top floor of some swanky, modern building- I had envisioned for the supermodel bachelor.


I startled at his slight touch, as he places the palm of his hand on the small of my back.


“You’re jumpy today.” he points out, in what i can only assume it’s an amuse tone. I smile at him but it’s strained, I exhale trying to loosen up and he motions for me to move forward, ever the gentleman that he is. There are a few steps that lead to the dark wooden door.  I feel the knots back in my stomach as he puts in the key and opens the door, moving aside to allow me in.


“After you.” I avoid looking at him on my way in. I need to get over whatever this thing is, I hate the unease. I miss the carefree way of our friendship.


I walk past him and stand in the foyer, just a few steps in. I hear the soft click of the door which still makes me jump just as my heart it’s jumping in my chest.


“Home sweet home.” My eyes travel around the long,narrow room. The walls are a creamy beige accented with white wainscoting on the lower half. A few feet in front of me there are tall mahogany stairs against the left side of the wall, leading to the second landing. absentmindedly I walked further in, to my right there is a cut out archway leading into the living room -I presumed.


“Shall I give you a grand tour?” David offers in low tone, as if not to startle me again. I smile at him and nod, the awkward feeling still lingers. He observes me silently for just a few seconds, but quickly glances away and leads me into the livingroom area.

“This is the main living area.” The room is quite large, with an elegant fireplace against the far wall flanked by wall to wall indentations of shelves that house, hundreds of books and trinkets. The furnishings all vary, from old italian leather couches to victorian chests and tables, the overall tone of the room has a vintage feel to it, antique lamps and candelabras, a magazine holder that resembles an old milk carrier and other motives that retain that same vintage look. The place was nothing how my mind had imagined it. Surprisingly I loved it even more for it’s classic charm, just like the owner.


“It’s beautiful David.” I compliment him generously. He beams at me and tilts his head up as his eyes survey the room.

“Thank you. I bought this house over a year ago, it wasn’t even a shade of what you see now.”

“What do you mean?” I ask walking slowly around the curious pieces of art and furniture. “It’s an old Victorian house, I fell in love with it as soon as I walked inside, but it required a lot of work for it to be liveable, we just completed the project a few months ago.” I smile brightly at him.


“I see you have a knack for fixing and refurbishing old things.” He smirks in an adorable-almost bashful way.

“I’m quite addicted to it actually.” I smile warmly at him. “Maybe it’s something you can consider doing once you retire the life of tiny trunks and glistening skin.” he laughs but that bashful gesture of lowering his gaze imperceptibly and touching his chin follows and i find it completely captivating. “I have actually considered it.”


I make my way to the fireplace.“Well you certainly have the talent for it, and you seem be very passionate about it.” I say looking back at him. He stood just under the archway, leaning against the wall, arms crossed over his chest, perfectly tan biceps bulging, stomach churning, face burning. Oh boy.


His azure eyes observe me curiously and it’s a good five seconds before he speaks again. “I like the challenge it presents for me, after all, nothing great in life comes easily, wouldn’t you agree?” I feel the blood rushing to my face and I dont know why, but it feels as if he were speaking about something other than old houses and vintage items. “Yes.” I finally manage to say but quickly look away and busy myself with the photos on the mantle on the fireplace. David with his parents I presume somewhere out doors, a family trip probably. One of two children a boy and a girl, eating ice cream and glaring at each other in the most adorable way. My face breaks into a smile.


“That’s my sister Claire and me, I believe I was about seven years old, give or take.” He looked too adorable, with large blue eyes and head full of unruly black hair. He was definitely a little round around the edges. I can’t help the small laugh that bubbles out of my lips.


“Something you find funny lovely?” he asks in a playful tone. “Well, you definitely grew into your figure.” he narrows those hypnotizing eyes at me. “Are you implying that I was a chubby kid.” I try for a serious expression but fail miserably. “No, you implied it, i only made an observation.” he chuckles, and saunters towards me in a slow, almost predatory pace, he  rests his arm against the fireplace and faces me. He was actually inches from me, totally inside my bubble, I could practically feel the warmth radiating off his skin.


“I really do fancy that smart mouth of yours.” his gaze fixes on my lips, as he speaks in that languid, husky tone that causes my blood sizzle inside my veins and my breathing to catch. I couldn’t believe he was being so openly flirtatious, it was difficult to wrap my head around it. “And I really think you should show me the rest of your house.” I said once I was able to utter a word again. He smiles and licks his lips in that absentminded way he does. Of course i feel the heat of my sizzling blood infuze my skin as I walk past him.

“That’s an interesting piece” I stop and zeroed in on an odd looking foot rest in the form of an old- low to the ground- wood wagon, fashioned with two cushions on top for support.


“Did you make it?” I say looking back at him. “Yes, I liked the wagon but couldn’t think of a use for it, until I saw a foot rest with wheels at a home store and then the idea hit me.”


He smirks and that same bashful expression is on his face as he speaks and is so endearing that I want to jump into his arms and kiss him all over. I resist the urge though but i do smile  like a proud parent. “It’s very inventive, I like it.”


“Thank you.”

David showed me the rest of the first landing which consisted of a large dining room with yet another fireplace, the kitchen and nook were at the very back of the first landing, a large area of the back wall was glass from top to bottom, looking over a small, cozy terrace. “Is this the modern side of the house?” I asked glancing out into the small garden. He smiles.


“I wanted a very close recreation of an original Victorian house, keeping the design  and architecture as similar as possible and adding a few touches of my own creation, like” He points to the glass wall. “This, I enjoy good natural light, besides it gives the room a sense of grandeur, elongating it.” I agreed, natural lighting is the best and it did make the room seem bigger.

 “Very clever and I have to agree there is nothing like dining with a new.” I say truly impressed with his unique style.

“I’ll have to remember that.” He mused.

 Almost everywhere in the house I could pick out unique pieces and antiquities refurbished and repurposed by David. It was a very different side to him-Mr. Hot shot supermodel.


“You know Mr. Gandy I think you might have been born in the wrong century.” he chuckles.

“I would agree if only I didn’t enjoy the benefits of modern technology as much I do.”

I laugh. “I have to agree, do you even remember what it was like before cell phones, I mean I don’t think i’ve ever seen a public phone in real life.” he laughs again. “They have become obsolete.”


We talked and joked about the conveniences of modern technology, I suggested he’d get one of those red phone booths I’d seen in movies, since it was vintage enough already to go with the rest of his decor, he turned down the idea of course.

“This way, the flat has three bedrooms, they’re all situated in the second landing.” I stopped, feeling very nervous as we approached the stairs.


“Your bedroom?” I practically shouted without thinking and quickly flushed. I heard a quiet chuckle from David “Yes my bedroom as well.” God i’m such an airhead, what kind of a question was that. I mentally roll my eyes.

“After you lovely.” he gestures with his hand for me to go ahead. Realizing i’m wearing a somewhat short dress I hesitate with one foot on the first step.

“Hum..actually you go on first, I’ll follow.” he looks at me quizzically and then an expression of -cat ate the canary- takes over his face and he tilts his head down, bringing his face a lot closer to mine.

“Lovely, are you concerned I might check out your bum?” he teases and again I can’t believe he is being so direct. I flush crimson red and I’m having a hard time finding words. “No, no…” I stammered, feeling so flustered i can’t even speak. “Oh ok, so you want to check out my bum instead, I get it, why didn’t you just say so.” I’m stunned, my mouth practically hitting the floor. He starts walking up the stairs and of course where do my eyes go-to his bum. Oh boy… I start laughing, unable to stop myself. He turns to look at me with a bemused-slow spreading smile on his face.


“You tricked me.” I tell him, still laughing, as i began to make my way up the stairs.


“Tricked you? why would you think that?”


I refused to think about the fact that he was right behind me as i shimmied up the stairs in a short dress. His playful, wolfish tone was not helping things. “I was not thinking about your bum at all, until you so blatantly brought it up, therefore directing the thought to my frontal lobe and inevitably tricking me into looking at your “bum”. I put the word in quotations and rolled my eyes as I said it, David laughed exuberantly, throwing his head back. “You’re giving me way too much credit Lovely, but now i know that you were indeed checking out my bum, I feel like a slab of meat.” he continued his teasing and flirtatious comments-that I honestly hadn’t the slightest clue how to handle other than by getting unbelievably flustered and tongue tied.  After our kiss, he seemed different, more direct and unrepentant about his advances, it was disconcerting. I was having a hard time getting on the same page with him. My whole perception of what David and I were, had suddenly shifted but I was still trying to catch up, where as he seemed to be fully on board that train.


“I should think you’d be used to it by now, isn’t that sort of the basis of your modeling career, females checking you out and probably some men as well.” I still wanted to sound as normal and as unaffected as I could, but my cheeks were now permanently pink and I couldn’t stop the nervous shift of my eyes. He laughed again, completely unaffected and with a carefree attitude I was honestly envious off.


He narrowed his eyes and the playful tone of voice switched to a husky lower octave. “Perhaps you’re right but, It’s much more gratifying when you do it lovely.” he whispered close to my ear then continues leading me, I shivered. Oh boy.


The upstairs consisted of three bedroom, he showed me the guest bedroom, and the one he was currently using as an office, very tastefully decorated with the same touches of antiques and dark mahogany furnisher.


“This is my bedroom.” He says in a quieter, tone of voice as he pushes the door-which was already half open- and allowing me in. I felt my heart beating rapidly against my ribcage. Why was this so nerve wracking, it was just a bedroom-get a hold of yourself woman.


I swallowed dryly and willed my shaky legs to move forward like the grown up i was. The size of the room was quite decent, the walls were painted a bluish grey tone that contrasted beautifully with the white moldings creating an airy, open atmosphere. The king size -four post- bed was a dark oak-wood and was dressed all in white fluffy, linen- which was very inviting, I couldn’t help touching the fabric as I walked by. Right across the bed there was yet another elegant fireplace, and I wondered if he even got to use it, as little as he seemed to be home. David stood close by just observing me in his casual- feet apart, hands inside jean’s pocket, sexy as hell -stance.


The far right corner of the room-adjacent to the fireplace wall- housed a lazy boy, upholstered in a dark chocolate-cherry leather, and by the opposite wall, parallel to the door was a large armoire in a near black tone of wood. everything was different following the pattern of the other rooms, and same vintage feel. But it was homey and welcoming, much better than a cold, modern bachelor pad, The back wall where the bed was, had two large glass windows on either side of the frame, allowing a lot of light into the room. I walked towards the window and stared out into yet again the back of the house. I liked views, it provided a sense of wonder and tranquility, sort of like the ocean did.


“You’re very quiet lovely.” David spoke, diverting my attention to him.


I sigh.


“I was just thinking that…this” I made circular gesture with my head to indicate the entire room.  “Is very different from what i had imagined.” absentmindedly I slide the tip of my fingers up and down one of the bed posts. David was leaning against the armoire right across from me, chin down, brows furrowed, sexy smirk in place. His focused eyes regard me intently and my own eyes shift nervously as my heart begins to stutter, I had no control what-so-ever over my crazy hormones when it came to this man, he completely captivates me with those utterly mesmerizing-fall into-eyes of his and it’s very difficult to keep a clear head when he looks at me the way he is looking at me right now. I want to fall into his arms and surrender everything to him, except I can’t, this is all too sudden. I wished so badly to be the kind of girl that can let loose and have a fling, but I can’t,  it goes against my fundamental nature.


“And what has that fascinating mind of yours imagined.” he was clearly teasing me, but his voice rang with sincerity. Did he honestly find me fascinating, I was suddenly questioning and revisiting every conversation we’ve had, trying to depict what I had so clearly missed.


“What is it lovely?”  I didn’t realize I hadn’t answer his previous question. The sound of his soothing voice washed over me like a warm touch. I press my lips together, feeling very nervous and confused. “You can tell me anything you know.” He said reassuring me and I did know and I wanted to. I needed to express how I was feeling , no matter how stupid or immature it might sound, besides I always felt inclined to share everything with him.


“It’s just well, this…”I gesture to the space between us. “is all so sudden David, I’m having a hard time with it. We went from being friends to suddenly kissing and you openly flirting with me, my mind is having difficulty adjusting, i just…i wasn’t prepared for it.” I feel the blood rushing to my cheeks as I speak.


“Alright, that’s understandable, I don’t want you to feel nervous around me though.” I look up at him and smile apologetically. “I don’t either.” i tuck a loose strand of hair behind my ear and feel my chest tightening. I wish I could just let myself go, to not think so much, maybe i’m broken, because i’m sure any other female would have already jumped his bones without a second thought and here i was acting like the virgin mary and mentally kicking myself across the head over it.


“What is it that makes you uncomfortable?” I shift from one foot to the other and exhale. “I guess… I just never considered the idea of us being more than friends, so it all feels sort of strange, like meeting a stranger and letting him kiss you.” He frowned and i realized what that might sound like to him.


“I’m not a stranger summer.” His voice took on a different, more serious tone, and I felt embarrassment color my skin.


“No, you are a friend.” I confirm, smiling shyly, he just continued listening intently.  “A friend that suddenly kissed me, when we haven’t been on any sort of dating terms and I was honestly taken by surprise. I guess I was unprepared.” I looked away, running my hand through my hair.


“Do you…wish I hadn’t kissed you?” His question took me by surprise yet again and my eyes snap in his direction.

“NO!” I practically shout, making that smirk rise on the corner of his lips. “Not at all, I…I like that you kissed me.” Oh boy, I felt the temperature rising, like a freaking volcano about to go off, but i had to be honest with him and with myself.


“And I liked kissing you, very much.” There was an undercurrent in his tone, like he was thinking about doing something naughty, but was holding back. His eyes landed on my lips and I my mouth was suddenly very, very dry and I was having a hard time breathing. There was no mistaking how much I really did like his kisses, my entire body craved it.


“So we both liked kissing.” I state the obvious. “Seems that way.” He mused and we stare at each other in silence, Then without breaking eye contact, he saunters slowly towards me and with every step he takes I feel my heart accelerate faster and faster and my stomach gets that jittery, jumpy feeling. He stops a few inches in front of me, staring me down with new determination in his bright eyes.


“How about we go on a date this evening.” His tone is suddenly different, excited. I look at him quizzically. “ok… we go out all the time.” He is so close i can feel the invigorating scent coming off his body which does crazy things to my already churning, mixed up emotions.


“Well, like you said we go out all the time as friends right?” I nod, feeling his sweet breath swoop across my face. “Tonight when I take you out, I want you to know that it’s because I like you, in more ways than one, and definitely not as a friend.” My lips part slightly, needing the oxygen. He grins. “I want you to know that it’s a date.” He touches my cheek softly and i think I might start to hyperventilate soon. “And I especially want you to know that I have every intention of kissing you at the end.” he flashes his beautiful smile and oh boy, i’m putty, melting, evaporating, disintegrating.


“Ok.” I exhale, completely overtaking by his words. “It’s a date then.”

Alright I need some help with their date, I have a few thoughts but nothing concrete, so I need some suggestions. I don’t live in London, so my knowledge of the area is limited to internet research.

first idea was taking them to this restaurant where you eat in the dark, like-pitch black-dark. The concept is to allow other sense to take over, like touch, smell, taste and have more freedom to speak without visual interference.

idea was taking them to a restaurant over looking the beautiful city, somewhere high, which would hold a more romantic atmosphere.

so that’s what I have, any other recommendations would be truly appreciate it, or let me know which of the ideas you like best for the next chapter.

Thanks for the help.



6 thoughts on “TGIF-FICTION: Summer of David Gandy Chapter 9

  1. Don’t have them go to an all dark place to eat. The best interactions are when she can see him smirking and staring at her, that has to be part of it. I’d love to see them go to an ultra romantic place. A guy in his position would be “pulling out all the stops” to really let this girl know he wants her, bad. Right? He’s made his intentions very clear, the date should reflect that. I’m SO in love with these – great work!

    Summer Hagy Like to read? Check out my blog: ….the most wonderful thing about Tiggers is I’m the only one!

    Date: Fri, 26 Sep 2014 13:52:56 +0000 To:

  2. You should take them back to the first place he took her, the not to fancy cafe home cooked meal. The couple that treated her like family. Thanks for chapter 9

  3. WAIT! NO!!! David has always said in interviews his “perfect date” would be to cook for someone at his home! He’d keep Summer at his house for their date! Maybe not all day, obviously, but he’d get her back there for the evening. She likes to cook too- so it would be perfect to see them cook together!!

    Summer Hagy Like to read? Check out my blog: ….the most wonderful thing about Tiggers is I’m the only one!

    From: To: Subject: RE: [New post] TGIF-FICTION: Summer of David Gandy Chapter 9 Date: Fri, 26 Sep 2014 12:50:02 -0500

    Don’t have them go to an all dark place to eat. The best interactions are when she can see him smirking and staring at her, that has to be part of it. I’d love to see them go to an ultra romantic place. A guy in his position would be “pulling out all the stops” to really let this girl know he wants her, bad. Right? He’s made his intentions very clear, the date should reflect that. I’m SO in love with these – great work!

    Summer Hagy Like to read? Check out my blog: ….the most wonderful thing about Tiggers is I’m the only one!

    Date: Fri, 26 Sep 2014 13:52:56 +0000 To:

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