TGIFiction Friday. Modeling Me- The Summer of Gandy

Gandy Bar Scene

Chapter 2

In Your Face

“So, what else happened?” Spring kept prodding.

“I already told you everything.” I sighed, I had spent the last two hours going over every single move we have both made on the plane and outside. I may have left some details out on purpose, like the fact he gave me his phone number, because knowing Spring, she would have already wrestled me for it to broadcast it to the world. And I had a feeling that David liked his privacy.

“How can you not be more excited about this? You know you basically fulfilled every woman’s fantasy, well, you know, to an extent, by meeting the hottest guy in the world right now and you’re being so nonchalant about it.” She huffed in annoyance.

“To me he’s just a guy who happens to be hot, Spring.”I tried to explain.

“This is so typical. My sister, lucky bitch that you are, happened to stumble upon the hottest guy on earth and here I am wishing it would have been me. It’s just not fair, you didn’t even do anything about it.” She said waving her hands, scolding me.

“What was I supposed to do? What would you have done differently?” I figured I could help her fulfill her fantasy at least by talking about it.

“Oh, what wouldn’t I had done?” She licked her lips and said in a conspiratory tone.

Here we go. Ladies and gentleman, I give you my sister, the perv. I wonder sometimes how we are even related.

“Such as?” I prodded.

“Well, I would have asked him for mouth to mouth after I fainted.” She started.

Oh God. I covered my face.

“You know? If you can ask for it, you don’t actually need it.” I said tilting my head.

“Oh I would have needed it, for obvious reasons. I also would have pulled him to the bathroom and asked him to make me a member of the Mile High Club.” She finished.

“Are you sure you’re not half a man? How can you be such a whore?” I asked laughing.

“How can you be such a prude? I swear, Mother Theresa ain’t got not nothing on you!” She said shaking her head.

“Just because I didn’t offer my vagina to David Gandy in an airplane doesn’t make me a prude.” I crossed my arms in front of my chest.

“Most women would disagree with that statement.” She raised her eyebrows.

We both shook our heads and said at the same time.

“I can’t believe we’re related.”

“Jinx!” We said at the same again.

“Jinx!” We said one more time, and without missing a beat I said.

“Jinx!” again and won the round.

“Ha! You owe me a drink.” I smiled triumphantly.

“Ugh!, I always lose at jinx, and apparently at Gandy.” She laughed and threw her arms around me.

“I missed you Sis, I’m so glad you’re here.” She smiled sincerely.

I threw myself on the couch next to her and hugged her.

“Missed you to little pain, it had definitely been too long. So how are the Brits treating you? Actually scratch that. How are you treating them?” And just like that, her eyes sparkled and she started regaling me with the story of the whore of Oxford.

“Oh my God! It’s like a 007 buffet. They’re all charming, and sophisticated and yummy, and the accents? I mean, your panties literally take off by themselves.” She wiggled her eyebrows.

“Oh! Yours do for sure.” I teased.

“So how do you like my flat?” She asked, ignoring my previous statement.

“Your what?” I asked confused.

“My apartment, I figured I’d blend in with the natives and start speaking their lingo,  Let me give you a tour.” She asked getting up.

“This isn’t an apartment Spring, this is like a floating mansion. You don’t even need a place this big!” I said motioning around to the extra large place.

“Well, Daddy wanted to make sure I was comfortable.” She shrugged.

“With what you spent on this he could have made half the Middle East comfortable. I’m just saying.” I teased.

“Not everyone is a minimalist like you Summer. You got their brains, I gots their money.” She winked.

“You’re making me sound like some kind of genius. it’s not even like that.” I said defensively.

“Oh trust me I know. Based on your David Gandy fiasco I am actually questioning your intellect.” She said with a playful side glare.

“Again with this?” I asked.

“Oh you’re never living that down. Come on! Let me show what you missed.” She runs to her computer and starts googling him.

I threw my head back and sighed in defeat, walking behind her towards her desk.

“Can’t we just enjoy my stay in London?” I asked whining.

“Yes, but your stay would have been way more enjoyable if it would have started by fucking Gandy on a plane.” She said finally.

My mouth dropped to the floor.

“Spring! What is wrong with you?” I asked shocked.

“Me? What is wrong with you? Look at this man, this fine specimen of a man.” She said.

I shrugged.

“He looked better in person, more… I don’t know… real.” I said.

“Ugh, keep rubbing it in.” She scoffed and continued scrolling down looking for his “hot pictures”.

I started glancing around the apartment, taking it all in. The place I’d be staying in for the next month or so, mostly by myself since Spring’s program included summer classes, not me, but actual classes during the summer. This was what our parents did to us. To add insult to injury they didn’t even give us middle names.

“Look at this one!” She said and my eyes snapped to the screen.

“Oh My God!” I covered my eyes automatically but it was too late, the image of him in nothing but sweat pants that barely covered his junk while biting on a necklace would forever be embedded in my head. “Spring take that off! I don’t want to see him naked!” I said.

“Oh I can show him to you naked!” She replied

I ran over and shut the laptop.

“No! Enough of it, I mean it.” I was so red I was sure I looked like an embarrassed shrimp.


“This is a really swanky bar Spring, how did you manage to get in a place like this?”

I asked nudging her playfully.

She swiveled through the crowd easily with me right behind.

“You have your tricks and I have mine.”

She said shrugging with a playful glint to her eyes.

I rolled my eyes. Why did I even ask?

Spring found a pub style table not too far from the bar and we quickly claimed it.

“The guys are still on their way, I’m gonna get us a drink, what do you want?”

“A glass of Chardonnay is fine”

I wasn’t much of a drinker, I tended to stick to fruity, girly drinks but in this classy place I was gonna stick to wine.

I watched Spring swing her hips as she walked to the bar, the girl had some twirk. I smiled to myself and nodded my head.

How did she manage to get in here, this bar looked like a place where only the rich and famous mingle, I mean we had money or our parents did, but the famous part was definitely lacking.

There were people everywhere but not to the level a regular bar would get, you still had room to move about and there was just an air of grandeur all around, even in the details of the furnishings, everything was extra modern in simple whites and reds with some touches of black and opulent crystal chandeliers hung from the ceiling. Along the side wall, there was a long cut through the center and water poured out of it in a steady noiseless stream.

Women wore only the top names in fashion, I mean, not that I was much into fashion, but I was still a girl and I knew my Jimmy Choo shoes and my Louboutins.

I think even the air smelled rich. Could Air smell rich? The air here sure did.

I looked down at myself, suddenly aware that I might be underdressed, I wore a simple black , wrap around dress, that rested a little above the knee and hugged my body in all the right places. it was simple but very chic and it gave me an awesome cleavage. Not to brag or anything but I had nice boobs, not too big, not too small just right, and my red pumps were just the right touch to compliment the dress, I decided I looked decent.

My brown hair fell down my back in loose waves, it wasn’t a glamorous look but I sucked at hairstyling, down was the best I could do.

I felt my stomach grumble and put my hand over it. Jeez I was starving! When was the last time I ate anything? I couldn’t even remember. It had been such a busy day with Spring dragging me up and down London that I had totally lost track of time with the beauty of the city.

I tried searching the bar area for Spring but I couldn’t make her out, I took out my Iphone and sent her a quick text.

Bring food, I’m starving!

Her reply came back instantly.

K 😉

A few minutes later Spring came back to the table and some of her friends arrived.

There was Jordan, an american girl who was a  petite  blonde that resembled tinker bell. She immediately won me over with her I’m tiny but mighty demeanor.

Then Andrea and her boyfriend Landon, they were both British with such a heavy accent, I had to pay them close attention and still half the time I missed what they were saying.

I felt like a fish out of water. All those years of college and Law School and I couldn’t understand British slang, maybe I should buy one of those books for dummies.

“Wow! Look who’s finally in London” A male voice said behind me.

I stiffened at the sound. I knew that voice, I had known that voice since I was sixteen years old.

Derek situated himself in front of our table as if he had been invited. Yeah, he was used to doing what he wanted, and getting what he wanted.

I groaned inwardly.

This could not be happening, what were the odds that out of the gazillion bars in London my ex had to show up at the one I was in? The Universe downright hated me.

I swallowed dryly. I hated awkward encounters and this was about to get all kinds of awkward.

We hadn’t exactly ended things amicably.

“Hello Sun.” He said in his most derisive tone, dragging out the S .

I narrowed my eyes at the mention of his nickname for me, we weren’t together anymore and he had no right to call me that.

“Derek.” I acknowledged, trying to keep my composure but my voice sounded squeaky and I wanted to knock myself against the wall.

“How long have you been in town?” He asked with a raised brow.

“Hi Goldilocks, you know is polite to say hello when you barge into a table full of strangers.” Spring cut in sarcastically. She referred to him as Goldilocks because because of the way his blonde curls fell over his forehead, though he worked his hardest at keeping his hair impeccably straight without a single one out of place. I was convinced he was well acquainted with his flat iron, though I never really saw him use it.

Derek lifted his arrogant chin and swept his eyes over her, forcing the civility I knew he lacked despite his impeccable upbringing.

“Spring, so nice to see you. I would have thought we’d get together sooner since we go to the same school and all, but I guess you don’t run in the best of circles.” He said dismissively.

I felt my sister tense beside me, as she shot daggers at him.

“You’re such a tool Derek.” She replied narrowing her eyes and shaking her head.

He ignored her  just as he was ignoring everyone else on the table. Derek never acknowledged people he thought to be beneath him, after all he was the son of Jeremy Reeves, a very powerful politician who came from a long line of distinguished politicians, and Derek was sure on his way to be just like daddy.

He turned his smug smile towards me.

“I see you are here alone, I could take some time and show you around, Oxford is a beauty. Shame you couldn’t get in but a tour seems fitting, you know, for old time’s sake.”

I knew what he was really saying, and a rush of blood was coloring my skin with embarrassment.

I looked around the small table, everyone seemed engrossed in playing with their drinks or just trying to evade this weird situation.

Derek continued to stare me down as if daring me to go against him, why did he intimidate me so? I was studying to be a lawyer, at Harvard, a University just as fine as Oxford. I had a sharp tongue and quick answers for everything. That was my gift but this jerk had the power to render me incapable of speech, always making me feel inadequate.

Say something you idiot! Don’t let him stare you down! He is an an arrogant ass! My conscience was telling me as she rooted for me to claim some dignity.

I felt my hands get clammy and my cheeks flamed, he always made me feel like a five year old child. Worse was that he knew it.

“This is a one time offer Sun… You don’t want to miss out again do you?”

He said lowering his face slightly placing it right in front of me.

Say something Summer! Tell him to go screw himself. Tell him to go roll around in dog shit. Just say something already. I screamed internally at myself. I was close to my breaking point, about to have a freak out, about to pass out from embarrassment. I just wanted a hole to open up and swallow me whole. Transport me to a place where Derek wasn’t such a dick, or where I wasn’t an instant mute.

Suddenly, a strong but soothing arm wrapped around my waist and my heart must have literally hit my ass. My nerves calmed instantly and without needing to look, I knew who the arm belonged to. My body was immediately on fire but for a very different reason. This was the good kind of fire. The kind of fire only he had been able to light.

“Actually, Summer has a previous engagement with me. Maybe another time. Although I feel like your tour guide services won’t be necessary.” He said  calmly, in that sensual accent.  His hand molded my waist in a slightly possessive manner or maybe he was just tense. I was sure he had heard the way Derek had spoken to me.

A feather of a kiss grazed my temple and I was frozen in place. Out the corner of my eyes I saw Derek’s eyes widen in shock. I looked up and there he was, David, my model in shining attire. Well, his clothes weren’t actually shiny but he looked good. Mouth-freaking-watering-good.

“Sorry I was late love. I promise I’ll make it up to you. You look beautiful this evening. I’m a lucky guy.”

He looked in my eyes and the world stopped spinning. Everyone stopped talking, my sister’s jaw hit the floor and my eyes widened so, that I felt they were about to jump out of my face.

“I’m sorry?” I replied, feeling as confused as a dog being chased by a cat.

“The concert love, are you ready to go?” He asked.

He was giving me an escape out of this uncomfortable situation, and I would be a damn moron if I didn’t take it. However his impromptu visit had left me tongue tied and all I could manage in response was a slight nod.

“You know this guy?” Derek cut in.

“He’s her date Derek, obviously.” Spring replied grinning from ear to ear at David.

Oh God! Why was my sister such a trouble maker. Derek looked from me to David, whose left hand was still safely holding me in place, and looked back at me waiting on confirmation. David stuck out his right hand in Derek’s direction.

“Gandy, David Gandy.” He said, in his sinfully sexy accent.

Everyone at the table stared with mouths gaping open, including Derek, I felt my heart do a little flip inside my chest.

Derek ignored David’s outstretched hand

“I know who you are.” He simply said to which David chuckled.

“I’m sorry, I never assume. Recently I was proven that not everyone knows of me.” He replied looking at me with a smile playing on his lips… His tantalizing lips, they were works of art. God, it was getting hot in here!

“You know this guy?” He asked me again, pointing at David.

“So much for not running in the best of circles.” My sister cut in. “So I guess you’re going to the concert then?” She addressed me.

I finally found my voice.

“Yes, I am.” I replied.

David dropped his hand, grazing my arm with his fingertips.

“I hate to rush you love, but if we don’t leave now, we’ll be late.” He said in a whisper, his minty breath tickled my neck, sending shivers down my skin.

I nodded again, reflexively. He could have asked me anything and my answer would have been the exact same.

Spring handed me my purse and David turned us around back to our table and addressing our group of friends.

“We hate to leave so hastily but we had a previous arrangement. It was great to see you all.” Then he turned to my sister. “Spring, always a pleasure.”

My sister beamed as he placed his hand on the small of my back and guided me along towards the exit, after a step, he stopped and turned to her.

“Oh! And don’t worry I’ll bring her home safe.” He said to Spring. I risked looking back and saw a very pissed off Derek shooting the deadliest glare in David’s way.

**** Thank you all for reading. I hope you’ve enjoyed the story so far. More coming next Friday, you do not want to miss this!!!***

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