Schedar G. reviews Cupcakes and Ink by Helena Hunting

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Teasingly sexy??? I think so…

You know something is good when you squeal after you’re done reading it. I read Cupcakes and Ink in less than twenty minutes and absolutely loved the little taste we got of Tenley and Hayden. Helena Hunting wrote out characters that intrigue and draw you in, leaving you wishing you could speed up the Calendar and make March 4th get here faster.

Tenley just moved to Chicago from her small town of Arden Hills. She is escaping her past filled with things lost that she knows she will never be able to get back. What are they? We won’t find out until Clipped Wings… Hopefully!

Hayden is the dark-haired tattoo artist from across the street that Tenley is fixated with. In good all stalkery fashion she watches him every evening while he works, committing to memory his moves. Despite the fact she can’t see him clearly, she develops an unhealthy crush.

“Watching him transfer designs onto skin was almost sensual.”- Tenley

“How it would feel to have those hands putting art on my body.”- Tenley

“She stood there for a good long while, then bent over. For asecond I wished I had binoculars; then i realized what an asshole that would make me”- Hayden

In a “meant to be” way, Tenley and Hayden meet… and… Well, all I know so far is that he’s obsessed with her as she is with him… And… That I cannot freaking wait for Clipped Wings to come out on March 4th!!! Like at all!!!! We definitely need more Tenley and Hayden.

I recommend you all to check this book before Clipped Wings comes out. It’s a great preview to what will surely be a sweet and sexy series!


Schedar G.


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2 thoughts on “Schedar G. reviews Cupcakes and Ink by Helena Hunting

  1. I completely agree!! She draws you in with the first word! Her attention to detail and wonderful storytelling paints an amazing picture so you feel yourself step right into the book! and Hayden….girl made my teeth sweat!!!! That man is hot, hot, hot!!!! I loved how he’s OCD and of course the way she describes him gives enough detail to raise your temperature and leaves enough to your imagination so that you can create the perfect image in your mind! Great, great beginning, sucks you in and leaves you breathless for the next!!! I have gifted it to a few friends and will continue to sing its praises!! I give it a 5 star rating!!!

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