**Never Never** Review and Giveaway!

Title: Never Never

Series: Never Never (#1)

Author:  Colleen Hoover and Tarryn Fisher

Genre:  New Adult, Romance



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Best friends since they could walk. In love since the age of fourteen. Complete strangers since this morning.
He’ll do anything to remember. She’ll do anything to forget.

My thoughts: 

Never Never left me gasping for air and clutching my chest, at one in the morning! On a work night! Needless to say, finding sleep after that ending was impossible. Still I loved every minute of this unique story. It was fast paced and filled with twists and turns that keep you hooked while recklessly trying to piece together the puzzle that is Never Never. This is a MUST READ!


Silas and Charlie can’t remember anything about who they are. It’s the middle of a school day and suddenly-POOF-memory gone. Neither can remember a thing about their personal lives, their families, friends, not even each other even though they’ve been dating for over four years. Freaky!

“I look at her, she’s the girl I supposedly make love to. The girl I’ve apparently made love to for a while. The girl I apparently still love. I just wish I could remember …”

In their journey to discover what happened to them, Silas and Charlie must work together and trust each other. They must piece together what happened to them by finding out who they used to be which as it turns out isn’t all pleasant. They learn there is a feud between their families but worst of all they learn that even though according to Silas’ housekeeper he’s been in love with Charlie since they were kids, something has pushed them apart. In the race against an unseen enemy they only have each other and the clues they unravel to solve the mystery behind their lost memory.

Also the question I kept asking myself was, what kind of story is this? Paranormal, Romance, fiction? Hum…that’s yet another mystery. There aren’t any supernatural aspects to the story except for the theories that both Silas and Charlie come up with to explain the strange loss of their memory. Still is hard to not come to those conclusions, especially once you reach the end, you’ll see why….

I loved these two characters. There is so much to discover, as they learn more about the people they used to be and come to the shocking realization that those people weren’t very commendable and have done some very shady things. Still as they are both going through the same thing, trusting each other is the logical thing to do. Silas captured my heart right away, he seemed like a naturally sweet, kind-hearted guy. Charlie on the other hand is a bit more guarded and at times selfish but still likable, great character development.

“Took what as a challenge? You think you can make me like you again?” I look over at her and give my head the slightest shake. “No. I’m gonna make you fall in love with me again.”

The subtle underlying love story was very endearing and touching, kept me feeling something like nostalgia as it slowly unfolds, because it honestly seemed that these two really shared something special. That kind of childhood friendship that eventually turns into love. I’m a sucker for that.

I seriously couldn’t bring myself to put this book down for a minute,  it kept me engaged and thoroughly fascinated. The story even though short, had it all: romance, suspense, humor and more mystery than a game of clue. It was a fun, fast paced read, that everyone should read-reminded me a bit of Don’t Look Back by Jennifer Armentrout, another amazing story.

“We are so in love, Charlie. You feeling it yet? Do I make your heart go pitter patter.”

I loved how refreshing an unpredictable the story was, it kept me guessing and racking my brain until that ending took me by surprise hitting me like a damn freight train.. I was so hoping it wouldn’t be a cliffhanger or at least not one of those that scrambles your brain, leaving you devastated and throwing your nook against the bed. Oh but it was…it so was. I will have a book hangover for weeks or until the sequel comes out in May. Great job Hoover and Fisher. I’m in awe and impatiently waiting for more.

Big question, what does Never Never mean….? So freaking intriguing.


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