Woo Me Wednesday!!! OMG, Oh My God Eric…




As you all have probably seen, I just posted our review or Emerald Eyes. If you haven’t seen it, check it out here.

So, I am having a case of Eric Miller withdrawal. This man has been hunting my dreams, my thoughts, and my fantasies. I believe you all need to meet him because he is the perfect mix of hot, sexy and mysterious… And I have no doubt that he will Woo You as he did me.

So ladies, check him out… And gents, take some notes!!!

Eric Miller“Looks like sex, talks like sex. Thank you God.”

My thoughts exactly.

Emerald Eyes dancing

 The way he danced… OMG!!! I dubbed him sex on legs…

Kissing in kitchen

 Teasing little thing that he is…

Emerald Eyes K&E

 And this is when I yelled at my Nook… “Eric, take me now!”

Emerald Eyes Eric

I mean, how can you say no to this man…

And because it was all for Katya… Here is the beautiful Emerald Eyes.

photo (1)


I hope you all enjoyed today’s Woo Me Wednesday… You should really head over to Amazon and get your very own copy of Emerald Eyes, so we can swoon over Eric Miller together.

Till next time loves,


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