Modeling Me- The Summer of David Gandy (Teaser)

Hey Guys,

It’s been so busy lately for me and Maybel that we’ve had the hardest time putting up a new Chapter. But we wanted to give you ladies something to drool over.

Here’s a teaser for the next chapter we are working on, from David’s point of view.

David Teaser 2


I watched her standing by the edge of the water. The light breeze teased her long hair and her white dress rippled around her legs. She tried gathering her hair in a clip, that wouldn’t do. I stepped closer and ran my fingers through it, setting it free to play with the wind again. She reacted to my touch the way I wanted her to. I knew my proximity affected her. That was evident, but I never understood why she fought every little advance I made.

“You’re simply gorgeous.” The words left my mouth with no thought.

Her eyes widened as she looked at me. This was it, time to make a move. I leaned in slowly, licking my lips and looking at her face. She bit her lip and started closing her eyes. Good sign. I was less than an inch away. Her lovely scent assaulted my senses and my body reacted in the most primitive way. I grabbed her waist melding our bodies together. She let out a small, almost imperceptible gasp and blinked several times. I smirked, fascinated by her every action, my eyes shifted to her slightly open lips, I would finally know what those luscious lips tasted like. I almost couldn’t stand the longing I felt, the unbearable need to kiss her.

A horn blared in the distance and she jumped in my arms, distancing herself from me.


She nervously looked around, running her hand through her dress.

“I don’t think we are supposed to be here.” She looked anywhere but at me and started backing away.

I grabbed her hand, stopping her retreat.

“Summer…” I couldn’t finish the thought. She cut me off.

“You’re a good friend, David.”

What?! Did I just imagined her reaction a minute a go, did she not feel an once of what I was feeling for her?

“We should get going, it’s getting late.”

I stared her down and she flushed. She had felt it too, it was there in her nervous shift, in the blush of her cheeks, she was just fighting it. This I could work with. I had to work harder, and I would. If she thought she could friend zone me she was out of her mind. It was time to pull out the big guns.

Operation Wooing Summer began tonight. I just had to be certain first…


We hope you guys enjoyed it. Things are heating up between these two… Stay tuned!


Schedar and Maybel


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