TGIF: Gandy teaser.

Hey Guys,

Chapter 7 is coming soon! However while you wait, we wanted to give you a teaser of something that will be happening.

We want to thank all of you for your continued support on this story.



Chapter 7 Teaser on David’s POV

david gif

Her lovely face was inches from mine, just a small movement on my part would bring our lips together and I would taste her. I would savor it, I would take my time memorizing every angle of her gorgeous mouth until we were both breathless. I would finally stop wondering and just know.

I pressed against her, feeling the curves of her body and letting desire course through me, to some parts more than others. At this moment all kinds of dirty things were going through my mind, things I wanted to do to her. My breathing was labored and the movement was causing a dangerous friction between us.

My fingers itched to touch her her lips, her flushed cheeks, trace her face the way she had mine and I was confident in this very moment she would let me. I could see it in her expressive eyes, the desire there mirrored my own. She could lie to herself all she wanted, I knew the truth though. She wanted me as much as I wanted her. No matter how hard she fought against it.

She was a tough nut to crack and it had always been part of her appeal. My draw to her was unlike anything I had ever experienced, it was simply addictive.

I had her pinned against her door, not a single millimeter between us and yet I wanted her, no, I needed her even closer still. I wanted to feel her porcelain skin underneath me. She let out a tiny gasp feeling the friction of my body pressing into hers. Her ample chest was rising and falling rapidly, antagonizing the fire building inside of me. Suddenly her lips parted as she closed her eyes, inviting me in. God I wanted to take that invitation more than I had ever wanted anything. I’ve poundered about kissing her since the moment she looked at me in that plane with those mesmerizing, brown eyes.

And right now she had her guard downs, she would let me do anything I wanted, and I wanted to do a lot of things. I was aware of the way every part of her soft body fitted perfectly against mine. That alone combined with the exquisite way she smelled had my senses going into overload. But damn it all to Hell, I would be a bastard if I took advantage of her state. She trusted me and maintaining that trust mattered more to me than satisfying my male urges. Besides the day I kissed Summer, and I would kiss her, I wanted her to be aware of every second of it. I wanted her to feel it in every inch of her body. I wanted her to really want it as much as I did. And I definitely wanted her to remember it. And as tempting as this moment was, I had to stop.

Lowering my head, I took in a deep breath, letting the oxygen clear my thoughts. I looked up and observed her expectant face. I was such a fool, I knew I was going to loathe myself  for this. With tremendous effort on my part, I pushed away from her.

“Let me get the door.”


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