Getting to know The Breakfast Blog- Monthaversary and Giveaway!!!

We’re all here because we have this thing that we do, we read…


This Book Blog was founded by Maybelis and Schedar. Why did we call it the Breakfast Blog you ask?

Well, we love movies, we love books and it has become a tradition for us to go to breakfast on Saturdays. We wanted to come up with a catchy name that represented us. So one night when we were watching a movie with our friends, The Breakfast Club was mentioned and it hit us. We were going to be The Breakfast Blog, because sometimes when we finish a book that we absolutely loved we do a fist pump 🙂

Breakfast Club

We’ve been best friends for the past ten years and most of our conversations have always revolved around the books/authors/characters we’re reading and loving. Some have turned into such heated discussions that we had to pull everyone in the room to see which one of us was right, I’m not gonna say who won, I’ll just say Maybel’s point was better received.

Maybel: Kudos for me! Yay.

Schedar: Showoff!!

We’re very different people…

Schedar: I’m more of the peppy, full of energy, talk to everyone and have no filter type.

Maybel: I’m more of the introverted, stay behind the scenes, observant, easily embarrassed type.

Schedar: Yep, her signature words to me are “I can’t believe you just did/said that.” Haha.

But when it came to books, we found ourselves standing in common ground. We like a lot of the same stories and we talk about these characters as if they were real people. That’s how far our love for books goes, we welcome characters into our lives, we embrace them, we fall in love with them, we suffer for them and in turn we love the authors for creating them. For giving us this new piece of fiction that becomes part of our reality. Because these authors that we love, become rock stars to us (nerdy? I know!).


Schedar: Have we mentioned that we live next door to each other? Well, have you seen Friends? That’s basically our situation. Maybel and her boyfriend live next door to me.

Maybel: My boyfriend saw us working on our blog once and he made a comment that stuck with me. He said, “It’s very rare what you guys have.” We looked at each other and asked “What do you mean?” His response was obvious, “You guys are best friends, who have this passion for books and you share it with each other. And it’s cool the way you guys support each other on it.”

We thought about it and it’s true. We have other friends who like things, and they share their likes and talk about them. Their friends listen because that’s what friends do but they don’t necessarily share their passion, they can’t do what they love with their best friend, because their likes are different. Ours isn’t, and for that we did realize we are very lucky.

Have you ever had a friend that you think is so cool that you want everyone to meet them? That’s how we feel about the characters in the books we read. That’s why we opened this blog. We wanted to share our passion with other people. We wanted to bring to them the joy of meeting these characters and make them part of their lives as well.

We’re still new. Today is our Blog Monthaversary. We know we are a work in progress and we are by no means computer savvy… I mean, we’re still figuring out freaking WordPress, and that is no easy task, but it’s been a fun ride and we can’t wait to see what this new adventure could turn into.

When we joined this community, we didn’t know what to expect, we figured we’d just share the books we liked and review them and have giveaways to bring them to people. But we came to realize how close this community is. It’s like we’re all one big family, in which everyone supports one another and share the same love for words, just like best friends. We never expected to be received so openly by other blogs that are huge such as La Literati, The SubClub books, Bookish Temptations, The Rock Stars of Romance and so many more. We never in a million years thought we’d be able to Tweet our favorite authors, like Sylvain Reynard, Cora Carmack, Emma Chase, Jennifer Probst, Alice Clayton and so many more.

So we want to thank all of you, for receiving us with open arms. But above all else, we want to thank our readers and our followers, we do this for you guys and you have no idea how giddy we get when we get a tweet, a blog comment or a Facebook message from you. So keep them coming please, because we are just like you… Book Lovers!

And there is nothing better than to share with someone close, a book that you read and loved, so in honor of our Monthaversary we are having A MARCH BOOK MADNESS with lots of author interviews and giveaways of books and series such as Marriage to a Billionaire series, The Redhead Series, The Losing It series, The Beautiful Disaster Series, Fifty Shades of Grey, Tangled and many more… So Stay tuned!!!


We will begin by giving away a book of your choice!!! Enter the Rafflecopter link below.

a Rafflecopter giveaway


The Breakfast Blog (S&M)


10 thoughts on “Getting to know The Breakfast Blog- Monthaversary and Giveaway!!!

  1. You ladies are awesome!! Love reading all your blogs and posts!! Feels like home when I sign on 🙂 love every listed lol

    • Gracias nos agrada mucho que te guste el blog, y si hacemos algo parecido, cuando entramos sin tocar la puerta, nos ponemos la mano sobre los ojos y preguntamos si alguien esta desnudo, usualmente es Schedar la que entra sin tocar. 😉

  2. WHAT!?! Have I really NOT left a message yet!?
    Congrats on Monthaversary.
    You guys have been so awesome, funny, and just incredible!!
    In the short month, you guys have been amazing. Can’t wait for what’s to come 😀

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