Woo Me Wednesday!!! Reece Powell from Love Lines by S. Walden





Last week I read Love Lines by S. Walden and was thoroughly wooed by Reece Powell. There’s nothing better than a man who falls in love with you and accepts everything about you; the good, the bad and the ugly. I can’t get enough of Reece and I am sure after seeing some of his lovely words to Bailey, neither will you.


Dinner Reece and Bailey

 Isn’t this sweet? He just wants to belong (sigh)

Love Lines

Who else would find a ponytail sexy? The guy that loves you no matter what! And that guy is… Reece 

Reece and Bailey

He loves her in spite of her OCD… He finds it endearing… I want my own Reece!!!

Proposal 1


There you have it ladies and gents… Real love is not only about getting whisked away in Charlie Tango, or taken on a private tour of the Uffizzi.

Don’t get me wrong, those things definitely help! But true love is best shown through acceptance… I love you so much that nothing you do or say will make me stay away from you. That’s what made me fall for him… Did he woo you?

To get to know Reece Powell, check out Love Lines… You’ll find this book Beboppingly Beautiful!!!

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