Be With Me- Contest and Giveaway!

Be With me is FINALLY here!!!!!

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The third installment in the acclaimed Wait for You series is finally HERE!!! We’ve waited MONTHS to get our Jase and Tess fix, and now, here it is… Weee!!!

Oh My God! Oh My God!! I need a freak-out minute…

OMG Be With Me

Ok… I’m good now.

Considering I have a huge girl crush on all things Armentrout, it was pointed out to me, I wont say by whom (Schedar), that my reviewing the book might be a wee bit, just a smidge, slightly biased… I don’t know what that means but sure. So, we came to a “compromise”.


Can you tell I’m not happy about this?

Anyways, “We” decided to let you guys leave a comment with your honest and unbiased review of this book. We will pick the review we agree with the most and post it with your name as a guest reviewer.

To make it more fun and enticing, in honor of Jase… Let’s tell you what you stand to gain. We will be giving away not one, not two BUT three books. The winner will get a print copy of “Wait for You” and “Be with Me” as well as an EBook of “Trust in Me”, because you can’t have Cam just once. (Dear Lord, I’m jealous!)

We’ll be announcing the winner on Twitter a week from today, February 12th, on our first “Woo Me Wednesday”. Make sure to Follow Us on Twitter so you don’t miss the results. You could be the winner of this awesome prize!!!

Good Luck to all and please be gentle, remember I’m sensitive about this series… And remember, flattery will get you everywhere!





One thought on “Be With Me- Contest and Giveaway!

  1. First off, thanks for the AMAZING giveaway!!! I LOVE J.Lynn too and Be With Me was soo good…as my review will say 😉 you can find the full review on my blog tooo 🙂 thanks!!

    GOSH DARN IT!!! THIS BOOK WAS SOOO DANG GOOD!!! Ok, so let me start off by saying that Wait For You is waaaaay up there on my favorites lists. I ABSO-FREAKING-LUTELY fell in love with Avery and Cam every second of that beautiful book, and there was no stopping from going crazy from the range of emotions I felt. So, after Wait For You, Be With Me HIGH up on my list of books-that-need-to-hurry-up-and-get-here and of course, I had some preetty high expectations for Be With Me. But I can honestly say that this GORGEOUS book met I was given every second of my well-waited-for JASE TIME *swooon* and then pleasantly surprised with Teresa!!! I really did love her, and honestly, this book was SO WELL WRITTEN and the characters were SO DARN GOOD that I couldn’t help but be impressed. Yet another score for one of my favorite authors, Ms. Jennifer Armentrout. Thank you, for gracing us with your amazing writing 😉

    ANYWAYS, this book was SOOO good for quite a few reasons, but I think that the characters would have to be my number one pro. Like I said, I REALLY adored Tessa. She was everything I look for in a heroine: gorgeous, smart, a little damages, and most importantly, WITTY 🙂 She had some really good runs with Jase. 🙂

    SPEAKING OF HOTTIES, Jase was probably one of the best ones I’ve met yet. *SIGH* There were some serious flames bursting from this book, and I loved every moment. I loved how Tess and Jase’s relationship grew. I think this was one of the only times that the whole i’ve-known-you-since-I-was-five concept worked for me, because their complete knowledge of each other just added to the beauty of the relationship. Yeah..they started off as friends, but seriously, there was no stopping Jase and Tess from happening.(P.S. I got kind of annoyed with Jase at some parts because of his whole I’m-can’t-do-this mentality…OK FINE REALLY annoyed..but it’s ok..he made up for it later 😉 ) AND just saying, Jack has GOT to be one of the most adorable kids EVER. AND AND Cam and Avery make their appearances hehe. I seriously love me some Cam *grins stupidly* OH and Avery, of course!

    Moving on, the intensity levels on this one were pretty calm in the first half of the book. It was the usual love story, and troubles with not being able to stay just friends, and the plot twist about Jase wasn’t that surprising (but very welcome!) but in my opinion, the second half of the story COMPLETELY did it for me. PHEW. There was some SERIOUS intensity and angst coming through the pages during the second half. J. Lynn was just toying with my emotions…

    SHEESH. talk about emotional plot twists…I LOVE IT. HEHE. I absolutely love that fast-paced, emotionally draining story because it always makes me connect with the characters and their stories more, and Be With Me definitely hit some of that angst and fear that completely won me over, with both Jase AND Tess.

    UGH. the romance in this story was completely CUTE. THE CUPCAKES. ohmy..those were probably my favorite part of Jase and Tess’s relationship. LOL I mean, the cookies from Cam, and now the cupcakes from Jase. God..a girl can only take so much 😉 but seriously…there were points in this book where I was just turning away from the book and hiding a smile in my pillow, and imagining that someday I will have a boy like Jase…*sigh*

    “You know, I’ve tried staying away from you. I’ve tried ignoring how I feel about you, which isn’t how I should feel. But it’s like fighting a losing battle. And I don’t want to fight it anymore. I don’t want to ignore this.”

    I MEAN *SWOOON* 😉 Jase, of course, was delicious.

    Be With Me was a definite win for me. I think Wait For You will always hold a special place in my heart, but Be With Me definitely did NOT disappoint. It gave me everything I could have asked for in Jase’s and Tessa’s story, and added some great tidbits and twists that just made a beautiful story even more breath-taking. Thank you, J. Lynn for this piece of work. It was completely and totally worth the wait. I loved every moment of this darn book. 🙂

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