Schedar G. Interviews Cindi Madsen, author of Cinderella Screwed me Over

I stumbled across Cinderella Screwed Me Over by a stroke of luck, and boy am I glad I did. I am almost thirty and still single -for those of you who’ve read the book, you’ll understand why this is important- and could not have been happier when I met Darby and saw her views on the subject of love. To say we share a few of those ideas would be an understatement.

Cindi Madsen gave us a fun, light but still deep story. It isn’t a lie that at one point of our life or another we have questioned if love truly exists and if in fact we all have a happily ever after waiting to happen (maybe that’s just me).

Cindi was nice enough to take time from her busy schedule to answer some of my questions about the book, her views on love and where her inspiration for writing comes from. Thank you so much for stopping by The Breakfast Blog to answer some of my questions.

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1. What made you become a writer? Where do you draw inspiration from?

I’ve always had stories in my head, I just didn’t think about writing them down until after I had my first baby. After that, I was hooked. As for inspiration, music is huge for me. Just the mood of a song can inspire me. I’ll also see something on TV or a movie or in real life & think what if…? Then the ideas spin off from there.

2. What made you think of Fairy Tales for this book? Were you a fan of them as a child?

My mom is like the biggest fairytale fan ever, and I always liked them too. But one day I was talking to a friend and we were discussing how much harder adult relationships were than expected, and I said, yeah, Cinderella really screwed us over.  As soon as it left mouth, I knew I wanted to write a book that compared fairytale love & real life love. Something that’d be funny but still have lots of romance.

3. Do you think it’s wrong for a woman to have fairy tale expectations when it comes to men?

It’s a nice idea, fairy tale love, but it does set us up for disappointment. Real life relationships are harder, and guys are human, and therefore, not perfect. But like I say in the book, the real fairy tale is when two imperfect people manage to find someone who accepts & loves them the way they are.

4. Why was it so hard for Darby to see that Jake was what she was waiting for?

She’d been burned so many times, and she’d truly given up on love, so her walls were like super reinforced titanium & not very easy to break through. Lol.

5. What was your favorite scene to write in the book? Why?

Gah, that’s a hard question. I really loved the beginning scene when Darby’s shoe gets stuck, and I’m also a big fan of kissing scenes. Because kissing’s the best.

6. What were your favorite qualities of Darby and Jake?

Darby puts her foot in her mouth a lot, but I love that she says what she thinks. She is who she is & she’s different from a lot of girls. She’s also very loyal to her family & friends.

As for Jake, he’s determined and patient, but he’s not a push over. He sees the real Darby & likes her despite the fact that she’s a bit broken & far from perfect.

7. Would Darby be the kind of mom against her kids watching Fairy Tale stories?

No, she’ll just add addendums after they watch them, so they know they’re fiction. And she’ll tell then her & Jake’s real life fairytale.

8. What are you working on now? Any future projects with hard-to-resist-hotties like Jake?

Always more hotties! My next book in the same vein is a romantic comedy about a wedding planner who gets stood up for her own wedding. I also just finished my cowboy novel, Second Chance Ranch, which was a lot of fun to write. I fell for that hero hard & hope others will too.

9. Who are your favorite Disney Princess and Prince? Why?

I loved Ariel from the little mermaid & how willing she was willing to go to for love. As for prince, I’d go Prince Phillip. He really fought for the girl he loved. Apparently I like the fighters 🙂

One last question… Because we are the Breakfast Blog 😉

10. If you could have breakfast with anyone and ask them anything, who would it be and what would you ask?

I’d probably say Mary Shelley, because I’d love to ask about Frankenstein.

Thanks again Cindi for answering our questions. We cannot wait for your future projects.

Thanks so much! And thanks for your kind words about my book. So glad you wandered across it 🙂
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  1. I really really want this book. I’ve been looking for this everywhere but it’s not available in my country yet. Hoping to win your giveaway so that I could get my hands on this very precious book. 🙂

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