Woo Me Wednesday Featuring Roth from The Dark Elements Series


It’s all about ROTH! Demon Prince of Hell


The Dark Elements by Jennifer Armentrout

I’m sure he would love that title considering how cocky that mischievous demon is.

So lets see how I can begin to explain the SWOON factor of this fascinating character.

Roth is the Prince of Hell and he has the over confident ego and self professed good looks to back it up. That’s all part of his charm though. Roth is the type of demon that would lay down his own life for the girl he loves.

Physical Appearance

 Tall, Dark and Handsome; sound cliché enough? Well that’s only scratching the surface. Super human good looks is a given for any fictional character.

Dark, spiky hair

Tawny, mesmerizing eyes

Tattoos of a snake, dragon and 3 kittens (Adorable)

Abs you can wash clothes on

Pierced nipples and other…areas (Naughty)


All good things right, well if the sexy tattoos and piercings are not enough for you don’t worry there’s more. That’s not the main reason why I adore this character so much. It’s really all about the…


Roth has enough personality to fill the pages of three books by himself and then some. He won my heart with his endearing bad-boy charm, insufferable quips and larger than life, egocentric  humor. Plus he’s a lonely demon that longs to feel loved and normal.

Witty Humor

Capable of great deeds

 Names his pets after Disney characters (Bambi)

Favorite song: Paradise City


All very appealing qualities that will have you swooning and rooting for him, but best of all is the fact that when he falls in love, he loves FOREVER.



Get to know him more intimately in The Dark Elements Series and fall in love with him just like I did.


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