A Worthy Life with Pets

heart dividerAs you may all know if you already read our “About Us” page, I am single and have a Shih-Tzu named Rocky. Yes, I am a proud dog owner… But is that really all that I am? Is Rocky really just my dog?

He’s definitely not. He is so, so much more. He is my companion, my pet and basically my son. I know Rocky just like a parent knows its child. I worry when he’s sick (thank God it doesn’t happen often), I laugh when he snores, and I know that he has a passion for reading the books I like (even though he does it behind my back) I caught him once!

I wish I could tell you that I rescued Rocky from a shelter as a huge act of charity… I’m not gonna lie, I didn’t. I walked into a pet store seven years ago to help a friend buy some things for her pet and came across Rocky. I looked at him, he looked at me, and then he wiggled his tail. He was so excited to see me that I had to ask them to take him out so I could pet him. Once I touched him, I knew he was coming home with me. I had fallen in love and there was no going back.

Seven years have passed and he’s still around. He’s not the most attached dog, but I know he loves me. I can tell when I come home every night and he stops whatever he’s doing just to run to the door and greet me. He hates playing fetch, because he’s too smart to be running back and forth. He catches the toy once and hides it from you. My mother thinks he’s her grandson (I haven’t been married or had kids yet) and as such she asks me to let him spend days with her at her house. When this happens she never wants to give him back (she loves him that much too). Rocky, by just living, enriches our lives and makes us happy and that is the power that a loving pet holds.

Recently one of my favorite authors, Jennifer Probst,  lost her dog Lester and wrote about it on her blog. The entry brought me to tears because I can only imagine how I will feel the day Rocky goes. Even if I am married and with my own actual kids by then, he will always have been my first child, my first son and nothing will ever change that.

photo (2)

Told you he reads!!!

heart divider

If you love your pet, or if you lost a pet you loved leave a comment. I will be giving away five copies of “A Life Worth Living” on Saturday, in honor of Lester and Rocky. I am happy knowing that the proceeds will go to Pets Alive, the shelter where Miss Probst got Lester from.

To learn more about Lester and his journey as well as all the great books Miss Probst writes,  check out her blog and page.



Happy Reading and kiss your pet for me!




3 thoughts on “A Worthy Life with Pets

  1. Losing a pet is one of the hardest things! This year we said goodbye to our pug Max, my husband brought him into our marriage. He had been my husbands for 8 years and ours together for 10. He was a person more than a dog and it broke our hearts to say goodbye. Then the unthinkable happen, we lost our kitty cat. She had been mine since I was a teenager. We had gone through the ups and downs of puberty together, every break up, ACNE and the other hardships on the teen years. When we got married we worried if they would get along but Max and Baby acted like they were soulmates and we were the weirdos that had to learn to live together, I think she went so quick after him because she couldn’t live without him and I know Max was waiting for her as she crossed the rainbow bridge! We support many animals groups, everyone hug and kiss your babies!

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