Endless Possibility Review

Title: Endless Possibility

Series: City Lights (Rush-Novella)

Author: Emma Scott

Genre: NA, Romance



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After the disastrous Planet X party, Noah Lake knows he must to learn to cope with his anger and bitterness, to learn to live as he is and not as he had been. He sets out on an impossible journey, alone, in the hopes of making himself worthy of Charlotte’s love, and to slay the demons of an old life that is lost to him.

As he makes his arduous way across Europe, following Charlotte’s tour, Noah writes of his experiences that will become his memoir, and it is only after reading his words that Charlotte comes to fully understand the hardships Noah endured for their sake; a journey that nearly broke him in mind, body, and spirit. She knows what she must do: show Noah that while she is the light in his darkness, he is the music in her heart, and that without him, she’d be just as lost.

Endless Possibility is the final chapters in a love story about acceptance, peace, and the bond between two souls who have found their equal in each other, and the happily ever after they both deserve.

This novella CANNOT (or should not) be read as a standalone. It is recommended one read RUSH first to avoid spoilers and general confusion.



My Thoughts:

I’m beyond ecstatic that Emma was gracious enough to write a novella for Rush-she is so good to us. After I finished reading Rush, I knew I wanted more. I started stalking Emma on Facebook and learned that she was writing Endless Possibility (very fitting name), and OMG it was a dream come true, more Noah.

I don’t know how Emma does it, but wow, her words are like musical strings that tug at your heart. Noah’s story was a wonderful addition to the rush series; a perfect ending to an unforgettable story. My words fail to describe the beauty of these books, Emma writes with her whole heart and it makes for an amazing story. Thank you for the happy tears Emma and for My Noah and Wonderful Charlotte, she was a delightful heroine.


In Endless Possibility we get to experience first hand the struggle that Noah endures on his trek across Europe as a blind person. His trial by fire wasn’t an easy one, but it was something he needed to do to become the man he wanted to be for Charlotte. It was truly an admirable journey, filled with struggle, pain and the promise of finding yourself again. Noah’s strength blew me away, his will to keep moving forward fueled by his love for Charlotte was remarkable. I was very proud of his character’s growth and endurance both mentally and physically.

Emma Scott delivers on all angles, we get some sad moments, happy moments and of course some very sexy moments between Charlotte and Noah that are sure to have you blushing or turning down your A/C. Overall, this was a fast and very satisfying read as far as novellas go.  It provides the perfect amount of information to close up the story nicely. It’s always a bittersweet moment to have a beloved series come to an end but when is well written, it stays with you forever.



About the Author

Emma Scott

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