Woo Me Wednesday



The boys that made us swoon 

heart divider

White Hot Kiss by Jennifer Armentrout

Roth: Ultra-hot, bad boy That will claim you for the dark side of Team Demon

sexy roth

Zayne: Handsome and unfailingly loyal, he believes in you and wants you on Team Warden.


Twisted by Emma Chase

Drew: The arrogant, powerful hottie who will always make you swoon!

Twisted quote

Hot and Bothered by Kate Meader 

Tad: The sexy Italian bad boy who will make you sizzle.

Hot and Bothered Clean



Love Lines by S. Walden

 Reece: The sweet and tough, walking contradiction who gets turned on by OCD.

LoveLines-final card



There you have it ladies and gents!!! If you want to be Wooed, these are the books you should pick up this week, because these are the leading men who will get your heart pumping.

Enjoy and Happy Reading,

♥ S&M ♥


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