Falling for Books

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As Valentine’s Day approaches, we want to honor twenty eight books we believe to be the most romantic. This doesn’t mean we believe romance should only be honored one day out of the year. We think that love should be honored forever, as romance does in the pages of our favorite books.

It was very hard to choose just twenty eight, since there are so many beautifully written romance books out there, unfortunately we had to stop at some point. This list is by no means in any sort of order, I guess you could say they are our number one, twenty eight romance books.

So without further ado, here they are, just for you.

Does your favorite fall in here? If not please share it with us and include your favorite quotes.


Schedar G. and Maybelis L.

13 thoughts on “Falling for Books

  1. A lot of my top favorites are on here!!! I also love Haden from Falling Under by Gwen Hayes! He’s super yummy in the dark forbidden way!

  2. Proud to say I have read most of them ((: and just like everyone else the gabriel series are my fav!

    And Pride and Prejudice is like my favorite book of all time. And The Last Song is also good.

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