Woo Me Wednesday!!! With GIVEAWAY!!!





Sometimes I wonder if I’m too easily Wooed, I mean, my book boyfriends list gets bigger and bigger everyday… Nevertheless I was wooed again this past week by Malachi, the hot Scribe from Elizabeth Hunter’s new series The Irin Chronicles, and I want to introduce him to all of you.

The Scribe by Elizabeth Hunter

Malachi of Sakarya: TheScribe who found his Singer.


Irin Irina

The Scribe Heaven


The Singer by Elizabeth Hunter

Malachi of Sakarya: The one who forgot everything but her.

The Singer


I love you, The Singer


So, what do you ladies say… Did he woo you?

Till next time.


S & M

Because we LOVED these books, we want to give you a chance to win them. Click on our Giveaway Below.




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