Modeling Me- The Summer of David Gandy- Chapter 5

Thank you all so much for following this story, we are having a blast writing this fan fic and love every single one of your comments and welcome them all. Please enjoy some more Gandy below and Happy Friday!!!


Chapter 5

In Wonder


The restaurant was tiny and cozy, a little nook on the wall but it with a certain homey feel to it. I Iiked it, and considering I was wearing shorts and smelled like the outside I was glad for the casual atmosphere.

We were sat at a small, square table in the back of the restaurant. I took in my surroundings, the old wooden panels of the walls, the creaking floors that no longer shone, and the endless memorabilia that hung everywhere. Old family photos, vases, even an ancient looking plant watering can that hung at an angle, if it would have had any water in it, it would have poured over the floor.

Looking at David and at this place, it didn’t seem as if he belonged. This place was a mom and pop kind of restaurant, David was…exclusive.

“How do you know about this place?”

David nodded to someone behind me and I turned around to see a lady coming our way, she was heavy set with almost entirely white hair tied back into a bun.  She wore the big, framed glasses and a flowered print dress.

The first figure that popped into my head was Mrs. Claus. She looked just like her, only with a different outfit.

“Oh my dear boy!” The older woman arrived with opened arms and a big, friendly smile on her creamy face.

David went to his feet and hugged her with affection.

“It’s been so long, look at you! Have you been eating? You’ve gotten thinner.” She patted his back and stomach.

David laughed and shook his head.

“And you ma’am haven’t changed at all.”

He held the woman at arms length as they appraised each other with familiarity.

“Just a few new wrinkles and more grey hair.”

She dabbed at her cottony hair.

“Well, you still look just as lovely.” He winked at her and turned to me.

“Rosie, this is Summer.” He started making introductions.

“Summer this is Rose Parson, she is the best cook in London.”

Rosie smacked his arm as he laughed.

“I’m sorry, I stand corrected she is the best cook in the world.”

I got up and smiled at her, she was that kind of person that reminded you of your grandmother, or someone dear and you couldn’t help loving the sweet woman right away.

I extended my hand to her.

“Hello, it’s a pleasure”

She avoided the hand and went for the hug, she was the hugging type. I couldn’t keep my smile away.

“What a lovely name for a lovely young lady.”

David raised his smoldering brows at me and grinned.

“How is this young man treating you? With respect, I hope.”

I glanced over at David whose face remained impassive.

“Other than waking me up too early…” I teased, glaring his way. “He has been nothing but a gentleman.”

“Well men need that honey. Take it from a gal that’s been married for over thirty years, morning bonk is like eating lobster to them, don’t ask me why.”

She finished throwing her hands in the air and shaking her head.

It took a second for what she was saying to register, had sweet Mrs. Santa Claus meant what I thought? I was horrified, she had completely misread what I’d said and like a true european, she did not mince her words. I felt so embarrassed I wanted to dig a hole on the ground and it served me right for being a tease. I had never realized words had teeth but mine had just bit me in the ass.

David quirked his head to one side and smirked at me but remained silent. God he was helpful! I couldn’t hold his penetrating gaze, not with the inappropriate images of “bonking” dancing in my brain.

“Oh no! It’s not like that…”

I squeaked.

“I mean, we’re…friends, David and I are friends, that’s all”

I cleared my throat. It had suddenly become bone dry, like sandpaper in the middle of the desert dry.

“Oh buggers!” She pressed her hands to her cheeks as if they were about to fall off her face.

“I’ve let let my big mouth get carried away again. Please forgive this old lady dear.”

Well now I felt like a douche, and could i really blame her? I had let my big mouth have it’s way in many occasions, recent ones specifically.

Ok, make it better Summer. That’s what you do, one poker face coming up.

“No, don’t worry about it.” I tried my best nonchalant expression. Poor thing still looked unconvinced. I didn’t want her to feel badly. I hadn’t honestly felt offended. I liked it when people spoke honestly, it had just taken me by surprise, I had to go for the kill.

“And I absolutely agree with you.”

I smiled reassuringly.

“What’s that saying, about what men want…?” I pretended to think about it for a few seconds.

“They want a lady in the streets but a freak in the sheets.” I gave her a friendly, judgement free smile and patted her arm.

David coughed and his eyes widen, and I had a feeling he was fighting very hard to hold back laughter.

Rosie broke into a fit of laughter right away.

“I had never heard that before but it’s brilliant, I love it”

Rosie put her arms around my shoulders and squeezed me affectionately. She was too cute, big mouth and all.

David crossed his arms and leaned back slightly in a masculine stance, he was evidently enjoying the show.

“I’m gonna say that to Bert and watch his eyes pop out of his face…”

She continued laughing, as if she were being tickled.

“It’s going to be priceless.”

“Speaking of the old man, where is he?” David interjected.

Rosie wiped moisture from the corner of her eyes and cleaned her large glasses with the bottom of her apron.

“He is with Lucas, they went fishing for the weekend.”

“Still doing the annual fishing trip I see.”

“Oh yeah! Those two are attached by the hip, I always thought boys were closer to their mothers. Not Lucas, that boy adores Bert.” She went on. “It’s a shame he’s not here, Bert was just talking about you the other day, said he was gonna give you a piece of his mind for staying away for so long.”

David laughed and casted his eyes to the floor.

“It’s a good thing I missed him then.”

“Boy, now where have you been?” Rosie stood with hands on her hips in a threatening manner.

I couldn’t stop smiling, I loved the interaction between them. It seemed so natural.

“Summer you know we’ve known this boy since he was on diapers, not much has changed I guess, since he pretty much wears the same stuff now.”

She glanced at him sideways.

Well she wasn’t wrong, it was my turn be amused. I nodded at him with a “See what I mean?” expression on my face.

“And we haven’t seen him in over six months.” I shook my head at him and tsked.

He narrowed those blue babies at me, promising payback.

“Boy, just because your face is plastered in every corner or magazine out there doesn’t mean I won’t give you a piece of my mind.”

She pointed at him with her index finger.

David kept the smile on his face, and backed away with his hands raised. They exchanged a few other words before Rose told us she was going back to the kitchen to make sure things nothing had caught on fire.

“How do you know them?” I asked as we sat back down.

“Rose and Robert lived next to my parent’s house, when I was growing up, I try to come and visit when I’m in town, but it’s not that often anymore.”

He raised the arms of his grey sweater as he spoke.

I knitted my brows.

“How much time do you normally stay when you’re home?”

“Just a few days in between shows, but I usually have business to do here also whenever I’m back. Normally it’s only a week here and there, it’s not constant.” He explained.

Oh, did that mean he would be gone anytime?  I felt my heart rate kick up and my stomach turn.

“How long are you in town for this time?” My voice sounded shaky and I kept picking at my napkin in a nervous tick.

David’s eyes followed my every move. The corner of his lips went up slightly or maybe I had just imagined it.

“I’m not positive.”

I looked up at him. What kind of non answer was that?

“Actually I’m taking a long needed break. So I’ll most likely be here the entire summer.”

I let out a long breath of relief and immediately regretted it. That didn’t mean David would stick around with me. We had just met and I was sure he had better more important things to do than play London tour guide with me.

“You’ve never taken time off?”

“Not in months.”

“Why the sudden change?” As soon as I asked that I realized how nosy I had sounded. That was his business and he might not feel comfortable sharing.

“I mean, it’s your business, you don’t have to answer that. I didn’t mean to pry.” I quickly added.

“I don’t mind at all, but I’d rather not talk about that right now.”

“Ok, what do you want to talk about?”



He nodded looking at me intently. I didn’t understand for a second how I could provide any information that he would be interested in but decided to indulge him.

“Ok diaper boy. Fire away!” I said making fun of him openly. Me and my big mouth were at it again. He let out a loud chuckle at my comment.

“You know for a person that gets flustered as easily as you do, you should really pay more attention to your words.” He said lowering his gaze with the sexiest grin I had ever seen him sport. I completely understood Spring in that moment when she had said these brits made the panties take off by themselves. Mine were fighting me right now. I crossed my legs and stared back in defiance. His smile widened and became teasing.

“You know Summer, revenge is a dish best served cold.” He winked at me.

Well Thank God I’m always hot around you. I had been able to stop the words, but they had been on the tip of my tongue.

David proceeded to ask me another million questions. Where I grew up. My first pet. I told him about my cockatiel, whose name had been Tweety. He was white with two red dots on his cheeks. I had never caged him because he was friendly and smart, so he would roam loose around the house. I told him how one day the front door had been left open and he had flown away. I had waited for hours until night time, I had been convinced he would return but he never had. I had cried for days and I hadn’t wanted another bird after that.

He asked about the places I had been to. It turned out he had me beat.

“Here I thought I had traveled a lot, how have you been to so many places?”

He smiled lazily.

“It’s mostly for work. Companies and Brands pay big money and take you anywhere for their product.”

“I guess being a model has it’s perks.”

“It does to an extent… None of the trips are leisure as I do spend a lot of time in Airports. But if you ever have a layover in the Philippines, I can tell you which restaurant you can get the best noodles at.”

He didn’t elaborate any further and instead kept asking me questions. By the time the food arrived my mouth felt  like it had ran a marathon, my jaw hurting from all the talking.

Rosie gifted us with a bottle of wine, David tried to decline it but Rosie gave him the “don’t even think about it” look and he finally accepted.

The wine was soft and easy going down, even for me not really a drinker I actually loved it.

The food was delicious, I ate my entire plate and David offered me some of his, a traditional British dish called “bangers and mash”. The simple dish with mashed potatoes and sausages was adorned with caramelized onions and what seemed like a wine sauce. Peas and carrots accompanied it. It looked mouthwatering delicious. The faces he was making and the sounds had me wondering if it was really that good.

“It’s more than good, it’s home. Rosie makes the best Bangers and Mash in the whole of London. Her sausages are made from scratch.” He said with pride.

I wasn’t a picky eater and I enjoyed trying new things. As I took my first bite I completely understood his excitement, it tasted so amazing that I ended up eating half of it.

He didn’t seem to mind. He was actually more than eager to let me eat as much as I wanted. I should have felt self-conscious and maybe later I would but David always made me feel comfortable. He had this gift for soothing me as much as he excited me. It was a fine line and I had no idea how he had accomplished it.

After eating dessert practically forced by Mrs. Rosie, despite the fact we said more than once how full we were, what was it with the older generation always insisting on feeding people every five minutes or until we rolled, David paid the waiter while Rosie was back in the kitchen.

I can’t even lie though, the dessert was delicious, an original English truffle. Yum! I had to hold back the urge to lick my fingers. I had a soft spot for all things sweet, basically I was more than content skipping any meal and going straight to dessert.

Rosie hugged us both and made David promise to go by the house to see Bert and “the kids” as she called them, I assumed they were about David’s age if they grew up together.

I thanked her for the wine and the delicious food, she beamed and hugged me again.

“You are a lovely girl indeed!”

She patted my arms and her warm smile tugged at my heart.

I leaned in closer.

“You know, I never met my grandmother but I hope she would have been just like you.”

That comment turned her into a puddle and I was afraid she was going to cry.

“David, you make sure you bring this lovely lady back before you disappear you hear me.”

“Yes ma’am.”

We left shortly after that, and i was beginning to regret having to walk, we were about ten blocks from Spring’s building and I was exhausted.

“Oh my God! I ate like a pig.” I grunted as I massaged my swollen stomach.

David threw his head back and laughed.

“Any chance you might want to go get your car while I wait here?” I joked.

“I have a better idea. How about I carry you there?”

“You are going to carry me there?” I looked at him skeptically.

“Sure, jump on my back. Like a… piggy back. Isn’t that what you Americans call it?”

I raised my brows at him.

“So I’m the piggy here?”

He smiled having too much fun.

“You said it not me.”

“It was an expression.”

“So was piggy back.”

I rolled my eyes.

“I’ll pass, thank you, besides if I break your back, you’d be out of work and I can’t have that on my conscience.” I teased.

We reached the building fifteen minutes or so later and it hadn’t been that bad. Actually David had kept me talking and as usual the time flew by.

“Did you enjoy your Saturday?”

I made a show out of thinking about it, David shook his head and chuckled.

“It was adequate.”

He raised his eyebrows.

“Surely we can do better than adequate.”

I smiled and rolled my eyes, playfully.

“I actually had a great time, you are an awesome tour guide.”

His lip quirked up in that half smile that made me all hot and bothered.

“So does that mean we are no longer strangers?” He leaned in slightly.

I smiled, feeling a little flustered.

“We are most definitely not strangers anymore. Although you know an awful lot more about me than I know about you.”

I pointed out. He grinned but his eyes looked serious and determined.

“Fair point, how about I tell you more about me tomorrow? Anything you want to know.”


“Yes, tomorrow.”

“It’s Sunday.” I answered the obvious.

“Right… You have a habit of telling me the days of the week… I know Sunday comes after Saturday.” He teased.

I sighed… down casting my eyes and ignoring his previous statement. The day was over and it was time to let go.

“David, I really appreciate that you took the time to show me around a little today but it’s really not necessary.”

He raised his fingers, silencing me.

“What did I say before?…”

His intense eyes bored into mine, rendering me speechless again as he kept leaning closer.

“I want to, ok?” His tone was firm and deep.

I nodded, feeling lost in his gaze.

“So… Tomorrow?”

Tomorrow sounded too good to be true. Another day with him was tempting, much too tempting.

“David, I really do need to spend a day with my sister. I feel bad about not spending any time with her.”

And i really did. Although another part of me was jumping with glee at the idea of seeing him again, but that part was too scared to come out.

He looked at me with a thoughtful expression and a suspicious smirk dancing on his lips.

A few seconds of silence ticked by before he finally spoke.

“I understand, and I have been selfish. Of course you should have your day with your sister and please do apologize on my behalf.”

Yeah like she’d care, I thought to myself.

I almost didn’t know what to say when he spoke to me so graciously.

“No apologies necessary, you have been nothing but nice to me.”

He smiled, then his face was on top of mine and I swear I stopped breathing.

His lips pressed against my right cheek, warm and tingling. Then with purposeful slowness he moved those tempting lips to my left cheek and planted a soft kiss there as well.

The slight look in his eyes when he pulled back was too cunning and too aware of what he was doing to the swirling vortex of crazy hormones dancing in my body.

“Have a good night, darling Summer.”

His breath hit my face like a damn truck going eighty on the highway without breaks and hitting a steel wall. I had to lick my lips from the sudden dryness.

He straightened and I was released from the Gandy spell.

“Good night…David.”

My voice broke on his name. I cleared my throat.

“I’ll see you soon.” He said matter of factly and then he was gone and I was left feeling, all sorts of highs and lows.



After waking up very late on Sunday and skipping breakfast altogether, Spring and I went shopping. She had arranged a girl’s night out with some Andrea and Jordan, and apparently her walk-in closet full of unused clothes wasn’t sufficient for the occasion.

She pestered me about my day with “David Gandy”. What was it with the full name deal? He was just David. Her endless questions were pushed on the ridiculous, she wanted to even know how he smelled.

“God Spring don’t be so creepy! I don’t know how the man smells, it’s not like I went up to his neck and took and whiff.”

That was such a total lie because even if I hadn’t purposely leaned in to smell him, anytime he’d come near me, his mouthwatering scent had invaded my senses and scattered my thoughts. It was a light cologne that smelled like fresh spring water mixed with British masculinity, although that last part might have just been him.

“Whatever… Next time please do. I want to know if he wear Light Blue.”

She rolled her animated eyes at me.

“You know, there is no harm in having a little fun while you’re here. Let the wild beast inside you lose girl, you are way too tense!”

It was my turn to roll my eyes.

“Have you talk to mom and dad recently?”

I decided to switch topics. I had to constantly remind my dear sister to remember our parents. She only seemed to realize they existed when she needed to buy something so expensive, it had to be unnecessary.

“Not today. Last I heard Mom was dragging Dad to some minimalist retreat where they were to live in the wilderness for like a week anyways and only rely on each other. Something about gaining perspective on life or whatever. They’re probably still there.”

She shrugged.

I raised my eyebrows at her.

“That was over a month ago.”  I stared at her. The question was implied.

“Fine mom, I’ll call them tomorrow on my way to school, happy?”

I nodded in agreement.

“You know I love you, right?”

I said tugging lightly on her ponytail. She hesitated then smiled at me openly.

“Of course you do, otherwise you wouldn’t be such a pain in my ass.”

“Hey!” I protested.

“I love you more.” She threaded her arm through mine just how she used to when we were kids.

The rest of our day, we spent it pampering ourselves with mani-pedis and the whole salon/spa treatment.

I had to admit the back message had been wonderful. My muscles had been coiled tight and stressed from school and well, other recent distractions that seemed to put my body in tension.

By eight at night we were primed and beautified to perfection. Funny how women tend to spend more time on their appearance when they are going out with other women. It’s like a competition of brands, higher heels and best handbag.

I wasn’t putting myself in that category and there was a reason for that. I hadn’t have the time to worry about things like that. My worries consisted on my Gee assignment on 26 U.S.C. -Damages and Income Taxation that had me pulling my hairs out.

Not that I didn’t like to dress up and look presentable. I still had the x chromosome in me after all, and a hot pair of pumps would have me as excited as a kid in a candy store. I just exercised more control over it than my sister did.

“You know if I had your ass and hips I would so put them to a much better use than you, big sis.”

I laughed turning towards Spring who was running her Smokey eyes up and down my rear end.

“I think you put your ass to use enough for the both of us, and stop checking me out!” I shook my head and made a show of covering myself.

“I’m just saying you have all the perfect materials and you don’t take advantage of it.”

She swatted my butt and I yelped.




We arrived at Trapeze, a circus inspired super trendy bar that my sister’s friends had picked for girl’s night. A bar wasn’t my kind of scene but this place was actually pretty cool with all the trapezes hanging from the ceiling, it seemed like an acrobat would appear any second to give us a show.

Spring glanced as we entered and found the girls sitting down at a yellow booth. Jordan and Andrea were waving us over.

“Hey girl, so glad we got to finally and out!” Jordan squealed as she hugged me.

“Your sister has been keeping you all to herself right?” Andrea asked.

“Well,-” I started saying but Spring cut me off.

“Actually, David Gandy has been keeping her all to himself.” Spring teased.

The girls almost spilled their drinks and all eyes were on me… I wanted some of Alice’s wonderland mushrooms so I could shrink and maybe escape through one of the cracks on the floor. I had never done well on the spotlight, but I had gotten better at faking it.

“So you’ve seen him again?” Jordan squeaked jumping up and down on her seat. Her excitement was infectious and I had to laugh at the sight.

“You’ve got to give us details!” Andrea added making a show of leaning back in her seat as someone getting comfortable to watch a movie.

“There’s not many details. He’s a nice guy.” I replied feigning nonchalance.

“Oh give me a break!” Spring scoffed. “He’s practically her boyfriend.” She added.

My eyes almost jumped from my face as I shifted uncomfortably in my seat.

“Just spill the beans already! Is he good kisser? How is he in bed? I’ve seen his naked pictures online. ..Honey, you are so damn lucky you get to ride the Gandy train!” She said.

“Train? You silly American! That’s nothing short of a rocket.” Andrea piped up wiggling her eyebrows at Jordan and myself.

“So, has he flown you to the Moon yet?” Jordan added high fiving my sister.

Maybe this was the circus because the way these girls were behaving you would think it was an act.

I had to admit, if I weren’t the one being interrogated, it would have been funny.

“I swear to God it’s not like that at all.” I said, feeling my face redden. “We are just friends, we… talk and that’s it.” I took a sip of my drink hoping this night would fast forward and end already.

“You’re bloody mad if you don’t think he fancies you one bit, little bird.” Andrea waved her hand in the air as she signaled the waiter for another drink.

I stared at her trying to translate the entire sentence. Jordan looked at me and raised her brows.

“She means to say you’re batshit crazy if you don’t think he wants to give you a ride on Gandyland.” She said incredulously.

Oh for all that’s good and holly! Was this ever going to end?

“Either way I’m not interested.” I replied. Though the picture of riding anything Gandy was certainly appealing.

“Spring, why didn’t you tell us your sister was a lesbian?” Andrea asked.

Spring was having way too much fun at my expense and she was definitely avoiding my stare.

“I am not a lesbian!” I defended myself and felt sixteen again, these girls were younger than me yet I was the inexperienced one. I didn’t usually care but right now I felt as if I was being crucified and my sin was not doing David Gandy

“Love, for you not to want Gandy, you can’t be normal.” Andrea shook her head.

“Hear, hear.” Jordan raised her glass. “No offense, better for me. You can introduce him to me, I’ll ride him for both of us.” She winked.

I stared at her. This was why I hadn’t even mentioned how I felt about David to anyone. Girls just saw him as a piece of meat, the Everest of men so to speak, and climbing him was supposed to be the ultimate conquest. I saw him as more, I knew him better (well, the little more I knew anyways) than they did and he was so much more than a handsome face and a hot bod from all the ads.

He was real and true and funny, and what drove me insane wasn’t his body or his smile, or his eyes, ok maybe the eyes did a number on me. But what I liked most was… him. It was hard to explain. There was the David Gandy from the magazines and Dolce & Gabbana ads, and then there was the David Gandy I knew. My David. Uh, not mine like that… just… ok, mine, because I knew in the short period we had known each other I had seen a side of him that not many got to see. That was why I liked him, because he was sharing his real self with me.

“It’s just not like that between us. Ok? We are just friends and that’s really stretching the meaning of the word. We have met twice.” I said lamely, I didn’t want everyone to know how things were between us.

“Fine, I’ll bite.” Jordan said. “Did he pick you up?”

“Only once, technically the first time we met at the bar coincidentally.” I replied smugly.

“Did he drive from the bar and take you home after?” She prodded.

“Yes.” I took another sip of my drink, getting drunk sounded appealing right now.

“Does he pay when you meet?” Andrea asked.

“Yes, but any respectable guy would do that.” I countered.

“Not if you’re just his ‘friend’.” My sister added, making air quotes when she said the “f” word.

“Does he flirt with you?” Jordan asked with arrogance.

“Well yes, but that’s just who he is. He’s probably just comfortable around women. I mean he is a model.” I defended my case. I was studying to become a lawyer, damn it!

“He didn’t flirt with us.” The girls all said at the same time.

“Look, I know it’s not like that ok? Even if it were, I wouldn’t be interested in being Gandy’s summer fling. Pun intended. I am going back home eventually, it wouldn’t make any sense.” I crossed my arms over my chest.

“Gee! It’s like you have an answer for everything don’t you?” Exclaimed Jordan.

“That’s the lawyer in her, honey, you can’t win an argument with her” Added Spring.

I rolled my eyes, that wasn’t always the case, my arguments just made more sense.

“Well, we’re not saying you have to marry the man. Just lick the Gandy candy and please, please tell us if it’s sweet.” Jordan winked.

“Oh Dear Lord.” I mumbled.

“Alright, alright. My sister is not the flingy type ladies.” Spring finally decided to speak up for me.

Took her long enough!

“I understand, but this is Gandy we are talking about! An exception is warranted. Get on the rocket, get off and tell us if the Moon is all that’s cracked up to be. You can put him in your blackbook… Erase the rest, him alone makes up for a hundred men.” Jordan tried to reason with me.

“How many women can say they were in David Gandy’s knickers?” Andrea attempted to make me understand the importance of the situation.

Probably a lot, I’m sure David didn’t lack attention from the opposite sex. I thought about it though, it was so damn tempting. He was deliciously perfect and the way I felt around him did drive me slightly insane. On those moments of wild thoughts I had pondered of what it would feel like to be with David. Have him touch me, kiss me, make love to me. If I were being honest I had actually fantasized about it more than once, but I couldn’t let my mind wander like that. David was nothing short of a black hole and I knew I’d get sucked in it if I ever let it get any farther than it had so far, and I had no intention of getting stuck in limbo. It made him sound like something negative and he was anything but. He had been my sunshine in London. The highlight of my trip, and I decided in that moment we couldn’t be anything more than that. My trip had an expiration date but my friendship with David didn’t have to as long as I kept it that way.

Spring was right. I wasn’t the fling type of girl even if I wanted to be and sometimes I did. Sometimes I just wanted to throw caution to the wind and be someone free and brave enough to do something crazy and unexpected but it was pointless to dwell on things that couldn’t be changed. And if that’s the kind of women David was used to then I really had nothing to worry about, because I was a lot of things but forward and insinuating was not one of them. I was more of the friend type of girl, supportive, funny and entertaining and honestly I had always been ok with that.


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