Schedar G. reviews Emerald Eyes by N. Michaels and gives it 5 Gourmet Cups

Title: Emerald Eyes

Series: Emerald Eyes Trilogy
Author:  N. Michaels
Genre:  Adult,  Contemporary Romance

Emerald Eyes final

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After years of being pressured into becoming a neurosurgeon like her father and refusing each time, Katherine Slav’s father has enough of her partying and cuts her off from all financial support, leaving Katherine to find her own place in the world, out of her father’s provision.Finding a job was a priority. Finding Eric Miller was a bonus, a bonus that quickly proved to be impossible to conquer. How can you have the only man who resists you every step of the way? How can you seduce your boss without losing your job?Struggling not to blur the lines, Eric tries to keep Katherine at arm’s length, but the more he’s around her, the weaker his resistance becomes. At the end, Katherine gets what she wants, but is it all she thought it would be? Discovering Eric’s secret and baring her own, Katherine fights for her newfound love with everything she’s got, but will it be enough to banish the darkness in Eric’s life? Will she be enough?




Emerald Eyes is a precious Gem, lost in the deep, blue Sea.



Those of you who that have read the book will get my tagline, and those who haven’t, well the link to buy Emerald Eyes is up there, by the picture… See it? Good! Start clicking! You wont be disappointed.

I have to start by saying that I’ve had a hard time writing this review… Please don’t misunderstand me. I absolutely freaking loved this book!!! My words are not enough to do it justice . I may have had dirty dreams of Eric for longer than it was healthy, or normal… But that’s besides the point. I have taken my time to write this review because this book left me in mourning, it left me in awe, it left me wanting to jump on the first plane to New Jersey to have a talk with N. Michaels so she could give me the play by play of book number 2. For all those reasons and the fact that Maybelis restrained me so I wouldn’t do anything drastic- like stalk N. Michaels or hack her computer- is that I’m writing this review now.

SO without further ado, here we go.

When the girl who has it all gets cut off and pushed out from under her daddy’s wing, life takes a turn into unknown land. Katya has lived a privileged life under her father’s wealth. She wants to make her own decisions, she wants to be out on her own and as she defies her father about her choices in life, he gives her the final ultimatum, my way or the highway. Katya chooses the latter, deciding to venture out on her own so she can find her place in the world. She is like a kitten who was thrown out but landed on her feet, finding the perfect job and unexpectedly the imperfect man, Eric Miller.

I absolutely loved this book. Katya is not your typical spineless, virginal heroine who is twenty three and has never gotten off. Oh no! Katya is the strong female lead who knows what she wants and is not afraid to go get it.  She doesn’t want to become a neurosurgeon, like her father. She wants to be able to choose her own destiny and will have you rooting for her from beginning to end, in any decision she makes, from leaving her father’s home, to her pursuit of Eric. But what happens when the woman who has every man falling at her feet finally meets the one who can resist her?

Eric Miller doesn’t mix business with pleasure, something he makes known to Katherine when a business acquaintance decides to ask her out. But there’s only one man that Katya wants.

“How strict are you regarding, not mixing business and pleasure? I know you said you wouldn’t want me to hook- up with Patrick. But what about… you and me?”

Oh yes! That’s my girl!

Eric Miller is the ultimate hot, successful CEO. Reminded me a little bit of Christian Grey at some points but he was nicer and based on his looks, way hotter. He has secrets and he acts like he’s immune to Katya’s charms. Eric attempts to stay away but eventually he fails and ends up succumbing to his need for making Katya his. This man is rich, hot and swoony as f… I’m sorry, got a little carried away.

The sex in this book is out of this word, the way Miss Michaels depicts the scenes left me feeling feverish, I’ve already mentioned my Eric inspired fantasies. Eric falls head over heels for Katherine, and his strong feelings for her are too steamy to handle.

But it’s never all sunshines and rainbows in life right? And why would a book be any different. Eric has a “friend” who’s slightly possessive and doesn’t want to let go. Eliza got on my nerves, I wanted to scratch her, punch her, push her over the edge of a very tall building, and oh no, there was no net at the bottom… You get the idea don’t you? This woman made Eric’s and Katya’s life hell, and I’m not even exaggerating, how I wish I was.

This is a precious gem that you will treasure while you impatiently wait for book two.

“You played beautifully tonight. You stole my breath away with your performance. But your message, it destroyed me. Just the thought of you giving up on me, of you letting me go, it made me realize the mistake I made when I walked out. I don’t want to lose you… I don’t. I’m so miserable without you. I tried burying myself with work but nothing helped. My mind is constantly on you… my heart is constantly on you. I knew at that moment that I’m yours. My soul is entirely tethered to yours. I had to make you understand that you have me. All of me… I am yours.”

Le Sigh!

I give Emerald Eyes Five Big Gourmet Coffee Cups and urge you all to check it out. You will be glad you listened to me.


About the Author 

N. Michaels resides in north NJ in a quiet suburb. She began telling stories at the tender age of six, and later on, she began penning her ideas and sharing her stories with her family and friends.

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